Are NSmen a strategic and scarce resource?

Some of you have raised a good point about this new catch phrase called strategic resource and scarce some more. Using this genie or demon of make an argument, to justify a wrong is like raising race as a factor in our politics in the Elected President scheme. It is also like the raising of Syonan and backfired badly.

With some clever twits thinking that using the term strategic resource and they would be able to get away with murder, now everyone is going to look at everything using this very same term. It is only right that you people asked the same question, are NSmen a strategic resource and deserved to be accorded the same importance to be paid the respectful and deserving salary.

Ask a simple question, can this country survive without NSmen like without water? Which is more important, NSmen or water? Can this country do away with NSmen? What would this country be without the service of NSmen to protect this country? Some say yes, this country has gone to the dogs. It is gradually being taken over by foreigners, given to foreigners, there is no need to defend anything anymore. Just invite the foreigners to come and take over. There is a point in this argument.

But before the foreigners take over this island and drive out the original Singaporeans as mismatch, misfits, some may still want to hope that this country still belongs to the original Singaporeans and they can do something to prevent it from happening, and there is a role for NSmen to protect this island. If that is the case, then NSmen are indeed a strategic resource. No one, no foreigners would die fighting for this island. Ok some may, but in a matter like the defence of the country, when one is allowed to bear arms, to carry arms and use arms, there is no room for error. How daft can one be to trust that all foreigners turn new citizens would die defending this island?

The probability for errors, the bad apples is very high. Even a 1% error can be devastating. In the Australia murder case, we lost two of our bright young scholars. A simple can turn out to be a grave mistake. And with so many new citizens joining NS, you can expect worms among them.

NSmen, our Singaporean sons, are a strategic resource and a scarce resource. Should not they be priced for the true value of their worth? Are they being shortchanged? Are they being made to protect a population when more than half are really foreigners and taking their jobs and making them redundant, misfits, mismatch and useless in their own country?

In today’s Today paper, First Warrant Officer(Retire) Ali Pawiro said this about Japanese soldiers barging into his house to raid everything in sight. ‘Who were they? How could they just come in and take our stuff?’ Today would Ali Pawiro be shocked to see the two million foreigners here not just taking our stuff but taking our jobs, university places, and occupying our homes and beating up our taxi drivers and cyclists for fun or just to show their anger? And the two millions are invited here!  Any difference?

How to compensate this scarce and strategic resource like the NSmen?  No need because there is nothing to defend anymore? The NSmen must be paid well to make the people understand their true value. The people must be made to bear the real cost of NSmen. At least this would also give them some dignity instead of the paltry sum they are getting unbefitting of the important and strategic role they are performing. Or should they still be sneered as the lowly paid, cheap NSmen, with money not enough and with little dignity as far as their pay is concerned?

What do you think? Water more important, more strategic than NSmen?


Anonymous said...

NSmen are short changed! Their roles are important but nobody wants pay them accordingly. Generals who really are just administrators (in peace time) are being paid millions but NSmen got pittance. Again, NSmen are like South Africans in the early days of European invasion. They are given books (Bibles) and asked to close their eyes and pray. When they opened their eyes, they still have the books with them but their lands hadgone to the Whites. Same same here. NSmen are asked to serve and protect the country and when they R.O.D, jobs had been snatched away by the cheap foreigners.

Anonymous said...

NS men is indeed a very scarce recourse but the ruling whites party treat it as a NoBoLee & has shortchanged many of them. Not only jobs or livelihood r taken away from NS men even Sinkies women r being snatched away by foreigners. In times of war, many high income earners & wealthy rich people people will leave this place, leaving only the poor low-mid income families to defend this little island. As for the foreigners, they would just leave without a blink of an eye. Already the gate is wide open to invite these Trojan horses to fleece upon the local residents. What can a NS men do to prevent exploitation by the garmen? Very simple yet these dafts dunno wat to do, just exercise ur right & VTO 2020 & beyond ..

Virgo 49 said...

Now they paid recognition not only to LKY but also Defence Minister Gig Keng Swee.

He is the Master Builder of the First Singapore Defence Force.

His face and Name commemorated in SignPost NS50 stamps.

At that time, He is brave enough to even reward NS Men who had served Full Time NS with jobs priority and Housing Priority.

Not 100 vouchers.

NS ORD personnel should be rewarded the same now.

Not a messy extra 300 or 100 voucher.

They are here to defend the country. Without a Nation, there are no families, no companies and no anything.

The dumb Ministers mustget this into their dumb skulls.

Not just plain talk of what honour to serve the country.

It's its an honour to serve the country then they should squabble on their pays saying what's affecting their lifestyles.

Hai Pui

Anonymous said...

The foreigners are here already and starting to take over the country. What is there to defend?

Anonymous said...

NSmen, our Singaporean sons, are a strategic resource and a scarce resource. Should not they be priced for the true value of their worth?

Not when PAP can still get 70% votes, despite NSmen, our Singaporean sons, not priced for the true value of their worth.

If PAP can screw Sinkies, especially NSmen, hard hard and without consequences, why not?

So cannot blame PAP. It's only human. Blame Sinkies for not helping themselves not to be screwed. Sinkie must learn from our Boy hero Amos. He helped himself by fxxking off to avoid further screwing. Or at least it is be better being screwed by Americans than by PAP.

Anonymous said...

So cannot blame PAP. It's only human.
9:24 am

Tiok. Humans will do bad things when they know there are no bad consequences for them. PAP is no exception.

Maybe even opposition will behave like PAP if given the chance to be voted as govt like PAP.

Anonymous said...

"Today would Ali Pawiro be shocked to see the two million foreigners here not just taking our stuff but taking our jobs, university places, and occupying our homes and beating up our taxi drivers and cyclists for fun or just to show their anger?:

The key points struck my thoughts pondering on and on for so long. I told someone that some days these workers hanging around at lanes of lit india would have riots similar to what i read about happening at saudi. My friend laugh out loud, told me impossible. Not long after, 8 dec 13 did happen right in front of viewers of the entire world. Luckily no one was bbq. When i walked with my kid at lit india those days, my kid was scared as someone tailed us. Kid as a sense more sensitive than me as NS man. I told that fellow in local language, he gave up as he knew i could do more than my words.

The power of NS men is fighting spirit. The elite can put a mighty intelligent gun for a NS man to use, lets say as good as F35, if the NS man does not aim and shoot at the right place, the expensive bullets goes to waste. Agree?

