How to lose your country?

In the past losing your country was usually through conquest. The foreigners just marched in, killed the kings and proclaimed themselves as the new kings. Then the colonialists came, doing almost the same, some just planted their flags and claimed they found the land and the land belonged to them. Many silly Asians still read this in their history books and accepted this silliness.
In order to defend themselves and their countries, armies were raised with paid or unpaid soldiers, trained to fight and die to defend the country, the people and their way of life. The soldiers are there to protect the country and people from foreigners coming to rob and loot them and to occupy their country, to the country as theirs.
With globalization, things are changing. It is a good thing to invite foreigners to your country, to take over your country, to change your way of life. The big question, why is there still a need for soldiers, to defend what when foreigners are happily invited home to take over what you have built, to be owners of your country?
Still don’t understand? Ok, let me give you a simple and real example that is easy to understand. This is reported in YahooNews.
‘A 51-year-old owner of a three-room flat in Hougang Avenue 8 was forced to move out of his own home, after his tenants (a couple) refused to leave the flat, reported Shin Min Daily News.
The homeowner, who works at a supermarket, began renting his flat out 10 years ago to supplement his income.
The couple moved into his home in July 2013. After paying their rent for the next nine months, the couple suddenly stopped making their payments and even refused to move out.
With this, the homeowner decided to move out and began renting a house from a colleague.
“It’s been three years and I had given them many chances, yet they deliberately delay payment and refuse to move out…My family members worry for my safety and advised me to move out,” he said.
“I have a home, yet somehow I’m homeless and have to rent a room from someone else…This is laughable indeed.”’

No this is not laughable. This is stupidity, the hallmark of a stupid people, a daft people that did not know that they are daft. This happened to a home. Translate this to a country, the homeowner(citizens) renting his flat/country out, ie allow foreigners to come in as visitors or PRs, to work and stay in the flat(country)
The tenants(visitors/PRs) then refused to go away. The owner left his flat/country to rent another place to live, ie migrated to another country to live, leaving his country to the foreigners. And the daft owners think it is alright when his home/country is being occupied by his tenant/foreigners. And he stupidly asked, “I have a home, yet somehow I’m homeless and have to rent a room from someone else…”
He did not know that he has lost his home/country and did not know his right to take it back or how to take it back. Singaporeans are boat people in the making.

Daft Singaporeans would soon lose their country without a fight, without knowing why, without knowing that it is their right to their own country, without knowing that they have lost their home and country. And the soldiers, do they know why they are soldiers, why there is a need to be soldiers, why NS, to defend what? What are there to defend against when the foreigners are here, taken over their country and everything?

No, the daft Singaporeans did not mind losing their country. They love the foreigners and happy to share their country with the foreigners, to give their country to the foreigners?

When 50% of the population is new citizens, it is as good as giving away 50% of the country to them. If it is more, eg 70%, it would mean the foreigners are owning 70% of this country. Is this acceptable, the way to go? Is this what the original Singaporeans want, to give their country away without a fight?

Is this too difficult to understand?


Anonymous said...

It is indeed difficult to understand for the 70%. Yes, the concept of NS is more than 50 years old. Government keep saying that citizens must upgrade and re-learn our skills but yet nobody re-visit the reasons for defence. What are we defending? Is it still the same 50 years ago? Do we need so many soldiers? Has technology overtaken the need for warm bodies in a war? Why the need to keep them so long in the camp? Is there a need to recall them after NS?

Anonymous said...

Only 败家子 will give away what they inherited from their forefathers stupidly.
How many sinkies are 败家子?
Did they know they are 败家子?
Giving away their country to foreigners without knowing it.

Anonymous said...

If it is more, eg 70%, it would mean the foreigners are owning 70% of this country. Is this acceptable, the way to go?

Of course this is not acceptable. But then hor, if Sinkieland is just only Sinkies without foreigners, it is even worse. Because PAP lose, Sinkie elites lose and ordinary Sinkies also lose. It is lose, lose, lose for everybody.

At least with 70% foreigners, PAP win, Sinkie elites win and only some Sinkies,maybe less than 30%, will lose.

So if you were Hsien Loong, the choice is obvious, tio bo? It is simply a choice between the lesser of 2 evils. And for the same reasons why 70% have chosen PAP in GE 2015. Because to them, the opposition is even more evil by being disunited and not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Come next National Day there should be a special celebration for 败家子.

