The CPF scam, controversy or mirage

Can one call the CPF a scam, or is there a better word to describe this scheme if it is not a scam? Can someone find a more suitable word instead of calling it a scam? It is definitely a big controversy over what it is and what it is not. It is in many ways like a mirage, like real but not real, like your money but not your money.

When we started joining the CPF scheme, I belong to the pioneer generation, things were very simple. Put aside some money as a saving for retirement. At 55 one will get every cent in the CPF account and nothing more to do with the CPF.

I just signed onto my account in the CPF and to my horror, I still owe the CPF several hundred thousand dollars, from housing loan, interest on housing loan and funds taken out for investments. Hey, I have passed the withdrawal age many aeons ago and should be getting every cent out from my CPF savings. I do not want to have anything to do with the CPF. Why am I owing money to the CPF or owing money to myself? What kind of trickery is this?

And why should I be owing money due to interest on my housing loans, fully paid, when it is my money? Should not my account be clean u, closed, leaving at most only the ransom that the govt has passed as law to hold on to my money, refusing to return to me fearing that I may squander them in Batam? What ransom? Oops, sorry, I mean the minimum sums that I cannot touch, and now not even sure if they are my money. Some people said money cannot use or not use is not your money.

Singaporeans are so daft that they did not know the money they saved in the CPF is their money, or is it the govt’s money? When an NMP said it is not the people’s money, nearly the whole Parliament nodded in agreement without anyone standing up to say she was wrong, that it is not the govt’s money but belong to the people that contributed as their life savings. Is this an implicit agreement that what the NMP said was true? Is this morally right to turn the people’s sayings into something else? And the daft kwai kwai let the govt decide what the govt wants to do with the money. They have no say to their own savings! And another compulsory scheme is on the way, to use the people’s life savings as if it belongs to the monkey proposing it.

My dream is for a new party to come into power and remove all these unjust and unfair laws to keep the people from accessing their money saved over a life time. This thing must be stopped one day and the money be returned to the rightful owners. No amount of ‘conmunication’ can change the fact that the money belongs to the people that contributed them. Monkeys, please keep your fingers off the people’s money.

This is uniquely Singapore. Communication should be spelt ‘conmunication’.
And the best part, at my age when I could be called to meet the maker any moment, I still have to contribute to my CPF in Medisave. What shit is this? Is this a kind of robbery from the oldies? No, no, it is compulsory, the law said so. It is legal. Not sure if I got the spelling right for the word legal. Then what is robbery? Robbery is the law did not say so.


Anonymous said...

Laws are man made. Rightly, these are made with people's interest in heart. However, in some countries they are made in the liking of the dictators. A clever way to justify one man's action. Lawyers are in general Liars. In those countries, they will sway to the wind. Those who have guts and stand up to the blowers would be crashed and removed.

Anonymous said...

When an NMP said it is not the people’s money, nearly the whole Parliament nodded in agreement without anyone standing up to say she was wrong,.....

But that's how nearly the whole Parliament got elected, isn' it?

Because majority voters, even though they do not agree, voted them in mah.

So like that ah, bo way kong tio bo? (What more is there to say, argue or kpkb?)

Virgo 49 said...

Rightly so.

Just see the new Korean Drama "Whisper " of how Lawyers and even Judges sway and brought down by the Establishment.

The Elites incahoots ruled the World.

Anonymous said...

(What more is there to say, argue or kpkb?)
9:07 am

That's why smart Sinkies will make lots of money so that they don't need CPF money.

In fact, they don't even want to take out their CPF money, even if they can because CPF pays about average 3% interest pa on your money and also very safe. Which bank can offer this rate, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

The right, correct, appropriate and accurate words to call the present bastardized, molested, raped, and trampled upon by the Syonan-mentality brutal and ruthless "soldiers of fortunes" CPF Savings Scheme are: PONZI SCHEME! Period.

Anonymous said...

