Govt committed to lowering cost of living

“Prices of goods and service in Singapore may be rising at a slower pace, but Singaporeans still feel the squeeze, convinced the cost of living is rising faster.”

What is this statement in thenewpaper trying to say? Prices rising at slower pace so no rising cost of living but Singaporeans, not locals, think cost of living is rising faster and this is not true. Why, because the govt are doing so many things to ease the rising cost of living, like more taxes, higher fees, etc, all working towards lowering the cost of living.

You don’t believe these would work? You forgot that increasing GST is to help the poor? Sugar taxes to reduce diabetes? 30% increase in price of water to reduce usage of water and to teach people the importance of water that falls down from the sky, free? More foreigners are here to provide jobs, good jobs for Singaporeans? And the infamous million dollar ministerial salary to prevent corruption? All these are uniquely Singaporean way to solve our unique problems by our super talented ministers.

And sure they work. Listen to this comment by Chan Chun Sing. “People’s aspirations, and their ability to fulfil them, can also affect their perception of the issue.” Huh, what’s that? Oh, if you have million dollar salary, your perception of rising cost of living would be different from those trying to make ends meet. This one I also know.

And MP Liang Eng Hwa got the gumption to ask if the cost of living has significantly increased. My answer is a definite NO. And I thank Chan Chun Sing for agreeing with me. He said, “But looking at absolute measures, overall inflation in Singapore has, in fact, declined between 2012 and last year, compared with the five year period before it.” See, I am right, inflation is in decline, though still going up and the govt is helping the people to stretch their hard earned dollar.

Personally I know my kopi has gone up from 90c to $1.10, train fares have also gone up, the food in hawker centres also up. No I cannot afford $6 kopi or $10 lunch. So my perception of rising inflation is not true, because I am trying to stretch my dollar to get me as much as I could get.

There is no rising cost of living in Singapore despite our honour of being the most expensive city in the world. This is only a matter of perception. If you are earning million dollar salary, what inflation? And if you know how to stretch your dollar like buying the cheapest things available, eating less, where got inflation? And don’t take public transport if you cannot afford it, try bicycle or walking and you can be richer by saving a few dollars or a few cents.

See, Singapore is a cheap place to live, even if it is the most expensive place in the world. The govt is doing all it could to lower the cost of living and inflation by raising more taxes, hiking more fees and charges. All these are to reduce inflation and cost of living for sure.

Trust me.


How much is a worker paid versus how much he has to pay to live

"A family getting by on $117,400 (£87,970) in one US city can now be considered ‘low income’, according to government figures. How can that be the case?
That workers with six-figure salaries could be considered “poor” is something that might surprise many people.
But taking into account income and housing costs that is the reality for some families – who may be eligible for housing assistance – according to a recent report from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.
In San Francisco and nearby San Mateo and Marin Counties it said $117,400 for a family of four was “low income”, while $73,300 (£54,900) was “very low income” – the highest figures anywhere in the country.

The above statement was posted by Cynical Investor to explain the relative income and purchasing power of money. Everything is relative and the numbers are deceiving. We have recently heard Koh Poh Koon lamenting that the productivity of our workers was below the wages they were being paid, ie, our workers are overpaid. So how? He is saying that the wages or our workers are too high, overpaid, so it is necessary to cut down the wages of our workers to be competitive.
This is a very simplistic view of the relationship between wages and productivity. An approach we called single factor analysis, picking on one or two isolated factors to prove a point but really is misinformation or disinformation. The wages of workers are not just measured on productivity alone though productivity is an important factor.

The workers need to live and get on with his life in a given set of parameters in the society or country he lives. He needs to pay for housing, food, clothing, bringing up children, medicare and all the social needs that cost money. This is why there is a term called basic wages that is linked to the cost of living of a country. How much does a person needs just to afford the basic needs of his environment to get by.

Singapore has priced itself to be one of the most expensive city in the world. Some jokers think this is a great achievement and recklessly increasing the cost of living with higher and higher taxes and fees to be on top of the world for the wrong reason. They did not care simply because they are being paid in the millions and would not be affected by the higher cost of living. But for the workers every cent counts and any increases would eat into his already thin wage and would likely to mean he has to give up on things that he no longer has the extra dollar to pay for. They have to cut ends and eat less or live on less.

Does the govt ever consider how much a family needs to live in this most expensive city in the world when  the value of money is getting smaller by the day? Before any joker starts to even think of wage cuts, he should be very clear in his mind what is the minimum wage needed to get by in this expensive city. Oh, what expensive, $1,000 wage can buy HDB flats. Oh ya?

In countries like China or India, when cost of living are very low, they could pay their workers low wages but still enough to live comfortably.  With the big difference in exchange rates, the workers of these countries would be paid really very little relative to our workers and thus become very competitive relative to their productivity. Would the jokers conveniently say our workers should also be paid the same wage as these workers to be competitive?

The above examples of the income of American workers are obvious and easy to understand even to the dull. The paper value of income must be read in the context of the cost of living of the country. Singapore has prices itself out of competition by its silly and irresponsible policies that ended up in very high cost of living and going higher by the day. And the jokers think that this is sustainable as long as we reduce the wages of our workers to be competitive.

It is very easy to make arguments in a vacuum or use single factor anal-lysis. Just keep farting. Yes the wages are high relative to the wages of developing countries. But our wages are low, some near poverty level, relative to our high cost of living.

So, what is your answer? Raise more taxes, more rentals, higher property prices, higher fees, higher train and bus fairs, build more monuments and charged to the people?


China is making everyone richer

Thanks to the industrious Chinese workers, they are making everyone richer by producing goods that are not only affordable, but very cheap. The goods and products produced and made in China are now made available not only to the Chinese people but to the rest of the world, the working and middle classes in the developed countries and the lower classes in the developing world.

Many of the poorer people would not be able to buy or afford to buy the goods that made life more convenient if the Chinese did not make them and sell them at a price they could afford. Think of the hundreds of millions of mobile phones, good quality phones, being sold in India and China and Africa, Asia and the rest of the world. The names like Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo are household names all over the world. How could these people afford to pay a thousand US dollar or more for just a mobile phone? The Chinese are selling them for a fraction of that sum and hundreds of millions of people in the developing world are now proud owners of mobile phones to enjoy and benefit of the advances in science and technology.

The Chinese have made goods cheaper or in a way make money bigger, or purchasing power greater for the same monetary value. The American and European middle class and lower class would now be able to buy more luxury goods made by China that they would otherwise not be able to afford. This is applicable to everywhere in the world. The Chinese people could afford reasonably priced cars, cars costing a fraction of those made in Europe and the USA. Computers, laptops, notepads, are practically all made in China and made available to the rest of the world at a price that is really affordable even to children of developing countries.

At the country level, China not only helped to built infrastructures for many countries, China helped to send their satellites to space, high speed trains, even military hardware for a song. Without China they would have to pay for American prices and in American dollars for the same goods. Would Malaysia be able to even consider building the major ports and high speed trains at Japanese or European prices?

China is helping the rest of the world to stretch their dollars, make their money bigger and not be fleeced by the Americans and the West, dictating their prices and terms of trades with steel chains attached. It is a new freedom for the rest of the world, for the poorer nations of the world, to have the things they want at a price they could afford.

China and Chinese workers are benefitting the world with their productivity at a fraction of the cost of the Americans and the West. More will come from China in electric cars, solar energy panels, windmills to tap cheaper sources of energy. This is only the beginning of China changing the world, to make the world a better and more peaceful place to live.