Anonymous said...

...and only some Sinkies,maybe less than 30%, will lose.
9:07 am

These Sinkies are not smart. Or else they would have emigrated to another country to win. Because smart Sinkies, if they cannot win in Sinkieland, would have emigrated to other countries to win and have good life.

Loser Sinkies are those pa see buay zao (beat until die also don't want to run). So they deserve to be pa see by PAP.

Virgo49 said...

The Biblical Quote: "The MEEK shall inherit the Earth" should be discarded as this lead to many who became Slaves.

In this Dog eat Dog world, the MEEK shall always suffer at the Cruel hands of the Evils.

True blue Singaporeans, now sadly been labelled as Sinkies are too accommodating, too naive and easily conned by those who had bad intentions on them.

You see previously at the link bridge between after the Johore Clearance and City Square complex, so many sinkies been tricked daily by the conmen and women with the Scratch and Win coupons. Despite numerous reports and warnings by the Authorities. Most of them are sinkies who passed thru daily with cheep cheep buying sprees.

Now, in sinking land, practically you see in every estates, sinkies been bullied byn these trashes. In Covered walkways and pavements, old senile and young sinkies had to jump and moved aside when they are been confronted by a group of unruly Black Ants or Pinoys.

These trashes behaved the way they behaved in their own countries. Ganging in groups of three or fours in a single line fondling their balls and skipping once in a while barging into you. Many too afraid had to jump onto the road facing the Traffic.

The PRCs with their bicycles barging into your ways on pavements and walkways. We have one STUPID MP who supported this and killing one old lady.

Sinkies, too greedy renting out their flats deserved to be trashed by them. Many created social nuisances to their immediate neighbors. I have no pity for those whom suffered at the hands of these trashes.

These cunning, street wise trashes are so cunning that after observing that the sinkies are so MEEK, they just ride roughhoused over them.

We been brainwashed, discipline to be MEEK and obey every Authority even they are Duds.

So, I say, the MEEK shall not inherit the Earth but become Slaves.

So, how the South Koreans ousted their President. Even the Mats know how to protest in Matland. Sinkies are just too naive and are like Zombies.

Think they deserved to be screwed by the Trashes.

Whats farking National Service, trained to fight for Nation. Many still unable to fight against these unruly hyenas, black ants, panthers.

Anonymous said...

You do make it sound like the Men in White, and those working for them, are not only hypocrites, they are evil to do this to the people in Sin.

Anonymous said...

USA has 95% foreigners as new citizens. Only 5% are the original people. Today the White Elites are still totally in control of USA. Got give away the country or not?

Anonymous said...

You serve mammon. Your Lawyers are the first line of gangsterism.

Mr Lee said the SMU School of Law was set up in 2007 not just to increase the number of law graduates.

"We wanted a law school that would provide a rigorous legal education, coupled with exposure to other disciplines, such as business, economics, accountancy, social sciences or information systems," he said of Singapore's second law school.

"We hoped that the graduates will be more versatile, able to apply their knowledge of the law in many different fields, and to contribute to our economy."

When you serve mammon, you will kill with your eyes closed in full justification.

Anonymous said...

The white foreigners came, killed the natives, took over their country and kept the country to themselves. They decide who they would take in not to undermine their control over the country they stole from the natives.

This would be repeated in Sin City soon. When the foreigners are in a majority and in charge.

Anonymous said...

This is wat the Chinese called 卖国贼 ( or Country Sold by SomeBoLee), & the culprits r none other than the whites men & women, choreographer is none other than PeeSai Pinky who declared that Sinkieland belongs to everybody here...no wonder this place can be even renamed as Synokan with 2 distinct extinct collaborators selling this little red dot out..exodus of some Sinkies r already in the making to some promise land or MossesLand..

Anonymous said...

Today the White Elites are still totally in control of USA. Got give away the country or not?
9:29 am

Because the white elites in USA are not like the white Sinkie elites in Sinkieland.

Ordinary whites in USA are also not like the ordinary Sinkies.

And most important of all, USA is 9.8M sq km with 197M whites out of 318M population and has lots of natural resources. So how can Sinkieland be compared to USA?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There used to be a National Education course for civil servants and NSmen in the past to talk about your country and why you need to protect your country. I used to give lectures in this course.

