Is Singaporean taboo?

The word Singaporean appears to be disappearing from being mentioned in the media or on the lips of our politicians, at least when reporting employment statistics is concerned. It is all but being replaced by words like locals and residents. It is as if the word Singaporean is now
taboo, cannot be spoken, cannot be mentioned.

Even Singaporeans are becoming lesser, becoming a minority in Singapore. Is there anything wrong with being Singaporeans, with calling Singapore Singapore or would be be more appropriate to affectionately call it Syonan To? Syonan To was good time to some Singaporeans while many were massacred by the barbaric Japanese invading soldiers.

All of a sudden no one wants to be Singaporeans or no one wants to mention this word Singaporean as if it is a disease. Are there still Singaporeans in Singapore or the remaining Singaporeans have resigned to the fate that they would be replaced by the foreigners? Are Singaporeans a soon to be extinct specie in Singapore?

Why is it that the media kept using terms like locals and residents and not
Singaporeans? Ashamed to use this word anymore? Or is there an agenda, to rid the term Singaporeans from Singapore like they got rid of local dialects in the past?

If there is no Singaporean to talk about, would they still be calling this
country a nation, would Singapore become a none state? Would Singapore just be a city for anyone that comes here, to be called a local or resident?

To the disappearing Singaporeans, what do you think? You still have a
country to call your own? Would there be a day when we will be telling our
grand children in the future that there was once an island we called home
but no more. It is now called Syonan To or something else depending on the new owners of the island? We gave it away without a fight. No, we invited foreigners to take it from us on a silver platter.

What a tragedy when that day comes.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, uncle RB.
Yep, the name of Stinkapore or Stinkaporean is indeed a taboo, disappeared or too shamefull bcos its a Sick Men of Asia, a Lepers, a SyonanTonian, a Cheenaporean, a Rojiakpirean..watever u name it, these Stinkies wouldn't mind & take no pride in the citizenship anymore ( as one young 18 yo lad already escaped from the Lion's den to join the US)...its a Hotel California with ticket of 99years lease with no promise of Sers ( ..no more Yes Sers Yes Sers ...3 bags Fools)..

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It is a tragedy! It is a tragedy!

But, why do we ended up like that?

Because of the 70%!

The 70% wanted it!

The 70% asked for it!

The 70% deserved it!

What is the use of cry father cry mother now!

Dont waste time! Too late to U-turn! Too massive to change!

So......just be happy and worry less!

Like song......小人物的心声!

平凡日子一样会充实! 平凡日子一样会充实!

Beautiful Sunday! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry yourself too much Redbean. Singapore will always be a prominent country in Asia. The question is who would occupy the island. Of course the population of Singapore will still be called Singaporeans. Whether the people of this island are true blue, new citizen or PR does not matter. Lets admit it, the true blues will slowly dwindle into a rare breed, but that is a foregone scenario. The new citizen will very soon outnumer them and all will be known as Singaporeans, without any differences.

Don't worry too much Redbean. You and I will not be around to see that happen.

Anonymous said...

When many citizens lost their jobs from some financial institution, the main media quoted someone saying the name suggested "dont be singaporeans".
Now adays if i travel in china, at certain place i speak hokkien, at certain place i speak cantonese, i never reveal i am singaporean. Even in hk, i speak fluent cantonese, ie with those slang words the hong kong local like to add in, they thought i was their kakinan. i know singaporean is not welcome in great china, except taiwan, may be u are lucky.

It is a dying name called singaporean. it has passed its peak. Many will talk about what china will develop and how hk can catch up such as one road one belt. Singapore has nothing to do with them. If you dont mingle with these people, go indon? malaysians?
Singapore is already a place people dislike to hear about.

It is good thing to teach locals not to remember singaporeans, except at schools, they still say we are citizens of whatever.. There is no real meaning when these kids become adults. In the adult working world: they are citizens, PR need cpf, foreigners need employment pass, work pass too expensive, get a s pass. There are no singaporeans. Really, u can do away with it except NS keep bothering you must come back singaporeans.