Another name they call is ponzi scheme money, coffin money, ah Long money, ah kong money etc...that NMP who said cpf money not yours ...me think dun donate to SPD as that NMP is kaki Lang there, she carry balls with Ah Long & jolly well knew that Ah Long Garman will support her, one day she will be the same as any tom dick harry fate..

Anonymous said...

PAPies: "Your money is my money. My money is my money . . ."

Anonymous said...

Rb, u made a mistake when u reach 55 to tie your property with cpf. I refuse the offer of taking more money out and pledge 50% in property. I severed all ties just let them keep 100% of minimum sum in cash. So now no more this rubbish of paying interest to your own cpf when u touch your property. From hindsight it was the right decision. Now drawing the minimum sum monthly but I don't think will last Long as they coming up with another compulsory scheme I think the eldercare scheme. So it's a pooling of interest so got to fund others elder scheme.

Anonymous said...

Someday someone somewhere will have to pay with blood, limbs and lives. It is only a matter of time. When the brew in the boiling pot of gold reaches its level of tolerance, the boiling point, it is bound to EXPLODE! When someone's blood and sweat and toil money earned with great difficulties and suffering, which is meant for his COFFIN MONEY, has been robbed in broad daylight without a single good man standing up to help him. the illogically logical and irrationally rational probability is that he will take the laws in his own hands, while he still has the ability to breathe his last breath. Beware, be prepared and be afraid. This is not a threat but a just and logical analysis of the consequences of cause and effect. The Buddhists and Hindus of India origin and the Ancient Sages of China called it: KARMA!

Anonymous said...

It's part of employer's welfare and benefits for us ,not scam or mirage.
Did anyone contribute cpf monthly by giro or cash.No.It's our kind employers.
Since its our employers that contributed,it's employer's money rightfully.
Cannot suka suka release unless last resort.
Only thing I not so understand is my lakopi kaki towkay,who still need to pay his medisave or face not being able to renew his license ,though his medisave oredi meet the mimimum required.
As a good citizen we should treat it as a form of tax and stop dreaming of cpf.

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean if you want all your CPF back you can migrate to another country. Give up your passport and your pinky IC.

Anonymous said...

Worry not! Worry not!

CPF is your money!

We have BEST-est CPF scheme in the world! Yes! The BEST-est! The BEST-est!

If you have much money in the CPF, then CPF is excellent to you.

The CPF interest rates are rather good! Difficult to get higher interest rates around.

Many people use their CPF as another source of retirement passive income.

If you do not have much money in CPF, sorry sorry sorry, CPF not for you!

If you bankrupted your CPF for funding your BTO, education, failed investments, etc etc.....too bad! Yes! Too bad!

CPF good or no good? You say lah! You say lah!

But, what is most important is 3Ms.....make-more-money!

No choice! No choice! This is a you-die-your-business and no-money-no-talk society.

It is now too massive too massive and too late too late to major change the CPF schemes!

So............must 3Ms 3Ms 3Ms, be happy and worry less!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans should stay and fight to take back their CPF money and country or to leave and let the country go to foreigners and traitors.

Anonymous said...

The above comments are useful. The NMP declared CPF was not people s money. Possibly true if one die early. It becomes chengmin money as the figures are there, only there, cannot draw out like atm.
NMP s word worth nothing because, each individual receives their own cpf statement. NMP should show to the world that she declares HER OWN CPF is not her money. Can donate to tombmasick to bet for sinkieland to create 100 times more funds than her own cpf.

That is the trick elite is playing. Look at that at 2 levels. At root level, you me NS men, only ask for every dollar inside the account must be available to me at wish. It should have be able to.
But the non root level play with the figures to the world. The elite blast to the world, hey sinkiesland has billions and billions of cash. The cash can play in shares, properties, at sure win basis. Sure win is the scam. Got it. U go to play shares to see if u are always sure win. When u lose, u lose your own inventory, not just profit. I use inventory means, when you lose 100000, u lose more than your profit earn from other shares at 2000. U tell me "investments" cannot lose money in speculations in shares, properties, oil future, currencies hedging etc, u are bluffing yourself not me. Agree?
So CPF is a scam in that way. It is available to some so called pros to play high low.
Another not so scam, but a bluff i think is the grants. When someone showed the figures at some pongol hdb flats, saying they were affordable, this person showed some negative figures called grants. I checked the meaning, grant means allow to give.

