A mausoleum for Kim Jong Nam

Malaysia may be building a mausoleum to house the body of Kim Jong Nam forever. The families of the said victim are not coming forward to claim it. North Korea wanted it but Malaysia did not want to give it to them. According to Malaysian Health Minister Subramaniam, ‘There have been a lot of rumours that the body was cremated, but we would not do this without the responsible parties  giving us directives or agreements.’ This would lead to an impasse and Malaysia would end up with the body of Kim out of a matter of choice and kindness. Malaysia could easily return the body to North Korea, but for some reason or reasons, chose not to do so and would only want to return the body to the victim’s family that did not want to come forward.

Ok, so Malaysia, what are you going to do with the body now? Keep it in the morgue forever or turn it into something useful, like a tourist attraction to collect fees for its upkeep? A mausoleum would be practical and useful if Malaysia has the intention to turn this non profit act of kindness, a money losing situation, into a positive money making machine.

Come visit Malaysia to see this rare human specie, found only in North Korea but not in other parts of the world, a North Korean? And this is probably the only specimen that was poisoned by one of the deadliest nerve gases known to humankind.  It is a unique opportunity not to be missed. World scientists may also get the privilege of examining and studying the body and the effects of the deadly nerve agent known as VX. Visitors entering the mausoleum would have to pay for a protective clothing for their safety of course, some kind of sophisticated plastic overall. This would really be a piece of item that is attractive to the tourists visiting Malaysia and for keepsake.

I am giving the Malaysian Tourism Ministry good suggestions for free.


Anonymous said...

A mausoleum of KJN in Matland is a good idea as it can serve as a tourist attraction. But this would angers the NK as their Superme Leader half bro body can't even return hm, an insult to their sovereignty & national disgrace. Another danger would be the VX agents must be kept away from visiting people or outsiders lest it come resurrected & endanger other people lives. How bout cremated & thrown into sea if KJN family wouldn't wanna claim in say 2-3yrs time?

Anonymous said...

The politicians there will time the release of the body
to advantage them in their coming early/snap GE!

They are not stupid!

This an excellent opportunity to gain some votes!

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia's PM Najib is smarter than many of the past Malaysian PM, including Mahathir. He wants to keep the body of DEAD Kim Jong-Nam in Deep Freeze. He is inventing a new drug that can revive a dead person. He hopes to be able to speak with Kim Jong-Nam again, because there is a secret the dead KJN knew but yet to be made known. This secret is worth $Billions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.12am, congratulations.........

You also are worth billions.........

Because you know his secret that all of us dont know........

Good for you........

You will be mega-rich.........

Please do not forget uncle rb n people here........


Virgo 49 said...

All these So called Democratic Countries been brain washed that Communism is BAD. The reality is that they are the Ones who created the Mess and Shits that ishappening now in this turbulent World.

Each and everyone trying to slaughter and out do each other that they had lost the Souls of Civilisation.

Now,been proven wrong by the Socilaist and Communists that their societies are decaying with Nepotism, Corruption, their Evils and what's have you.

Grudgingly, they still cannot reconcile the reality of a Communists Power like China and the fierce resistance of North Korea.

These capitalist countries with their self centred and.corrupt leaders are just too afraid to be exposed as Charlatans and be lyunched by its people.

They have to work in cahoots with each other to cover their arses.

That's why they are finding faults with China, Russia and North Korea brainwashing the Dafts that they are Evil.

Fortunately, we have a Sane Man like Donald Trump. who are willing to debunk these myths.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia could easily return the body to North Korea, but for some reason or reasons, chose not to do so and would only want to return the body to the victim’s family that did not want to come forward.

Tiok. And for the same reason or reasons, the Sinkie opposition could easily become strong, united and ready to be govt, but chose not to do so and would only want to contest 100% seats without being ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

KJ Nam s body was a stir from media. Reason they said the mortuary KL gate no long shut, and deducted that his body would be sent bark. They also said plain cloth poo lists visited inside NK embassy, came out 3 hours later, probably to interview 3 alleged involved in murder case hiding inside he building.

The officials said nothing change, the body is unclaimed.

The only difference is: 9 malaysians are stuck in NK not allowed to go home. Najib was quick. On the very days after murder, the NK malaysia ambassador was recalled bark to KL. But NK disallowed malaysians in NK to leave after KL broke the news NK was involved in the murder.