Singapore wages too high and businesses may close down

Thestatestimesreview wrote this, “Senior Minister for Trade and Industry Koh Poh Koon complained in Parliament yesterday (July 11) that Singaporeans’ wages are too high and unsustainable. Referencing to the productivity growth, the S$1.1 million-a-year PAP minister threatened that businesses will downsize or shut down if wages continue to rise….In Singapore, manual labour jobs like cleaners earn as little S$900 a month after CPF deduction. At about S$5 an hour, this is a quarter of the S$20 minimum wage in Australia. Foreign workers from third world countries like Bangladesh earn much lower, taking home about S$600 a month.”

Unbelieveable! A drunk would never admit that he is drunk or would not know that he is drunk. A glutton would never see himself as a glutton. Or Napoleon and his fellow pigs would not know that they were cheating the people and feeding themselves crazy on the people’s labour and contribution.
Singaporean wages high? What nonsense! A $1,000 wage in Singapore is bordering on the poverty line. A $1,000 wage in third world country is middle class. A cleaner with $900 wage is barely surviving. What is high or low is relative. You can't be so simple minded to just compare monetary value without looking at the real value of money in purchasing power.

This is the same farce that the Americans are groaning about. They are demanding that China pays its workers the same wage as the American workers. They refused to acknowledge the differences in cost of living, purchasing power and lifestyle. A Chinese worker earning $1,000 is very comfortable as prices of essential items are relatively cheap. An American worker cannot live with a $1,000 wage as not only things are relatively more expensive, but an American worker would want his medium rare steak and his cabernet sauvignon as part of his daily meal. The Chinese worker would be happy with his noodle or rice with a few shreds of meat or fish.

Wages are high in Singapore not at the bottom but at the top. The multi million dollar salaries of ministers and politicians, top civil servants and CEOs of GLCs are not sustainable. Just imagine how many commuters must take the train or bus before the train/bus company makes $1m. At $1 a trip, it means 1m trips just to pay the joker his 1m salary. And if you have 20 jokers with an average salary of $1m it means 20m trips just to pay their salaries.

The sickness of our economy is not the wages of the workers but the salary of those at the top. Do they contribute enough to earn the millions that are paid to them other than talking nonsense? The salary of a million dollar top man or politician could pay for a thousand workers. This is the real problem of unsustainability and irresponsible remuneration system.

Yes, it is very high at the top and very unsustainable. Stop spewing nonsense and everyday scheming to reduce the wages of the workers and stealing their savings in their CPF.

The only way to solve the Singapore unsustainable high salary problem is lightning strike.

PS. How are Singaporeans going to survive in this most expensive city in the world if their wages are to be the same as Malaysians, Indonesians, Pinoys, or Indians?


Dialectics on Education – idealism versus pragmatism, reality versus aspiration

Many pages of the media, many efforts and valuable manhours, and many heads have been put together to untie the Gordian knot of the Singapore education system. The reason for the change, the wanting to change, comes not because the education is flaw, foul or ineffective, but because of stress factor, because of the complaints by parents that their children are unable to cope. What are the statistics on the complaints, type of complaints, relevant or irrelevant, real or just fear, are not given.

So a massive exercise has been taken, by the people that may not know much about education, by people that may not know much about what life and living is all about, by people who knows not but pretending or thinking they know a lot.

Here are some takeaways from the things said and printed in the media and the contradictions or fictions that have been generated. The most important point raised, and out of a sense of wanting to provide a child with an all round education, to be a knows all of everything but knowing nothing, is this, to develop a whole child, whatever that means. And the present wisdom, a future of uncertainties and it is better to develop a child that can cope with future changes. Let me quote Indranee, a lawyer, not an educationist, not a parent bringing up children. “We now put a lot more emphasis on developing the whole child – not just their academic achievements….The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn will be the key.” And this motherhood statement, ‘Book knowledge alone is not enough, and the change caused by technology and other disruptive factors means that learning, has to continue well into adult life.’

I have several questions. How many children require all round development? How many children needs to be educated in the arts and sciences to become a knows all? How useful is a child with a well rounded education that he can use all these knowledge in his job? How many children are capable, with the intellect, to acquire a full rounded education other than being superficial and ended up becoming a good for nothing? In the real world, when everyone needs to get a job to feed himself, other than the super rich, is a general all round education going to be more useful than a specific education with specific skills, but very narrow in nature?

Why are Singaporeans, especially the PMETs losing out in the job market, unemployable, because they did not have specific skills needed in the job market? Why are foreigners, who did not benefit from our super all round education, coming from very basic education system, are beating our super talented Singaporeans, with super grades, in the job market? Why are ministers saying that there is no need for university education, all one needs is a skill in demand?

Are there contradictions between idealism and reality, between aspirations and the hard truth in life? While talking about educating children to become more flexible and adaptable, would these compromise the children in acquiring specific skills in demand? Funny, if every child is going to become a superman that can do everything, a wholly developed person, are they not going to become one stereo typed, wholly developed person? Assuming of course every child is a genius by nature and could benefit from such a complex and varied education, and without stress.

I am not an educationist or expert in education. These are some of my thoughts as a layman, someone who has no deep knowledge about education and I do not pretend to know the answers to how a child should be educated to the best of his ability, his gifted or not gifted talent. A child is not the same as every other child, each with his own special talents and non talents. Should it not be to develop a child according to the best of his natural endowment and according to what society and the new world expects from him? Not what the parents want them to be?

It will be a different matter if every child is born a genius and a sports talent and is gifted to do and excel in everything.

From comments in Parliament and the direction they are pointing it appears that they are being mislead by a small group of noisy and vociferous parents dictating how the education should be like for their not too bright or even dull children to be admitted to the best schools, play and be happy, without any pressure, no need exams, learn more study less, and end up with super grades in the end. Such things can only happen in third world countries and degree mills.

The children come in all shapes and sizes and not everyone is a perfect circle. One way to push them through perfect circles is to enlarge the circles. But they would come out in their original shapes and sizes. The only method to turn odd shapes into perfect circles, or cast iron into steel is through the crucible of fire.
A buffet of schools

What Singapore needs is a tough minister to offer to the parents a buffet of schools, from happy schools to tough competitive schools, to specialized schools that would turn out children according to the demand of the schools and their specialization. Play schools would turn out playboys and playgirls. Rich parents can afford these playboys and playgirls as they grow up to party their whole lives without worries, without stress, without having to work for a day.

Those who want their children to be engineers, scientists, doctors, and the hard disciplines have no choice but to work for it. There is no other way to master these tough disciplines except through degree mills and pariah school systems in third world countries. Is that what we want?

Stop fooling around with our education system and the lives of our young. No pain no gain. Oops, maybe we have magicians in Parliament that could really produce an Einstein who is also a great artist, a great football player without having to work for it. Just pull him out from the hat and viola, you have your superman!


Trade wars and trade imbalance - Another white man's lie

Daily the Americans have been crying out loud that they are suffering huge trade deficits in their trades with China and the rest of the world. And they conveniently blame China and the rest of the world for the huge trade deficits against their favours. Is this true or the real thing or another big white lie.

Take the case of US China trade imbalance for example. One of the biggest factor contributing to the trade imbalance is that the Americans want to buy all the cheap products Made in China but refused to sell to China what the Chinese want to buy, ie high value and high tech goods on the ground of security. Sticking to this American farce and make belief, what else can the Americans sell to China when everything the average or working class Chinese need could be made and produced in China? This only left with a few food items that the Chinese could not produce themselves or produced not enough ie soya beans, meat and wine. There is nothing else that the Americans can sell to China other than airplanes.  China wants to buy of lot of equipment and machinery from the Americans, but the Americans refused to sell. The main reason for trade is to create value and make profits from the exchange. There is no point for China to acquire all the US dollars if they don't use it to buy things from the Americans, converting them to value for its people. See the white lies in this argument?