Hey allow to give u buyer $150,000 means giving free 150000 to u? Tankuku always thought so when signing for the flats as they need to move in. My advise is: dont sell off the flat when pap is seating in. When the flats sold, the grants are deducted back against cpf. U owe money to ah long liao.

Want your cpf? The next catch is minimum sum, will rise higher to bar drawings, when more and more PR are drawing 100% cpf in one single drawings going home. There are 700000 PR. More are given PR. Meaning more PR will go home, drawing 100% cpf.

Citizens want to draw cpf? Elite has to rise the minimum sum, as cash is running out correct? One source is for losing in "investment", one source is for PR 100% drawing, coming at any time.
Of course, new citizens have to labor for CPF with new contributions. But employment pass no need cpf mah. So hot cakes employment pass ah neh or pinoys. That preference again reduce CPF and increase chance of higher minimum sums.

Look at it readers, work s the only way to increase cash income, as long as one can work, at any age. But the elites do not allow the healthy old folks to work to recover their lose cpf. The elites prefer to feed ah neh or pinoys from flooding villages or malaysians PR and let them eventually drawing 100% cpf home as PR. And it work out to be big problems for citizens when they are old, forced out of jobs at 50s, due to elites 7 millions white papers policy.
Once this 7 million white papers is filled up, the black hole in cpf could be matching with the NMP s claims: cpf is not your money. Becomes kopi old ko song liao.

Anonymous said...

The Ponzi scheme is so deep in debt that it cannot be rewound to return the money to the people as before.

Anonymous said...

All Ponzi schemes need new money to cover old debt. And the need for new money is growing faster as the old debt is getting bigger. Once they cannot create enough new money to patch the black hole, the whole scheme will collapse.

There are more than one Ponzi schemes at play at the moment and the collapse is coming very fast when all are trying to patch bigger and bigger black holes.

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle RB 10.29am.

"Singaporeans should stay and fight to take back their CPF money and country or to leave and let the country go to foreigners and traitors".

Do you seriously think that the 70% who voted OK-ed in 2015 will do just that?

Do you seriously think that the 70% who voted OK-ed in 2015 will do just that?

You think so? You think so?


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should stay and fight to take back their CPF money and country or to leave and let the country go to foreigners and traitors.
RB 10:29 am

Singaporeans fight no use, if Singaporean opposition is not ready to be govt.

If not ready to be govt, how to do a proper job as govt?

If not ready to do a job, how to do a proper job? This is common sense.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should stay and fight to take back their CPF money and country or to leave and let the country go to foreigners and traitors.
RB 10:29 am

How to fight?

70% already voted "yes"!

Who to lead?

Where is the oppositions?

When we needed them most!

Anonymous said...

"All Ponzi schemes need new money to cover old debt. And the need for new money is growing faster as the old debt is getting bigger. Once they cannot create enough new money to patch the black hole, the whole scheme will collapse. "

This is a very good explanation. Investment funds this kind of institutions always sound as if they can generate returns. U look at one old man buffet. The media tried hard to say he earned from share speculations. It s not. This guy made from buying up companies, merged and sold. Licarsing also deemed to be buffet in the east. He earns money thro hard work is all can see: operating ports, real estate development etc. Not sitting at computers buy hi sell low like some funds when losing : " its for long term investment". The House Advantage is: no need to disclose the real losses or gains, and net net. Licarsing needs to work because his companies are listed.