I guess this matter will be over when media reporters get tired of the news, and the body will be sent to Netherlands where the son and his mother were reported to have shifted. The son and mother were reported to be on S koreans hands. What s the problem? The body must go to either N or S Koreans hands, similar to WKS said, Mas must be either inside singapore or outside.

Keep in KL and build a special tomb for Nam? It is against human rights and the family can sue for misusing the body for publicity purpose. Najib can lose votes. Correct? Election is coming for Najib. The Nam job is well done so far. No public complaints.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Unlike wonderful and modern Singapore, Malaysia is "behind the times" and as a result is a cuntry not known for its science and technology ( sains dan teknologi --- lazy Malay language often "borrows" from Bahasa Ingris because they asre too fucking dumb to create their own words).

Thus said, I propose that Malaysia takes steps to redress this inadequacy and use the body of Dead Kim as the first experiment in a National Body Farm.

The following video gives a good introduction to what body farms are

Another aspect of Malaysian society is that their law enforcement is sadly lacking in thinking and skills to effectively bust crime and bring criminals to justice.

Evidence of this can be found in the fact that the entire government is essentially one big organised criminal gang.

Contrast this to Malaysia's southern neighbour Singapore, where the government is clean and white as the driven snow. So pristine of character are Singapore's politicians and civil servants that the nation has ELECTED to award these outstanding examples of humanity with the highest public salaries in the entire world.

Singapore has set a benchmark Malaysia can only hope to emulate.

Therefore it is a good idea to plant the rotting corpse of this Dead Oriental somewhere where scientists can observe the decay process, and hopefully the information gleaned can help Malaysian law enforcement lift their game.

C'mon Malaysia. You can do it. You might be a bunch of lazy so-and-so's, but we in Singapore are glad to be a shining example of achievement.

Let's face it, although you might not like the truth...but here it is anyway: Singapore's Malays are better and do better than your Malaysian Malays, despite the fact that you have racist laws which are supposed to help them.

I hope your observational powers are as keen as mine.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. I hope my post will not inflame sensitivities. I am aware what pussies Malaysians are and how quick they are to take offence.

I do love Malaysia, despite her imperfections and occasional instances of ugliness. I take it my Australian and Singapore dollars are still welcome there.

BTW, you guys have delicious food and oh-so-very-fuckable women.

May Allah bestow his blessings on you all.

Anonymous said...

The mausoleum idea is a good one.
What's wrong with collecting more money?
Can we do the same in Singapore?

All those VIPs who have been given gun carriage funerals with money collected from Singapore tax payers.
Why not recover back some of the cost with a mausoleum tourist attraction?

Anonymous said...

/// If you have one nationality, it means that a single government has total control over your life, your finances, your business, and your personal affairs.
It means that you’re chained to the consequences of that single government’s decisions, no matter how destructive, no matter whether or not your agree.

If they decide to provoke another shooting war and impose a draft… or levy debilitating taxes… or print so much money that the consequent inflation causes social unrest… then you have little recourse.

A second passport is like an insurance policy. ///


Anonymous said...

@ March 29, 2017 11:45 am

Do you think all Members' of Parliament should make a legal declaration: How many foreign passports do they carry?

Anonymous said...

There is none of your business to bother how many passport others have. The more they have, more cost. One Aus also has original Malaysia passport. He has to go back to aust after certain time to keep alive his australian passport. I told him give up one. Yet he was working in singapore also a PR. At the end he disappeared.

I was unlucky to need to serve NS. He needed no NS, always told me heng ah. As time passed, one will realize modern centuries offer choices. I felt angry at first when this fellow left as his jobs passed to me to do, knn.
But I learned from him, he had to spend a lot to run back to Aust as the other side also has expenses to pay. Malaysia has parents costs to pay. Singapore has rental to pay. But he cannot be on the job long due to Aust passport.

On the other hand, i read in Ass. 1 Ah tiong claimed he was discriminated at interview when HR told him he might not be able to work inside non ah tiong office. Seemed he survived. Now he claimed on article that sinkies are too choosy on jobs. Stay at BT, and claimed working at Tuas has to wake up at 6am. Saty at HG claimed Woodland is far.