Every weekend, readers look at the camp, there are NS men rushing in at certain hour and sweating out at bus stop near evening. These are NS men working crowd if they have jobs or jobless NS men worrying for the family s night dinner on table.
IPPT is after work hours, NS men lose a week end and multiple week ends to train up for the IPPT test. These are not work hours? New citizens do not need to do such things.

Prime time at 18, NS men gets 400pm, and the parents top up for their entertainment plus gadgets. The elite top up with employment passes to kill future chance of employment entitled by NS men. Pinky would come out loud: citizens have sense of entitlement. Most NS men were too young to decipher the implications on their future income earnings with near 3 millions foreigners given with all kinds of passes including PR to snatch NS men s income opportunities.

A sense of entitlement for job is wrong as far as pinky is concerned. This post want more than 400 to 500pm salary for NS men? Readers think the elite will bother? Its the fighting spirit that has lost among NS men. Its true, if it is turned into syonan now, will NS men blink the eyes? Yes if the syonan men blast into my place. NO if syonan men is blasting far away at tanamera. I close my eyes and have naps when planes are fly on top. Why so pessimistic? After NS, after graduation, it will be jobless for a long time. This is what i watch young men s lives. I always ask in mind, why the elite has special interest to take care of those rajas, non NS men but balls lickers, yes men sure. The elite similar to one who got the job at one sunny land and got booted out. The elite just did it for Hillary, i guessed. Now what? For Trump, the elite will do what? Give jobs to rajas, let them ship billions dollars home each month, plus, send NS men to fight IS? Plus shout at China for occupying SCS islands?
Elites have nothing in mind what s their jobs are. The sense of entitlement is not greedy. Its a rights to exchange for income called jobs. Voters having the right minds tell me please, young men forced labor at 18 taking only $400pm is not entitled to a job in the place he deemed protecting it?
Do you expect the young men to protect this place? U ask yourself honestly. The only way to reverse the disloyalty to little dot among the young is: parents must vote for opposition to get rid of the elite who give jobs to foreigners. They fail in their duties to give jobs to NS men. They have failed in the defense plan. What total defense? U heard about it? No one will care about it. Foreigners want to take over orchard road, please go, but not my home. That is the limit of NS men.

Anonymous said...

"The consumer must feel the price of water, realise how valuable water is every time he or she turns on the tap, right from the first drop"
- Minister Masagos Zulkifli, on the price hike for water.

What about ....

"PAP government must feel the price of our NS men, realize how valuable NS men are every time NS men are called up for duty, and pay the market salary for the NS men"
- using the Masagos Logic for the salary increase for NS men

True or not?
Fair or not?
Hypocrite or not?

Anonymous said...

Water is a profit center.
The money flows from Singaporeans to the PAP government.

NS men is a cost center.
The money flows from PAP government to Singaporeans.

So which one must pay below cost (peanuts)?
Which one must pay above cost (gold)?

Not happy?
Vote Opposition lor.

Anonymous said...

Super talented politicians are a strategic and scarce resource. Please pay them $10m each so that the people can feel the high price of their service.

Anonymous said...

@ March 14, 2017 10:08 am

No-talent politicians are a bottomless pit, sucking our National Reserves dry.
Please vote them out so that Singaporeans can feel a sense of pride in our country once again.

Anonymous said...

"Super talented politicians are a strategic and scarce resource. Please pay them $10m each"

That is a good proposal. The elite like yes men to propose this kind of idea. However, if that pap mp put up that figure $10m each, he is likely to get attacks from the ministars. They will say they serve the people not for the money.

So how? I tell u: the figure should be each $10billions. Then, the ministars will say, they will serve people with hands and legs to be grateful to for the gratitude.

Why i say $10m is useless idea? They are getting that figure already, salary, bonus, allowances, claims, the hidden ones such as gratuity which was discovered at salary review, dont know whether still in practice. All in, $10m is nothing new lah. One previous president was reported to have $32millions one off. Propose a salary lower than what already gotten?

Anonymous said...

Think you are right. If 10 chairmanship, think how much one chairmanship is paying? If 20 directorship, think how much one directorship is worth?

Anonymous said...

Everything in this world can become strategic snd scarce resources!

It depends on suuply and demand.


Anonymous said...

Everything in this world can become strategic snd scarce resources!
March 14, 2017 10:50 am

Do you think votes for PAP will ever become a scarce resource?
Is there a current over-supply of votes for the PAP?

agongkia said...

Uncle Virgo aka red top Ang Tow Peng.
Housing priority still got many go awol.
You still invite them back middle of the night in those days.
Now less privilege but Sinkies know it's their duty to serve with pride.
Many like me even look forward to NS or ICT.
NS is a special privilege that Sinkies must be proud of.
Allowances are good enough.
It's our country that we are protecting,whoever chenghoo.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Lao Hero //Ask a simple question, can this country survive without NSmen like without water?//


Is there any other objective (other than those stated by the miw) that meets the EYES?

So far online, have not come across anyboLEE who gave a good think on other planes of thoughts or perspectives why all these taxes increase are done at this point of time?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.55am may be disappointed

pap is expected to get 79.99% at next ge

singapore is like that lah

only kpkb kpkb kpkb but voting pap

so.....be very happy and worry less


Anonymous said...

Many probably can't bcos they are not adept in the functions of macroeconometric models where real exchange rate (aka monetary policy targets), domestic fiscal policy (aka tools influencing domestic income level etc), overseas expected fiscal policy, overseas expected monetary policy etc etc are intertwined and at play?

So they (the miws) have the economic objectives in mind?

However, the policy tools they (choose to) use who should sacrifice (to achieve such objectives) leave a lasting (dis)taste especially for those who believe in "NATURAL ECONOMIC JUSTICE" and EMPATHISE with the plights of the people, in particular the poor and low-income groups?

Would anyboLEE link the tax increases to the possibility of the influencing the COMPETITIVENESS of Sin City EXPORTS in the short and mid term?

Would anyboLEE link the tax increases to the (possible impending changing) interest rate differential amongst peesai's major trading partners?

Was it a case of fiscal policy tools (being used) to bring about monetary policy OBJECTIVES?

Ultimately, the end objectives were economic growth etc but the weakest members (in terms of bargaining power in the society being) chosen to bear the brunt of the downside of such (macroeconomic) policy formulations and tools .....?

Game theory probably was used to 2nd guess the strategies of various international players and their expected fiscal and monetary policies especially sin city major trading partners?

The sin economy and the sin rich gain but what about the poor and low-income groups?

Are the smart guys born only to enrich themselves and their kinds?

Or they should spare some thoughts and think (strategise and fight) for the poor and low-income groups' interests and welfare as well?

Is there "Natural Economic Justice" in Sin City?

And does it have a place?