See the difference? Disclosure of losses. Ponzi needs not to disclose what are the real business. By logic, if anyone lose the inventory ie the initial capital, and claims he is making lots of money, he is scamming lah. Look at some scams. Selling cars: collect deposits, drive big cars, people thot oh god, he go bmw7 series, must be rich lah. Rental not even paid up. So disclosure of what businesses that really MAKE the money is the real thing. Without this key info, u never trust a word of what the presenter tries to con u. Same as cpf. If u cannot get what was promised to u, there is something hidden. Agree or not? Depend on your head if u can decipher cold facts against political statements.

Anonymous said...

There are two great fallacies in trying to short-change the lesser endowed with cunning explanations saying that the CPF Savings of an employee belonged to his employer:

1. That it was the employer who transferred the money to the govt, not by you through GIRO or cash, therefore not your money.

2. That it is part of welfare and benefits to you, therefore not your money.

The employer is by law forced to transfer the money of an employee under the Compulsory Savings Scheme monthly to the CPF Board. The money is to be deducted from the employee's remuneration, depending on the prevailing percentage recommended by the National Wage Council. In addition, the employer is also to contribute to the Employee's Savings of a certain percentage, also depending on the prevailing amount set by NWC. Therefore, for all intent and purposes, the money transferred to the CPF Board by the employer on behalf of his employees, whether coming from the employer or from the employee's remuneration, is part and parcel of the EMPLOYEE'S Compulsory Savings Scheme enacted by the Parliament and assented into the Laws of Singapore.


1. The act of transferring the money does not anull the fact that the money so contributed is part and parcel of the EMPLOYEE's Compulsory Savings.

2. Nowhere in the details of the CPF Act States that the money so transferred as part and parcel of the EMPLOYEE'S Compulsory Savings Scheme is to be considered as a tax in whatsoever form or format.

3. It is also not and cannot be taken as welfare or benefits of employment on the initiative of the employer. It is part and parcel of the EMPLOYEE'S Remuneration

Anonymous said...

Not to worry lah, eventually all cheats, traitors and dictators would be strangled to death. Conmunication cannot bluff the people all the time lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ rebean

Wah lau. You still not satisfied?

CPF is simply a term for a bunch of money which the government controls completely by law.

The government tells you what is yours to do as you please and what they keep, and what EXTRA you owe them if you make bad financial decisions or kena "bad luck".

Redbean, please be real lah. You keep saying "CPF is OUR money".

Fuck off lah. It is quite clearly not. You give people false hope.

Anonymous said...

In the beginning, employer/employee contributed to the CPF as the employee's savings and at 55, take all back.

Now slowly there is a gradual slide and change, that the money contributed is some kind of taxes, for the govt, not the employee's money anymore......

Anonymous said...

Anon 1130.
My ah Kong force my Ah Pa to bank in an amount monthly so that I got enough money to set up a family when I turn 28.
When I turn 28 my Ah Kong can still hold back the money for whatever reason.
More reason to hold back cos Ah Kong know that I like to go Batam or Watlum to hug here n there.
Money is not mine since Ah Pa
is the one contributing.
Force or not.Its still my Ah Pa money and not my money.

Anonymous said...

No political party dares to say:

1. You will never get back your CPF money.
2. Your HDB flat belongs to HDB and not you.

Anonymous said...

No political party dares to say:
1. You will never get back your CPF money.
2. Your HDB flat belongs to HDB and not you.
12:22 pm

Becos dare to say no use.

PAP don't say one, just dare to do it. So that's why:
1. You will never get back your CPF money.
2. Your HDB flat belongs to HDB and not you.

Anonymous said...

HDB flat can never be yours even my botartcheh Ah Kong know. How come you still gong gong think it belongs to you.
My Ah Kong told me during resettlement at we are moving into ChengHooChu.
Garmen house lah.You think you Cheng hoo?

Virgo49 said...

Anything the Govt implemented,there arealways loopholes to be exploited.

SMART sinkies knew how to manipulate the loopholes.

