The mad, irresponsible and dangerous Americans planning war with North Korea

This unthinkable scenario is going to happen if the world does not stop this madness in Washington, to ever think of war in Asia, to attack a country that did not do anything against anyone except to develop its own defence capability to prevent an attack by the Americans that were conducting war games almost daily at its door. It is the right of every nation state to develop and arm itself against an attack by another country. It is criminal to conduct war against another country under the pretext of protecting and defending itself. No one is going to attack the USA. No one is mad enough to think that he could get away from such a hostile act. The North Koreans are not mad. It is the Americans in the White that are mad. They want war, wars and more wars just because they have superiority in weapons to attack anyone at will.

What kind of stupidity is existing in the White House when the North Koreans are not easy meat like the Arab countries. Once a hostile act is committed by the Americans, the North Koreans would have nothing to restrain them from launching everything they got into South Korea and Japan. Millions would be annihilated overnight in North East Asia. The region would be contaminated with nuclear radioactive particles that would spread to China, Russia and eventually to the USA as well.

The world must stop the mad men in Washington from their irresponsible intent to start another war. The Americans have been agitating wars, provoking wars, starting wars everywhere, the worst in the Middle East, and the whole world allowed it to happen with impunity. This time this war against North Korea is not child’s play. It is not a one way war whereby the Americans are doing the attack and the North Koreans being sitting duck. They would retaliate with their nuclear weapons and North East Asia would be finished. The Americans did not care a hoot about whether they would still be a South Korea or a Japan left should it attack North Korea.

Russia and China must made it known categorically that they would not allow it to happen and it would be the start of WW3. Russia and China cannot allow the Americans to attack one of their allies and not doing anything. An attack on North Korea would be an attack on Russia and China. If they did not act, they would be next to be wiped out by the mad and war mongering Americans. They would have no more allies as no country would think they would be safe from an attack by the Americans for being friends or allies of Russia and China.

On the other hand would the Japanese and South Koreans allow this American madness to risk being attacked by nuclear weapons from North Korea when the Americans strike first?

Where is the UN, the countries of the world, to stand up to this primitive country that only believes in wars, killings and the destruction of other countries? A war against North Korea would be the end of this world. Americas would not be safe in a nuclear fallout from East Asia. Russia and China must put their foot down and tell the Americans in clear and unmistakable language, in no uncertain terms, that any attack on North Korea would be an attack on Russia and China and it would be war with the Americans. Failing to do so would be the beginning of their own demise in international politics.

Only the mad, dangerous and irresponsible Americans are toying with the idea of war everyday thinking they could get away with murders. The Americans are the only mad people that still think war is an option to keep the Evil Empire going. The North Koreans are not weak and defenceless Arab nations. And they have Russia and China to fight on their side. Don’t kid yourself that the Russians and Chinese are so stupid to sacrifice their ally for the sake of American hegemony and world dominance.

The people of the world and the Americans must act now to stop this madness in Washington and the White House unless they don’t mind being war collaterals with nuclear radio active particles falling over their heads. There is no where to run, no where to hide if WW3 explodes.


Speedwing said...

Don't worry Redbean, Singapore is very safe and nothing will happen here on this lovely island of yours.

Anonymous said...

This Mad-duno Dude aka UaSsh need to be stopped, the world is unrest because if them..to the Americuns they think they r the world police & go around bully weaker smaller states, to them having wars is like their past times leisure or hobby, killing it murdering is like slaughtering people for fun as they get monies & their people hv jobs they dun care about other people. The Americuns will have more retaliations by other countries & they will suffer from the effect if cause - effect as more grievous & revenge will come to them...

Anonymous said...

Lucid Bean://They want war, wars and more wars .......//

This is not news le ......?

Already happening around the world for almost 600 years le ......?

Met a historian some time back and he said Western people are very "VIOLENT"?

Anonymous said...

In peesai, the ang mo just walloped taxi drivers when they not happy?