Relating to the above, the Americans are all the time putting barriers to prevent China from spending their US dollars in the US. China has been prevented from buying many properties and assets and companies which would lead to a healthier trade balance for the Americans. It is the Americans that are refusing to let the Chinese buy or use their US dollars in America to benefit America.

Another major factor is that the Americans did not have to work to have money to buy and buy and buy. They just print money to exchange for goods. Thus there is no incentive for the Americans to want to sell things of value to the rest of the world, especially to China. It could be one of their cunning strategies, let the Chinese accumulate all the American dollars and made the American dollars useless, valueless in a way when the Chinese could not use them to buy American goods.

The fictitious trade imbalance which the Americans refused to admit is that many of the goods and products sold to America were actually sold by American companies operating in China. As the goods were made in China and exported from China, they become exports from China and registered as trade gains to China. An Apple iphone selling for a thousand US dollars would create less than US$10 to a Chinese worker. The bulk of the profits goes to Apple Inc owned by the Americans.

The white men are living with their white lies and using white lies to start another war, a trade war. The irony of this trade war is that ultimately the losers would be the average working class Americans. This is a war that the Americans could win on paper but end up as losers.

What would happen after the trade war?

China would lose the American market. It's products would have great difficulties selling in the USA.
Likewise the Americans would lose the Chinese market. American produces would not sell in China. America would also lose their manufacturing base in China. American companies would no longer make their products in China.

Can China live and continue to prosper without the 300m American market?
Can the American companies survive without the 1.4b Chinese market?
Can the American companies sell its products, NOT  made in China, that would be affordable to the rest of the world?

You make your own conclusion.


Does Mahathir know what is unfair agreement?

The agreements signed between Malaysia and China or Malaysia and Singapore were signed on a willing buyer willing seller basis. Did anyone point a gun at the head of the signatories? Did the signatories sign under coercion?

The treaties China signed with the Brits and Portuguese after the Opium War to give up sovereignty of Hong Kong and Macao were unfair treaties signed under coercion, unwillingly by China. No country would willingly sign such treaties against the interests of their countries. Despite the one sided treaties, China abided by them, honoured them as international agreements between two states even if they were unequal treaties. China could have kicked out the Portuguese and Brits long before the treaties expired, but did not do so, as they were treaties, international agreements signed between two govts.

Another example of unfair agreements is the McMahon Line drawn by an angmoh thief coming all the way from Europe. He simply put his pen to decide which part of the land belonged to China and which part belonged to the British Empire, arbitrarily without consulting China. And India is basing on this arrogant angmoh twit’s pen to claim that those land drawn by him as part of the British Empire now belongs to India.

Today Mahathir simply uttered that the agreements signed between Malaysia and China and Singapore were unfair and this gives him the right to renegotiate. He did not know how much harm he did to his country for being unreliable and untrustworthy, for not abiding by agreements signed by his govts. Who would want to sign agreements with a country that would turn around to dishonor the agreements at their whims and fancy? Maybe this is the key reason why he returned from Japan empty handed. He cannot be trusted!

Mahathir must not think that only he can be unreasonable and bickering against legally signed agreements. Singapore is standing very firm on the HSR and Water Agreements. Singapore would hold Malaysia to these agreements and would take Malaysia to the international courts if needed. Mahathir don’t pray pray with Singapore. Khaw Boon Wan has fired the first shot. Vivian Balakrishnan continued with the second shot. Two can play the game. It is not a one sided thing, that only Mahathir can shoot at anyone and think he could get away with it.

There is international law to govern the actions and behavior of recalcitrant leaders that try to ignore the rule of law. And Singapore is one big country that would stand very firm on the rule of law or outlaws. Mahathir is not the law and not beyond reproach when international agreements are concerned.

A Brief Synopsis of India's China War. - 1962

Below are some salient points and facts behind the Sino-Indian border war of 1962. A good knowledge of the historical background  of the disputed boundaries is essential to the understanding of the dispute.

There are many cumulative factors that cause the Sino-Indian border war in the foothills of the Himalayas mountain ridges in 1962. There is the historical factor of British colonialism and imperialism in India expanding right into Chinese territories in Tibet, India's ambitious Forward Policy of building military outposts deep into Chinese territories far beyond the McMahon Line , a boundary illaterally drawn by the British but never recognized by China, US/UK Western political and psychological support as well as Soviet Union's behind the scene instigation and support that encouraged India to attack China. Also it was due to India's ambition of inheriting the mantle of British colonialism and imperialism at the expense of China and India's overconfidence and miscalculation that China would not fight back in the event of Indian attack on Chinese border troops , a false and fake feedback given to India by US/UK and Soviet Union that finally goaded India to attack China.

Throughout the 18th and 19th century British colonialism in India expanded maliciously towards the Chinese territories in Tibet. British expansionism incurred on Chinese territories in the Himalayas in both the north west region of Aksai Chin and the north east of southern Tibet in Tawang province. 

England refused to budge from occupied Chinese territories inspite of endless years of negotiations taking advantage of a weak and decadent Chinese government then.

British failure to settle its occupation of Chinese territories before it left India laid the foundation to the border war between India and China. Nehru's India was adament in refusing to talk and negotiate with China over the Chinese lands stolen from China by the British and now inherited by India as fait accompli Indian territories. Thus India wants to inherit the mantle of British colonialism and imperialism at the expense of China.

During the same period of 18th and 19th century another European imperial power Russia was expanding into Chinese territories both in Siberia in the north up to the Pacific coast where Vladivostok ( a former Chinese city ) is and in the south and south west in Xinjiang and Tibet in the Hindu Kush and Karakoram mountains.

Both England and Russia had the same compulsion to expansion. And wherever new territories were occupied they established military outposts to fortify and strengthen their illicit and illegal occupation and to overcome local resistance. And that was how China lost vast territories to England in the south and three million and five hundred thousand square miles of Chinese lands to Russia in the north as well as thousands of square miles of Chinese territories in the Illi region of Xinjiang.

                                                   PART      TWO

On 14th March, 1899, in Peking, England agreed that the whole Karakash Valley and all Aksai Chin territory belonged to China. In the Simla Convention in 1914 Britain confirmed that Aksai Chin belonged to China. However, in 1947 when India became independent it refused to recognize Aksai Chin as Chinese territory.

When British forces reached the Himalayas it found that the states of Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan were all under some sort of Chinese suzerainty. In 1914 England illegally took the Tawang district of southern Tibet from China in which China objected and protested strongly. In 1946 an Indian map of Nehru's book "Discovery of India" 1st edition showed the Tawang province as Chinese territory. However, Britain's failure to reach an agreement with China left unresolved boundary problems to independent India in 1947, when it was granted independence on 14th August, 1947.

China had always protested the stealing of Chinese territories in Aksai Chin and Tawang and considered the Simla Convention in 1914 invalid. In October 1962 , China officially asked India to return to China a large swathe of territory from Ladakh to Assam which include Sikkim and the Darjeeling district.

India not only refused to return Tawang to China but renamed the province as the North-East Frontier Agency. India then adopted a forward policy of the British in grabbing more Chinese lands beyond the illegal McMahon Line and building military outposts to strengthen its occupation. When China called for talks and negotiations to settle the boundary issues it was always rebuffed by India which stubbornly maintained that they were Indian territories and there was nothing to talk or negotiate. India's attitude was on the model of the arrogant Americans or the west and that is 'accept what I claim or else there is nothing to talk about.'

In September 1962, India arm forces pressed forward in the western sector of Aksai Chin and the eastern sector - the North East Frontier Agency ( NEFA ). Thus it was India's forward policy which led to war. India believed and the belief was strengthened and assured by UK,US and Soviet Union that China would not fight back if India pressed forward and attack Chinese troops at the border. This strong conviction that China would not retaliate in the face of Indian attack encouraged India to continue its attack  on China more aggressively from 6th October, 1962.

