US Destructive Colonialism And Imperialism

US has inherited the mantle of British colonialism and imperialism for almost four hundred years. This destructive British and American colonialism and imperialism plius that of Spain, Portugal, Holland and Russia has either destroyed or cause great damage to many ancient civilization. History will reveal that the natives of North America and South America were not as savage and uncivliae as the invading white men from Europe. Just because the white men were better armed with modern weapons like guns and cannons does not make them more civilise than others. 

Below I quote a passage from an unknown author . Please read it and reflect deeply on the truth of its contents. Those so called selfstyled intellectuals who are history illiterate and like to fawn on white supremacists should go back to school before they write any comments. I am referring to many of those silly intellectuals who are being unreservely highly paid in many of Singapore's institutes of higher learnings and international studies. 


" He felt a familiar rise insight him. Eucliff 
was a good example of how the Chinese were 
being corrupted, their culture eroded, their 
countryside altered by speculative land deals. 
It was the same wherever the British went. 
India, Africa, Malaya, China: whatever they 
saw, they changed - as if that was the natural 
way of things. They did not learn the local 
languages except in order to teach the natives 
English. They built their churches and 
imported their own god annd tried to convert 
the local deities. They eradicated customs 
without having anything better with which to 
replace them. They brought their own 
business practices which they expected to be 
adopted, their own laws to be obeyed, their 
own merchandise to be purchased. They even 
brought their own diseases of influenza and 
gonorrhoea to add to the local scourges. When 
they could not get their own way with the 
natives they ruled by division , pitting tribe 
against tribe, clan against clan, religion 
against religion: when that failed, they 
brought in their troops and their gunboats." 


Wednesday, 1st March, 2017


southernglory1 said...

Some of the civilizations they destroyed were the Incas and the Myah civilizations of Mexico and Peru. These two countries were robbed off their wealth in countless tons of gold and silver. Millions of South American natives were killed and genocided by the Spaniards and Portuguese.

Anonymous said...

Corrigenum: Mayars and not Myahs

b said...

They put in monogamy and proper sewage(toilet) system. Some cultures are harmful and should not continue. These include cannibalism, throwing virgins into volcanoes, pedofile etc.

b said...

The west actually learnt from others (e.g. arabs and east asians). They were not the first to colonalize others. When Genghis Khan went around conquering others, they were still living in the cave having very primitive living.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Human existence is a meritocracy. Cultures need to spontaneously evolve and duke it out with each other, to mingle, to co-exist and often to engage in conquest.

Those who are claiming to be the cry-baby victims, need to slap themselves hard and GET OVER IT ALREADY, then just move the fuck on....stop dragging up the past....it's gone, nothing more to do motherfucker. šŸ¤”

Western civilizatiionšŸ¤  and culturešŸ¤ ---imperfect, wrong and sometimes deleteriously individualistic, arrogant and uncooperative---are AWESOME! They've set the "standard" (which other cultures absorb) because of a few core principles:

1. Self ownership
2. Property rights
3. Individual freedom and liberty
4. Freedom of speech and expression

Those "conquered" races generally didn't have these elements and so eventually for them, bye bye....and they become a footnote in history.

Aztecs? Who the fuck gives a shit about these bunch of half naked savages who use to slaughter people and sacrifice them to "the gods". Can you imagine these motherfuckers running around practicing their shit in the present day?

Get fucking real man.

Life is a meritocracy. You would know this, even if you carelessly observed nature.

If your race or culture is "conquered", it simply means that it wasn't fit enough to survive.

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin

The Dragon Fly said...

Reality vs Fake News and False Hopes - Part 15

Merits vs Metritocracy

According to Buddhists' belief, one is born to this world of existence, which comprises six realms, by one's own merits.

The Six Realms of Existence are:

1. God Realm - there are 34 planes or levels, some say 33 or 31, depending on whether they include the planes of meditative absorption or not.

2. Demi-god Realm - i.e. Angels of two main types - Good and Evil.

3. Human Realm - of 5 main types - white, red, blue, yellow, green; the green type is not found on earth but in other planets of existence, or what we called 'aliens'.