One can conclude: u want to be singaporean, then do NS, get job last because u need cpf lah. That s what hr can advise u. That why some teen was so innovative, went to ask the judge, to be usa citizen. Ok u got it, save the NS. Knn, got such deals yet so many people still insist they want to be singaporeans. Really true or not?

The only test is some implosion within, what will happen to these so call hardup for singaporeans title, and when the neighbor take the weakness to invade, see how many singaporeans are real, to defend this place the elite refuses to put it with commitment, singaporeans. It was and it will be just a piece of land lah, unless u can sell some of it.

Virgo49 said...

Local born and bred Singaporeans have themselves to be blamed for making their own kind extinct.

They have a bunch of clowns who clowned them several decades and yet kept letting them clown them with repeat electing them every elections.

Singaporeans to those who are waiting to replace them are the butt of jokes as the sick men of their own country.

Too incompetent that we are here to help create jobs for you. Own fellow sinkies just because they are doing ok also scorned their own thinking they are smarter.

Little do they know when they themselves are been ostracised, they will feel the pains too late.

Never knew the phase Unity is Strength.

What sinkies passports renowned world wide. Many countries now even shunned sinkie red passports with their hordes of uncouth, overbearing black ants instant sinkies arrogantly displayed theur arrogrance not knowing they have not arrived yet to a first world society.

Now even PRC enjoyed more wealth than you going to starve sinkies that they recommended that the Garden City leaves and shrubs are eat able

Cannot said too soon that you won't be able to see it soon. Sinkieland might sinks before your very eyes within the next five years.

Let you taste your 70% daft fellow men PAP stooges stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Right, maybe we should call ourself Syonan tonian . Fukushima advertise full page of their grapes, pearss, strawberries , pessimons

today. Wonder why people want to buy radiation tinted fruits when they can buy these from Ausralia , NZ and Latin America.

Must be some silly sinkies who still feel strongly for the past master. So be careful when buy these fruits in our super super

Markets. Check the country first.

Anonymous said...

The word Singaporean appears to be disappearing from being mentioned in the media or on the lips of our politicians, at least when reporting employment statistics is concerned.

Because the employment statistics for Singaporeans are embarrassing mah. If embarrassing, how to mention, u tell me lah? And for the same reasons why the govt also never mention jobs for foreigners, NS for male Singaporeans, because every daft Singaporean also knows.

Pai seh tai chi mai kong aye hiow beh? (Embarrassing things better not say, u know?)

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are too scared to change government.
Too scared to vote Opposition.
So no choice lah.
Continue to be a PAP slave lor.

Anonymous said...

To: The slaves who voted for PAP

“If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsel or arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands that feed you.
May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

― Samuel Adams

Anonymous said...

Pai seh tai chi mai kong aye hiow beh?
10:25 am

Can lah, can say on RB blog. That's also the purpose of his blog, to embarrass PAP whenever possible.

But then and unfortunately, PAP will not lose election by being embarrassed.

So PAP say: Go ahead, embarrass PAP for all you want.

patriot said...

Be positive and feel proud of being a Sinkie if one is unable to let go. Just feel good being a Sinkie or be known as a Sinkie?
Ah Q will laugh at You for being too Ah Q.

Singapore is as good as any city anywhere where the Only Attribute is to make money. Sin is but ONLY a metropolis for the
well heeled as a safe haven for their live and fortunes.

Singapore really is too small a dot and nationhood has never ever germinate. So to call it a nation is definitely a misnormer. The Ownerships of the Tiny Dot had passed from one hand to another quite a few times and it is now a 'chap cheng' land with aliens from many countries coming in to occupy almost all the spaces available.
There are plans for 10 million population and underground livings in the Pipeline and futuristic transportations on the road, underground and in the air aka above ground.