In the meantime China appealeed to India to talk and negotiate a peaceful settlement instead of resorting to fighting. However, India's attitude meant that settlement must be on India's terms.. When India continued to attack China finally had to retaliate and pushed back Indian forces. It was then that India shamefully claimed that  China had carried out an unprovoked attack on India.

India had committed aggression against China but was quick to reversely put the blame on China for attacking India.It was a terrible shameful lie. It  showed how dishonourable India can be.

India turned panicky with the disastrous defeat of its armies in the border war. Nehru appealed to America and England for military aid. India gave a list of the weaponeries it required from USA . On 29th October, 1962, Nehru accepted US military aid. This exposed India's false and fake non-alignment policy. India was looking at war with China as hours of greatness. From the 12th to 16th November,1962, India carried out large scale attack on Chinese forces in the north-east, NEFA. Again Indian forces were routed by the Chinese peasant armies. 

On the night of 20th November, 1962, Nehru appealed for US intervention to bomb Chinese forces and also requested for US to despatch an aircraft carrier to the Bay of Bengal.

                                                         PART     THREE

                     China declared unilateral ceasefire

On 20th November, 1962, China announced to the world of its unilateral ceasefire and withdrawal to 20KM behind the line of actual control which existed between China and India on 7th November, 1959  -  The McMahon Line which China had never recognized.

China's army had advanced into the territory south of the McMahon Line ,  "in order to  thoroughly rout the Indian reactionaries and to shatter their plan of altering the border status quo by armed force and to create conditions for a negotiated settlement. It was the first time in recorded history that a great power has not exploited military success by demanding something more."  ( Quote from Neville Maxwell ) . China could have marched easily into into New Delhi, India's capital.

China repatriated to India all 6,000 Indian prisoners together with all their  guns, mortars, artilleries, brand new American automatic rifles and a Russian helicopter in serviceable condition.

China called for talks and negotiations again but was constantly rebuffed by India despite appeal by some Afro-Asian nations viz Egypt,UAR and Sri Lanka. Instead India in 1963 conducted a joint Anglo-American air exercise with long range fighter aircraft flying in to operate from Indian Air Force bases. Nehru had in November, 1962 called for Anglo-American intervention in the Sino-Indian border war. It was a betrayal of the Afro-Asian non-aligned neutral spirit. Further India also called for Soviet Union's help to build up her defenses.

It was India's intransigence in refusing to talking peace through negotiations that the borders were therefore settled down into an armed truce and diplomatic relations between China and India were frozen in limbo. In 1969 a suggestion by Mrs Indira Ghandi to mend diplomatic relations with China was rejected by Congress.

Nevertheless, China's long standing offer to negotiate a boundary settlement on the basis of the status quo when India is ready to do so still stands. 

                                                          PART     FOUR

In September, 1971, Neville Maxwell's book on India's China War had aroused a hostile uproar in India. Led by politicians and parliamentarians the public demanded punitive action against the publisher and the writer, Blames for the defeat of the border war were hurled and levelled at each other between and among the different groups of politicians, parliamentarians, Indian Intelligence Bureau and the military. 

Subsequently the retired army general - General Thapar broke his silence and in an article in the Statesman of 9th January, 1971 blamed the civilian defense minister , the director of Indian Intelligence Bureau and the civilian government not only for interference in purely military matters on flimsy political grounds but also for provoking the border war, when the defense minister ordered the army to evict the Chinese from Thag La ridge and other border areas both in the west and the east despite General Thapar's misgivings regarding Chinese reactions and its consequences.

It was generally believed by Nehru , his cabinet  and his generals that China would not react strongly to India's forward policy and to India's attack on Chinese border troops. General Kaul was a warhawk who persuaded Nehru and the parliamentarians to strongly support the forward policy and eviction of Chinese troops from their outposts that led the Indian army to establish advance checkposts to outflank Chinese positions. Further India supported the CIA armed  Tibetan emigres to foment and organize a separatist armed rebellion in Tibet . In fact Mullit the director of India's Intelligence Bureau and Nehru as well as many Indian generals and parliamentarians believe that India's national security can only be preserved by either India's occupation of Tibet or by helping to establish an independent Tibet state subservient to India. This has become a permanent feature of India's foreign policy.

Foot note:       

This synopsis base on Neville Maxwell's book, " India's China War " is written to present the truths elicited from facts to refute the false and fake representations by some overseas - ASEAN Indian intellectuals who still hold strong social and emotional ties to India that they cannot overcome their Psychological pain of India's defeat in the Sino-Indian war of 1962. Therefore they pretentiously claimed innocense of India and blame China for the border war. Thus for years they persistently and consistantly talk, speak and write damaging articles to disparage and demonise China to give China a bad image. They are also quick to condemn China in any dispute between China and other countries viz US, Japan, Vietnam or the Philippines without any logical basis other than their chronic pathological hatred for China .

Hopefully this brief synopsis will set them in the right perspective of historical truth and not base on their irrational thinking arising out of their emotional ethnic ties to India.


Wednesday, 11th July,2018



Kausikan’s megaphone diplomacy? Or is it Singapore’s megaphone diplomacy?

The last article by Bilahari Kausikan attacking China’s covert and overt diplomacy has stirred the hornet’s nest among Singaporeans doing business in China. Many were irked by his unnecessary hostile remarks against China in a forum of American and western audience, in his words, exposing China for influencing and manipulating the policies of govts to favour China. No matter how he slithered to claim that he was not attacking China in particular, no one is going to believe him as the intent of this article was as clear as a bright Sunday morning.

Many people have written to the forum pages of the ST to show their displeasure of his hostility towards China. In the ST forum page of 9 Jul, a Lim Ang Yong was equally incensed to question his intent and even suggested that it was Singapore’s megaphone diplomacy that was not good for Singapore China relations.

Let me quote Lim Ang Yong, “It seems unwise to shame China in a forum co hosted by American based organizations in front of an international audience. It is also true that we should educate Singaporeans, but that was not the goal of that forum, neither is it the role of a private individual. I am sure it is not the Govt’s intention to let former ambassadors be its proxy voice or lead its thinking and decision making on managing its China relations….”

Lim also noted that Kausikan was a former perm sec and diplomat and his knowledge of China interfering with Singapore’s policies were classified and sensitive information obtained while in office. These were privileged information protected under the Official Secrets Act that no ordinary peasant would be accessible to. All civil servants privy to official classified information are under oath to protect such information while in service or out of service and disclosing such information is an offence under the OSA. In his over zealous attempt to discredit China, has he crossed the line and divulged classified information protected under the OSA?

Has Kausikan’s disclosure and exposure of China’s behavior violated the Official Secrets Act as what he knew and said about China were privileged information available to him while in office?
What do you think?

PS. Lim Ang Yong also asked this question. “Did he get approval to speak as if he were an authority on the issue for the Singapore Govt?”


American bullies think the North Koreans are fools

In his third trip to North Korea to negotiate on the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, Pompeo continued with his arrogant American gangster style of treating the North Koreans as fools to be bullied. He went there with one objective, that the North Koreans must denuclearise under a time table set by the Americans but without offering a word about what the Americans would do to their nuclear weapons and military bases in South Korea. It was one way traffic, the North Koreans must do as dictated by the Americans. The denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula is to denuclearise North Korea only.

The North Koreans were completely pissed off by Pompeo and his thugs. They told the Americans to abide by the agreements reached in Singapore between Trump and Kim, to completely denuclearise the Korean Peninsula.  This is another case of white men speaking in fork tongues. To the Americans, the Summit agreement was meant for the North Koreans to give up their nuclear weapons, not the Americans.

Here are some quotes from Channel News Asia on the latest meeting between Pompeo and the North Koreans in an article titled, 'North Korea rejects US calls for unilateral disarmament'.

