Air is also a strategic resource and a security concern

Water is a strategic resource and affects national security. What about air? We have taken free and clean air for granted. The haze season has given us a taste of what it is like when air is no longer clean and healthy to breathe. Air may not be a scarcity, but clean air is. Clean air is also strategic and scarce if not well managed.

Think of the great effort and funds applied to keep our air clean. Clean air does not come naturally anymore. Keeping the air clean is costly but many people have yet to know how costly this is. Just to keep the haze away, the govt has spent a lot of effort and financial resources to keep the culprits from continuing with their harmful actions. And there is also a political cost when relations with our neighbours can be agitated and aggravated and in the end affecting economic relations and trade.

The tree planting activities, keeping as much greenery in the island, using clean technology, policing anti clean air activities all cost money. It would not be long before someone comes up with the idea to make the people to feel the cost of keeping the air clean and healthy. If water can be priced on the basis of making the people appreciate that it is important, the same kind of logic would not be far fetch to apply to air.

How about levying some kind of free and clean air taxes for the money spent to keep the air breathable for Singaporeans?  Would some nuts in the future be thinking that this is a good thing, to make the people feel the price of clean air and how important and valuable is clean air? If it really happens, then cham liao.

Would some jokers be saying that this is to help the people and good for the people, for the people’s good?  Would there be free and clean air tax in the future?   Smokers be warned, you are contaminating the air with all kinds of harmful agents. You have yet to be made to pay for harming the environment, making the air unclean and the efforts to keep the air clean from cigarette pollutants.

But before free air is in the calculation, would power and electricity fall into the same category as water and be subject to the same strategic thinking and pricing? We don’t have natural power production sources and producing power and electricity is very expensive. Tiok boh?


Anonymous said...

RB, I was hoping that you didn't remind them of another critical resource that must be taxed. Now the beans are spilled, I am afraid government will take up your suggestion and turned it into theirs. The tax will be a reminder that we cannot take clean air for granted. Perhaps a tax of 3 cents per hundred breadth for a start. You stay at home, the tax is lower. If you go to the park and jog, you pay more tax. Each of you will carry a breath recorder and at the end of the month, the result will be auto sent to PUB for calculating clean air cost. During hazy day due haze from Indonesia, there will be a discount of 30%. How about that?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What we can think of the supertalents would be 10 steps ahead of us. And the details you suggested very likely they too knew about them and probably have 101 more ways that are even better than your suggestions: )

Anonymous said...

Yeah ......?

Heard critical needs like stomachache is one of the best avenues to raise (tax) revenues .......?

Need "laosai" (is) like "sei kia" mah ......., Price Elasticity in Demand (for a hole to drop the poops) is almost vertical (or actually vertical) in terms of graphical modelling?

Anonymous said...

Best is to install a bidding system with very limited cubicles and those super urgent (to laosai) can up their bid to get the next available cubicle ......?

Payment for ah pek (oldies) can be by credit cards or cash cards or cash notes?

To control (and monopolise) the (pangsai) market, enact new regulations to control the toilet supply in each district, precinct so that demand (like COE) outstrips supply by more than 10 times?

Anonymous said...

This is called (man-made artificial clever business[men] manufactured) scarcity mah (What's wrong collecting more [sinful] $$$? U die your biz?)

Create shortage by fiddling with the supply or create an excess demand (vis a vis fixed supply) in the market by drawing traffic to a particular region through default means (die die people somehow need to use)?

The American Wall Streets ex-NASA financial geeks oso very innovative in creating new products but alas, the last time they did, it triggered the 2008 GFC through their toxic MBS (Mortgage-Backed Securities), CDO (Collateral Debt Obligation) , CDS (Credit Default Swap) ...... etc (financial) innovations?

Anonymous said...

So the cubicles doors can be fixed with an electromagnetic lock and wired to a smart system where once payment (outside the cubicles) is made through credit cards, cash cards or cash, the system will send a signal to release the magnetic lock to access the cubicle?

To exit, the user must press the release button beside the door?

However, if user exit time limit (say 5 mins), he must pay to exit (via the payment reader inside the cubicle?

Anonymous said...

The pricing of such cubicle can be modelled after the COE or Ride-Hailing system like Uber such that there will be peak hours and price surge mechanism to "accurately reflect the true price and ("manufactured/ man-made") scarcity of the cubicles?