But got asian people go new york or london wallop ang mo taxi drivers?

It is in their culture whether common men or top men?

Anonymous said...

In the 1400s, the Portugese rose to world power and war war war everywhere?

Then 1500s the Spaniards became world hegemon and same thing happened?

Then the Dutch took over?

War again?

How many died in matland and indoland fighting the Dutch before they were overpowered and forcefully colonised and exploited?

Anonymous said...

In the 1700s and 1800s, it was the British?

Everywhere war?

Then Americunt took over as world hegemon and so many wars again?

Anonymous said...

America is going through a most unsettling time. Goondu hillbillies are all in favor of Trump. They love what he says and do. Smart people in the cities hate him but bopian, majority wins. I do not see Trump going to war. He talks a lot but do very little. Typical American bullshits. Mouth talks without going through the brain.

Anonymous said...

The world cannot be at peace when the western people rule the world as hegemon?

It is in their dna?

They are just violent people?

Anonymous said...

sorry to those expecting a war.......

worry not worry not.......

there wont be war.......

talks only........

you wait n see.......no war........

peace to the world.........


Anonymous said...

Shiok man!!! More billions for my war stocks. My profits & dividends shooting thru the roof!!!

Virgo49 said...

See how many billions the Taiwanese gonna buy arms from them. And they wayang, wayang considering the sales.

For you all dumb chinkees to kill your own chinkees.

Think Chinkees deserved to be anhinalated as too many traitous siew yans.

Western movies mostly of wars, their heros, rambos.

Where got movie on love and peace.

To them Patriots die conquering and kick some pygmies butts and Lord over them.

And yet many pygmies worshipped them.

Think they rich and high class.

Most living on credits.

If only the Chinks can unite as one and bashed them terok terok.

We be numb par One.

Koreans, japs are also originally chinese.

Only they want not want to be known as Chinks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The dumb Taiwanese today realised that they were pawns in the US/China chessboard. It is not too late to know their stupidity thinking the Americans were there to protect them. The Americans were using them as pawns to play around with China and to force them to buy obsolete weapons that the Americans did not want. No new weapons as the Americans are not stupid, knowing that anytime the weapons would land up in China.

Anonymous said...

Why you want to see China or Russia involve before any aggression?
China knows what to do .
A good kungfu master never reveal his capability till the last resort.
Being seen as over protective may result in negative outcome.

Virgo 49 said...

Now even minded South Koreans also protesting the installation of.the THADD missiles.

They knew these are Not Invincible when North Korea really throw the Nuclear Bombs at them.

For they are the ones gonna suffered the most whereas the Americans can still party at their safe 'Haven. Afterall, they are still One People of same stocks

Only stupid Self interest dumb leaders be manipulated by them.

like our wise Pinky.

Anonymous said...

Only daft will think Taiwanese are dumb and stupid.They can't see the logic behind.But anyway,what can we expect from dafts that even their godfather call them.

Anonymous said...

From Tillerson s trip to US s mini Nato in asia, it seemed a no go for war. High tone at Japan, low tone after SK in China. It seemed to me SK is not keen on war. Park was keen but she is gone. The opposition ready to be president even wanted to re nego Thaad deployment. SK economy will hit rock if war with NK. The unknown refugees will bring down the mini Nato once and for all. Japan will have to get nuclear bomb again as they are not koreans but ex enemies of common koreans. Kim will not hesitate. SK will owe tons of money to US.

Firing one round of Patriot now in SK is USD3millions. To intercept 1 missile from NK, at least 2 rounds needed. USD6millions for one game. NK Kim s not playing one game. How much money is needed to owe US? I google but did not find cost for Thaad. There was a test at wake island using Thaad, that cost USD180millions, the first success in intercepting missile. I guess one firing should not be too low, at least 1 or 2 millions dollars.
If US wants to invade NK, i guess Kim has no options but to fire maxi damage at Japan to stop the war once for all. It is not easy to invade NK hilly place. Trump s war talk ended quietly asking Xi for a meeting. Pushing the nuclear matter to China s responsibility. But China asked US to stop the war games with SK, they refused.