Sinkies are lucky to be born in the Smart City of Sin that shall be developed to way beyond First World. Sinkies in future may not even have to learn to drive or even work. Everything will be done for them by machines.

The Only Thing Sinkies need to do in future is to eat and shit.
That is if one can afford to survive in Sin la.


Anonymous said...

Sin is but ONLY a metropolis for the
well heeled as a safe haven for their live and fortunes.
10:44 am

Tiok. But then I think the well heeled are also not the majority lah, definitely not 70%. I think there is no country in this world where the rich are 70% of voters.

But PAP can still get 70% votes in elections. That's wonderful (for PAP lah), tio bo?

Anonymous said...

what I am called is not important lah

the most important is that pockets and bank accounts must have $$$$$$$$$$$$$

in this you-die-your-business and no-money-no-talk society, life is like that lah

you dont know meh

wake-up wake-up

living here is indeed very very very expensive, here up there up everthing up up up

somemore, the new normal pricing model.....surge pricing everywhere

how to tahan, how to tahan, you tell me, you tell me lah

what singapore will be in future

is this life.........thank you so much to the 70%


Anonymous said...

The word "Singaporeans" only appear when PAP ministers are asking for vigilance against terrorism, or when PAP ministers are blaming culprits for littering . . .

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a beautiful bird specie happily showing off their pretty feathers to anyone passing through. Well, while these birds are showing off their beautiful feathers, the aliens just took away their nests and captured their brothers and sisters. Unknown to them, their numbers are dwindling, making them near extinct. Guess 70% of us are just happily showing off to outsiders how well we live and how happy we are not knowing, FTs are invading our land and taking away jobs and housing. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP is like a Chinese lantern?

When viewed from far away;
It is big, beautiful and bright.
But when examined from close up.
It is found to be hollow in the middle.
With a lot of hot air coming out from the top.

Anonymous said...

There are many foreigners who had become Singaporeans and are now PAP Members of Parliament - these as called naturalised citizens. Hence it's no surprise that PAP policies are continually skewing away from the interests of the core Singaporeans (go to the MSF website and you can see that even PRs can get ComCare benefits!).

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.54

Wait till the day when all the Assets of the 70% evaporated into thin air, Tio Bio???

Then Tio Boh, they will cry Heavens, cannot answer, cry Earth, Cannot Cry, Tio Boh???

That's be the day of reckoning of their Stupidity!!! Tio Boh???

Too Late Too Boh???

Tio, tiam tiam, feel the pleasure or Pain, Tiam Tiam, Tiok Boh????

Anonymous said...

There are many naturalised citizens which are not MPs, just ordinary people who are also not rich.

These are the ones who voted for PAP, even though their life can also be tough due to the high cost of living. They are grateful to PAP because it is still better than the life back in their homeland. And for some reasons they also cannot or did not emigrate to western countries like some Sinkies do.

That's why there are good reasons why PAP want to increase the population to 6.9 or even 10 million. And PAP will have to take in a lot of ordinary foreigners (and convert many to citizens for votes) to reach that figure.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..I didn't know Xsingaporean Amos Yee was full of hate? All I knew was he was blatantly honest(rather innocent and inexperience for his age) and spoke against institutions(religious and political) with researched materials or from his honest point of view.

There was no ounce of hate in him despite how he was treated in Singapore. In fact, the HATE came from the authorities and Singaporeans.

Shame on Singapore and its leaders/press for not speaking the truth

Anonymous said...

"Cannot said too soon that you won't be able to see it soon. Sinkieland might sinks before your very eyes within the next five years."

i think this statement has some elements of facts. The 1.76 trillions debts sinkieland has was recent and under the pinky s guidance.