Lastly, ah hem ...... hemmmmm ...... from 1965 ...... oops ...... NO! ....... since Adam and Eve ....... since time memorial ....... since stone age ....... since the Neotithic Revolution (BC 9,500 or abt 11,000 yrs ago)?

The need to "pangsai" is "EXISTENTIAL" .......?


No agree?

Pls KEE CHIU .......?

patriot said...

Sinkies smokers have not being made to pay for using the smoking cubicles implemented at Auntie Lee Bee Wah's Ward and maybe elsewhere soon.
They may not charge for the Use of the Cubicles, BUT, not using them may incur a penalty likely to be a fine or failing to pay, something else.
One thing for sure, smoking cost shall rise very soon. Take my word.

As for clean air tax, do not be surprise, it could indeed get implemented.


The Dragon Fly said...

The 10 Propensities In A Corrupted Country

1. The propensity to commit crimes is due to low wages and poverty.

2. The propensity to be corrupt is due to greed.

3. The propensity to hold on to power is due to fear of being exposed.

4. The propensity to increase one's own salary is due to greed, jealousy and uncontrollable urge to pander to one's ego.

5. The propensity to increase tax is due to over-spending, greed and fear.

6. The propensity to increase personal and national debt is due to poor planning, over-spending and inefficiency.

7. The propensity to over-spend is due to having too poor planning, lack of self-check and self-control.

8. The propensity to tell lies is due to being too cunning and too smart.

9. The propensity to con the public is due to habitual tendency to suppress, cheat and bully others.

10. The propensity to cheat, bully and suppress others is due to getting away with mistakes made during formative years too easily and too often.

Anonymous said...

watch how fast your CPF money disappeared due to compulsory schemes designed for 'your own good' without you asking for it. Evil is in the air.

Anonymous said...

Water from the tap is processed and sold to houses thro meters.

There is decision to on or off the tap. I think the water tax should be 3000% higher. The present price is too low according to "experts".

Have your heads check. State own pub by name belonged to the voters, in fact are controlled by the elites. They can set the prices high and higher to sell to their customers.

Dont want the tap water, can collect their own rain water. This is tax free.

Air oxygen is belonged to tax payers who ever they can get the oxygen. The state has no processed oxygen sold to individuals except in hospitals. Or buy your own oxygen tanks then have to pay.

No need to pay tax on air or oxygen. If parliament want the money. Its voters own donations to help the elites on shortage of cash. No reason to pay for air oxygen as the elites have no title to the oxygen in the atmosphere.

But elite can tax votes on standing on state lands. Stand, sit, squat, sleep at state lands, drinks in park, smoke at bus stops, all these are pollution to the state. No use of these places will save cleaner expenses. There should not be people walking outside their homes to save money. Then they use water, and the elites sell waters. Thats the way to get taxes.

To avoid taxes, voters need to vote for opposition to form another team. The new team may not increase the water tax, and may avoid speculating on shares, buy high sell low, to use up the money they borrowed from cpf or banks. The new team will also not giving free money to foreigners on scholarship one year $360 millions, 10 years 4 billions, as wastage. More school vacancies for students, also needing less teachers to teach foreigners. Jobs given to more than 800000 pmets can be taken back for citizens to increase income, and help the retailers to survive the high to higher rental. Without voting for another team, voters will head for doom, bankrupt for some, and suicides for some, and depression for many jobless souls. The elites will continue to increase taxes, next is likely to be gst after 2020GE.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies be very careful to avoid spending on big money.

South korean president park is gone, according to the constitutional judgement. Election will be held while US rushed through the deployment of THAAD. By April, THAAD will be up and running. Then a biggest war game in SK may trigger a war or limited war. There may be good stuff to buy at war time, uncertainty. But jobs will be harder to come by at war time. The water tax increase is in good timing. The state will secure its income for the elites, the poor will be hit hard. Aspire to be hawkers? Unless voters vote for another team, the continue hiring of pmets jobs for foreigners will hit sinkie hard hard. Our children s future is doomed by pinky s pro foreigners policy. For US, interest rate goes up, exchange rate also go up, stock market also go up, jobs predicted to be 190k hired ended up as 298k hired. Its all because of Trump s Amercian First policy, while sinkies is voting for Foreigner first policy. Its a good comparison: Trump vs pinky.