I hope there is war to settle this matter as US wants to get SK to destroy NK alone, similar to asking Philippines to go war with China. Duterte said it right: "i can declare war with China, I can. But our army and police will be wiped out tomorrow."

SK has to oblige to play game with US to please the latter and please Japan Abe. When come to real war, Abe is scared. See he did not want to irritate China any more, on Scs or Senkaku. China should let NK develop it ICBM to send possibility to bomb US if US keep having yearly, bigger and bigger war game with SK.

War will break up any way with more US marines participate. Do it now or later? Not up to China, as Kim dislike China leaderships.

Taiwan may be a bargain for China to hand off NK war. I doubt PLA buys this bargain as Mao did not take it, that ended up China involved in NK war. Now Xi dare to take the bargain? Xi wants to be sacked? So Taiwan is ignored till hunger strike at its own island, that is best Xi can do. Wanna fight with China? Its a laugh as the budget between the 2 places can be easily 10 to 1 ratio. Its like little dot want to support US to balance up Asia. To China its just a joke when facing the rough sea. How many war ships does Taiwan has, or can buy? So NK war will most likely be supported by China at its own door steps. Xi has no options when facing Trump at Florida next month.

patriot said...

lt must be the Most Foolish Deed for the South Korean Leaders to allow THAAD in their Country.

There is absolutely NOTHING for S Korea to gain but, to invite animosity from the Neighbours.

Stupidity has no cure.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One must bear in mind that a state of war still exists between N & S Korea.

>> A war against North Korea would be the end of this world. <

No, it won't.

Within a year or so, everyone would have forgotten and the world will continue.

China & Russia & S Korea, will move in build factories and mines. America will do the "dirty work".

No one cares about N Korea. And Kimg Jong whoever-the-fuck will always be "hated" by the world, who have no real clue on who he is.

Got real politik?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:30, a nuclear war between the superpowers is not about kungfu fighting. A nuclear war once started would run to its natural end, meaning total destruction with both sides firing everything they got, for fear of no chance to fire at all. There cannot be any misreading from any side to think it is safe to start a nuclear war. No time or nothing left once the buttons are pushed.

Anonymous said...

/// The mad, irresponsible and dangerous Americans planning war with North Korea ///

Lucky it is NOT true to say:
"The mad, irresponsible and dangerous PAPayas are planning war with Singaporeans"

Also NOT true to say:
"The mad, irresponsible and dangerous PAPayas are planning to put Singaporeans within a 20 mile radius of a nuclear power plant"

Anonymous said...

My wife and I own and control so many companies all over the world.
If my country suddenly becomes radioactive ... so what?

Anonymous said...

The North Koreans are not weak and defenceless Arab nations. And they have Russia and China to fight on their side.

Tiok. That's why America will never dare to attack N Korea like the way they attacked Iraq.

Or else ah, they would have already attacked N Korea long ago.

Just as the Sinkie opposition will never be strong and ready to be govt.

Or else ah, they would have already been ready to take over from PAP in GE 2015.

So do not worry about war between America and N Korea, much less WWW3.

Worry about whether you can make lots of money to have good life in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

This MS shit has been programmed by the western media for so long that he did not know that his thinking is like a white man, believing in everything the white men wrote and said. What is good for the white men is good for him. White men said shit is good to eat, he would also eat.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 11:25,

The hidden agenda of Tillerson in China, not printed in the media, is likely to sound out to the Chinese of an attack on North Korea, and pressuring China to step aside. The Americans must have been pushing for this option for decades, and as expected, the Chinese and Russians would not let them do it.

Anonymous said...