The theory is so simple: interest getting larger to pay. The garmen owe to sinkies about 380 billions will have bigger interest to pay. Pinky tax on water whatever to cover the increase, plus other loses not told.
The balance still trillions are private debts. These bigger interest to pay mean lesser to spend on buying things, cars, properties, household goods furniture to appliances etc including medicals. Firms paying taxes will be smaller to pinky. Pinky will find higher taxes on gst. Higher gst needs higher headcount as the present sinkies can not buying anything except toilet papers. More head count more water needs. Some day no water, factories will close, offices will close, and more jobless sinkies.

It is something sinkieland never can get out until the trillions debts are paid.

There are IB trying hard to support pap. I guess they may lose their jobs sooner as sinkies will have to vote for opposition. As long as someone claim they will cater jobs for citizens first, not singfirst, they will get my vote. WP is one that wants to curb population increase. I will vote for WP, whoever is in charge, no need LTK any more. WP is time to expand. There needs 10 to 15 years to take over from pap. It is going to be hard times as 1.76 trillions debts is 5 times the GDP total. ie work 5 years for free for sinkies. Can anyone do that? Still have free scholarship for foreigners 360millions per year. Still can give jobs to flooding village chennai to start a chennai industry at east of sinkieland.

The time to implode is closer than ever.

Anonymous said...

The time to implode is closer than ever.
12:08 pm

Already imploded lah, just that PAP could still get 70% votes and the streets and even Hong Lim Park is still peaceful.

Riots? That one in Little India in Dec 2013 was the first and also will be the last. So rest assured, there will be no more protests, let alone riots, despite already imploded.

Because if riots and illegal protests did not happen after Dec 2013, it will never happen again.

If opposition was not ready to be govt in GE 2015, they will never be ready.

If at 70 years now and only got $50K in the bank, I will never be a millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Got no place to fuck in peace.
And still Singaporeans want to vote PAP.


Anonymous said...

American judge rules that Amos Yee has been politically persecuted in Singapore.


So why do Singaporeans still vote PAP?
Stupid is it?

Anonymous said...

Got no place to fuck in peace.
And still Singaporeans want to vote PAP.
12:39 pm

Not many got no place to fuck in peace lah. Maybe just this one only (and got caught) out of millions.

That's why 70% Singaporeans still want to vote for PAP.

Always see the big, overall picture like the way PAP govt do. That's the way to win.

Anonymous said...

So why do Singaporeans still vote PAP?
Stupid is it?
12:45 pm

Because there is only 1 Amos among millions of Singaporeans mah.

If 70% want to be like and to think like Amos, then PAP will lose the election.

Always see the big, overall picture like the way PAP govt do. That's the way to win.

Anonymous said...

"Because if riots and illegal protests did not happen after Dec 2013, it will never happen again.
If opposition was not ready to be govt in GE 2015, they will never be ready."

This logic is like if someone never get sick, he will never get sick, sure no heart attack. Go jogging, ippt, never die.

I quote this fact is not to counter argue with some bright fellow. I only want to tell readers to treat each day with new circumstances, not like pap, who mount citizens with high debts, withdrawing jobs opportunities giving to foreigners, and expect the economy to do well similar to the past.

In other words, the good factors that support pap votes are getting lesser. The bad factors are getting more. The high interest, the higher import duties, the less interest on singapore products are real facts spreading.

Singapore is ranked the world most expensive country. Just this factor is enough to take away buyers on singapore products, take away tourists. Singapore is anti china chinese, take away tourists with purchasing power. These factors are not easy to change.

Readers should see factors come randomly daily and monthly. Those factor like cost of living are accumulated by pap s policies. The voters s reactions can be slow, but is certain. Like poking on needle on the finger, the pain will come some days.