Anonymous said...

The poor and low-income groups are not helping themselves, that's why they are poor. And not say PAP, even God also won't help them.

Because God only help those (like the PAP and those rich Sinkies) who helped themselves.

Anonymous said...

Do the poor and low income groups voted for PAP?

If yes, it means they deserved to be poor and low income.

If no, then they are only a minority, maybe 30% or less so vote opposition also no use. So they need to help themselves to be rich, not just only vote opposition.

Anonymous said...

Dear Malay friends.
Regarding Millionaire Masagos.
His name.
Does it come from the words "Masak Goose"?
Meaning "your goose is cooked"?

Anonymous said...

“In China, what must you do to become a matured person?
In the words of existentialism: I make choices; I have freedom; and I exist.
There is a need to make our own life choices, as a genuine and living individual.

But in our country, everyone is asked to ‘be obedient’. At home, we should listen to our parents;
In school, we need to obey our teachers’ instructions;
In society, we have to heed the words of our leaders and the government.

From ancient time till now, it’s always the ‘father/son’ and ‘ruler/subject’ relationship. We are always living our lives based on someone’s wishes.
Our vitality has never been tested, and this means it is impossible for one to mature.”

A Country of Giant Babies? Book banned in China due to perceived negative influence.


Virgo 49 said...

Hi Bro 11.54.

The poor, how to help themselves become rich? ?

They are already disadvantage being poor. Maybe can take paltry sums being supervisors in coffee shops or workshops chiefs. At best as silver serpents at the lowest level some gratuity as bones to dogs from the contractors.

But the rich are different. They can siphon millions if not billions of dollars with just a slap on their wrists. See the all powerful Director can take bribes up to millions of dollars.

Just debar them from holding office and just a few weeks jail. After which still have two or three properties.

Only those really daft and poor sinkies still vote for the PAP to make them poorer, poorer and poorest.

Yet, they still do not realised and worship them.

Must leave them to their fate as Ah Kong65 said NOT enough pain yet

Anonymous said...

Everything in this world can be a scarce resource. Earth itself is the the most scarce resource, yet the government is only paying lip service to reduce carbon emissions. E.g. still allowing diesel-engine cars to flourish instead of replacing them with non-pollution-emission cars.The poisonous carbon in the air affects the lungs unknowingly and, therefore, kills slowly but surely in the long-run. Why only impose some tax to marginally curb carbon emissions from factories? Why don't replace petrol and diesel vehicles with NPG and electric models? Is it all about dollars and cents? Scarce or strategic resource are just two generic terms being thrown in as red herrings to sidestep the main reason, is it not? As for the term 'strategic', it is a matter of individual or organisational perception and interpretation. Singapore is surrounded all-round by water. How can anyone with some cow sense and personal respect argue that water is a strategic resource? If Singapore is located in a desert like those in the Sahara Desert or Gobi Desert, then it is sensible to think of water as a strategic resource. Even for a country like Libya, under Gaddafi, water was free to every citizen. Why can't Singapore government subsidies water charges for all Singaporeans? It is again all about dollars and cents, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

NS slaves are strategic BUT NOT scarce. Your pathetic Sinkie asses are worth less than FTs. Your white horse commander will order you fucker sinkies NS slaves to charge & destroy machine gun nests, bunkers and 5000 enemy main battle tanks, while they masturbate in their Bt Gombak underground bunkers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

RB, I am very sorry to have posted three times. Something is wrong with my mobile. Please help me delete the two repetitive ones. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You cannot survive one day without water.
But you can survive one year without PAP Ministers.

So pay the 30% price increase for water.
Cut the PAP Ministers pay by 60% too.

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
There is a water shortage because of PAP's liberal immigration policy.

So if we vote out the PAP.
There will be no more 6.9 million population target.
No more ever increasing population.
No more water shortage in Singapore.

And no more National Slavery .. I mean Service.

Anonymous said...

The poor and low-income groups are not helping themselves, that's why they are poor. And not say PAP, even God also won't help them.
Because God only help those (like the PAP and those rich Sinkies) who helped themselves.

March 14, 2017 11:47 am

Yesterday i had a drink at a bench, an old lady went to check the green rubbish can. Your sentences made me think: if i were so old like that lady, would i have to open the rubbish can to discover what are salable inside?

There is no god if that thing chooses to help the rich and not the poor and old. This is my first conclusion.
There is no good government currently because there are too many old ladies opening the rubbish cans.
This is my second conclusion.

My conclusion on you as author is: never curse the poor, prove it to me they choose to be poor, and never decide for god what he chooses to help. I have friends distributing foods free to the poor. U have the urge to curse these poor. That s why is said, there is no god. I still think the poor old lady did not choose to open the rubbish can.

My conclusion is to vote for opposition to create more careers or part time jobs for the old to earn a decent living. The current Pap government lacks the ability to do that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.59pm //never curse the poor, prove it to me they choose to be poor, and never decide for god what he chooses to help.

..u r absolutely right. Never curse the poor ( any any people, wat goes around come around)..even when one loses hope on God ( remember He has 7 over billions people to listen & help , even with his Angels also need sometimes but dun give up on thyself ..grab every opportunity u hv now so ad to survive juz like the old lady)..if this universe has an universal law , the law of cause & effect is there & time will tell ...

Anonymous said...

NS is a new form of National Slavery under the guise of National Defense. It was and still is one of the political tools for social engineering - to create and maintain an obedient, subservient and yes-sir mentality, behaviour and character so the the populace can be easily controlled and manipulated in whatever way the Slave Master pleases. In this sense, it is a strategic resource to the Slave Master. Nothing else.

Virgo49 said...

Bro 12.59I'm

Thirty odd years down the road and if the PAP is still the government, you shall see more old men and ladies scavenging the bins for metal cans to sell or food to eat.

Going to gyms, walking round the estate and seeing and talking to some young men and women which I know.

Exchanging some pleasantries ans asking today's off on weekdays working days.

Surprised that most replied doing free lance, part time or contract jobs.

My God, at their Prime and not having permanent full time Jobs.

Many seemed happy thinking it's grand to have such freedom. Many did not realised that with a wink of an eye, they be nearing retirement age.

With such jobs, do they have enough for their retirement?? Besides even paying hefty prices for their flats even though they are single or staying with parents.

Anyway, no eyes see as cannot live another thirty odd years.

Think they are real pitiful with the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

".if this universe has an universal law , the law of cause & effect is there & time will tell ..."

Its cause and effect, true. The lady was old. Old being defined by Pap as unemployable, many employers start to give contract year on year for employees starting at 50s, or some 45s. The unlucky ones lost their jobs because employers have younger indians through s pass or work permits or employment pass.