Anonymous said...

Creating good paying nonsensical jobs, one man 20 jobs, one job 5 men to do instead of 1, more new high paying jobs, where is the money coming from?

Anonymous said...

When an organisation starts to create Chairman, senior chairman, MDs, senior MDs, dep MDs, GMs, asst GMs, etc etc for grandfather, grandmother, for uncles, aunties, for brothers, for sisters, for cousins etc etc... you know something is very wrong. This is how the organisation robs the shareholders legally, like boh cheng hu.

Anonymous said...

National Service men is also a strategic resource and a security concern
NS men is a strategic resource and affects national security.
Have we taken cheap and good NS men for granted?

Shouldn't Singaporeans also be made to feel the full price of making 18 year old men work for peanuts?
Shouldn't we pay the full market price for their salaries?

If not, how do we know the PAP government is not squandering an under-priced national resource?

Anonymous said...

maybe very soon indonesia may charge us the fresh air
blown from their plantations/forests to singapore.........


Anonymous said...


"No need to pay tax on air or oxygen. If parliament want the money. Its voters own donations to help the elites on shortage of cash. No reason to pay for air oxygen as the elites have no title to the oxygen in the atmosphere."

I think u forget about a country's airspace. This airspace belong to the govern that control the country in this case pap, so they have every right to do what it think best. So collecting tax on air could be very real in future.

patriot said...

Park Geun Hye is right sack after the Many Demonstration for her to be removed. She is also rightly to be charged or impeached.
She seemed to have practiced cronyism as the President.
Her relationship with her bosom friend has also went far overboard with her friend influencing her running of the Country.

The South Koreans have done themselves good by ridding their Nation of Abusive Leader

Btw, it is reported again that Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines will be conducting joint maritime patrol around their shorelines.
Sin is conspicuously missing from the Joint Exercise. Are the Three Asean Members sidelining
Sin and if they do, why?

Any possibility of Sin joining the US to ensure the free navigation of the South China Sea and Other Sea that the US considers lnternational Water?


Anonymous said...


/// For example, due to the fact that our males have to serve 2 years of national service followed by another 3-4 years of tertiary study after that, most of our men could only consider marriage at the late age of 30-32 years old i.e. if they could find a girl to marry them. ///


Is this true?
Cannot be true lah.
If really true, then all Singaporean men will be voting Opposition tio bo?
Are Singaporean men really that stupid to vote PAP if National Service truly disadvantaged them?

patriot said...

Park Geun Hye is rightly sack.

Amendment for the Mistake in my above comment.

My apology.


patriot said...

Park Geun Hye is rightly sack.

Amendment for the Mistake in my above comment.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

The American Idol

What about the Singapore Idle?
Can we find a Singapore Idle in parliament?
Which side?
PAP side or WP side?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.01am
Which law imply or states that oxygen under the airspace belongs to the government? The oxygen inside your wife s skirt also belonged to the government? Have your head check or u become government, someone might sue you, for the oxygen inside his wife s skirt.

Anonymous said...

"National Service men is also a strategic resource and a security concern
NS men is a strategic resource and affects national security.
Have we taken cheap and good NS men for granted?"

You are wrong. Sinkies are cheap labor employers do not even want to hire. The $400 to 500pm is the value of sinkies young men.

There is no security to me, as far as the $400pm job is concerned. National security worth far more, should be $4000pm for private soldiers while the generals get millions per year.

So I strongly urge the government to abolish enlistment. All soldiers must hire foreign talents and pay them the right salary for them to defend singapore. With foreigners as soldiers, i feel so secure and willing to give up jobs to foreigners as first choice. Foreigners must be soldiers and army first.

Anonymous said...

Is the PAP majority parliament the global hub for cheebye lancheow talk?
ie Mental Masturbation

Anonymous said...

Where else in the world pays million dollar salaries for cheebye lancheow talk?
Where else in the world will pay you a million dollar salary for Mental Masturbating?

Anonymous said...

The notion that national service is for the defence of Singapore is a fallacy. Initially, it was but subsequently it was not. The principal aim of NS was to indoctrinate and condition the young men's mind and transform them into robotic yes-men who will willing sacrifice their comfort, welfare, freedom, ideals and lives to the people in power in general, the Leech family's in particular. Secondarily, it was to serve as a stop-gap measure to lighten the load on the job market. Thirdly, it was to serve as a pool of cheap labourers. Fourthly, it was to get the jobless off the streets so that they won't create mischief and minor crimes to give the the small police force but headaches.