China can anticipate whether will there be any button pushing.As such there is no necessity for her to get panick unnecessary and make unnecessary move.
China is harmless and do not want to see war but never take her kindness as weakness .
Once button pushed,not only both sides,you and me may not even have a chance to push your keyboard button anymore .
Moral of story.
Never underestimate or try to bully any old apek sitting quietly drinking kopi alone.
One slap from this low key ah pek,can make one flat on the ground.

Anonymous said...

North Korea & China gonna to treat the whites Americuns war threat as an existential issue & will protect their homeland with all their lives...when ( not if) tis happen to Sinkieland most Sinkies will juz " jar-Bo" or run away fasterer..

Anonymous said...

"is likely to sound out to the Chinese of an attack on North Korea, and pressuring China to step aside"

China s options between Sk and Nk had a bad mistake just year ago. President Park was invited to stand side by side with Xi at Beijing to review the parade of soldiers.

I hope Xi still remember the shame of this event being scammed by the south koreans.
It is a similar mistake made by Saddam for following UN rule to destroyed his weapons. Tripoli did not learn but was friendly to London and the west thinking they would not attack it.

NK Kim is a very rational man. Wanno scam him, including the China leaders, is not that simple, in my view.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "wah kani nah no satisy" 1126

You can get as angry as you like and shit blood all over your adult-diaper...

....but no one but the likes of you will care if N Korea disappears off the planet. They don't contribute anyway....even China is fed up with them. Russia might have cared once---when there was a Cold War going on, but under Putin, the only interest is to use N Korea as a great big mine, or another base for military or manufacturing.

And if you claim I've been "brainwashed", continue, go ahead.

To me, you are the idiot being programmed everyday by this kind of Yellow Journalism .


Anonymous said...

Tripoli did not learn but was friendly to London and the west thinking they would not attack it.

Actually it was Gadafi's own inside enemies that attacked and topple him lah. The West merely helped his enemies to do it more brutally and faster. And for some reasons, Russia also did not want to help Gadafi.

But for their own reasons and interest, Russia helped Syria's Assad. That's why Assad can still survive and counter attack and finish off his inside enemies. Or else he would have ended up just like Gadafi.

Kim Jong Un for his own survival, was also very brutal to his enemies, even if it is his own uncle. And for their own reasons and interest, China also supported Kim Jong Un. Or else he would not have survived.

Anonymous said...

March 21, 2017 12:52 pm

It was France and UK led western troops that invaded Tripoli. Russia was much alone as China did not partner with Russia under Hu. Russia China gets close during Xi time and when Russia took Crimea.

Kim can learn a lot from Saddem and Gadaphi s topples. The west are brutal when snatching oil. NK has no oil, it is also close to China and China has no choice.

China cannot be trusted by Kim. China had attempted to partner with SK s Park, thus, might support Park on unifying NK. No one can ignore how Saddem was foolish to let UN inspect its weapons programs and at the end, US and UK came out with false prospectus to destroy his country to snatch the oil fields. Obama was using bombing to bomb Syrian troops to help ISIS to steal oil field and sold cheap oil through Turkey. This fact was spoken openly by Putin.

Putin was forced into the situation as ISIS was growing under US led troops bombing, so called. Russia did not want US to rob the oil fields free and lower the oil prices, as Russia is exporter.

Kim is a rational man and can be brutal if his interest is threaten. That s why Kim never trust the China leaders, who might pick SK against NK. US wanna Kim to give up weapons, and China supports it. Kim killed his uncle because his uncle corrupted millions and in overseas. The millions was said to pass to his half brother Nam. This Nam was said in SK to plan for a exile government.

Nam exile government should be pro US and China and should be a good bargain to both. So Kim s killing of Nam who had the money and intention to take over when Kim is killed, is a rational move in my view.

Kim has no choice for sitting on top seat. If he never did that, I think he is unfit to be on top post of NK. For that thinking, I think Kim will not follow what China wants NK to do. It s a right move from my view, as Saddem s example should not be ignored. It can lead to N Koreans in chaos similar to Iraqi now. Kim is good at his age, really, saya hormat.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One thing about the Trump Administration is that they are full of bluster, but lacking in substance or achievement.