"The US is fatally mistaken if it went to the extent of regarding that the DPRK would be compelled to accept, out of its patience, demands reflecting its gangster-like mindset," the statement said, referring to North Korea by its official initials....and criticised US negotiators who "never mentioned" the subject of bringing the 1953 Korean War to a a formal end with a peace treaty....

"North Korea expected Pompeo to bring a concrete proposal for security guarantee but it was disappointed as the US side reiterated the old demand that the North should denuclearise first before the US gives it anything in return."....The North's foreign ministry took exception to Pompeo's effort to secure concrete commitments to back Kim's promise, made at a summit last month with US President Donald Trump, to work towards the "denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula".

The Americans are now going to blame the North Koreans for not abiding by the agreements of the summit when it was the Americans that were doing so, to bully the North Koreans to complete denuclearise while the Americans continue to do the same in the Korean Peninsula, with their nuclear bases and Thaad in Korea. The bullies of the world, with the biased western media, will now be pointing their fingers on the North Koreans as the ones who walked out of an agreement.

See how the Americans tried to bully OPEC and the EU....


Mahathir - Blame the stupids on major projects with China

Mahathir is crying out loud like he used to be without any real basis but his gut feel, or because he chose to depend on his own lack of intellect to understand anything more than politics. In economics, science, engineering, or even in business and finance, this man is completely lost, out of his comfort zone.

He is blaming China for all the projects signed by Najib as unfair. How were they unfair? Is Mahathir saying or confirming that all the ministers and civil servants involved in negotiating and signing projects with China were all stupid, unthinking, uneducated, unqualified dumb asses, that they did not know that the projects and agreements were unfair? And only Mahathir knew that these projects were unfair because he thought so without even reading them or understanding them? Perhaps his main thesis in the Malay Dilemma is true, or he still believes that the bumiputras are really stupid. How could these leaders and senior civil servants be so stooopid to sign projects and agreements that were unfair to Malaysia without anyone point a gun at their heads?

If indeed the projects and agreements were really unfair to Malaysia, then those signatories and leaders who approved them must be really stupid. In that case they must all be prosecuted and sent to jail for their stupidity. This is a good ground to jail the stupids for signing unfair agreements and approving unfair projects.

The saddest part of it all is that the new people he is sending to renegotiate the contracts for a fairer agreements would likely to be just as stupid and the new agreements signed would still be unfair to Malaysia, at least in the eyes of Mahathir other than for China to build the projects for free. Why is this so? Mahathir should know better. How can an education system produce intelligent people and not stupid people when admission criteria is not based on merit and academic grades?

Mahathir should jolly well take the blame himself as the leaders of Malaysia today were the products of his past education policies. Remember GIGO in computer lingo? In education system, if you put in rubbish, out will come rubbish.

How many of you really believe in Mahathir that all those people that signed 'unfair' agreements were really so stoooopid that they did not know that the agreements were unfair or they did not know they were stupid?

China should simply ignore Mahathir and say it is ok to cancel all the contracts, just pay compensation as provided in the agreements like Singapore, and cut off Malaysia from the BRI.


Singapore’s problems are all self inflicted

Singapore is facing a lot of problems that would snowball into a disaster if the policies causing them are not stopped quickly. The serious problems bugging Singapore are high cost of living, high inflation, high property and rental prices, high car prices, high transportation cost, high PMET unemployment, shortage of space, shortage of water, shortage of energy etc etc. The thing is that these problems would not be there if the govt does not blow to high population balloon.

Think of the time of Adam and Eve. They have the whole earth to themselves. They have plentiful of everything, literally did not have to work a day with the wealth of the earth to themselves. No shortage of land and space, no food shortage, no water shortage etc etc.

In Singapore the situation is reverse. 6m people in a tiny piece of rock and more coming in with some jokers claiming that it is good to have 10m, 20m or more. For what I dunno. Is the purpose of a piece of land is to fill it to the brim with people so that they end up killing each other for a bit more space?

Singapore is a tropical island with rainfall all round the year. We used to have three tiny reservoirs in the central catchment area that have enough water for everyone. Now we have more than 15 reservoirs and each is bigger than the 3 reservoirs combined, and still not enough water. And every donkey is braying that water is precious and we need to teach people how valuable and scarce water is and people must be made to pay a high price for water. That is not the end. We even conned the people that they should be drinking shit water because we don’t have enough water. And they have to invest heavily in equipment and technology to recycle shit water for consumption when we have one of the highest rainfall in the world, a tropical island paradise that rains, no, monsoons, water pouring down from the sky like cats and dogs, except for some rare dry seasons. And we have shortage of water? How, why?

There is no reason for Singaporeans to be crying for more water, to pay so much for water that is free, coming down from the sky, and to be forced to drink shit water. There is no reason why we have no space for bigger homes. There is no reason why car prices are so high, and so few people can own cars as a proportion to the population of the island. In the 60s, it was so easy to own a car and so much space to drive around.

All our problems are self created, self inflicted and could only get worse over the years till the day we self destruct by implosion, because of bad and stupid policies of squeezing more people onto this piece of tiny rock. No one can blow a balloon incessantly without it exploding.

Stupidity has no cure.


Singaporeans are getting richer, not taking public transport

SMRT announced that it had made the first loss after years of profit making to the tune of $86m in FY2018. Among the reasons given for the loss were “higher maintenance staff costs, parts and material costs, depreciation of rail assets and other rail maintenance related operating expenses.” And another big item, falling ridership.

Operating expenses gone up from $785m to $838m or up $53m. Revenue fell from $791m to $743m or down $48m. Squaring these two items would see a loss of $101m ($53m + $48m). To end up with a net loss of $86m would mean that there were profits coming from other non train operations like rentals or extraordinary items.

Let’s look at the numbers again. In 2017, revenue($791m) less expenses($785m) should give a profit $6m. Similarly for 2018, revenue($743m) less expenses($838m) should give a loss of $95m. Presumably these numbers did not include other non train operations. But this is not true given the data in the above paragraph that show a difference of $15m ($101-$86m). In 2017, SMRT declared an after tax profit of $26m, thus saying the non train operation profit was $20m. Extrapolating the data, non train operation profit also fell from $20m to $15m.

Data can be very confusing indeed.

Another interesting number is that SMRT made $81m after tax profit in 2016, $26m after tax profit in 2017 and now $86m loss in 2018. What contributed to the big turnaround in numbers? Falling ridership? High maintenance expenses?

What is surprising is the announcement of falling ridership despite the population rising every month and moving towards the 6.9m number. Why the rise in population did not turn into more ridership? Perhaps the new citizens and immigrants were of the rich type, the millionaires or billionaires, so they did not take public transport. But his is unlikely the case given that most of the new arrivals were poor jobless third world type coming here to steal the jobs of citizens. So they were more likely to take public transport than buying private cars that cost a bomb that many Singaporeans too could not afford.

Then again this could be untrue and could point to the fact that Singaporeans were getting richer and so could afford private cars and thus no need to take public transport.

The other possibility was that the cost of private transport had gone up so much while income fell as more and more Singaporeans became unemployed or underemployed and thus could not afford to take public transport. Thus ridership of public transport like trains fell accordingly.

But then again, given the number of happy and contented Singaporeans posting how happy they were with their lives and incomes, I must conclude that more Singaporeans are getting richer and going back to take private transport instead of public transport.

Or could it be due to the pervasive influx of bicycle sharing companies that Singaporeans were taking to bicycles or Grabs and Ubers? When one becomes a Grab or Uber one actually has the privilege of owning a private car to move around.

What do you think?