I think 10 to 15 years, sinkieland may not have pap government. Factors on governing a city is not fixed. Keep changing. Its no related to Hong Lim this kind of place. Its related to cost of living, children education, citizen s employment. Unless pap are super capable, the debts generated by them can never be paid off in 10 to 15 years. Their ability to create jobs for citizens is almost nothing. No creative products, no new industries, while other places are talking about AI. AI is not new in pap s policy. But as usual, it never takes off. This is pap. Voters need to change them as the elite do not have industrial working background to know the value of hi tec products. They can tell u digital is good. But they will issue employment passes to indians pinoys coming from flooding villages. The control are the middle men agents who exploit cheap labors. Go check who are these middle men. In other words, change the top will help singapore faster to get out of the debts problems. Vote wisely, to get out of problems.

Anonymous said...



Don't even own your own HDB home.
And Singaporeans still want to vote PAP.
Stupid is it?

Anonymous said...

This is pap. Voters need to change them as the elite do not have industrial working background to know the value of hi tec products.
12:56 pm

Aiyo, u mean opposition have industrial working background to know the value of hi tec products and better than PAP meh?

But even if opposition know better than PAP, it is of no use if they are not strong and united. All want to be generals, no one want to be soldiers. Like that how to gain the confidence of majority voters to win their votes?

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong: My father would raise water price by 30% too


PAP anyhow increase our water price by 30%
And Singaporeans still want to vote PAP.
Stupid is it?

Anonymous said...

人在做天在看! 忍! 忍! 忍!

人在做天在看! 忍! 忍! 忍!

人在做天在看! 忍! 忍! 忍!

Anonymous said...

But they will issue employment passes to indians pinoys coming from flooding villages.
12:56 pm

Being a Sinkie boss of a hi tech company in electronics and IT systems, let me tell u this lah.

When I advertised for high tech engineering jobs, hardly any qualified Sinkies applied, but I got many from PRCs, Indians and Pinoys. So obviously I have no choice but to try out some of these foreigners, and yes, they performed to expectations, although I won't say they are excellent. But it is enough to make profits and to sustain my business.

So hope u understand now why the govt continue to issue employment passes.

Anonymous said...

You don't have leaders, You have Pharisees in Sin. These Pharisees have rights to call its own people who differ in views and humour "hate monger"

Sore losers. Whole nation persecuted a boy and now the boy has the last laugh and the sore losers Pharisees couldnt resist(an illness) an attack on the boy with an evil pen?

Pharisees can only win on Sin's ground because they formulate their laws in their interests and feed it to retard Sin's people.

Seriously, I don't see any Sin's boys and girls able to emulate Amos, who is an exception. Amos has the character of a resilient mule and the smartness of a sly fox to deal with venomous snakes.

The children of Sin are basically idiots who go to school and recite their ABCs to Uni.

So dear pharisees, pls don't embarrass yourself internationally with trash talk. Sin people also want face if you no face you know

Anonymous said...

Evil people sell you land at market rate, driven up by evil people for evil people, and then let the bomb drop that you die is your own business

You are a retard when you still bicker over small wet change!

Anonymous said...

Amos Yee asylum: 'Prerogative of the US' to take in people who engage in hate speech, says MHA


Anonymous said...

MHA also pointed out that the US Department of Homeland Security had opposed Yee’s asylum application on the basis that Yee had been legitimately prosecuted.

The Department of Homeland Security has 30 days (until Apr 24) to file an appeal.

SORE LOSERS(making use of US homeland security to skin the Boy! Cannot lose lah. Maybe idiots in US will believe Sin people - who share common interest?

Anonymous said...

@ March 26, 2017 1:11 pm

Your Father tell you to eat shit, you also eat ... is it?

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of "Amos" in popular US talk shows(very insulting to leechersand on youtube). You even import these shows into Sin, what hypocrites

Anonymous said...

"Singapore takes a very different approach. Anyone who engages in hate speech or attempts to burn the Quran, Bible, or any religious text in Singapore, will be arrested and charged."

Will you be arrested and charged if you dump religious manuals into trash bin? lol

Anonymous said...

How to do you dispose of religious materials in Sin? Hand it over to the police? keke

Anonymous said...

Singaporean -- noun, meaning person who is an idiot; daft; low intelligence. Endangered species.