Wall? No wall.

Banned Muslims? Nope.

Obamacare reform? Hardly. Looks like it's going to be WORSE

Tax cuts? Still waiting.

Jobs? Still waiting...better give blowJOB instead, at least that's a JOB and adds to PRODUCTIVITY 😂

Trump is going around scowling all the time....he is not a happy man. Everytime he tries his shit, THE LAW gets in his way.

I doubt he will last 1 term: he'll get fed-up and quit---because every which-way he tries to do something, some court will rule his executive order "unconstitutional".

...and of course there the impending doom of IMPEACHMENT if he is found to be guilty of election-tampering, or collusion with the Russians....or some conflict of interest with his (former?) business interests.

TRUMP HAS MORE ENEMIES AT HOME THAN ABROAD. And they are all---Republican and Democrat alike---doing whatever they can to not only derail him, but take him down completely .

War with N Korea is probably from Tillerson or Bannon, more likely that asshole Bannon who before working in the Whitehouse was some dude who ran a website 😂🤣 funded by rich patrons. In other words he didn't do JACK SHIT , except write screeds of Yellow Journalism, scaremongering the masses, and posting to FaceBook and Twitter.

....and now he thinks he's some great military strategist....please lah. This is some small kid trying to lawa lawa....😂

If you go up to him, give him one tight slap and tell him to "Ah Boy ah...Go home and suck your mother tetek!" , aiyoh the fucker sure cry like baby wan. 😭😭 WAAAAHHHHHH!!!

b said...

They cannot take down even vietnam many years ago. What makes them think they can take down NK? Unless they want NK to nuke east coast US to get rid of those leftists.

Anonymous said...

@ March 21, 2017 11:13 am

Why would the PAPayas be so stupid and build a nuclear power plant in Singapore?
Doesn't that give PAP's international enemies a well defined target to completely destroy Singapore?
Our Ah Loong is NOT that stupid and crazy okay?

Anonymous said...

Dr Puthucheary also said efforts to improve the way the Government is run will not work as well as desired without "excellent people".

"A big part of what we want to do is to build a deep engineering talent in Singapore, bringing more people into engineering, into ICT engineering, cyber security engineering, data analysis, whether they're here in Singapore or Singaporeans residing overseas."

He added that there are many talented Singaporeans working in these fields overseas. "We're hoping we can attract people back into Singapore to build that engineering team here."

"Smart nation"? Govt is getting invasive. Be afraid, be very afraid - the rise of Sin religion

Anonymous said...

"deep engineering talent in Singapore"

Many engineers are jobless, this guy is looking for engineers for future needs?
When he next say singapore engineers are short, there are many engineers from mumbai and chennai might be the next.

Singaporeans are so receptive, whatever these guys say, singaporeans agree. Watch the hr go through the middle men and fly to mumbai to select talents. When hr comes back, ask him got shiok to hire from overseas. Its the same old tricks starting to surface again.

Anonymous said...

They are not here to serve you. They are elected to boss over you. Their mid and top people are usually unreachable. They have low level people to run your lives. You have problems...go beg or say ...pretty please

Anonymous said...

They really believe that they are the real talents and the rest of the Sporeans are daft.

Their insane desire to bring in more bodies for growth is driving them mad. Not enough water, not enough power/electricity and die die want to build nuclear plants.

Anonymous said...

Tillerson was just CEO, not a politician. Bannon is not a strategist. Trump is only good is making money through the misfortune of others. All these people, including the military team of advisers are all HAWKS. They will act only to take advantage of other's weakness. If China and Russia stand firm all the way to protect North Korea, there won't be any war. If the US invades North Korea, and hope for a limited war, it had better think one thousand times before doing it. Because it will be a total war, not a limited war. It is going to be WW3. It means Nuclear War! The total destruction of the Earth. No winners! The extinction of the human race. Trump can then continue his Presidency in the United States of Hell and drink tea with Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un! While all the other 7.5 billion souls hang around them waiting to pounce upon them the moment the start sipping their tea!