I have spoken to countless of such answers. Correct, all correct. When company choose for interview, they should pick those stay nearby.

Why "choosy" is bad? I do not think so. It is Singapore s young generation got better hope than ah tiong trying to squeeze for S$1 more. So simple lah. Singaporeans need to feed family, parents, pay HDB instalment. Ah tiong can only write to criticise sinkie so that another Ah tiong will get the jobs and they can form empire inside to cover each other.

My point is: other have 2 passports or choose to work at which place is none of your business. They make choices for their own good. U do not have it, and feel others must follow u who do not have 2 passports, obligations to feed parents and children, educate children, do NS ippt incamp, pay HDB, u can enjoy or curse your own life you are not happy about.

Leave the choices to others to choose. Do not impose your wishes as if yu are entitled to do so.

Soon, yu and others will be like Kim Jong Nam. U do not assume you own this world and die at 91. Your time can be anytime similar to the 91. Mind your own business and help others to succeed is a better way to live in sinkieland. Ah tiong, Oz, Malaysians, all will have to go back to homelands if not sinkies and mati there, even they mati in sinkie. Look at KJ Nam. Foreigners want to take over Sinkieland, do NS first or get ready to go vertically or horizontally home. So stop imposing your wishes on sinkies, u are always foreigners if not did NS.

Anonymous said...

@ March 29, 2017 12:36 pm

Of course it's our business to know whether we have Members' of Parliament who may not have Singapore's best interest at heart.
- If they have two passports, how do we know they are not aiding and abetting a foreign government against Singapore?

So many jobs and scholarships are given to foreigners.
It's only logical to ask if our Singapore parliament have been infiltrated by MPs who have dual citizenship.

Very simple process.
Just declare that they do not carry two passports.
What's so difficult?

There is none of your business to bother how many passport others have. The more they have, more cost. One Aus also has original Malaysia passport. He has to go back to aust after certain time to keep alive his australian passport. I told him give up one. Yet he was working in singapore also a PR. At the end he disappeared.

Anonymous said...

"So many jobs and scholarships are given to foreigners.
It's only logical to ask if our Singapore parliament have been infiltrated by MPs who have dual citizenship."

MP and above should have 2 or 3 citizenships passport. These people must be able to run to other places at war time. They will organize funds and troops from US to save NS men. One minister sons are foreigners according to media reports. That is a good arrangement. The reports said the minister might ask them to do NS. I wander if there is follow up. Pap must have foreign passports. This is a must have for sinkielands long term survival. Opposition mp are not allowed to have 2 passports to prove they are loyal to sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

I think only 2nd generation Singaporeans should be allowed to be Members of Parliament or Ministers.
This is to ensure that there is no residual loyalty to his-her country of birth.
Who knows?
Maybe the parents of current Ministers or Members of Parliament are still citizens of foreign countries?
In order to avoid potential embarrassment, I think all first generation Singaporeans in the Singapore parliament should resign.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone:

2nd passports/ multiple citizenships are illegal under Singapore constitution.

However the govt. looks the other way as they know many people (especially China and India emigres, now Singapore citizens and new PAP voters) have other citizenships an addition to their Singapore one. Also many more younger Singaporeans are now living in the Western democracies and doing damn fucking well. (Meritocracy lah. Singapore govt tends to be nicer to you the more successful you become)

As I've indicated in the past, borders, govt. and cuntries are becoming less and less significant in today's modern world.

Having a 2nd passport or a resident visas (in your Singapore passport) is a SMART MOVE. These days it's no big deal.

Life is neither FAIR nor EQUAL. Sorry lah, all you Hong Lim bums. 🤡

𝓖ot 𝓖lobalization ⁇ 👯

𝓖ot ℳeritocracy ⁇ 🕺

Anonymous said...

If you want to be in the Singapore parliament and pass laws that affect Singaporeans.
What's wrong with asking you to declare how many passports you have?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1220:

Absolutely nothing. Parliament can do whatever the fuck it wants for whatever fuck reason they invent. I have no problem with that.

In fact, the cool thing is that parliament makes it's own rules, not the Singapore population.

However, the Singapore population is GOVERNED by the RULE OF LAWS passed by parliament. Parliaments governs the people, but the people do not govern parliament.

Sounds like it's right to me! I love it! 🤡😝