I feel this way of replacement is the cause for massive unemployment among the old or near olds 50s, 45s. 60s still can work as long as they can stand and walk. But employers have chances on hiring indians at 30s, they dont pay cpf, so they do not want these 45s, 50s, 60s. That is the effect: massive workable citizens sitting around to waste their time. Meanwhile, massive labor earning around $700 to $1.5k take the places, pushing the salary for labor jobs to $700pm starting. No cpf even for citizens for quite some times. Big outflows of cash sending to India. Retailers lose regular customers buying the essential things for homes. Old folks rush to collect cans to help families shortage of cash.

The Pap is responsible for the poor purchasing power, good for no one. The bosses think they save up cpf from Indians foreigners, but they never realized their businesses are getting poorer and poorer.

The only way is to vote for opposition to send most of the foreigners home. The economy should turnaround for sme.

Anonymous said...

"Many seemed happy thinking it's grand to have such freedom. Many did not realised that with a wink of an eye, they be nearing retirement age."

I think this is the biggest social problem created or caused by Pap s foreign talents policy. The real cause i see it is: no original creative industries were created.

It was a one replace one or a new replace old game. It was not someone came in to create a new industry and hire locals and foreigners. It was account clerks takeover account clerks, engineers take over engineers, admin takes over admin. The taken over were citizens for 2 reasons: citizens required cpf, and citizens required IPPT and INCAMP off.

Many young men and women are not hired because they graduated from nus or ntu. Employers hire from philippines, india. When advertise on job streets, stjobs, or whereever, these countries will shoot emails, hundreds of them.

The applicants fly in to stand by. Once i learned from a Indonesian, she had 12months to stay in singapore for interviewing. She was hired of course, with employment pass. Easily, work permits are given like toilet rolls. So Nus Ntu NS men were the worst hit under Pap s foreign talent policy.

Foreigner create jobs for locals, pinky believed it and said it. Its a scam in my eye to sooth the angry local graduates.

Many young graduates become receptionists, temp, freelance. They will run short of cash when its time to settle for a place to hitch. Throughout their lives, it will be panic for paying installment, if they can only get temp jobs.

I hope these young men vote for opposition to solve this social problem caused by Pap.

Anonymous said...

So Nus Ntu NS men were the worst hit under Pap s foreign talent policy.
3:15 pm

Not many were worst hit lah, only some, perhaps only a minority. That's why PAP can still get 70% votes.

Or else ah, these worst hit Nus Ntu NS men will not vote for PAP, tio bo? And PAP would not have got 70% without getting lots of of Nus Ntu NS men votes. Logical or not, u say lah.

Anonymous said...

I hope these young men vote for opposition to solve this social problem caused by Pap.
3:15 pm

They might have already voted for opposition, logically speaking. Just that there are not enough of these young men, maybe only 30% or less, that voted for opposition.

Anonymous said...

Only when majority are worst hit by Pap s foreign talent policy, will PAP be voted out.

For now the worst hit not reach majority yet.

Anonymous said...

"Or else ah, these worst hit Nus Ntu NS men will not vote for PAP, tio bo? And PAP would not have got 70% without getting lots of of Nus Ntu NS men votes. Logical or not, u say lah.

March 14, 2017 3:58 pm"

I think this time is worth explaining a little more.

70% was made in 2015. That time one state funeral was in 2015 March. How to repeat another state funeral in 2020? So i think this 70% is not applicable as far as me is concerned.

I think it was 61% or 6 to 4. Pap s chance is not increasing based on this trend. Every year, the hardcore old folks pap supporters are gone. The number is around 30000. By 2020GE, the number of supporters to Pap is less, not more.

One like to be seen Pap support angmor joined opposition even. Plus Wendy and Robert s love story, Pap has not created good story. China scam man cheated old rich lady story, ang mor under age young children fucker, ete these are foreign talents stories most citizens are aware.

With 30% water tax, coming GST tax rises, and some more cases, Pap s image on state affairs is very good and excellent. Young people will know how to vote. U i think belongs to the hardcore oldies group, have to stay healthy to help pap to get 70%. Dont online too long. Do exercise, i hope pap will get 70% + 1 vote from u in 2020ge.

b said...

When there is a war, the people will run away and set up homes elsewhere. Those that cannot are the elites and their assets. They should be made to pay for all the ns costs.

Anonymous said...

They should be made to pay for all the ns costs.
March 14, 2017 5:18 pm

The elites have the most to lose.
They should do NS and fight to defend their own riches.
Why should our unemployed Singaporean men die defending the bungalows in Bukit Timah?

Anonymous said...

When there is a war, most probably with Indonesia or Malaysia, or both simultaneously (coordinated attacks from the north and south), the poor has nothing to lose except their HDB flats, which legally belPng to HDB and become of no value during wartime. So what is there to defend? Just surrender, if cannot run away from the war zone, to save your own lives. The rich, the powerful aristocrats, and the elites, plus their sycophantic cronies, will run away as early as they can because they already have houses in other countries. Their first priority is to save their own skins. They will try their best through the Power that be, to influence and command the stupidest Sinkies to fight and die for Singapore, in order to protect their properties and wealth.

The Dragon Fly said...

Reality vs Fake News and Fake Hopes - Part 23

Singapore's National Service - Questions To Ponder

1. Are Singapore's top military commanders too young and inexperienced? SAF's top commanders, such as Lee Hsien Loong was promoted to Brigadier-General at the age of 31 and BG Desmond Quek was made to hold the post of Army Chief when he was only 39. Youth in the military naturally corresponds to inexperience. Does this cast doubts upon their ability to plan and lead successfully in campaigns against potential enemies, whose commanders and troops are likely to be more seasoned and hardened.

2. Are they fast-tracked to the upper echelons because of their scholar credentials and/or white-horse status, while more experienced non-scholars or "farmers" and "peasants" - as they have been unceremoniously labeled - perform most of the jobs but toil in vain?

3. Are Singapore soldiers soft (using maids to carry their backpacks) because of the emphasis on safety at the expense of realism during training and field operational exercises?

4. Do high-flying officers lack professionalism and commitment because mandatory retirement at 45 means many see their time in uniform "as a stepping stone" to a second career as instant Multi-Millionaire Ministers in the PAP Government or as Directors and Head Honchos in Temasek Holdings, Government-lined Companies or the Government Investment Corporation?

5. Are women in the SAF unfairly treated by being held back for higher posts in the SAF because of their sex? Why is there no National Service for women? Isn't this a direct indication that women are being look-down denigrated by SAF policy-makers?