Anonymous said...

PAP leaders are in their final leg to self-destruct. There are too many smart alecs but no real talents with the feel of the ground in the world stage as well as at home. None of them has the vision for the future. That's why they need a huge team of more than a thousand experts and the duration of 3 years to come out with the a stereo-type CFE, the main parts of which are mere adaptations and modifications of previous Economics papers. With leaders like that Singaporeans are doomed! You want another 50 years of PAP Rule? Better think very very hard.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u are writing too much shit again. Since u love blow job so much, why don't u just open your mouth so guys who love this can stuff their dicks in your mouth. If too many responses, just open your ass for these guys to stick their tools into your ass. Happy now?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Anonymous said...
Tillerson was just CEO, not a politician. Bannon is not a strategist. Trump is only good is making money through the misfortune of others. All these people, including the military team of advisers are all HAWKS.'

This team is God sent, God's gift to mankind, to destroy and breakup this evil Empire.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMarch 22, 2017 3:01 am
///There are too many smart alecs but no real talents with the feel of the ground in the world stage as well as at home. None of them has the vision for the future. That's why they need a huge team of more than a thousand experts and the duration of 3 years to come out with the a stereo-type CFE, the main parts of which are mere adaptations and modifications of previous Economics papers. With leaders like that Singaporeans are doomed!///

patriotMarch 20, 2017 11:28 am
(Under MSN RB 20 Mar 2017 Post:)
///Remember what the Late Horrible Man once said whence he launched his Stop At Two Birth Control Campaign, when thousands if not tens of thousands baby lives were aborted and killed.

His argument ror the Campaign then was that lesser children meant that they(the Children)
can enjoy more in terms of care, love and material.
However, when he wanted Sin to get rich fast to remunerate themselves well, he imported aliens and increased the Population. His Successors is doing more
to increase the Population in Sin.
Hence, Sin is sold and Sinkies are pawned as a consequence.///

AnonymousMarch 20, 2017 11:31 am
(Under MSN RB 20 Mar 2017 Post:)
///>>>"The fallacy of a declining population is bad must be debunked."<<<

This is the most important key sentence. Politician talked about community bonding. Politicians ask one group born here to do NS, invite another group to take up jobs well above NS men s salary or leaving NS men jobless. Politicians asking for bonding or another word for "be loyal to me if my power is threatened by foreigners". Will the locally born group react?
I guess 20% will be died hard defending the politicians, the remaining 80% will watch the fire going, similar to those video watching the indian rioters burning the public owned cars.

One video showed an ambulance was about to explode. It was the rioters who opened the back doors to ask the trapped uniformed groups hiding inside to "run run".///

AnonymousMarch 20, 2017 12:55 pm
(Under MSN RB 20 Mar 2017 Post:)
>>>/// Please stop spreading this stupid myth that smaller population bad. Bigger population is the real bad wolf. Get it? ///
March 20, 2017 10:41 am

Dear redbean
Respectfully it's you and the 70% voters who don't get it.

Smaller population is good for you.
But maybe smaller population is not so good for PAP.
Who does a smaller population benefit?
Who does a bigger population benefit?<<<

Anonymous March 20, 2017 2:12 pm
(Under MSN RB 20 Mar 2017 Post:)
///23rd March I very busy lah.

Opening my new bottle of Macallan Scotch Whisky.///

AnonymousMarch 20, 2017 2:34 pm
(Under MSN RB 20 Mar 2017 Post:)
///Thanks for reminder. I didnot know u guys bother to remember someone else s rebirth date haha.

be very gentleman please, do not be greedy on xo or beer.
celebrate celebrate, i like madona s song, celebrate, and open one, is enough, two is limit, no more, WHO s advise.///

Anonymous March 21, 2017 9:01 am

///>>> cheers........ <<<///