It's take a while before they plug the loopholes.

So sinkie put their ears to the grapevines and hear what kang tow to exploit.

Their silver serpents and ministers are half glass full and half glass empty ones.

Poor sinkies got to keng just to get fraction or their full monies back.

HDB flats don't belong to you and for that matter any property on lease hold don't belong to you.

Assets enhancements can be enhanced to your advantage if you know how manipulate them.

Many become half or three quarter millionaires when they sold their enhanced properties to another suckers and quickly cha boat.

Dog eat dog world like this. Some smart cunning ones takes advantage of less cunning and honest human beans.

A ex HDB 5 roomer owner brought at 46K and sold to a buyer at 600k.

Brought a bungalow at matland for 2 million ringitt that is 600 plus K.

Now he owned a free hold bungalow that belongs to him and his descendents. Wheras the poor sinkie owned just another 60 odd years lease pigeon hold.

Anonymous said...

Wow Uncle Virgo, freehold Melaka bungalow will be more meaningful if you can invite some uncles here to stay with you.
Congratulations smart uncle.

Anonymous said...

"a bungalow at matland for 2 million ringitt that is 600 plus K"

Batam bungalow lagi cheap. Go there can buy 2 or 3.

Anonymous said...

Landed properties can be quite dirty when drains outside are clogged.

ZIKA: better run off fast Too few human to be shared with lots of mozi. Its risky. Some matland landed properties are not fully sold or occupied. Be careful before you land your money.

"A day after the first Zika cluster reported this year was confirmed at Simon Place in Hougang, fogging began in the housing estate.

On Wednesday (Mar 29), the National Environment Agency (NEA) confirmed that two members of a household in the estate were infected by the virus. "

Anonymous said...

What you commonly see in an elite govt is a mix of "good and evil" in their laws and policies.
They lead or sell you a better life, which appears to be good but they also enslave you and turn you into debters, which is evil
They build homes, which is good but they can also bankrupt you through homes, which is evil.
They create jobs, which appear to be good but it is unsecure work and never pays enough so you may not be able to retire, which is evil
They build a high class heathcare system, which appears to be good, but it will bleed you dry, which is evil
The list of course is long but you get the picture.

Those who benefited from the "good" are never good people because their gain came from exploiting the weak and vulnerable without conscience and returning crumbs to keep them neither living nor dying

When you partake the "good and evil" of serpentine leadership , you shall surely die.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, no-money-no-talk!

In Singapore, no-money-no-talk!

Got money, CPF CPF CPF number 1!

No money, kpkb kpkb kpkb number 1!

So you are CPF or kpkb?


Anonymous said...

CPF is not your money.
HDB is not your flat.
Car is not your car after 10 years.

Everything gets taken away.
And still the 70% wants to vote PAP.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 205:

>> In Singapore, no-money-no-talk! <<

In America, the 1976 case of Buckley V Valeo ended up with the US Supreme Court (world's most "garang" court) that money IS speech .

So you are right. In Singapore, if you got no money...

...just SHUT THE FUCK UP! 🤣😂

𝓖𝓸𝓽 𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓸𝓬𝓻𝓪𝓬𝔂 ⁉︎

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.18pm is very very correct to say that.......

"Everything gets taken away. And still the 70% wants to vote PAP"

Please kindly note that the prediction is 80% at the next GE!

So how?

Anonymous said...

People are stupid, they see only the good or the good justifies the evil.

That's how they win.

But both, good and evil, are bad news!

Anonymous said...

If they build a nuclear power plant in Singapore, do you think Ah Loong and PAP will bankrupt Singapore?

Westinghouse & Toshiba Bankruptcy Puts Fate Of Four U.S. Nuclear Reactors In Limbo


Anonymous said...

Prosecuting/ persecuting Amos is good, Singaporeans accept that, but protecting the rights of idiocy is evil.

Anonymous said...

Simon asked me during our kakis regular breakfast time this morning......



