Time to bankrupt the American Empire

Trump has said he wants to build the biggest and most powerful military force ever for the American Empire. They could do that when they were productive and fleecing the Arabs of their oil and the world by printing cheap paper money and selling them to the world as international currency. Can the Americans afford to continue to spend lavishly on military weapons to control the oceans of the world and to maintain 5000 military bases all over the world?

The Arabs are getting wiser and want to control their oil and decide their own future. The world will sooner or later abandon the American dollar as the international currency. The world would soon stop buying cheap and worthless American Treasury bonds and that would be the end of the American dollar and the end of printing easy money. The dollar would be worthless when the world gets wiser to the cheating Americans, getting rich without having to work or pay for it, just printing money.

In the meantime China and Russia can play the game in an arms race. Both Russia and China should spend more on their defence. If China is to roll out 6 aircraft carriers and Russia likewise or even 3, that would make a combined force of at least a dozen aircraft carriers to match the existing 10 American aircraft carriers.

What would the Americans or Trump do? It can be expected that they would want to double their carrier fleet to 20 or more. They need the numbers to maintain their superiority as the world’s hegemon.  Russia and China should not just confine themselves to aircraft carriers and ships, but ICBMs, aircraft, satellites etc etc. This would force to the Americans to spend big and to bankrupt themselves faster.

The Americans no longer have the capacity and the money to compete in an arms race without the industrial complexes to pay for it. They also cannot rely on free or cheap Arab oil or printing more greenbacks. The greenbacks would rapidly run out of its usefulness, become irrevelant and end up like monopoly notes.

Russia and China must proceed to challenge the Americans in an all out arms race to bankrupt the American economy and bring the Empire to its knees. The Americans just cannot afford it. Just keep the defence spending up and let the Americans try to outdo and outperform and outspend the combined forces and defence budget of Russia and China. A 3 times more American strategy to remain aloof and unchallenged would see the Americans huffing and puffing to its own demise.
$600b defence budget and the Trumps wants to spend more. Go ahead and spend. The Russians and Chinese should oblige by providing the reasons and motivation for the Americans to keep spending on defence and make it $1 trillion. That would be nice.


Anonymous said...

$600b defence budget and the Trumps wants to spend more.

I thought China bought a lot of US Treasury bills? In fact China's trillions of reserves are in US$.

This is where Trump got the money mah. Bankrupt but people still want to lend you money, so what's the problem?

Of course for ordinary bankrupts, of course no such thing lah.

Anonymous said...

I know of bankrupts who can still live the good and high life.

Their life is so much better off than non bankrupts.

Anonymous said...

Trump wants to spend more but also want to squeeze manufacturers to cut costs. The next generations of weapons and hardware may malfunction during active war. Ha ha. Made in USA.

Anonymous said...

But the American empire is planning to bankrupt the Chinese empire, just like what they did to the Russian empire of old. That is what they are trying to do by upping the spending on the military. The Russians were engaging the Americans in an arms race, but of course could not match the American's deep pockets then, and with the poodles worldwide supporting the US$, it is a sure win situation.

Hopefully, the Chinese do no fall into the same trap. I think the Chinese knows. That is why, with a few others, they are attempting to steer away from depending on the US$ for trade in oil etc. Whether they aill succeed, nobody can tell.

In any case, most of us will not be around to witness this change of empires that has been going on for centuries. Is it time for another change?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Last year's American trade deficit was US$800b. War in the ME cost US$6 trillion. Total American debt is more than US$20 trillion. Let's see how much more money can the Americans print to keep the debt from bursting.

China's trade surplus is over $500b annually. China's reserves is more than US$3 trillion.

For every dollar China spends is equivalent to US$5 in purchasing power. Thus for spend US$1 the Americans must spend US$5 to square off. This is the arithmetic.

Who will bankrupt who when technically the American Treasury is empty, bankrupt by several times. The Americans are living on debt and being buried under tons of debt.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind RB, the Americunts will borrow from Sinkieland, & Sinkies PeeAyam will be most happy to lend monies to UAssh under the name of protection..so where the Sinkieland garmen gonna get those monies to lend UAssh, of course from Sinkies Mah...that's why all the recent prices & tax hike (including water ), these monies will lend to UAssh & Sinkies will suffer more...Sinkies already lost 1 oppo warrior yesterday ( former SDP oppo Mr Sin KT , salute & Omak to him RIP)..