6. Are Malays in the SAF unfaily treated by being held back for promotion and deployment in sensitive units and appointments, such as in intelligence gathering units and intelligence/operations officers? Only a few have been deliberately put in certain posts in combat units, with very little high-level operational exposures, for political purposes?

7. Is the SAF the most competent, well-equipped and best trained force to be reckoned with in South-east Asia?

8. Can the SAF, with 80% national service troops, defend Singapore against external military threats and against terrorists' threats at the same time?

9. Does the Singapore require outside assistance, from UN, USA, UK or Australia, to defend its national integrity and sovereignty in times of war with Malaysia or Indonesia?

10. Would Singapore put its National Service scholar officers and soldiers into harm's way to fulfill its primary mission of protecting the vital interests of Singapore?

Anonymous said...

"The Powers-That-Be Have Looted Everything" - Greek Farmers Fight Riot Police With Shepherd Crooks

In fact there was an incident last week in Athens, after the government tried to increase taxes and social security contributions.
In response, over a thousand farmers from Crete, who used to be immune from these taxes, took a ferry to Athens and proceeded to riot outside of the agriculture ministry building.


Looks like the Greek dafties have finally woken up.

patriot said...

I dislike being personal, however, l like to tell Sinkies who think and believe that it is the Rich Sinkies who have to protect their wealth and assets; that they CANT BE MORE WRONG IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING.




patriot said...

"Are the smart guys born only to enrich themselves and their kinds?", unquote.
lt is usually and normally so, especially
in a land where there is
no sense of nationhood and belonging.


Virgo49 said...

Patriot is utterly right.

If you have the wealth but no more breathing, what is the use of your wealth??

The rich, at the slightest sign of trouble would abandon ship at the earliest opportunity.

That's why the not so rich or even ordinary people got even have to plan thejr Survival Route when they are able.

Do not trust completely these your fellow men especially these batch of self serving Leaders with one already shown her fox tail of bitterly complaining of just a salary cut will stick
with you thru thick and thin.

Twenty years ago, when I told my kins that I had purchased a malacca apartment on the cheap with no pricing ceiling, they called me stupid and what's not.

Throwing monies on useless property in a unstable country. Only in sinking land that properties will appreciate. Matland no use.

Now, I told them, my apartment may not appreciate which is also not in my mind that it would appreciate like the rest of sinkies who must earn monies from their investment.

For me, its a Santurary where you can go to in the case Sinkie land Sinks. When you look for a hole to shit when the shit is at your bottom, ut is too late.

Now, those foolish ones who laughed at me are been jolted into panic when they are seeing sinkieland sinks day by day with the bad policies of the Papies.

Some, still believe completely in them. But when the day of reckoning do come, I be having the last laugh.

The saying He who laughs last laugh best is very apt.

The Dragon Fly said...


When I bought a piece of 20 acres land in the wilderness of Australia in 1979 for a song, many of my friends and colleagues said that I must be stupid to buy land so far away from the city/town - with only one small road leading into the area, so deserted and dangerous, and without government's supply of electricity and water. My consideration was that there was a river nearby and I could channel water from this river, plus the scenery was just so beautiful and perfect; plus my eldest kid fell in love with Australia and I promised her that in ten years' time, I would send her to study in Australia; so I bought the piece of land for her future.

Today, there are many roads leading to my land and there are ample supplies of electricity and water. Plus I have my own generators to provide emergency electricity and solar panels on the rooftop of my farm-house and main house to cater for hot water. I have a canal dug to channel water from the river to an artificial lake I created behind my cottage. All these were done slowly but steadily, without having to spend a bomb.

Moral of the story: Always plan ahead and cater for unforeseen circumstances as best you can, while the things are cheap and easy to acquire. Always remember Demand and Supply in this dog-eat-dog Money-Face World!

Make hay while the sun still shines.
Don't wait til the dark cloud arises.
For when the first wind comes a blowing,
The tornado is just around the corner waiting.
Before you know it, everything up in the air flying!
A bird in the hand, long before someone catching,
Is worth two in the bush, when many found wanting.
Foresight everyone has, but vision is not a common thing.

Yes, you are right, Virgo. He who laugh last, laugh best - because he knows when to laugh and when to cry.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Dragon Fly,

My daughter with her mum just back from Australia spending two weeks farm stay with old colleagues and friends that had migrated there.

Find lives so blissfully and quiet. Many of her ex Research plus somefriends known studying there in other unis encouraged her to move over.

If my two single children do not prefer Matland which I referred then we can scooted away when the time is right.

Before been overrun by the Aliens.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dragon Fly & Virgo
I have no problems with following my kids overseas to migrate.
My main question is healthcare.
Do we have to pay a lot for healthcare in Australia?
What about Malaysia?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Dragon Fly,
You have it made. Good foresight and planning. You have built your own future with that 20 acres of land to be a duke of sort in your own land. Nice.

Virgo49 said...

Hi bro Anon.

Healthcare in Malaysia definitely cheaper than Singapore.

But, if we are unable to have their blue ic for citizens then we have to pay more than them.

In malacca, they have the mahokta medical centre. Not sure if it's run by the Health care group which is in the news recently.

For I have not visit them b4. But understand that even Singaporeans allowed to use their medisave or insurance there.

Many Malaysians with Singaporeans wifes even have their babies there. Also in JB, one of my gym friend brought his gf there for some opns with a fraction of a cost in sinkieland.

For Malaysians as my next door neighbour seeks medical attention, they paid less than twenty ringitt with medication. I saw his bill thrown outside his unit.

Our currency 3 to 1. No fears.

Can survive easily.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is nothing wrong with scarcity of resources---simply because scarcity leads to more careful and prudent "use" (consumption or utility) of that resource.

If you have soul and a warm heart, then resources which involves actual humans themselves will always be SCARCE, and that is a good thing as then The Individual will treat other Individuals as VALUES and not destroy, pollute or diminish another humans.

Slavery, forced confiscation and kidnapping are a way of going AGAINST NATURAL SCACITY and falsely making human resources ABUNDANT.

That's why slavery, kidnapping, imprisonment, conquest, and indentured labour "work" the way they do.

Nees lots of vagina to fuck? No problem, capture lots of females and turn them into comfort women.

Need to build your economy fast? No sweat. Get people into indentured labour and you can have super-low labour costs for years. If you can do better and go all out SLAVERY....why then hell not? Who is going to stop you?

And so in Singapore we have NS. By act of conscription, "defense" is no longer a scarce resource. By act of LAW made by parliament, at the stroke of a pen...by magic...NO MORE SCARCITY

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49

Thanks for kind response.
How about healthcare costs in Australia or New Zealand?
Any idea?