What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Btw..it is religious IDIOCY and it is evil

Anonymous said...

"Please kindly note that the prediction is 80% at the next GE!"

Torrow chap zi kee open 4 4 4 4. Bet big and small. 80 is not chap zi kee number lah

Anonymous said...

Thiught protecting
the Evil
is pure idiocy
or pure stupid

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 4.07

Singapore Pools on 25/04/2009 4444 out First Prize. Happened to be my son's last 4444 digits B.C. number. In HK, the millionaires paid few millions to bid for this number plate. To them, You will never die. Eternal living 44444 cannot die.

Only brought 4 big 4 small at that time as Premier League Liverpool scored 4-4 draw after down by 2 goals and what AC Milan also drew 4-4 with no know what team.

CPF scheme started on a very sound note with both employers and employees contributions for a blissfully retirement.

However, as time goes on, too many schemes came up and become diluted that they find that most had become almost penniless before they reached 55.

The withdrawals for the housing and education schemes are good actually. Especially for the education scheme. But in housing, as time go on, more and more become too greedy and start buying properties beyond their means thinking that they could make a pile in buying and selling and renting.

The Govt together with their kakis capitalised on this and make billions in profits by jacking up unusually high prices knowing that these Sinkies would buy even though they will cost them a limb or arm. Firstly thinking they are Atas and had already arrived

Lao Gao and Mabok Tan further conned you with their assets enhancement and raised sky high prices with miminal constriction cost.

Same time, Lao Goh make Sinkies gambled in shares by releasing CPF funds for investments. Boost GDP. Most played the markets like ostriches.

Year by year Their monies diminished.

Finding that these retirees are gonna be liabilities to them in all aspects that they withheld the withdrawal year by shifting the goal posts time and again.

The Govt made all these blunders and now no solution is at hand.

That's why they have so many schemes to hold your withdrawals

Anonymous said...

If you make people do National Service for 2 years and pay them peanuts .... is it robbery?

Con People Fund.

Anonymous said...

Signs of the times. Desperate government resorts to taking money from the people by legalising ponzi schemes to suck the people dry. The ground is filled with anger and is more or less ripe for an enviroment of heroic people to act sponstaneously like ' The Water Margin' in the Song Dynasty period, ' Robin Hood ' in feudal England and Zorro in Mexico in the 1800s period. It is very sad we are now in the state like in China under the Kuomintang ( KMT ) of Chiang Kai Shek who ruled China from the late 1920s to mid 1940s or like Russia in the 1900s to 1917 when the people woke up to the evil of Zarist Russia and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.49, NONSENSE. There are no heroic people left here anymore. The heroic ones, they died already or kicked out by the Dictator. There are some intelligent ones (KJ, sylvia, pritam) but to change a govt you need a bit more power and guts to do things rather differently even if chaotic. Intelligence alone, cannot move mountains in the political domain. PAP will get 80% votes next election.

Anonymous said...

"The Govt together with their kakis capitalised on this and make billions in profits by jacking up unusually high prices knowing that these Sinkies would buy even though they will cost them a limb or arm. Firstly thinking they are Atas and had already arrived "

Sinkies who buy the inflated assets include many pap supporter. The encouragement always rested on one old fart. He warned if voters did not vote for pap, properties prices would plummet. He warned it needed 5 yrs to ruin sinkieland in 2011 election. Talked like fortune teller at kwanim temple street. It turned out to be true, though his office was not at 3rd horse road swar beh lor.

The truth is: voted for pap, and properties prices plummeted. Still going down. It means cpf is not enough to cover the losses if sold. If not sold, need good jobs to pay the loans. But ah long need to fulfill the white papers within 10 years. With 10 years, he needs 2 millions foreigners to live here as addition.

Who among the 70% willingly giving up jobs for new foreigners to take up existing jobs? If they do, they hv to go bankrupt. Many 70% are having old fart to thank in heart. Time to celebrate. CPF can be getting worst when loans are not being able to pay from the existing contributions due to the decline in value of the properties.