Singapore -- 700 sqkm of rock off southern tip of peninsula Malaysia; birthplace of human sub-species known as Singaporeans (meaning see above).

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are retard lah. What do you do with TRASH? You burn it or trash it. In Singapore, you will be charged/jailed because the retard protects materials which essentially keep the people retarded.

Anonymous said...

In pursuing wealth and prosperity for "a few good men", you brought in the root of all evil into your land. Your policies and laws, hence, facilitated "all evil". And yet you say, don't burn the book which burns you or be fucked in jail. Retard or not?

Anonymous said...

@ March 26, 2017 1:55 pm

Are books authored by LKY considered religious material?

Anonymous said...

Is Sin a religion whose gods have very thin skin?

Anonymous said...

@ March 26, 2017 1:06 pm

Did the PAP Minister say he is going to make Singaporeans homeless by taking away our HDB flats?
If yes, then why vote PAP?
Stupid is it?

Anonymous said...

No money or money not enough is the root of all evil.

A lot of sinkies will die stupid and smiling(featured in charity or heart warming shows created by mediacock/cocks)

Anonymous said...

The former minister in charge of ageing issues said that, in the past, more people were resistant to the idea of seniors working longer."In the 1980s, I was scolded by union leaders for proposing that they work longer. At that time, the retirement age was 55," he said.

A survey by the Centre For Seniors last year showed that the majority of those who reach the retirement age want to continue working, but Mr Lim said people usually see the need to keep working only when they reach the retirement age.

"Not many people can look forward to see what life could be... When people reach retirement age, they look at their CPF (Central Provident Fund) savings, bank accounts and commitments, then they... ask if they can afford to retire."

Some can, and some can even retire earlier, but many would still need to continue to work, he said.

Regardless of whether a person has financial reasons for working longer, doing so can give him health benefits, more resilience and a sense of purpose, Mr Lim added.

He urged seniors to acquire new skills to stay relevant. "Retain that sense of curiosity we are born with... With the right attitude, old dogs can learn new tricks," he said.$$$$$

You retarded dogs better work for money to your death understand?

Anonymous said...

"Seriously, I don't see any Sin's boys and girls able to emulate Amos, who is an exception. Amos has the character of a resilient mule and the smartness of a sly fox to deal with venomous snakes.

The children of Sin are basically idiots who go to school and recite their ABCs to Uni."

Amos has his character very similar to this writer. I big ego thinking he is big and knows all. The wide difference between kids on street and such amos characteristics is akin to autistic characteristics. The I inside such characters give no compromise until he gets what he wants.

Not all children are amos type luckily. Most children can understand what adults want them to behave. I pity amos parents. How to help a kid of that type of character survive in USA when he amos see them as idiotic parents, deal with them probably in contempt.

That is short term. When amos grows further, i think he will be calmer. Its long term luck to amos, no NS. No need to be bother with job problems associated with in camp training and ippt. Good luck to a fellow singaporeans who is FORCED onto a path of no return.

Anonymous said...

The boy acted out of the box or system. You can't or unable so stay in Sin and rot happily while he enjoys the beautiful land of the U S of A

Anonymous said...

We can also say if you are a sore loser, you are mentally ill. Ruled by mental people who think they are white when there is actually shit stain on their back side!

Anonymous said...


Amos can do that now or make his living insulting religion. The haters can't touch him now

Anonymous said...

You live in fear of the religion around you and you use fear to keep contentious faiths at bay through fear and you call that harmony? You are a mental case if you live like that!

No wonder people call you retards!

Anonymous said...

"The boy acted out of the box or system. You can't or unable so stay in Sin and rot happily while he enjoys the beautiful land of the U S of A"

This kind of logic is not based on factual evidence. Its the writer s own imagination.

First: the beautiful land of the USA. Never been to US. US is beautiful provide u do not need to go office. US if living at those IT firms areas, hardly have mrt or buses. Driving on the left, jam is part of life.