Singaporeans have a lot of reasons to be grateful to Gan Kim Yong

The latest scheme from Gan Kim Yong is that Singaporeans suffering from severe disability can start to withdraw cash from their Medisave. Can you believe that, taking out your savings in the CPF earlier than you are entitled to? In the past the money in the Medisave is as good as money gone forever, stuck in the Medisave and minimum sum schemes. Now, is this not generous of the minister, to recommend that Singaporeans, severely disabled only, can take their money out in cash, before they die?

There is a small condition though, that before they are allowed to withdraw from their Medisave when they are severely disabled, they must also have at least $5,000 in the Medisave. According to Gan Kim Yong, “When a Singaporean is facing severe disability and, at the same time, facing financial difficulties, I feel that we can afford to be more flexible.” He is truly a very kind man. And this change, to allow disabled Singaporeans in financial difficulties to withdraw $50 a month from their Medisave also did not mean that there will have to contribute more to their Medisave. Heng ah. And more heng, those with $20,000 or more in their Medisave will be allowed to withdraw $200 a month! This is like money falling from the sky.

And to provide more protection and a bigger safety net for Singaporeans, there will be more new schemes like ElderFund and Careshield Life to help the Singaporeans. CareShield Life will be compulsory of course for those 40 year and younger. The scheme is so good that those older are encouraged to join on a voluntary basis.

And the govt will also help by giving subsidies to the tune of 20 or 30 percent of the premium. Singaporeans are so lucky to have such caring govt.

The CPF scheme is improving all the years with all the scheming in place and more schemes akan datang. It has changed from one that the people can withdraw at 55 years to the present scheme when getting a few dollars early is like a big blessing, like striking lottery. There will be more improvements going forward and Singaporeans can be assured that they would never be able to finish using their CPF savings as the govt will make sure the savings are protected by many layers of firewalls to prevent Singaporeans from squandering away their hard earned life savings. They can be sure that when they die, there will still be a big pot of gold left unspent in the CPF. Not sure who would benefit from these leftovers when the people contributing them, and should be the main beneficiaries, could not benefit from them.

Singaporeans are truly lucky people. One big question, how many insurance does a person need? How many compulsory insurance schemes would the govt force onto the people using their CPF savings that is already not enough for retirement?

PS. On a side note, Najib has been arrested for stealing the people’s money and retribution is catching up with him real fast. There is no running away when the time comes to pay back for stealing the people’s money.

When stealing the people’s money becomes habitual, it becomes second nature. There is no sense of guilt.


The Day 4th July, Marks the Birth of An Evil White Nation In America

The day 4th July marks the birth of an evil white country in America with catastrophic ramifications for the Native American Indians and for endless troubles and aggressive wars against other countries on earth.

With the birth of USA on 4th July,1776, it marks the beginning of white American compulsion to endless expansion and conquests.It is the beginning of turmoil and endless suffering not only for the natives Americans but also for the whole world.

From this day 4th July,1776 , White Americans put into vigorous sinister practice of their established evil militant religious political doctrines of expansion and domination via the Doctrine of Christian Discovery and the Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny. From these doctrines the White Americans justify their compulsion for expansion, conquest and domination.

They started with the planned systematic elimination and genocide of millions of native Americans and replacing the eliminated natives with imported immigration of millions of whites from all over Europe especially from England, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Russia and the Baltic states.

During its independence on 4th July, 1776 USA consisted only of thirteen states with a total territory of about six hundred thousand square miles. It soon overran all the self-governing native Indian states which were somehow still nominally under British control. With the conquest of Indian territories came simultaneously the systematic killings, murders, massacres and genocide of the natives .

After the conquest of all the native Indian states , US went on the next phase of expansion. With each new expansion of territories under its control US would encourage and import countless more millions of Europeans to emigrate to America. The next target for US expansion began somewhere between 1840s to 1890s and the target was the coveted rich provinces of Mexico. US would always create an incident to provide an opportunistic basis for starting a war with a weak Mexico. With this insidious evil methods US was able to wrench by coercion from Mexico more than one million six hundred and fifty thousand square miles of Mexican territories in the provinces of Texas, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Florida and California.

The Evil Empire appetite for further expansion has not been saturated. It began to look for expansion overseas across the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. From 1895 to 1905 it planned the invasion of Hawaii. The native Hawaiians  put up a fierce resistance before they were overcome with the massacre of over two hundred thousand Hawaiians. Eventually Hawaii was swarmed with hundreds of thousands of white people from mainland America and Europe. Hawaii was illegally annexed by US in 1950s inspite of active native Hawaiian objection.

In 1898 under the ruse of liberating Cuba , Puerto Rico and the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule US declared war against Spain. With the defeat of Spain US refused to grant independence to Cuba and Spain for it reserved the right to inherit the mantle of Spanish Imperialism in these territories. Of course the Cubans and the Philippinos put up a fierce fight to evict the new white American imperialists. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans and Philippinos were cruelly slaughtered by the white Americans in their fight for freedom. Eventually after the Second World War , US was forced to give independence to Philippines in 1948 but with the hidden proviso that US should be allowed to maintain military bases in the Philippines. Cuba too had gained its independence after giving US a hard fight except it still couldn't evict US from the illegally held military base at Guantanamo.

In the case of Puerto and Guam they were too small to put up a fight and so they are still now under US imperialistic rule. US has been using Guam as a huge full fledged military base for further aggression against other Asian countries like Vitenam, Korea and China.

US has been posting endless troubles , instabilities and wars worldwide to achieve their compulsion for total world domination and hegemony. 

US is now coordinating with its Western European allies to disseminate its chronic endless messages of hate, mass fake accusations and wild vitriol fake propagandas against Russia and China because these are the only two countries capable of stopping white Americans the Evil Empire from conquerinng the whole world and from subjecting every country on earth under its total control and hegemony.

Let the free world unite to take down the evil white Americans - the Evil Empire.


Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

A role model hardworking MP, minister, lawyer

The TRE posted this on Edwin Tong with the heading “Minister Tong: Singaporean will become lazy if we give more.”

“In a state media interview with CNA, Senior Minister of State Edwin Tong said that the government is not giving more to Singaporeans because the people will become lazy:

“I’ve seen the experiences of the Western countries where the more you give, the more one asks and I think that’s really the start of the erosion of the work ethic that Singaporeans have. Once we start giving, we can’t scale back. You look at our country. We have nothing but our people. If we erode the competency of the workforce and we introduce a policy that undermines the work ethic, I think that’s going to be a big problem for us as a country.”

The corrupted millionaire PAP Minister who drew an undisclosed amount from a S$20 million lawsuit defending City Harvest Church fraud pastor Kong Hee, concurrently sat as the Deputy Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Home Affairs and Law. The GPC recommends only a heavier sentencing for senior management of charities after the sentencing of Kong Hee ended. Thanks to his minister-lawyer, Pastor Kong Hee ended up with only a 3.5 years jail term despite misappropriating S$50 million for his wife’s doomed singing career…”

I disagree with TRE on two points. Firstly, Edwin Tong is not a ‘corrupted millionaire’. He is very rich because he is very hardworking unlike the lazy Singaporeans waiting for govt handouts. Just imagine how hard this Edwin Tong is working, being a very busy MP/minister having to attend Meet the People’s Session, Walkabouts and attending Parliament Sessions, he is also a highly demand lawyer with many court cases to attend. And I am very sure he also has tens of hats to wear as heads of this or that company or organisations or association.

Edwin Tong and his kind are role models for lazy Singaporeans to emulate if they want to become millionaires without being corrupted.

Edwin Tong’s ‘millions’ earned from the City Harvest Church lawsuit is entirely due to his expertise and he deserved every cent he earns from being Kong Hee’s lawyer. And he has done well to keep Kong Hee’s prison sentence to only “a 3.5 years jail term despite misappropriating S$50 million for his wife’s doomed singing career…” This is money well earned. There is absolutely nothing wrong with earning this kind of fee. You pay for quality like having Susan Lim as your medical consultant.