The elites over sold lands. U got it. May be they are so optimistic similar to old fart. Properties must go up, old fart s words, so dont need to work haha. The 70% simply follow this rule up up up ah. Sell your home and buy new ones for voting pap in. Now cpf figure is a big problem.

Anonymous said...

All the signs are there. The signs are very clear. They do not need second or third guessing. Even the dumbest of the dumb should at least have a gut feeling of what kind of a ride he has been taking. The frequent trains breakdowns for the record-breaking number of times on a regular basis is just one of the many physical manifestations of something quite not right at the very Top of the Pyramid Game - a greedy, ruthless concept introduced, instigated and implanted into the then legalistic but morally-weak leadership during one of the regional meetings, on the sideline at that time of imminent change of leaders in late 1989. It has since taken root, enthusiastically nurtured, cautiously grown so as not to arouse suspicions, and encouragingly flourished to the extent, now, it has become too big to fail, too risky to go forward, too disastrous to wind down and totally irresponsible to continue with it in the present form or in whatever ways, whatever forms, however cunning the cunningness of the cunning can display.

patriot said...

Revolution, Zorro, Water Margin and uprising etc.
Radicals are breeded in challenging times. However, in Sin be warned that the People damnselves will not support any radicals. On the Contrary, the Sheeple will condemn the Non-conformists. Do not be surprised if the National
Servicemen are activated to quell any disobedience or disturbance started by their family members. They will carry out fully the Instructions order by the Authority even against their own kins. This shall be how daft Sinkies will be.

Please do not talk about revolution and what not cause You will not get any support from fellow Sinkies.

lf situation gets bad which is likely to be the Case, despots themselves will resort to very radical measures to deal with dissenters even if they know it will plunge the Country into chaos and turmoil for they have to protect themselves and their fortunes.

Sinkies should be pragmatic like Commenters
Virgo49, Matilah Singapura and b.
Take advantage when your property still fetches a decent price. The Property Bubble ultimately will burst though it will be vehemently and vigorously
prop up for as long as possible.
Living with 5 million people is already challenging, imagine living with 7 and possibly 10 millions one day.
The World is big and there is no need to squeeze oneself with invaders that make You uncomfortable or even feel threatened.

l realize that some of the Newer Commenters at My Singapore News have actually got themselves refuges abroad and hope that they could offer tips and helps to those seeking peace of mind, greener pasture or even just to get away from exploitation.

Do read the Blogs of a singaporean son who is domicile in Australia. He
has blogged much about Sin and his move to Australia.

Personally, l believe that the Regime in Sin will last for at least another few generations due to imported aliens turned citizens. The Native Sinkies will be the Minority by 2025 or earlier.
These new citizens shall likely be the better off folks from much larger countries. Due to their status, costs of living shall be increased greatly by them and survival shall be very challlenging for most Sinkies.

Kpkb for all we like,
we have to admit that we CANT win the Battle against the Power In Reign. Currently, they are merciless but NOT desperate, so not that bad.
However, if they are desperate, the People shall be in great danger.
So beware.


Virgo49 said...

Right you are Patriot.

Just like the South Koreans. Their NS men also like sinkieland served in the Riots Police
Force beside been in the ROK armed services.

When they protested against the government of any unfair policies, the sons in the Riot police are been used to tame the protestors and that can be their kins and families.

Let me relate how the CPF Board gonna to make sure that whatsoever profits or gains or even losses that you had incurred, you gonna pay them back every single cents as owed to them even these are in fact your own monies or "capitals".

1)Education withdrawal for your children. They have to reimburse in full plus interest lost after graduation and started working. No way to waive repayments unkess you have obtained retirement age and agreed to waive off balance reimbursements. (They can sponsored millions for outsiders but singaporean parents got to withdraw to sponsor their own children studying in our local institutions) What ironic!!!