Second at young age, this boy have had no choice. People even petty enough to go to court area to slap him and ended in jail himself. Amos is not conformist. He thot himself big deal. And going to live as a boy in US is not easy. Asking the mother to go alone lagi worst, as expenses are the first to overcome.

Readers should be pragmatic. Dont think this writer is telling the true picture that living in US can enjoy beautiful stuff. U are foolish like a frog if u think the world is so beautiful by sight of the pictures or videos.

Amos need to overcome the culture gap when he seeks employment.

I think he will be thrown with boxes, not think out of the box. With amos kind of big ego characteristics. No joke. the father better take good care to fly there to guide him. haha. But remember, no NS is a big advantage, when amos has mature to think how to take care of himself. Its a hard route ahead now to the parents.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

OK boys and girls. Here's the simple truth: Amos is an INDIVIDUAL, which means, well, a lot of things, but here are some basics:

1. He definitely has a "unique" character, and is comfortable in his own skin
2. He is unafraid of being, and being perceived as "different".
3. He doesn't care if he has a few occasional setbacks---he just won't quit
4. He's unafraid to take a position he's arrived at by himself, even if that invites more trouble
5. He is peaceful and not prone to violence, using only his IDEAS to make his points
6. He is selfishly productive. i.e. he sets his own agenda and pursues it
7. He lives for himself.
8. He takes his own losses and reaps his own profits. For himself.

...and so on.

As far as I'm concerned, Singapore is a HOTEL for the folks who want to ONLY take the "good stuff" (like low taxes, super lax regulation, plenty of available sex, great banking and communication), and shield themselves form the "bad stuff" i.e. occasionally over-bearing government, 💩 💩significant numbers in the local population of fucking jealous incessantly-whining asshole-LOSERS 💩 💩, expensive cars and lodging (sucks to be you if you down own at least one property in Singapore).

All in all, Singapore rocks---as long as the standards are kept up and the borders kept OPEN, I, along with a few hundred thousand other "QUITTERS" will always be paying guests at our favourite HOTEL.😇

Borders need to be kept OPEN and the [population allowed to grow towards 10 million. In that way there will be changes in the GENE POOL and the CULTURE of Singapore.

Got foreign resident visa in passport? 🕺🕺👯

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


"Singaporean" to me is not "taboo". To me it's a word associated with fucking jealous incessantly-whining asshole-LOSERS

I suspect I'm not the only one who thinks this. Lee KY reckoned that, in his own words and his solution was to dig those spurs in to wake up the sheeple's motherfucking ideas.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Public hospitals are nonprofits but make $25m per year?


PAP's public hospitals are making profits from Singaporeans.
And still you vote PAP.
Are you stupid or what?

Anonymous said...

In short, his honesty to himself is not condoned if not aligned with the religious tone of the rulers.
He was prosecuted/persecuted for his ruthless and comical/mocking honesty.

In other word, you have to be dishonest, or blur as fuck or a retard, to be a true blue singaporean

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not Taboo. They are 'Takut' (Malay for 'chicken', or 'Kiasi' in Hokkien). They have been suppressed by the White-Supremacy, British Empire, by the Atrocious and Beastly Japanese Empire, by the Pseudo Bumiputra Policy of Malaysia and the Ultras of UMNO, and sadly repressed by their own elected representatives who, for all intents and purposes, ironically represent Only the small group of power-wielding elites, especially the Self-confessed Natural Aristocracy of the Royal Lee Family. Such a group of people can only survive by being colourless, meek, subservient and cowardly proud or proudly cowards!

Anonymous said...

Judge Cole commented on Yee’s convictions in Singapore and said: “Though Yee’s prosecutions may have been legal under Singapore law, they clearly served a ‘nefarious purpose.”

Murderous wolves in sheep clothing - in the pretext of unholding righteous laws, just like a Pharisee, tiobo?