If only all lazy Singaporeans could work as hard as Edwin Tong, and be as clever as him, the govt would not need to give them any handouts, and no one would be accusing them of being lazy. They will all be as rich and successful as Edwin Tong. And for his piece of good advice, Edwin Tong has just been rewarded with a promotion to Senior Minister of State.

Those who have will be given more, so says the bible. Stop being lazy and start to work hard and become like Edwin Tong. Then you can also advise the lazy Singaporeans to work hard.


Exposing how China manipulates other countries

The Straits Times gave Bilahari Kausikan’s article on the above topic a full coverage on 1 Jul with a full page including a picture of China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning in a major naval exercise in the South China Sea. This full page article appeared a second time within a week which is a way of saying how important is Bilahari’s view on China as a bad guy.

What is Singapore trying to say to China or what was the Straits Times editor trying to tell China with this article is clearly nothing pleasing to China. Is Singapore sending a message to China that it should not trifle with Singapore, or is it telling China that Singapore would not be cowed or pressured by China, or is it saying that unless China treats Singapore kindly or else Singapore would take a hostile stance towards China?

The intent and purpose of the article were simply to badmouth China as a trouble maker, a bully, as if China is the only big power that is doing what Bilahari said and no other country is doing the same, all angels. While saying that all countries adopted a series of legitimate or covert activities, persuasion, inducement and coercion, China was unique in the following, ie other countries would not do what China is doing:
“First, the nature of the Chinese state; second, this holistic approach which melds together the legal and the covert, and persuasion, inducement and coercion; and third, the aim of such operations which is not just to direct behavior but to condition behavior.”

The message that Bilahari was putting out is that China is not only unique as a state, a civilization state, but doing all the bad things to influence and manipulate other states and this is very bad as other big powers are nothing doing these bad things. That is why he said it is unique only to China. Singapore was never pressure to do the biddings of the American, including sending its soldiers to support the American wars in the Middle East. Singapore did it willingly without being coerced into it.

It does not need much intelligence for anyone knowing how evil the American Empire and the western powers were and are, to know that they have been doing the same as China and many times worse than China for centuries. But what Bilahari was trying to do is to manipulate the readers’ thought into thinking that China is the only bad guy doing these bad things. And he is given the licence, the encouragement, the space to have this anti China view published in the main media, the Straits Times.

What do these mean in Singapore’s relations with China? Was it not in the recent past that Singapore leaders have been bragging that relations with China is very good? Teo Chee Hian is still in China and saying the same thing, relations very good. If that is so, would the publishing of such anti China articles be conducive and favourable to good relations between the two countries? Or is Singapore confirming that relations between the two states is going downhill and Singapore is hardening its position towards China and is coming out openly to criticize and attack China, to badmouth China, to influence and manipulate the readers of the Straits Times to think badly about China?

What do you think? Would a good friend of China be so eager and pleased to publish such articles in its main media that would put China in a bad light?

Bilahari concluded his article by asking “what is the point?” and answered himself by saying, “The point is – exposure is therefore the best countermeasure.” In diplomacy, when a country exposed negative things about another country in the media, it is as good as saying, this is the end of the relationship and it is time to burn the bridges.

Is this the case in Singapore’s relation with China?


Singapore universities - Stop wasting funds and resources on dubious international rankings

"SINGAPORE: An international panel of academic experts and industry leaders has recommended that Singapore should develop a holistic evaluation framework for its universities instead of being fixated on international rankings.
The three-day International Academic Advisory Panel (IAAP), which started on Wednesday (Jun 27), was themed The Role of Universities in Defining Singapore’s Future....

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung, who attended the discussions, shared with the media on Friday that a new assessment model was needed, considering the differentiated university landscape in Singapore.
"At the minimum, it has to reflect our three major emphases. One, the value of education; two, how we are doing in terms of lifelong learning; and three, research, and not just research in terms of publications and patents but how it translates into impact - whether it's in improving lives or creating jobs.
"I think we need a much more holistic view of a very complex function that universities are now performing," he said...." Channel News Asia

After wasting so many years of resources and pubic funds to provide more jobs for foreigners and university places and scholarships to foreigners to score in controversial western designed ranking systems, it is high time that the unthinking be kicked in the butt and think about the fundamental reasons for university education. Our university should not, never, be a job provider for foreigners and neither should it be using public funds to educate other countries' young at the expense of our very own academics and the children of our citizens.

The craze for high rankings in dubious international ranking systems at best is to provide lucrative jobs to foreigners against our national interests in developing our very own academic talent.  We become job providers for the unemployed academics of other countries. We also provide university education to foreigners instead of our children. This is another way of selling out the country to foreigners.

Just take a look at the universities and see the number of foreign academics replacing our own academics and the number of foreign students on paid scholarship, taking the places that should go to our own children is disgusting.  This is a betrayal of our own people. Period.

So what if you are ranked highly when it does not benefit our own citizens, when the universities look like some foreign land, invaded, occupied and colonised by foreigners.


Why KMT, a legitimate govt, lost China to the CCP

Some commentators here, and also elsewhere, have been cursing at the Chinese Communist Party, CCP as a bad govt, anti people and all kinds of presumed crimes while holding up the Kuomingtan, KMT, as a good and deserving party to rule China and that China would be a better place under the KMT.

Just ask a simple question. How could a legitimate govt, with all the resources in its hands, with more and better equipped armies, lost its control and right to be the govt of China? Or how could a peasant army, poorly equipped militarily, no finances, no taxes to feed on, managed to drive the legitimate and more powerful KMT out of China? Is this not clear that the KMT has lost its moral authority to rule China?

Chiang Kai Sek inherited the KMT and govt of the Republic of China from its founding fathers led by Sun Yat Sen.  And in double quick time he turned himself into a dictator, surrounded himself with corrupt rich officials, cronies and realtives. They made themselves very rich at the expense of the people, levying taxes on the people, forcing the people to become soldiers by conscription, feeding on the gentry and exploitative landlords. The rich just bear with the corrupt govt and pass the burden of their financial burden on the poor peasants and farmers.

The CCP were poor, but they helped the poor peasants and farmers. They siezed the lands of the landlords and distributed to the peasants and farmers. It is no surprise that the peasants and farmers, being forced into poverty by the KMT govt through taxes and the landlords with higher dues and rentals would throw their support with the CCP.

Why would a poor population, heavily taxed by a corrupt govt that only thought of enriching themselves, support such a govt and not the CCP that were robbing the land from the corrupt govt and exploitative landlords to give it to them? Any corrupt govt that continuously taxed the people recklessly and irresponsibly would end up in the same fate as the KMT even if they were legitimate, have control of all the govt machinery, and even with American support and a big and well equipped armed forces.

For those who are still blindly cursing at the Communists ruling China, they should simply look at the history of China and see how corrupt the KMT were, thinking only of enriching themselves at the expense of the poor peasants and farmers.

Tan Kah Kee, the richest Chinese man in Singapore visited China and wanted to donate his fortune to the KMT. He was invited to all the wasteful parties organised by the KMT and witnessed how they splurged the donations by their supporters on themselves. Tan Kah Kee was so disillusioned that he took all his money and gave them to the Communists. He knew that the Chinese Communists were the real nationalists and the people that were fighting hard to rebuild China for the Chinese people, unlike the corrupt KMT, enriching themselves and without a care for the people and the country.

I hope this would put right the farcical perception of some commentators here that China and the Chinese people would be better off under the KMT. What China is today, the growing middle class in China, speak for themselves.