4. 'Animal' Realm - i.e. includes flora, fuana, fowls, insects, micro-organisms.

5. Ghost (Preta) Realm - there are different forms of ghosts, some are visible to human eyes, some to hearing, some to feeling, some to dreams, some to high-level meditators only; and others who are in the limbo states, of which are again differentiated by three categories - temporal, permanent and ultimate.

6. Hell Realm - hot and cold hells of 18 levels each; plus 17 intermediary levels of hot hells and 17 intermediary levels of cold hells - all differentiated by the intensities and variations of suffering and pain inflicted by different forms of atrocities and cruelties.


The meritocracy of common definition is "Survival of THE Fittest or Strongest" - this is the LAW of the Jungles, of which there are three - animal world, human world and others. In the advanced human world, the fittest or strongest does not mean the fittest or strongest of all, but the fittest and strongest in each group of activity, endeavor, bussiness, occupation, profession, etc.

The meritocracy of politically motivated definition is based on net-working, favoritism, nepotism, cronyism and mutual benefits. In other words, you are favored by those in positions of power, and they place you in various leadership positions at various levels, depending on your ability, capacity, inclination, intelligence, traits, reliability and trustworthiness.

The merits in Buddhism is the amount and type of good deeds you have done for the benefit of others, not yourself. How many people you have benefited or helped. What good deeds have you contributed to the world of existence - i.e. in and to the Six Realms. One's existence in each Realm is dependent on the amount and type of merits one has accumulated. This is the main difference between Buddhist Philosophy and mundane self-centered human thinking.

In the mundane dog-eat-dog world, the merits are all about yourself - how many A's you scored in your 'O' Level Exam and 'A' Level Exam, and/or your 1st Class Honours, and what nots; plus, of course, how many strings you or your parents can pull for you; who are your connections and relations, etc.

I cannot do justice to the topic on 'Merits' in just one blog comment-post. This topic or subject will take much time, efforts, space, motivation, inquisitiveness, interest and absorption. In concrete terms, it will require a few written books; even then I don't think they can completely cover everything that is to cover.

The Dragon Fly said...

The Atrocities of USA - Part 1


The history of USA is a history of aggression after aggression, bullying after bullying, expansion after expansion, intimidation after intimidation, and atrocities after atrocities.

The US Defense Forces have never been employed to defend USA because not a single nation has ever attacked USA since her formation on July 4, 1776, except the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japanese 'zero fighters'. The US Armed Forces have only been employed for aggression against smaller, weaker and helpless nations during and after World War II.

What USA is today, is very clear in the minds of most nations, especially those which have suffered tremendously under her hands. 'Her' here refers to the USA without the Statue of Liberty (which is a false flag to symbolize 'Liberty' but in reality it was only meant for propaganda and public consumption of the naive; in reality, that statue of a lady carrying a torch symbolizes Lucifer!).

Blatant Unprovoked Aggressions

The blatant unilateral decision (using a few other beholden puppetary countries as a coalition force) to invade Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya; the secret supports given to the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow legitimate Egyptian Government; and the rape and destabilization of the Middle East, resulting in the dislocation of millions of innocent civilians and the immense amount of atrocities committed against the Arabs and Muslims are totally inexcusable. These are blatant unparalleled unprovoked aggressions against weaker and smaller nations in the history of mankind, which should, therefore, be condemned by all peace-loving people and nations forever.

Heinous Crimes Against Humanity

The US's employment of deadly unmanned drones to dislocate, injure, cripple, maim, kill, murder and annihilate families upon familes of innocent civilians - children, women and men - indiscriminately, without conscience, without qualms and without an iota of fear of repercussions and retributions, is one of the greatest crimes against humanity of all times. Yet it managed to get away with such heinous crimes, for now, so easily.