Anonymous said...

Judge Cole will be culled like chicken balls(no balls) in Singapore. Judge Cole will be seeking asylum if he is singaporean or be a man with no balls like singaporean

Anonymous said...


(typically of an action or activity) wicked or criminal.
‘the nefarious activities of the organized-crime syndicates’
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judge cole say like that..neber die ah?

Anonymous said...

Why Singaporeans need to work after retirement?
Because they have a very caring garment that kept planning their lives, without their permission, but using their CPF savings in compulsory schemes. At the end of the day, the Singaporeans would find that their savings in the CPF got no enough for retirement.

But not to worry, more compulsory schemes are being hatched and coming their way, to dip into their CPF savings of course. They would have to pay with their CPF savings for more caring schemes that the kind garment could think of. They are so lucky.

So they need to work longer to make sure they not only have money in their CPF for retirement, but also for more compulsory schemes that they never ask for.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.5.38

Health Minister already said:

We only charge Medicine at cost plus some percentage overhead.

That means we are paying for our own medicines with not a single cents subsidy from that Ministry.

That's why they can even made a profit.

Leong Sze Hian Spoke loudly at the HL park water protest.

Also, why only telecast the Budget Speech in Parliament and not the Rest.Because this will affect the MPs performance sleeping away or nearly half empty with their busy schedules of so many dictatorships.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 12.08

In fiscal year 2016

1.GIC lost US $41.6b


Anonymous said...

Very very shocking to note the figures stated by Virgo49 10.01pm.

If the figures are correct..............

"Very-Eat-Strength"! "Very-Eat-Strength"!

"非常吃力"! "非常吃力"!

Very very "siong"!

Anyway, be very happy and worry less!

Good night.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 12.08

In fiscal year 2016
1.GIC lost US $41.6b

So if GIC and Temasek lost money.
Who made the money from GIC and Temasek?

Maybe we should give them our CPF money instead.

Anonymous said...

Fiscal Year 2016 GIC lost $41.6 Billion CEO & PM Lee Hsien Loong

TEMASEK lost $24 Billion CEO wife of PM

Can the government or any person in the know let the people know how much did the other GLCs
( Government linked companies ) lost in 2016.

Also be transparent and let the people know how much did all goverrnment linked companies make or lost in the last ten or fifteen years , say from the year 2007. The companies must reveal the source of funds to make payment for the losses.

Also the people need to know how many ministers, MPs or politicians are holding multiple jobs simultaqneously as CEOs or directors of commercial companies. If so will there be a conflict of interest and the people and country short changed?

Anonymous said...

@ March 27, 2017 9:17 am

It does not matter how much money GIC and Temasek lose.
The PAP government can always collect more money in the form of taxes from Singaporeans to make GIC and Temasek finacially sound again.
Because Singaporeans will always vote PAP.
There is no political cost to PAP in terms of losing votes.

PAP does not feel any political cost in raising taxes.
True or not?
I don't know.
You tell me lah.

b said...

There will be 3 superstates eventually - america/oceania, asia, eu/mena. Singapore will belong to the asia superstate controlled by china and russia. Read 1984.

Anonymous said...

I thought of three words, and which of these three I would type in capital letters. In the end, I felt all three to be equally important, so here they are:


I look forward to the day when WE claim back what is rightfully ours, to the day when WE are no longer treated as second-class citizens in our own country, when We can proudly say that there is nowhere else on earth where we would rather live. I am prepared to live through a period of suffering to see that happen. Are you, my FELLOW SINGAPOREANS?

Anonymous said...

There are three main groups of Sickaporeans:

1) The Smart,
2) The Daft, and
3) The Brain-Dead.

The Smart will not answer your call because they know how to take care of themselves and enjoy life fullest by exploiting the State..

The Daft won't listen to your call because they cannot understand what you are saying.

The Brain-Dead are unable to answer your call because they are already Brain-Dead!

So how?