Anonymous said...

@ Matilah_Singapura @ March 15, 2017 11:28 am

Do you think Singaporeans are indentured labourers of the PAP government?
Do you think NS men are indentured labourers of the PAP government?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro 11.34

Singapore just three hours away from Malacca.

Melaka Sentral coach at 9.33 to Singapore.

B4 your next appointment with polyclinics just scooted back and use Pioneer Status for your medicals.

Then back to Malacca.

Anonymous said...

It is precisely this kind of screw up thinking that get us into this messy state.
Consequences for a bad government is for the people to vote them out.

Anonymous said...

Reposting my comment:

"Anonymous said...
So cannot blame PAP. It's only human.
9:24 am

Tiok. Humans will do bad things when they know there are no bad consequences for them. PAP is no exception.

Maybe even opposition will behave like PAP if given the chance to be voted as govt like PAP."

It is precisely this kind of screw up thinking that get us into this messy state.
Consequences for a bad government is for the people to vote them out.

The Dragon Fly said...

Hi, Anon @ March 15, 2017 10:13 am

Firstly, I have no problems on health-care in Australia because of my children's status and financial positions.

Secondly, I got my PR status long ago, in the early 1980s, before the Australian government started curbing all the freebies.

As for you, you can cover your health-care in two ways - buy health insurance or apply for a low income health care card.

Health Insurance

There are various health insurance schemes in Australia, depending on your needs. The basic coverage are not as expensive as in Singapore, but if you are kiasu and want to cover everything, then you may have to pay a quite a lot.

Low Income Health Care Cards.

There are two types - one is income-tested and the other is non-income tested.

If you have low income (A$537.00 per week, or A$4,296.00 in 8 weeks preceding your application submission), you can apply for a Low Income Health Care Card. This gives you access to cheaper prescription medicines, and various concessions from government and private organizations. You may be eligible for a Low Income Health Care Card if you are on a low income and meet the Low Income Health Care Card income test. There is no assets test for this card.

Non-income tested Low Income Health Care Card.

As of 1st January 2017 because of the changes to the pension assets test, if you were of pension age or over, you will automatically be eligible for a:

1. Non-Income Tested Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, and

2. Non-Income Tested Low Income Health Care Card

If you are NOT of pension age on 1 January 2017, you are automatically eligible for a Non-Income Tested Low Income Health Care Card. You can apply for the Non-Income Tested Commonwealth Seniors Health Card when you reach pension age.
Concessions and Discounts

A Low Income Health Care Card entitles you to:

Cheaper medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

You may also be entitled to:

* concessions offered by private companies, and
* state and territory government and local council concessions, such as:
o energy and electricity bills
o health care costs, including ambulance and dental and eye care
o public transport costs
o educational fees, and
o water rates

Check with your State or Territory government to find out what concessions are available to you.

Concessional entitlements may vary between States and Territories.

You have to renew your Low Income Health Care Card every 12 months.


To be eligible you must satisfy residence requirements.

You must be living in Australia and:

* have Australian citizenship
* hold a permanent visa
* hold a Special Category visa, or
* hold a Partner Provisional visa subclass 309 or 820, or a Temporary Protection visa

You must also:

* be physically present in Australia on the day you submit your claim, and
* continue to meet the residence requirements for as long as you hold this card

Newly arrived residents generally have a 104 week waiting period, with some exemptions.

The Dragon Fly said...

Hi, Redbean,

Thanks. I must thank God for everything that I have and enjoyed, and still enjoying - one of which is reading your blog posts and forum, and your kindness to allow me to express myself on some of the issues dear to my heart, after living, watching, experiencing and being frustrated by not being able to change things and make life better for the common people here.

The Bayan Tree will destroy everyone and in the end destroys itself. May God have mercy!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Finally, I've recovered my account!


» ⓵ Do you think Singaporeans are indentured labourers of the PAP government?

⓶ Do you think NS men are indentured labourers of the PAP government? «

⓵ No. The majority of Singaporeans enjoy an excellent high standard of living
and enviable prosperity, which makes other nations...especially Asian neighbours extremely jealous.

⓶ Not of the govt. of of the WHOLE State. Even if you change govt., the NS laws are still in the legal code. However, it was the PAP who introduced NS anyway. Parliament passed it, and so now NS has become an "institution" for males who were unlucky enough to have their mothers' chow 🐟 chee 🐠 byes within our territorial borders when they shit💩 out their babies🐷.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Thus the tip for prego women and expectant dads is this:

If you don't want your precious snowflake son to do NS (like the rest of us hapless, no-choice fuckers), then make sure mom's cunt is in another cuntry (where there's no NS) when she shoots out that little shit into the world.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

@ Dragon Fly and Virgo 49

Thank you very much for your kind feedback.

One last question please. And I'm not a PAP IB.
I observe many Aussie children of Singaporean parents (who have emigrated to Australia) working in Singapore.
Why is this the case if Australia is so good?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

@ March 15, 2017 1:26 pm

I just don't want to emigrate to Australia and end up seeing my grandchildren or children return back to Singapore into the clutches of the PAP government.
- I've seen this happen a few times to friends of mine
- I never could get a proper understanding why the children or grandchildren would want to come back
- I dare not be too persistent in my questioning in case I upset my friends

Virgo 49 said...

In Matland, you can get practically all types of medications over the Counter without prescription except party rape tablets. Sleeping tablets must be from authorised clinics and doctors.

In Sinkieland, the Doctors just simply made MONIES out of you just issuing you a piece of paper.

So many countries with their high costs of medical and meditations self medicated. Simply have labelled and took records of medications as given by your polyclinic or GP for your various ailments and afterwards just simply buy over the Counter at a fraction of price in Sinkieland.

You are as good as New.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone:

As a 60+ yr old Singaporean living in Oz for 40 years, here is my 2 ¢

>> ❷ I observe many Aussie children of Singaporean parents (who have emigrated to Australia) working in Singapore.

❶ Why is this the case if Australia is so good? <<

❶ Any cuntry can be good or bad according to individual tastes, expectations, and ambitions. It's a personal thing lah.

I tell people who don't like Australia to fuck off. Don't waste their lives here, and don't potong my steam by their incessant negativity. No one forced them to come. Shoo, go away, and find your "happiness" elsewhere.

Your "observations" account only very few data points. And thus not give a "true" picture. For e.g. in Kampung Perth alone (the most southern suburb of Singapore) there are ~30,000 Singaporeans or ex-Singaporeans. The "ex" are the people who've given up citizenship to collect CPF. Anyway there is enough "variety" amongst this segment of the Singaporean diaspora to make any attempt at "prediction" highly suspect.