Anonymous said...

Trump's Family Trips Cost Taxpayers Nearly As Much In A Month As Obama's Cost In A Whole Year


Hey dafties.
You ever thought about asking what is the equivalent cost in Singapore's case?

patriot said...

Some people were convicted or charged for
corruptions within the Last Few Days with amount
running into millions of Sin Dollars.
How many more cases are there undetected?
were the Latest Few Cases
only the Tip of the Iceberg?


b said...

The role of all rulers is to milk the people to build his empire.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 10, 2017 1:27 pm
Where else in the world pays million dollar salaries for cheebye lancheow talk?

During Parliament debate, KEE CHIU NOT once but TWICE (CONSECUTIVELY) address the house speaker "MDM PRESIDENT" instead of "Mdm Speaker"?

How's that?

How much is a "Freudian Slip" ..... no ...... 2 "Freudian Slips" within mins worth ......?

Anonymous said...

Below YouTube video clip (apparently) taken from Ch 8


Video length: 1 min 35 sec

Watch Kee Chiu @ 0.03 sec and @ 1 min 22 sec .....

Twice he addressed house speaker as "Mdm President"?

Some more it was a debate on the Elected President Amendment Bill ......?




Anonymous said...

"Kee Chiu" was replying to "Neon Umbrella" .......?

This "Economist" a bit "slow-witted" oso .....?

Should call kee chiu back mah .....?

Tiok bor?

Since kee chiu called hse spker "Mdm (Future) President",

"Neon Umbrella" can call back kee chiu "Mr (Future) PeeAm"?

Anonymous said...

The tip of the iceberg or the tip of the pyramid, as in pyramid club, pyramid trading, pyramid scams, pyramid of the Illuminati? Icebergs are naturally formed only in the extremely cold regions around the north and south poles, whereas pyramids can be build by humans on land anywhere. So the spread is much more extensive. E.g. a huge taxi company requires its hirers to send their rented taxis for maintenance every month; each hired has to wait at least 4 hours for the job to be done if go by normal queue. If he pays a bribe of $20 to the mechanic, he gets his taxi back on the road within one hour. This is the untold secret on-going practice in some of the workshops in Singapore. Supposing the company has 10,000 hirers and only 10% of them bribed the mechanics, that means 1,000 bribes each month, or 12,000 bribes in a year, for this company alone. Add another 2 companies of say 5,000 taxis each. Total of number of bribes, conservatively would easily be 24,000 per year, just for 3 taxi companies. What about other types of companies? Add them up and get a rough estimate of how huge the base of the pyramid is!???

Anonymous said...

@ March 10, 2017 4:09 pm

Did the Founding Fucker say "what's wrong with collecting more money?"

patriot said...

Tips of Iceberg and Pyramid, they are indicative of rots in

lf Sinkies remain oblivious or accept
them as norms. The Fall
down the Slippery Slope
shall be very harmful and
even dangerous to the people and the Country as a whole. The Consequences shall be dire.

NCMP Kuik Shiao Yin(Name sounds like lndonesia born) had made a very touching and sensible speech in Parliament to her much older and senior members at the Session.
Whether the Cabinet Members were jolted to their senses remain to be seen.
So far, the Speeches made by all the Ministers seemed to have chucked
her(Kuik Shiao Yin)plea
to be mindful of the Sandwiched and Underclass.
The Hard Heartedness of
the Ministers are not soften ir touched by Ms Kuik's very sensible Parliament Speech.
What a shame that a much younger person understands the Social Situation so much better than older and veteran parliamentarians.



Anonymous said...

@ patriot @ March 10, 2017 5:41 pm

/// NCMP Kuik Shiao Yin(Name sounds like lndonesia born) had made a very touching and sensible speech in Parliament to her much older and senior members at the Session. ///

Don't be fooled by red herrings.
By giving you hope that there is "someone" speaking up for you in parliament ... then you will continue to vote for the PAPigs ... in the hope that they will change from within.
After 51 years ... still want to hope for a change from within?

Keep voting PAPig and Tan Ku Ku lah.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 10, 2017 1:48 pm
//The notion that national service is for the defence of Singapore is a fallacy.//

Everything in peesai is fake lah!