Not sure if it is continued today. Maybe no need anymore when there is nothing to protect anymore. Just give away the country to the more 'talented' foreigners.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 9.25

This is just the beginning of the demise of sinking land.

More to come.

The MIWs care two hoots of you.

Like Bro Patriot Said They had Grand Plans for their exits.

Only the daft and foolish foolishly demise without knowing about it.

Anonymous said...

The whites are not as daft as the daft sinkies. Once they conquered a country they would keep it for their children only. They used to have exclusive whites only policies to protect their own interests.

Anonymous said...

Ordinary whites in USA are also not like the ordinary Sinkies.
9:41 am

That's why ordinary whites in USA made Donald Trump win when he championed "Americans First".

Ordinary Sinkies made Tan Jee Say got only 22% votes when he championed "Sinkies First".

But to be fair, Tan Jee Say is also no Donald Trump lah, so no surprise to me he got only 22% votes.

Anonymous said...

Yes corrected.

Virgo 49 said...

They do not know of the WHITE APARTHEID in South Africa.

Got to have a black brave man to be in prison nearly his whole life to bring awareness if the Rights of the Black Africans.

So Sad.

Do we also need one brave Sinkie to spend his whole life in prison just to free the True Singaporeans again when we lose the country ??

Anonymous said...

Same in Singapore. PAP decide and select who they want to take in so as not to undermind its control of the country. There was an upsurge of anti-PAP voters sometime back in the GCT Era, when the one man one vote system was questioned in response to the fear of a "freak" election result. So the strategy to increase PAP votes or replace anti-PAP voters was set in motion. Therefore, New citizens are specially screened to determine where their loyalty lies so that they will not undermind the ruling government of the day.

Anonymous said...

@RB 9.42am

Nowadays the National Education has changed...NS men r told to protect their country against 'potential threats' as composed by the old fart & the fall of Sinkieland during Syonkan times..wat worse is the preaching of the greatness of the Harry Old Fart - his foresight & defense set up & economic making..many will see that in this coming March 23 the then Old Fart resurrection of his holyness spirit, olso the naming of the old fart's wife in one of the Uni law library r some examples to showcase the nation mother's law wisdom ...

Anonymous said...

"When 50% of the population is new citizens, it is as good as giving away 50% of the country to them."

I think this number of 50% new citizens, meaning out of the 6 millions, 3 millions are new citizens. This is true? Think carefully there are 700k PR, and the other 500k s pass and e pass.

Whatever it is, my main concern is this: as long as he/she is citizen, he/she has the rights like me. My objection is: why does he did not need to do NS, me needed to?

Whether 50% country belong to "them" new or old, is none of my business. My point as NS man, go take it if you have the power. Take the PM job, i will take order from u, whether you are from chennai or mumbai.

I said i take order does not mean i will vote for such figure. The person if not born in singapore and serve NS, voters must not vote them into mp and to take over the control of police and army.

But Pap had done it. None NS man new citizens overnight were put as mp. It is a matter of time when a new citizens party mp will put in new citizen PM, if Pap tries to block born citizens into politics, especially in opposition. If new citizens take over as PM, so what? It does not mean anything to me, until they give preferences to people from chennai, mumbai or malaysians above born citizens on jobs, to block born citizens and NS men of income they are entitled to acquire.

Sound familiar? pap is already doing it for mumbai and chennai malaysians, jobs preference for foreigners is priced lower by not charging employer cpf and no ippt and in camp training attached. That is to forced employers to hire foreigers.
One more trick i saw in cases, employers reported hired at $4800pm but took back $2200pm from the employee. Extra cash as income for employer to enjoy for hiring foreigners. This is illegal but there are so many cases, tip of iceberg. Its pap s policy on foreign talents lah.

Let Singapore be like this, and let Singapore be taken over by foreigners if they want to. This is legal. Our generation of NS men, being loyal, swearing, all are for show. It is not important for us to keep this place as our country, what is country? Its just a passport and i/c. The real thing is income, money, and breath in oxygen, drink water. If these basic are not there, do not tell me it is a country. We are heading for shortage of water to drink at dry seasons with 6 to 10 millions of foreigners rushing for the same water from the tap. That is what i cannot take it. We have children need to drink water. No need tell us what country we belong to while pap keep printing new citizenship certificates. But voters must remember, no water, lack of foods at right price, can cause chaos in Singapore. No Britain will help Singapore. No Malaysia will help Singapore. No Chennai will ship water to Singapore. Cut the head counts and shut the foreigners out. Voters must be aware of survival, similar to water bottle during NS time, running up and down pengkang hill. No water u die straight. Vote for opposition to survive, not this country, but to have enough water in future.