Anyway, young people these days tend to venture far away from home for career and "lifestyle" sake. Some come to Singapore after graduation in Oz, many go to the States, or UK. Singapore is the most "westernised" Asian cuntry with easy access to jobs, and can be a stepping stone to other Asian or International ports.

I often have morning coffee at this place run by a Singaporean mum and her 20-something son. They're great, do a roaring business and seem very happy.

OTOH, I have Singapore friends whose kids are going to graduate soon from Australian tertiary institutions. And they've all set their sights on Singapore. For the last year or so, they've flown back to Singapore and done internships, some with govt. entities like A* Star, EDB and even our favourite CPF Board.

To all you fellow uncles out there: you cannot expect the kids to fit with whatever expectations we have. They're fucking smart, they're ambitious and tend to have a broader, global outlook than their forebears.

The internet/ social media has made the world much "flatter", so cultural differences between kids in diofferent cuntries are not so stark anymore. i.e.: they are becoming culturally more and more the same.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 1.30

Just my simple theory.

I prefer Matland as environment similar to sinkieland and easily assimilated and localized as one of them.

Been staying there quite a while and find comfortable as though in SINKIE land.Just keep a low profile and don't KP their politics. They do not even know you are Sinkies unless they see your Singapore vehicle registration number.

Most of time they thought you are fellow Malaysians from KL or JB.

Whereas in Auss Land,think some Sinkies do not feel comfortable due to racists behaviours.

Thus, maybe some returned.

patriot said...


Oldies like Virgo49 and Dragon Fly are wise, farsighted and best of all; adventurous.
There are many wise and farsighted others too; unfortunately, many are kiasi that they will get bully, rob and molest if they settle in foreign lands. The Best Joke is that these people travel quite frequently, buy and spend much abroad and always return safe and sound to boast about their tours of foreign lands.

Another hard to understand worry of Sinkies is their worries of survival abroad. And most talk about the West as the invariable choice to migrate. What is so bad about Asia and S E Asia which are not only nearer and culturally close, they are lot cheaper to live in. But typical Sinkies will tell You how backward and dangerous it is to be in those countries. Again we find the Brave and Adventurous Sinkies making fortunes at these deemed dangerous places.
Many had been doing it for decades.

Having some lower secondary educated acquaintances doing pretty good at Vietnam, Malaysia and even Papua New Guinea.

It is said no venture no gain.
Sinkies indeed should not stay in the Tiny Well or as some prescient folks call it the Boiling Pot.
Of course no one can stop those that like to swim in the Boiling Pot.

The Folks that enjoy the Most of Sin are those running the Most Law Abiding and Kiasi Sinkie
Citizens and exploiting them to the Maximun.
Some do really enjoy in Sin.


Anonymous said...

Dear Virgo 49, Dragon Fly and patriot

Thanks very much for all your comments.
I'm actually very at home in Matland.
I can speak Bahasa better than most Sinkies.
And have driven in most of the states in West Malaysia.

But it's in my nature to always ask and listen to other people's experience.
Unlike PAP Millionaires, I do not believe I have the monopoly on knowledge and wisdom.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Bro, our generation can speak Bahasa Melayu and also at ease with the Malay and other brethren races easily.

Only difference is that there is a sort of barrier that is visible between the Malays in Malaysia with other races because of their past Leaders doctrine of rule and divide.

Now with Najib not so bad. Actually, most are warm hearted and do not really source troubles.

The Chinese there are more defensive and only thought of survival with no time for any niceties

Malacca is a better place of residence than JB. The melakans do not slaughter you even they knew you are not one of them.

This place is gonna be an Industrailsed and commercial hub in near future with lots of prospects for those who are willingly to stay there.

I had worked in portKlang and even in Kelantan in shipping activities and they have high regards for Singaporeans in this and other fields of commerce.

Due to our ability in the Businesses Languages in communications with the rest of the world.This is only one up against them. In time they be better than you.

And yet our Foolish ministers want us to upgrade in Logistics College. WEbeen number One in shipping for donkey years. They want us to reinvent the wheel instead of upgrading it.

Melaka is the Gateway to the Many States in Peninsula Malaysia where you can Start as a focal point to any destination.

Now still got many many affordable condos and properties to consider befire they put a clamp on it.

Anonymous said...

/// And yet our Foolish ministers want us to upgrade in Logistics College. WEbeen number One in shipping for donkey years. They want us to reinvent the wheel instead of upgrading it. ///

Those PAP fuckers.
What do they know about Singaporeans strengths?

Singaporeans' key weakness is our loyalty to PAP.
The day we vote them out is the day Singaporeans can finally be world class like Joseph Schooling.

Anonymous said...

@ virgo 49
Thanks for the tip about Malacca versus Johor.

b said...

Every gov is a kleptocracy. The difference is the extent. Go to one that is less klepto.

Nsmen should ask the gov, who are they fighting for?

b said...

Forcing someone who has already emigrated to serve NS is an act of tyranny.

The Dragon Fly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dragon Fly said...

To Anon @ March 15, 2017 1:26 pm

One last question please. And I'm not a PAP IB.
I observe many Aussie children of Singaporean parents (who have emigrated to Australia) working in Singapore.
Why is this the case if Australia is so good?

Every country has good and bad points. Every country has human beings. Human beings are both good and bad. Therefore, there arise good and bad. Good or bad is relative. "One man's meat is another man's poison."

Take Singapore, for example. There are many locals who emigrated to other countries, some to First World countries, some to Third World countries - for various reasons only known to them. But for every Singaporean that emigrated, there are another hundred of foreigners who want to migrate to Singapore and even take up Citizenship, for reasons only known to them. Some will tell you truthfully why they emigrated/migrated but some will not reveal to you their real reason. So, they bullshit you. And you fall for it?

So, never take things at face value. Ask more questions, go deeper, wider and further in your search for answers. Your observations are just your observations. How many can you observe, really? Is it reliable to just depend on personal observations or recommendations of others? No. Never depend on observations or recommendations. Act. Do. Go there and stay there for a short while and experience for yourself how you feel, how people interact with you, what are the limitations and what are the good points, what draws you there, is it for yourself, or you are doing it for someone else, etc. Your likes and dislikes, feelings, perceptions, habits, temperament and emotional strength or weaknesses are not the same as others. So, everything is a personal preference, nothing else.