US Aggressions After World War II

The Korean War (1950-1953)

Japan surrendered on 15 August, 1945. According to the relevant agreements, Japanese troops in Korea north of the 38th parallel should surrender to the Soviet troops and those south of the 38th parallel should surrender to the US troops. In May 1948, the Republic of Korea was set up in the southern part of Korea with the support of the United States and Syngman Ree became its President. In September 1948, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was established in northern part of Korea and Kim Il Sung became the Premier. As such, Korea was officially split into north and south, but both sides did not give up the goal of reunification. There were frequent conflicts near the 38th Parallel, which led to the outbreak of the Korean War on 25 June, 1950.

After the outbreak of the Korean War, the US immediately dispatched its troops from Japan to invade Korea. It instigated and manipulated the UN Security Council to adopt a Resolution for dispatching a UN Force with US troops as the mainstay, in the absence of the Soviet representative, so as to expand the war in Korea. At the same time, the US sent its 7th Fleet into the Taiwan Straits and US military aircraft intruded into China's airspace, bombed and strafed areas along the Sino-Korean border. The US Navy undermined the normal navigation of Chinese commercial vessels on the high seas and attacked Chinese fishing boats.

China opposed the US aggression in Korea and China's Taiwan Province. On 30 Sept 1950, China warned the US that if US troops should cross the 38th parallel, "we would definitely intervene". The US ignored China's warning and US troops landed in Inchon on 15 September, crossed the 38th parallel on 7 October, and advanced towards the Sino-Korea border.

Continues .....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Dragon Fly, a very good effort to tell the true story of US aggression against the world.

The Dragon Fly said...

The Atrocities of USA - Part 1

US Aggressions After World War II

The Korean War (1950-1953) continues

On 19 October 1950, hundreds of thousands of Chinese Troops, waves after waves of human shields against US superior fire-power, crossed the Yalu River to help Korea to repel US Aggression. After entering Korea, the Chinese People's Armies together with the Korean People's Army, quickly drove the US forces from the Sino-Korean border back to the south of the 38th parallel. After 5 campaigns and three years of bloody war, there was a stalemate along the 38th Parallel.

In the US Presidential Election of 1952, Republican Dwight Eisenhower strongly criticized President Harry S. Truman’s handling of the Korean War. After his victory, Eisenhower adhered to his promise to “go to Korea.” His trip convinced him that something new was needed to break the diplomatic logjam at the peace talks that had begun in July 1951. Eisenhower began to publicly hint that the United States might make use of its Nuclear Arsenal to break the military stalemate in Korea. He used the Nationalist Chinese government of Taiwan to begin aggressive air raids on Mainland China. He also put pressure on South Korea to drop some of its demands in order to speed the peace process.

Suffered heavy casualties in a war of attrition, the US proposed talks for a cease-fire. Finally, with all sides coming to the peace conference, the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed on 10 July 1953 to cease all hostilities, but not the war. Hostilities officially ended on 27 July 1953 and Korean prisoners-of-war were allowed to choose which side of Korea they prefer to stay.

The war cost the lives of millions of innocent Korean civilians, as well as more than 60,000 US troops and 180,000 Chinese troops. It had been a frustrating war for the Americans, who were used to forcing the unconditional surrender of their enemies.

Some could not understand why the United States had not expanded the war into China or used its Nuclear Arsenal. In reality, Eisenhower knew that such actions would have started World War III, China would have invaded and captured South Korea and Taiwan; and the Soviet Union would have been drawn into the war by invading Western Europe, and simultaneously reviving, reorganising and amalgamating the remnants of the Nazi Forces which had gone underground at that time.

Until today, 3 March 2017, the US still refuses to declare the end of the Korean War because, until today, the US still cannot come to terms with the Korean War being the first war in US history she (statute of Lucifer) failed to win.

That is why, until today, the US is still trying very hard to find an excuse to invade North Korea with the slightest provocation, to the extent that North Korea's testing of self-defense missiles is considered as intolerable aggression and world opinion stirred by bias and colluded Western media to paint North Korea as an evil monster, while in fact the US is the de facto Greatest Evil Monster in the World both past and present!

In Part 2, I will cover the Vietnam War.

Mustafa Zubair said...

It should be Mayans.