Everything going through the motion!

It is a waste of time living under old farted created serfdom under lunatic hypocrisy!

Many precious years wasted!

It is no secret many harbour deep hatred in their hearts for a system fronted by many clowns who talked like one in the BUGGEST ECHO CHAMBER, farked them lah, they DESERVED more strokes lah, and bedridden for the rest of their lives, like the old farted and u know whom lah, till the end .....

Anonymous said...

All the MPs going through motion yearly to give out awards to sch children.

Looked at the condescending look on the faces of those so called volunteers and grassloot leeders helping out in such events ......

So fake, so selfish

Which parent willingly attend such fake events if not to give encouragement to their children

To see the self-centred and selfish faces of MPs and their hypocritical volunteers and grasslooters?

Balls to them!

Waste time!

All garments events are wasting time and nothing else.

Best is not to be reborn (EVER) in peesai next life.

If it is to be, best remain unborn or even a non-human in other parts of the world, even in the jungle!

Many sinkies are living a life worst than the lowdown animals in the jungle and many still might not know?

Know of many oldies who are very unhappy in their hearts.

What have they got after going through shit all these years?

They look at their own children, they are not happy and struggling end to end ......

They look at their grandchildren and the circumstances around them certainly DUN give the oldies much confidence of the future their grandchildren would be facing.

After struggling so hard the whole lifetime to face constant consternation and despair in their homes?

Look at the countless oldies working at fastfood outlets, food courts, etc etc .....

Are they happy in their hearts?

At their old age of late 60s, early 70s to be bullied and pushed around by obnoxious young punks, many from what naught villages in the 3rd world they never even heard of?

Living in the twilight years of constant pain, indignity, suffering, bullied, even humiliated often at work by young punks aliens?

Constantly being told lies and lies ......?

Oldies are not foolish.

They know people are talking crab to them.

To stay and live each day is their resilience to complete their this cycle of journey on earth but unfortunately in a heartless city of sins fronted by an old fart nicknamed CON YOU?

Given the choice, how many oldies would choose to be born back again in this heartless Con You city of sins, if there is an after life, after they finally leave this horrible place manufactured by an equally horrible old farted Con You?

Many probably will be so thankful in their hearts when they finally leave this horrible place on earth?

A place situated in the hot equatorical belt but yet worst than the cold in Siberia in terms of humanity?

How often everywhere one travel in this horrible sin city, not even a single bit of warmth can be felt?

To live as a human in such conditions is an insult to life in itself.

Anonymous said...

To live as a human in such conditions is an insult to life in itself.
March 10, 2017 7:57 pm

And yet every 5 years, more than 60% of Singaporeans vote PAP.
Why ah?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 10, 2017 9:30 pm
///To live as a human in such conditions is an insult to life in itself.
March 10, 2017 7:57 pm

And yet every 5 years, more than 60% of Singaporeans vote PAP.
Why ah?///

Old farted already "explained" so 40 years ago (in 1978)?

He told Comrade Deng the (sinkies) stock in peesai are of the lowest quality?

What did Taiwanese writer Li Ao call sinkies (especially the 60% to 70%) that u alluded to?

Anonymous said...

60 to 70% are quite daft?


Was it not alluded by old farted?

Talking about this 60% to 70%, it is partly due to a fully fit 2-handed pugilist fighting a single-arm pugilist?

The outcome is a forgone conclusion?

The hammer party may have a relatively strong left arm but nonetheless still fighting with 1 arm (almost all the time)?

How can a hammer not be hammered if it is fighting with single arm against someboLEE with 2 arms?

The hammer needs to quickly "train up" its right arm ......?

Anonymous said...

The hammer needs to quickly "train up" its right arm ......?
March 10, 2017 10:14 pm

Singaporeans (70%) fixed the WP by voting PAP.
There is nobody left in Singapore to fight for Singaporeans.
That is why the taxes of everything is being increased.

The 70% said "Fuck me" to the white pigs.
Not just say.
Lie on back with legs wide open.
Buttocks lifted off the ground some more.

Anonymous said...

During debate, the hammer especially its right hand (solitary) front man must adopt more "wit than brute strength" bcos one dun fight brute strength with brute strength when one is far "outnumbered" in "labour, capital, raw, materials, land, technology ..... etc etc"?