Anonymous said...

This blog is RB continuing his National Education course supplemented by other blogger/lecturers here.

Anonymous said...

Singapore originally belongs to the Malay Sultanate who 'sold' it to the British. White Men filled Singapore with Facts from China and India to serve as coolies, rubber tappers, PWD workers, servants - both uncivil and civil servants.The White Men controlled Singapore until the Brutes of Japan came to slaughter them. Because of USA"s Atomic bombs threat, Japan surrendered. White Men came back. Because of uprise in Nationalism, White Men handed over control of Singapore to Banana Men to ensure White Men still can pull strings from top or behind. Today, Banana Men"s thinking is the same as White Men: they are the Rulers, the rest of the populace are mere uncivil or civil servants, workers, coolies, national slaves, etc. They are expendable, can be easily replaced from the same two main sources - China and India. In addition, from Aswan countries. The fate of all ordinary citizens in the world, in every country is the same - in the hands of those in power. Why? Because you are POWERLESS!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

Apparently it is too hard to understand for the bleeding-hearts and purveyor of Yellow Journalism amongst us. ;-)

Here's The Wolrd's Smallest Violin explained to you by a young Steven Bushemi.

The dude mentioned in RB's post is 51 fucking years old....errr he had HOW MANY YEARS to get his "street wisdom" shit together?

All he has to do is change the locks and prevent these assholes from entering the premises.

What a dumb shit!

If Singaporeans are this dumb, they need to lose their cuntry. and it will serve them right!

Anonymous said...

Foreigners cannot take over Singapore. Malaysia will not allow this to happen. It is in Malaysia's strategic interests that the Independence of Singapore does not in any way alter Malaysia's national security. So is Indonesia. It is also in the strategic interests of UK and US that foreigners must not take over Singapore. The present political, economic, cultural and social situations are still tolerable as far as Malaysia, Indonesia and Western Powers are concerned. But when when the critical mass of foreigners in Singapore reaches an unsustainable level, there will be ways to remove the threat(s). So, don't worry too much unnecessarily. There are contingency plans A, B, C and D in place.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha actually the REAL moral of the story is to show how fucked up Sinkies are.
Those 2 squatters that refused to pay rent & refused to vacate the flat ARE SINKIES.
The flat owner actually rented out to foreigners previously & had no problems with them. Until he rented out to those 2 SINKIES.

As for changing locks to lock them out --- not so simple. Those 2 are obviously not working or at most doing odd jobs. Most if not all of the time, at least 1 of them will be in the flat. Probably easier to lock & chain them INSIDE the flat --- but that will end up being unlawful confinement or kidnap. They will simply call police. Anyway even if you change locks to lock them out, they can call locksmith to break open. Just show some bills with their name & address to prove they're staying there. They may also have changed their NRIC address to that flat already, so very easy to show proof to any locksmith.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, Speed here. Hope you do not classify me as one of the invaders of your land. I am a visitor and will come here twice annually for stays of 2 to 3 months each time. Am I an invader? Whilst in your country I do not claim anything free from your govt. Whatever I buy I pay full price without subsudy. When I visit the doctors I pay foreigner price. Am I an invader?

Anonymous said...

About the critical mass if foreigners reaching the unsustainability level, two ministers already announced in the Singapore Parliament that water requirements will be unsustainable and transport requirements are already unsustainable. In addition, Singapore's foreign debts of more than $1.77 trillion is definitely unsustainable. What else must be unsustainable before contingency plans are implemented? Who or which country is going to do that? So far, there are no signs, except the detention of Singapore's fishermen by Indonesia, to show the implementation of any plan to address the mass influx of foreigners, together with the germs in/on their bodies and possible evils in their hearts and minds.

Anonymous said...

"the detention of Singapore's fishermen by Indonesia"
March 17, 2017 12:34 pm

People who use boats to fish at singapore water will be confused.

According to pinky, he supported openly the philippines hague judgment. The judgment declared the inhabitable Taiping island as rock.
This pedras branca obviously is a rock. Indon said the boat was caught 7.5 nautical miles from bintang island. Indonesia s bintang is a rock by definition. It has 12 nautical miles as border even applying phillippines judgment.