The key thing in life is Experience - e.g. you have to eat the durian yourself in order to know what it tastes like, you can't depend on someone else's description of the taste of durian to you, can you? You have to be there, stay there for at least three months to experience first hand the environment, the people, the food, the culture, the laws and regulations, etc. Then in total, make a balance sheet in your mind, to weigh between the positive and the negative experiences. Sum up in your own heart, then decide not based on mental mathematics but based on your 'Gut Feelings', because nothing and no one else can advise you accurately accept yourself. They don't know you. Only you know you!

I have a very close friend, a British who was born and bred in South Africa and migrated to Australia. He was in his early 30s when his company sent him to Singapore as Chief Engineer. He told me he would be in Singapore for two years only. That was in 1972. Today, he is still in Singapore - a Singapore Pink IC Holder. Why? He fell in love with a Singapore Chinese girl, who happens to be my wife's classmate. They got married; bought a cheap private apartment, sold it for a profit; bought a Semi-D, sold it for a profit; bought a bungalow house; settled down; had two beautiful daughters, the eldest is of same age as my eldest child. Their two daughters were sent to Australia to study but returned to Singapore to work and stay. I asked them why? They told me they prefer Singapore's way of life.

I have a neighbor, my remisier, who was doing very well in Singapore at that time. Her husband's company sent him to Australia to work for three years, with excellent perks and additional allowances that he could not refuse. He up-rooted his whole family - wife and two young kids - intended to emigrate, to stay in Australia for good, after the three-year contract expires. Three years later, they came back - lock, stock, and barrel! I asked both husband and wife, why? Husband said, "Down Under, life boring like Hell!" Wife said, "My kids don't like to live there!" I asked my wife, "Do you think they are telling us the truth?" She replied, "I think they are not able to assimilate."

patriot said...

Dear Anon 2:35pm.

Do not have to thank me.
We are here to talk about living and how to make it good.

Must say Sinkies had it good up to the Early 90s.
However, greed overwhelms the Sin Leaders from then on and the Tiny Dot was as good as sold and Sinkies are pawned.

l shall repeat that this Tiny Dot shall be developed and sold to become a haven for the Filthy Rich. Some Sinkies
will be enjoying their hedonistic existences while the Average Man in the Street shall be slaving to serve them.

Did one Alternative Party Leader call on Sinkies not to complain cause they deserve the Rulers they have chosen?

Okay, there are however 30% who can kpkb here in My Singapore News.


patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks again Dragon Fly and patriot for your time and opinions.
It's very much appreciated.

Off Topic
A few days ago. Policeman knock on my door.
Show me SGSECURE video.
I watch both the videos for 10 minutes.
I sign on the form to acknowledge that I have watched the videos and am now officially trained in what to do in the event of a terrorist attack.

They should be screening the millions of foreigners they are letting into Singapore.
More Mental Masturbation.

The Dragon Fly said...

The moment GCT took over from LKY, I knew things were not going to be the same again. Why?

1. Goh earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with first class honours in economics from the University of Singapore (now National University of Singapore), and a Master of Arts in development economics from Williams College in 1967. After his studies, Goh returned to Singapore to serve in the Administrative Service. Goh's dream of getting a PhD was disrupted, as the government would not transfer his bursary bond to the university, where he had signed on as a research fellow after graduation. He is an economist by training. He make use of pricing as his governing tool.

2. He introduced the World's Highest Ministerial Salary scheme for himself and for his ministers and to reward his mentor. Pricing mechanism to get people to join the PAP and Govt.

3. He introduce ERP - Pricing mechanism to control traffic congestion and traffic flow.

4. He made the whole CPF Scheme become no more for retirement but for many other purposes. Pricing mechanism to use public savings to generate the GDP.

5. He made introduced COE - Pricing mechanism to control car and other vehicle populations.

6. He started the Foreign Talent Policy to import cheap labours and foreign professionals to replace expensive locals so as to support the MNCs, who were starting to shift out of Singapore under his watch. Pricing mechanism to allow MNCs to stay on.

7. He lost more than 100,000 jobs but created none. As economist, he simply did not know how to create jobs by pricing.

Just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.40pm //He is an economist by training. He make use of pricing as his governing tool.//

The problem was, there were rapid developments in macroeconomics and also the links in the real world?

Whatever Lao Goa learned for his Bachelor and Master Economics degrees were mostly outdated in the face of revolutionary transformations both in macroecomics theories and real world macroeconomics?

Based on his outdated Economics knowledge, LaoGoa probably can't even get beyond 20 marks or even 10 marks if he were to sit for any 1st Year or 2nd Year undergraduate Economics exam now especially Macroeconomics modules?

Anonymous said...

Take for example the PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) Scheme Botak implemented in 2010 till late ......?

Sin City LEEders now are scrapping the bottom of the rice cooker cos they are quite late and outdated in many implementations?

Quite obviously Botak's 2010 PIC Scheme was modelled after Economics Professor David Romer's endogenous AK growth model developed in 1994?

Anonymous said...

Recently, the fact that Economics ignoramus lawyers like Sylvia Lim can question the PIC scheme effectiveness in parliament attest to the failure of the implementation by Botak and wasted billions of taxpayers $$$ since 2010 in the process?

After Professor David Romer's AK model was developed (since 1994) for more than 16 year that Sin City Botak (in the 2010s) tried to implement it but clumsily ans wastefully in the form of the PIC Scheme?

When LaoGoa was 2nd PM in the 1990s, he probably never hear of Professor David Romer's endogenous AK growth model?

Anonymous said...

Sin City Leeders are quite often late in the game despite drawing world's highest salaries?

Angkor Virgo49 is probably right that in no time, Sin City run the (extremely high) risk of even being eclipsed by Matland given the mental masturbation exhibited (especially of late), be it the CFE report or the recent budget?

Lacking spurs in the hides, the latest bunch (like LaoGoa) are too lazy to update themselves with the latest developments in the Economics field?

It is so ironical that during every open house in local uni especially after the release of each year's A Level results, the uni Dons often paint such formidable and impressive standard (about their courses) about double majors, double degrees, internship, projects, overseas exchange programmes ?

But when it comes to applications and hiring in the real world, empirically the Sin City top Bank jobs personnels such as CEOs, COOS etc OFTEN have to be sourced from 3rd world ranked 600++ universities?

It is lucky that Sin City students and parents are quite "POLITE" and didn't ask DURING OPEN HOUSES Q & A sessions why "since the DONs talked until so BIG about local uni standards", why none of their alumni could fill the top posts of some of the CEOs and COOs of some of the top banks in Sin City?

Given the lethargy in the system, the millenials probably couldn't bother to ask anyway?