Leon Pereira is an Economist ......

He should KNOW far better than anyboLEE else "Y = F(K,AN, ....)" .......

Especially when K, AN etc are in multiples?

Mao Tze Tong beat Chiang Kai Shek in the end bcos he always made sure in any single battle he outnumbered his opponent 3 to 1 though in gross labour and capital his opponent outnumbered him by 4 to 1?

Hammer is outnumbered by more than 10 to 1?

And Leon Pereira is outnumbered by easiLEE 1,000 to 1?

How can Leon win if he goes by brute strength?

Think, man, think?

The greatest military geniuses in Chinese history won by wit than anything else?

Being an economist is not enough to win the battle?

Leon needs to be an economist cum military strategist?

Otherwise, he should get a good one or the best one at his side to provide "classified" counsel that will deliver different outcome in every (future) encounter?

Many lives have been wasted by old farted?

There is nothing else more important (to do) than to right the evils?

Anonymous said...

Every encounter (with a silver serpent) is a depressing experience?

Even the hope of hope is GONE and NON-EXISTENT?

How can one be at peace (inside the heart) with oneself (and able to sleep [every night]) pretending blind or deaf or both to the surroundings?

Anonymous said...

The eco-system is gone case?

The tree rotten to the core?

TotaLEE infested with white termites?

It is not IF but when the TREE WILL COLLAPSE?

It is not IF but when the ECO-SYSTEM will implode?

Anonymous said...

There is sthg not right going on in the ECO-SYSTEM?

In a durian plantation, the owner needs to make sure he plants enough new trees each year so as to have future harvest once existing batches of durian trees are too old to bear any more durian fruits?

The formative years of new durian trees are very important and if someboLEE is fucking with the nurturing process, it is as good as saying goodbye to future durian fruits harvest?

Anonymous said...

@ 10.34pm
///Singaporeans (70%) fixed the WP by voting PAP.
There is nobody left in Singapore to fight for Singaporeans.
That is why the taxes of everything is being increased.

The 70% said "Fuck me" to the white pigs.
Not just say.
Lie on back with legs wide open.
Buttocks lifted off the ground some more.///

When the enemy is making mistake, why the hammer want to stop them (making further mistakes)?

Should goad the enemy to make more?

Should let them do whatever they want including "screwing, raping, multiple-gang raping" of sinkies wallets and bank accounts?

Anonymous said...

Q: Why are 70% of Singaporeans so daft and stupid?
A: Because these Singaporeans believe PAP Millionaires want to help them.

Does a rich man want to become richer by helping himself or become poorer by helping Singaporeans?

Do Singaporeans know that they have elected a Tan Ku Ku government?
You want help?
Tan Ku Ku.

Anonymous said...

10.34pm $$$The 70% said "Fuck me" to the white pigs.
Not just say.
Lie on back with legs wide open.
Buttocks lifted off the ground some more.$$$$$$$$$


Very good!

Only through deep pain and fatalistic sacrifice will there be awaking and renewal?

Anonymous said...




Fark until the 70% intestine come out ......

Until they fainted from insufferable pain.

Otherwise the day of awakening will never arrive?

Anonymous said...

Hard Fucks to keep Singapore going.

The Dragon Fly said...

Following PAP's logic on water as a strategic resource, it follows that Oppositions Members of Parliament is a strategic resource and a scarcity. It is even more important than water because there many sources to obtain water, whereas there is only one source to get opposition MPs, i.e. from the 30% of Smart Sinkies. Therefore, it must be well protected and increase in value for the long-term interests of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Parliament 2017 Debate Q & A betw WP NCMP cum Economist Leon Pereira and HSK:


Leon asked several qns (paraphrased below):

1) Whether budget was expansionary enough in nature

2) Plunging net birth of SMEs

3) Timing of various taxes including the highly "controversial" 30% water tax by 1 Jul 2017

Anonymous said...

Now, analysing the theme and focus of WP NCMP's thrust, it (is quite obvious it) stems from the common economic sensical stand that given the "patient's relatively weak medical conditions" ....... oops ....... current relative weak domestic and external ECONOMIC fundamentals, the timing to "draw significant amount of blood from the patient for donation" ...... oops ...... increase pervasive taxes such as a 30% water tax at SUCH JUNCTURE is "highly questionable and akin ownself shoot ownself laogoa classic style of self-mutilation"?