But pedra branca is 41 nautical miles from the tip of eastern singapore, while singapore only has 12 nautical miles as border according to pinky s recognized philippines judgment.

The detention of singapore fishing boat is hard to argue as fishing in singapore water. Wat do u think?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha Speed, you are the Singapore migrants that vacated and left the island to the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

If applying International Laws, according to the Laws of the Sea and the judgement handed down by the International Court of Justice, pedra branca, meaning white rock, is not an island. Therefore, it cannot claim territorial waters. But Singapore and Malaysia agreed to let Singapore have a 3 nm radius. Even with this 3 nm, Indonesia still has the right to her territorial waters.

Anonymous said...

Spies tak8my pictures of possible landing beaches can also disguise themselves as fishermen, isn't it?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 211:

>> As for changing locks to lock them out --- not so simple. Those 2 are obviously not working or at most doing odd jobs. <<

Actually, just change the locks.

True, you cannot hold people against their will, but once they go out, you lock up. Suggest using an EXPENSIVE but EFFECTIVE digital. Samsung Deadbolt ~$200+. You can change the combination as and when you like---so you can really fuck up any "squatter situation".

There are also "specialists" who are skilled and removing any unwanted pests. You should digitally film any "encounters" you have with the vermin you're trying to rid your home of. This will protect you legally. You can bet that they will go to the cops and lodge an "assault" complaint. (Losers almost always scream "VICTIM!"). If they don't, consider it "pure luck".

This bloody kotek probably didn't take a security deposit or a few months rent in advance. I bet my balls the agreement was just "by word" only; nothing written down or signed, and STAMPED.

@ 211:


Yes, fully agreed. In my case, I ONLY rent only to foreigners with valid work contracts and necessary legal paperwork. They pay premium, and in advance and like long leases. Increase the rent? No problem. In nearly 20 years of renting out, I haven't had one single problem with tenants. Not one.

Anonymous said...

US65,000millions deals was signed with China and saudi king.

The world s biggest IPO is US4000,000millions on 5% of Aramco. Is most likely to go to HK, Singapore cannot smell big deals?

Saudi king has visited HK stock exchange before meeting Xi.

Singapore voters should realize now that pinky s team is a no go for Singapore business. No world leader want to walk in to talk. Saudi King went to see Najib and went straight to HK then China.
Singapore only had netanyahu, the worst leader to come. What can the blooded hands israel leader give? Sell small arms to Singapore.

No friendly to China, no friendly to Trump. Singapore businesses and tourism will be hard hit in years to come. Vote for opposition to get out of the trap by foreigners and pro foreigners garmen.

Anonymous said...



This is what oldtime property agents always advise. When I asked why, they said in the ancient days (ok lah 1980s & 1990s) only Sinkies with debt & money problems will rent, and causing plenty of problems to the flat owner. Not paying rent & running away is the least of the problems. Often you end up having loansharks, gangsters & vandalism also.

When you rent to foreigners, you are more in control and quite standard procedure to ask for certified copies of their employment letters/contracts, physically check their work passes & make photocopies/photos, call up their company's HR to verify employment, and even take photo/photocopy their passports or foreign driving license which sometimes have their foreign home addresses. Sinkie tenants are not so cooperative.

As for "specialists" any recommendations? I only know pestbusters or rentokill but those for small vermin only.

Anonymous said...

//Singapore only had netanyahu, the worst leader to come. What can the blooded hands israel leader give?//

They gave us Israeli-style NS, BMT, reservist, Gabriel anti-ship missile, improved F5E Tiger, improved A4 Skyhawk, improved avionics in F15SG Eagle, Searcher UAV & latest is Heron UAV. Big bucks for the companies involved. And less for low-income, old, sick & jobless Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

"Even with this 3 nm, Indonesia still has the right to her territorial waters.

March 17, 2017 1:58 pm"

Indon has 12 nm as sovereignty and 200 nm as economic maritime border, the ship caught for fishing at 7.5 nm from bintang has a case for Indon.

Pinky claimed philippines judgment as international laws, it will overrule the 3 nm agreed earlier with Malaysia.