Anonymous said...

"$600b defence budget and the Trumps wants to spend more"

Exact is USD595billions, or about S$900billions round off. That is a very small figure. Syonan budgeted S$10billion (round off from9biln+) in defense for a small 800kmsq space. USA border is 9.8millions kmsq: 9.8x1000000=9,800,000 kmsq.

If the small US budget is something to celebrate, then US top brass are real fools. I was surprised this was already a raised budget. As Trump put it: US was defending other countries borders and open up their own borders to all kinds of uncontrolled people.

Trump s words was talking about the illegal immigrants and legal immigrants from all over the world went inside USA to create troubles. The biggest was 9.11.

There is something to be pleased. US economy has raised up and manufacturing is fast growing now under Trump. Consumer confidence pick up. Not for the Sinsinland. Still goes about giving jobs to foreigners to hit hard at consumers pockets so that manufacturers and retailers belly up. I wish a Trump can be transplanted onto Sasaland to teach all the Sasa voters to vote for their pockets full.

The world is changing so fast in 2017. Trump gets approval for his speech 80% and popularity support 70%. UK Terrasa May is not heeling the house of lords insistence to amend the Article 50 bills. She set the deadline to start Article 50 on 15 March this month. Its a booming UK and not the doom UK projected by Cameron. It is a booming US and not a doom US projected by Hillary. But Sasaland is still using the same mentality of Hillary. Probably Sasaland s preferred accountants are from that firm that could not add up the winning Oscar Lalaland and the winner. This firm was recommended to one TC which got into accounting system problem. It indicated time has changed so much as people s abilities to get things done need to be monitored. It could happened in Oscar prize winners. Can u imagine budgeting, so so much figures to add up.

US will not go bankrupt with the small figure USD600billions. But the small Sasaland may go bankrupt when it gives away free money by half billions a year to foreigners as scholarship. And let millions of foreigner ship away billions of Sgd as salaries away from the little island. This small space need to have cash to boost the retailers through consumers pockets fill up. If not, the budget is just figures, ended up borrowing from the big spenders. So voters need to decide for these old folks keep thinking of Hillary s approach to the old world in 2015. Its already 2017, a very different world is unfolding. Vote for another team is the solution.

Anonymous said...

Shiok!!!! After Trump speech, my defense & war stocks went up by 15%. Now my war stock portfolio over $2 million liao. Last year dividends $160,000. Hope to make it $200,000 this year. Thanks to US, China & Russia I don't have to work anymore!! More more more!!!

patriot said...

There are indeed bankrupts living like dukes. These are
individual person.
As for the US; there is no difference whether it is bankrupt or not. lts' allies will stick with it like sworn brothers no matter what.

If the US print money to pay, it shows that it is still a responsible country.
lf it refuses to pay, what can others do to it? The US can afford to swagger and spite any countries anytime as the de facto World Police.

Donald Miracle and Trump Magic have pushed stock markets throughout the World to record high and is still soaring. Looks like no one will be able to prevent or stop the Eagle flying higher.

The Question is higher to


Anonymous said...

" A 24-year-old woman has been arrested for her alleged involvement in an air ticket scam. "

This kind of scam is so silly sure get into jail. Can imagine how difficult life is for young one. Yet the elites are talking about a lot of investments here. May be those jobs are not for citizens.

If one is 24, is it worth to live in jail for couples of years? The records will stick to her life. Cannot be security guard at least.

So to scam someone a few dollars to exchange for a life time damage on reputation, it is not worth it. It is better to be a cleaner.

Some people are silly to believe scammers. Just check the web one can see how much airtickets can go lower. Need to be scammed then learned, like the above case.

I give u some example. Never believe words on surface
One said: $160000, dividends. If share price is 3.7 for the sg defense stock giving highest dividend rate, can only give someone 80k dividend. Correct? The share total is $2miln. If someone tell u he can get $160k and no need to work, u want to think thro. Thats how i work. If someone has so many millions and hate working, do u think he will tell u the same way?
He will say: boss, i actually dont need the money. I work for u because i want to have company as friends. But i think your company is fuck type, i dont even want your money. Haha, this is the letter.