Look at Qn(2): Plunging SMEs net birth?

How does a "doctor assess a patient's plunging blood pressure" ..... oops ......an economist assessment of many existing SMEs "RUN ROAD or PERMANENTLY PULLING DOWN the roller shuttle door" which are contributing to a "plunging net birth of SMEs"?

The doctor thinks it is ok?

No problem?

The "blood bank having acute blood shortage" so need go ahead "draw blood" cos it is a LEGITIMATE cause and therefore timing or no timing, there is no good timing?


Patient "HALF DEAD" liao timing not important to decide whether to "DRAW a few packets of BLOOD" under such medical circumstances?

Anonymous said...

From an ECONOMIC point of view, fiscal and monetary policies are short term macroeconomic tools to stabilize the fluctuations due to the boom/ bust business cycle?

In the UK in the post-2008 GFC aftermath, they calibrated their policy responses carefully with fiscal contraction (to rein in their budget deficit) but expansionary monetary policy through massive QEs (quantitative easing aka print $$$)?

Yesterday it was announced effective from today (11/3/2017), cooling measure of SSD (Seller Stamp Duty) slightly relaxed and TDSR slightly tweaked?

Now are these knee jerk (after thoughts) reactions?

Do doctors need complex and complicated macroeconometric models to decide whether stroke patient can withstand the added burden of extracting a few packets of blood from his boLEE when he is already "half dead and fighting" for his life?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes or rather often, MEE thinks all these debates are "wasting taxpayers $$$"?


Q & A is always Q but no A lei?

Where is the A to make all these debates worth the taxpayers $$$?

So what did the MAS complex macroeconometric result show when the tax increases are factored in (with a possible contractionary monetary outlook when the US FED hike interest rate)?

What A(nswer) was given?


Anonymous said...

Where got nothing?

Doctor got do medical tests mah?

Do medical test for fark?

If there is no result about outcome of blood tests?

So u think all these debates Q & A meaningful or not?

Got do medical tests lei?

Then where are all the medical tests OUTCOME (& RESULTS)?

So much for the A(nswers) to the Q(uestions)?

At the end of the entire debate season, noboLEE is a any wiser about the A(nswers) to the Q(uestions) cos such A(nswers) are phrased such that they do not contain any test result outcome?


How is that?

An A(nswer) that CONTAINS NO A(nswer)?

This Leon face reaction was "quite funny"?

Can tell he is "probably thinking should he CRY or LAUGH"?

But is this a laughing (or crying) matter?

It is the livelihood of millions and families AT STAKE?

Are we going to have knee jerk reactions (and many after thoughts) when the economy head south?

Anonymous said...

So this year of rollercoaster ..... oops ..... rooster ..... could be quite interesting?

We could be witnessing rollercoaster ...... oops ..... rooster (knee jerk) reactions?

In the end, what Comrade Deng said is pure wisdom?

Dun care what colour/ make but if catch the rodents then black, white, cats, dogs, papigs doesnt matter?

But even if rainbow colourful papigs but catch no rodents in the end, then this year is truly a rooster year?

Or rather COCK year?

Talk COCK sing song mah?

Anonymous said...

Mee is a very straight forward person.

When listening to budget debate, Mee dun look at the answers given?

Mee look at answers not given?

Cos answers not given is actually the answers given?

Simple as that?

Anonymous said...

So to the several questions that Leon asked, Mee already got the answers to those answers not given?

So on that note, Mee is signing off for 2017 and 2018 le .....

By end 2018, we shall see whether the answers not given match the answers given?

2018 no more year of cock le?

It is year of the (angry) DOG?

Beware people can be "bitten by fierce dog" if they try to talk cock in the yr of the (bull)dog cos no more cock year le ......?

Make sense?

Anonymous said...

@ March 11, 2017 3:38 am

/// whereas there is only one source to get opposition MPs, i.e. from the 30% of Smart Sinkies. Therefore, it must be well protected and increase in value for the long-term interests of Singapore. ///

And this is exactly the point that Singaporeans don't understand.

PAPaya is only interested in the PAPaya's long term interest.
PAPaya is not interested and does not care about Singaporeans' interest.

What is good for PAPaya is not good for Singaporeans.

True or not?
You tell me lah.