Sinkies having yacht intend to do fishing must thank pinky for shrinking the sovereign sea borders. Now Obama s balance asia is no longer useful as far as i see. Mad dog does not even come to Singapore when he went to Korea. No non sense Mad dog will not want to mess with Jokowi. Pinky s support for international laws was the most foolish, supporting Hillary win was the utmost stupid bet, leading to supporting the Hague judgment and barked at China.

Now Sinkies found themselves confused which international laws are they using to get out of jail in Indon.

Anonymous said...

"They gave us Israeli-style NS, BMT, reservist, Gabriel anti-ship missile, improved F5E Tiger, improved A4 Skyhawk, improved avionics in F15SG Eagle, Searcher UAV & latest is Heron UAV. Big bucks for the companies involved."

These are not free things for chrismas lah. This Israel pm has war record with probably millions civilians killed at kaza. Its the worst leader to be here because neighbors are muslims. This guy built a high wall at west bank to bar palestine people to find jobs in Israel. Singapore support such inhuman policy for inviting this guy here. I felt ashamed. But local muslims took it with pride. I am not muslim, quietly i preyed this guy quickly left. There are so many good leaders in this world who can talk business, pinky picked this bloody handed man, must respect pinky s good judgment. No wander he claimed to be world class number one. I doubt china Xi will invite nehtanyahu to spoil relationships with its own muslim Uighur. Can u see what i am trying to compare? xiao ting tong might think there is no implications. If exist, why bother to do it? correct?

Anonymous said...

Retribution comes down real fast after the Hague kangaroo court farce. A rock is not an island.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, Speed here again. You are wrong. I was a Malaysian, now married to a Singaporean so I have to return to Singapore each year for visits. I cannot understand why Singaporeans, at least on your forum seem to be constantly on kpkb mode. Singapore as far as I can see is perfect for a good life. Good food, good school, good parks, good transportation ( although a little crowded and above all a very safe place to live. Why so unhappy?

Anonymous said...

Speedwing, Knn if it's so good, why you left with your sinkie Wife. I too a Malaysian married a sinkie Wife and I stay. My 4 sons are serving ns but what about u? Knn

Virgo49 said...

Malaysians of Chinese origins definitely LOVED Sinkieland.

In Matland, they perceived to be victimized by the Mats in all fields and unfairly treated.

Here, HEAVEN for them. Given opportunities to compete and work in sinkieland.

Many with Free Scholarships, Lodgings and what's not on the Toil, blood of daft sinkies.

So, where and why to KPKP?? How many Malaysians really give up their citizenship and become sinkies??

That's why we have so many chia liao bee Ministers and MPs from Malaysian Origins having a Good Life in Singapore. And Pao See Boh Chow.

Just like Dragon Fly said: Many of us would like to stay in Matland after our sunset years for a more peaceful and affordable lifestyle.

Whereas, so many Malaysians especially of Chinese Origins are dying to come to Singapore.

To them, Heaven on Earth, like escaping from the clutches of DEATH from the Mats.

But, frankly, how many will return to their homeland o enjoy their fruits of labor when they retired??

Most, if not all. Now they have the best of both worlds. Staying here, earning our currencies and when the time come, many will Sayonnara.

Just like SpeedWing, Just here to visit.

One thing, I admired the Malaysian Chinese are their tenacity/perseverance to suffer in silence initially.

Afterwhich, when the daft sinkies are been overtaken by them, Good Luck to you.

You regret been born into this world under them.

Thru Years of Sufferance and Experience.

Anonymous said...

" How to lose your country? "

By voting for the wrong political party.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok Speed. All the time I thought you were an ex Singaporean.
As they said, Malaysians get the best of both world by running away from bumiputra policies and make it good in Singapore and always have the option to go back to Malaysia.

Singaporeans are waiting for the 4 nails to hit into the coffin before they wake up. By then it would be too late. Country also don't have. The fate would be worst than living in Malaysia by then.

Anonymous said...

This little red dot aka Singa-pura already lost long time ago , since when?...some say as far back as Lao Goa times, why? 'cos he let in the foreigners ( just like Rome, someone let in the Trojan horses to tagan the local residents as they r deemed as lazy with entitled mindsets living like dafts with no hides stuck in their spines)...in addition these 70% or so dafts Sinkies believe the Miws party with lies upon lies that these dafts take it even lying down to say Ban Sai or long live the King ( glorified after death of Old Fart) ..these dafts r wat RB called them "Stupidity is no cure" ..