Anonymous said...

That's the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When people can make so much money, they will keep it to themselves and their families and friends. Why would they tell you the secret? That is not human nature. Greed is human nature. Sharing is not human nature. Screwing others is human nature. In this world it is either you die or I perish. Simple as that!

Anonymous said...

I already said FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! to my boss long time ago, after I hit $100,000 annual dividends from my war stocks --- this is only from war stocks horrr. The other MNCs are into healthcare, drugs, and consumer staples like those selling toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, soft drinks, food, etc etc because these are die-die people will still buy or steal even during recessions or depressions. In my 20 years of investing, so far every year all these companies are able to keep on increasing their dividends every year. All my investments are overseas in global MNCs with at least 50 years history each, and at least 10 yrs history of increasing their dividends every year. Local companies like DBS, UOB, ST Eng, SingTel, etc are SHITT compared to overseas MNCs. Plus S'pore law is SHIT against retail investors compared to developed cities overseas.

b said...

$600b is a small cry from the $20t debt. Those money will create thousands of jobs. Obama added 8t and most money went to islamised countries. So long as usa keeps producing lousy and cannot work properly weapons and force others to buy, there will be peace because no one dare to use those weapons.

Anonymous said...

Stop bragging

March 02, 2017 3:36 pm

Tired of reading about your war bond and other investments.

You are rich, so what !!!!!

The Dragon Fly said...

Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions Under Fire
3 March 2017

The Democrats are steadily clipping Donald Trump's wings. The first one to go was his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Now, they are going after his Attorney General Jeff Sessions. These two wing-men have been involved in discussions with the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kislyak.

The Democrats said that Jeff Sessions lied under oath to US Congress during his confirmation hearing.

Trump said Sessions "could have stated his response more accurately but it was clearly not intentional" and accused Democrats of a "witch hunt".

However, Mr Sessions has removed himself from an FBI probe into alleged Russian meddling in the US election.

The Democrats have maintained their attacks on Mr Sessions, saying his explanation regarding his contacts with the Russian ambassador in 2016 were "simply not credible".

How did Jeff Sessions come under fire?

During his confirmation hearing in January, Sessions was asked: "If there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government, in the course of this campaign, what will you do?"

Sessions responded: "I'm not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians. And I'm unable to comment on it."

Then it emerged that Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak held a private conversation in Sessions' office in Sept 2016 and spoke at a meeting with several other envoys on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention in July 2016.

Sessions was at that time a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and was also a prominent member of Trump's campaign team.

What does Sessions say now?

He insists he did not lie at the confirmation hearing, saying his comments were "honest and correct as I understood it at the time". But he admitted that in his confirmation comments he "should have slowed down and said, 'but I did meet one Russian official a couple of times'".

However, he has taken himself off an FBI investigation into the alleged Russian interference in the election, saying it could be "perceived that I wouldn't be objective".

The Democrats are not easing up.

Ms Pelosi repeated her call for Sessions to quit. She said his "his narrow recusal and sorry attempt to explain away his perjury" were totally inadequate.

Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Sessions "clearly misled" the Senate and his explanation was "simply not credible".

Senator Chuck Schumer: "Because the Department of Justice should be above reproach... he should resign"

The Russian response:

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Kislyak had simply met "representatives of the executive branch and parliamentarians, public figures, non-governmental organisations", a practice he said that "has never been questioned by anyone. All this very much resembles a witch hunt, or the period of McCarthyism, which we thought had long passed in the United States as a civilised country."

Were there any other meetings with Russians?

It has emerged now that Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner was with Michael Flynn when they met Kislyak in December - after the 8 November election. A White House official speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed this on Thursday.

And at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, Kislyak also met Carter Page, who briefly advised the Trump campaign.

More leaks are coming out. After cuting off his wings, they will go for his legs. Then they will go for his eyes. Finally, they will go for his neck - giving him a rope to hang himself.

Moral of the story is: A successful businessman may not necessarily be a successful politician, likewise. a top scholar.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hussein Obama had his Muslim connection.
Trump has his Russian connection.

I think when fully exposed, Trump may not last one term.