Housing. - When you sell your flat. FROM whatsoever profits gained: First cut your interests lost. SECOND cut you must fulfil your minimum sum amount prevailing at your age group. PLUS the minium amount you supposed to put in your Medisave Account. Most will just get the bones unless you really made substantial gains. No doubt in your CPF, still your monies. But no cash capital gains.

Thirdly, many think they are smart. Before official retirement withdrawal, use bakance monies in ordinary to invest in shares. Thinking after closing CPFIS account, and after which selling your shares, you can see your real cash.

They are smarter than you. Shares sales proceeds to be channelled to CPF accounts and after minus ing all the balances of what you owe to them before balance goes to OA for your withdrawal. Your minimum sum not enough CUT. Your medisave not enough CUT.

Second time HDB owner applying to buy another BTO flat with what sic subsidy needs to pay a resale premium. Can be very hefty in bigger flats.

Lastly, with electronic paperless statements which they are encouraging. Tried to print own records of latest statements for records to your nominees in the case you are called up for permanent service in Nivirana.

This is for your benefaries reconciliation with whatsoever as due to them. They are in the dark of how much you are leaving them. For whatever lump sum payment they pay out is final and to them are confidential. They will not disclose the breakdown unless you applied for a court's order.

This is to be safe for yourself as well as for your spouse and children.

All these repayments measures are to ensure that you are not a liability to them and able to fund yourself till you are called up for another term or National Slavery in the Nether World.

For the self employed. Many many more obstacles to make sure you contribute your share in your medical and coffin monies. No pang chance worse than been an employee.

So don't think of what's start ups to be own bosses!! You be saddled with just your employee's CPF'S contributions to go to IMH if you miss any payment.

Anonymous said...

SIN City will forever be a SIN City because it started off with sins of the British Empire enslaving the imported workers, migrants and slaves from India and China. It was captured by the most sinful invaders of the Japanese Empire and maintained most sinfully from 1942 to 1945. When the British came back after the Japanese surrendered, lives were so difficult for most people that they had to commit sins in order to survive. This gave rise to nationalism and vehement and fervent supports to whomever was willing to be their leader to lead them out of the White Men's grip of slavery and sins. Ironically, the very leaders who led them to the "promised paradise" have mastered the skills of ruthlessness and enslaving from both the British and the Japanese, So, until today, the slaves are still enslaved in sins and living the lives of sinners, openly and quietly like stuborn asses, cowardly ostriches and mindless zombies. So, how not the SIN City continue to be a SIN City forever and ever?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone talking about "revolution" and "heroism" etc.

As long as the vast majority of people are WELL FED, and they can SHOP and WATCH TV while munching snacks, there is ZERO chance of revolution. And forgert about "heros" lah...they're too busy shopping and eating.

Singapooreans are in a constantly fed state. Let's face it, most people living in Singapore can lose at least 5-10 kilos and probably improve their health.

The revolutions in China and Russia happened because people were seriously STARVING. Not because they were "fed up" or whatever super-duper ultra-complicated "intellectual" reason a few $10,000 per month tenured-professors can conjure up to justify the reason for their oxygen comsumption. (Stop breathing and DIE already).

You starve the population, or make water super scarce...and I gurantee CIVIL WAR and REVOLUTION.

Pass the chilli.

Got roti prata?

Anonymous said...

Nothing gets Christians more excited than profanities( by profanities, we don't mean streets expletives often punctuated in languages). Most of the time in Sin, the cock head of religion will stick out in public over someone's personal sex lives. But they will keep very quiet over the sins of their natural leaders.

You can smell the stinking Christians even in the smelliest toilet. It is the stench of hypocrisy.

Amos was a victim of the Christian hypocrisy/laws in Sin

Anonymous said...

Politics and religion make use of each other to rule a bunch of idiots!

b said...

Its everywhere. The gov implemented schemes to milk the people so that majority of the people still poor and unable to rebel. The best is to have plan B - another citizenship.