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland is lost...just like wat is mentioned in the book " Cry, the beloved country".

Sinkieland is not gonna Cry , 'cos majority r still not in great pain even after the ruling party keep upping its prices & taxes, pay & pay, pay until broken , pay until coffin monies also no hv , these dafts still vote for the miws...tis cuntry really Liao Lah..

b said...

Sinkieland is a city state not a country. It is owned by some rich elites and thus they must pay up for the defense and not sacrificing other people kids. Singaporean emigrated must serve ns, pr emigrated no need. It is a brutal regime.

Anonymous said...

The price of building Babel - an infusion of foreigners who would rip you apart and render you a retard people.

Babel is never a home.

Anonymous said...

Babel is a place of great pride. The pride of a few "good men"

Anonymous said...

When Sin City is lost, who would be playing the fiddle on the roof?

patriot said...

When Singaporeans are
sold off or rather, betrayed; it is the Duty
of the Betrayed Sinkies
to hunt for the Betrayors or Culprits like the Way the PRC Authority hunts down their corrupted citizens around the World to bring them to justice.

If only there is a Duterte alike in Sgp, there would less concern
about the Loss of Sgp. Unfortunately, Sgp will be Majority Occupied By
Aliens in no time.

Sgp is as good as sold, lost or gone for Native Sinkies.

Sigh and sad.


Anonymous said...

So many naturalized citizens are already MPs, heavily influencing Parliament and government policies . . .

Anonymous said...

Walao.at first I tot you talking about one ah Lau here.With ah Lau like Virgoo leaving here happily to stay melaka,and encouraging sinkies to leave here ,tell me how not to lose the cuntree eventually .

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 235:

>> As for "specialists" any recommendations? I only know pestbusters or rentokill but those for small vermin only. <<

Make friends with mean-looking people. You'll find in our population ex-commandos / Navy SEAL or Army Ranger trained guys, and/ or join a "real" gym (not the shitty "Fitness 1st" type frequented by wannabes, poseurs and arseholes).

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are Matilah!

Join SSC gym low class one entry just 1.50 for Ah Lau.
Some more SGactive account.

There made friends with mean looking bodies full of cartoons guys.

You never know they become your fast friends. Better than those hypocritical scholarly types.

Some served N.Slavery for nearly four years. I asked you signed on Regular. He said No. I served two years plus another two off years in detention camp.

One or two after adjusting their gym pants after some bench exercises can show you their marks of honour in Changi Resort Camp with permanent cane marks on their backs and buttocks uninternationly.

Once as tour guide, I lead four heavily tattooed guys to Genting Resorts.

On coaches, in the Immigration and customs clearances both sides we gained lots of attention. The Auxiliary Police moved towards us like some shadows.

Even in the casinos, don't know which area they come from.

So, have more of these buddies, you feel safe and secure.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo:

>> Join SSC gym low class one entry just 1.50 for Ah Lau.
Some more SGactive account. <<

OK. I didn't know that. Please tell me where? I like "low class". Especially women. 🤣

During my student days, I used to work in illegal casinos, strip-clubs, because they paid cash "under the table". Here, don't fuck around....the motherfuckers carry guns. Plus they take steroids and work out at the gym. And actually KILL people. 😱

But I tell you, I felt so safe working for them. One time this drunken fuck threw an empty beer jug at me (me barman), because I refused to serve him since he was so fucking drunk. My boss threw him down the fire escape. Fractured skull, broken ribs---3 months hospital.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Matilah,

Any Singapore Sports Council Gym whole island.

Normally together with Sports Complex.

Come to Delta, Monday and Wednesday about 11am
after Aerobics Class.

Got one your taste blond hair with big Boobs looking for action.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo

Got one your taste blond hair with big Boobs looking for action. <

What? No one tried?

Virgo 49 said...

Many purposely come at this time after her Aerobics Class then to gym. Some stayed back just looking got chance or not.

Most like to see her on bench pulling the bar to her chest.

All staring at different angles. The best still the leg press just beside her.

Can do your leg press five to ten sets without sharing.

No wonder, so.many Sports Champions still have their puny muscles after so long spent in gym.

Think she waiting for Matilah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo

You mean....NONE of you guys said 'hi' or engaged her in a conversation? 😳


I'm truly shocked!

Fuck man, she's just a person, not a dangerous wild animal or bomb-vested terrorist.