PS. Can any govt acting like the KMT, only think of taxing and robbing the people to enrich themselves think they would not suffer the same fate as the KMT?


Singapore: China fabricate lies and fake news

After wrecking bilateral relationship with Malaysia, Singapore’s diplomat Bilahari Kausikan now hit at China and accused the Chinese of fabricating lies and fake news to establish diplomacy:

“Beijing uses a mix of persuasion, inducement and coercion techniques to create a psychological environment which poses false choices for other countries. This technique of forcing false choices on you and making you choose between false choices is deployed within a framework of either overarching narratives or specific narratives… The purpose is to narrow the scope of choices and they are usually presented in binary terms. The intention is to stampede your thinking so that the critical faculty is not fully engaged and to instill a sense of fatalistic inevitability of the choices forced upon you.”

The PAP elite who was the former permanent secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said China keep issuing “falsehoods” like having a better relationship during Lee Kuan Yew’s times:

“Several examples of falsehoods that have been put forth by Beijing when dealing with Singapore, include how relations under founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew were much better as compared to now because the current Government does not understand China. These discourses are powerful because they are not entirely fabricated. They do contain a kernel of truth. But they are either extremely simplistic… or leave out vital facts. Mr Lee went against the Chinese-supported Communist united front in the 1950s-60s and prevailed. Other examples of untruths, include how Washington represents the past while Beijing stands for the future, as well as suggestions that those who are close to the United States will find it hard to have close economic ties with China.”

Bilahari Kausikan continued his anti-China speech calling it “self-deceptive” and manipulative:
“Other vulnerabilities in the Chinese approach, include cultural altruism as well as a tendency towards self-deception… and rigidity. Even when China’s intentions are exposed, the other parties may opt to play along due to genuine sympathy towards the Chinese position, cultural affinity or to ensure that bilateral relations can be kept on an even keel. This may also be due to transactional reasons – for hope of reward or fear of sanctions.”

The above post is from thestatestimesreview. Bilahari’s anti China speech was prominently published in the main media. What was the intent to give this hate speech so much publicity when it could only create more animosity between China and Singapore? Is this diplomacy or a declaration of hostility with China? Is Bilahari going to say that this is his personal view and he is no longer a govt official, so what he said has no bearing on Singapore’s official position. Likewise, what the official media printed is not the official voice of the govt. This is freedom of speech.

If that is the case, more anti China and hate speeches against China is fair game in Singapore’s main media and not done with ill intent to provoke or attack China. They would not affect Singapore’s good relations with China. China would be wise to see that there is no linkage in such hostile media reports against China with Singapore’s intent to have good relations with China.

What do you think?

PS. Some may be wondering if Bilahari was given a licence to attack China. Can Singapore hope to improve its relations with China with this kind of comments coming from its ex top officials that were involved in making govt decisions and repeatedly published in the main media?


White Men's Pathological Psyche of Hatred Against Non-whites

White men's psyche of their superiority above all non-white people and and hatred and beastly instinct to kill and destroy non-white people are historically inherent and pathological in nature. We witness this in their killings and genocide of native tribes everywhere on earth in the Americas, Australia, Asia, Africa and New Zealand during the last four or five hundred years of their aggression, expansion and conquests.

These killings and massacres are still going on under the guise of protecting democracy and human rights. USA and its Western allies have no qualms in killing millions of muslim Arabs in Middle East and others in Afghanistan, Africa, Central and Latin America through mass bombings and economic sanctions. This is part of their diabolical programme of reducing world population of seven billion to two or three billion by killing non-white people.Other methods of reducing non-white people are by chemical and biological means to cause diseases and infertility .

To galvanize their brutal patholoogical behaviour they formulate evil militant religious doctrines to  give psychological religious support to their evil deeds of killings, massacres and genocides.

They will not allow others to rise up and be equal or better than them and should there be any sign of other non-white countries coming up in wealth, status and power they will find it discreet to first discredit them with all kinds of vituperative and hate propaganda. Then as a last resort of their desperation they will create opportunistic insidious incidents to start a war to take down the country or countries which they think is getting strong or powerful enough to post them a challenge. We see this now in USA and its Western allies aggresssive warlike behaviour in the Middle East. Africa, Korea, East Asia, The South China Sea periphery and Venezuela in South America.

USA and its Western allies and Japan have in the last few years or decade been lambasting China with vitriol language and stirring up a lot of shit and hatred against China and the Chinese people . It seems it is in their hereditary traits to hate the Chinese. They despise and hate the Chinese when the Chinese people were down and out. Now when China and the Chinese people have arisen like the phoenix from the ashes and is strong, rich and powerful they have become envious and hate the Chinese all the same for coming around with great achiements and success.

What do these pathological barbarians really want from the Chinese. Or are they just chronically insane and cannot fathom Chinese rise with extreme jealousy and pathological psyche of hate.

America's trade dispute with China has deeper hidden agenda. It is part of USA 's plan to bring down China.USA frequent hostile bellicose provocative military activities around China's coast and South China Sea is all too clear that it intends to start a war with China so as to constrain China's rise and peaceful development.

USA is fabricating a lot of lies and hatred against China throughout the world and especially in Asia to con others to ally with them against China . This could possibly b e a preamble to justify its clandestines activities around China's long coast line and the South China Sea. It is a prelude as their usual traditional practice of aggressive inroads into victimise countries to creating an opportunistic insidious incident for starting a war against China.

However, bear in mind that in the past US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Japan got away scott free when they attacked, invaded and dismembered China  in the Opium Wars of 1830s to 1850s and in 1900s to 1940s when China was weak and prostrated. Moreover when China lost the fight in these wars , China was forced to pay a heavy punishing war indemnity of a few hundred million silver dollars to each and every one of the invaders as imposed by them. These war indemnities impoverished China for more than a century and served to weaken China further.

Today the scenario is different. China is now rich, strong and powerful and with all the Chinese people united strongly and cohesively behind the government, no country which tries to trifle with China will hope to escape unscathed. If USA or any Western country or Japan again think of starting an aggressive war with China or Russia they must be out of their mind. They should seek psychiatric treatment because a war with China or Russia will have no victors. Everyone will perish in a holocaust of an all out total nuclear war. Let's hope the dotard Trump and all American war hawks in Congress and the Pentagon and the Zionist Rothschild Illuminati cabal will have some senses and wake up to the dire consequence of an all out nuclear war.

China will never start a war or attack others first.  China will also not run away from a war impose on her but will see that the aggressor is justly destroyed. Hope there will be peace on earth.


Friday,29th June, 2018

Mahathir is doing Singapore a big favour

The recent talks that Mahathir is back to his old self by raising the issue of the water agreement with Singapore has received many comments from the Singapore leaders. And the response has not been kind and complimentary.  This old dog is insane and running out of tricks. So he is going to give Singapore some hard time on the fate of the water agreement. There may not be another water agreement if Mahathir has his way. He is going to dictate his terms, like $100 per thousand gallons instead of 3 Malaysian cents. With the current exchange rate, the 3c looks even more ridiculous.

Look at it from another angle, Mahathir is actually doing Singaporeans a big favour. Mahathir has reminded Singapore that it should not take the water agreement for granted. Malaysia may just not want to renew the water agreement when it expires without breaching any contractual agreements. And what can Singapore do about it? More desalination plants? How many more and what would be the cost of water if more and more desalination plants are built?

Mahathir is in a way telling the reckless and irresponsible people to rethink about increasing the population to 7m, 10m or 15m or more. Can Singapore go on recklessly increasing its population without taking into consideration the supply of water and other essential services like power and electricity and food, housing and transportation?

The planning premises, that there would always be enough water, with Malaysia supplying a big portion of Singapore's increasing demand for water because it is crazy enough to want to bring in more and more people to inflate the economy for no better reasons, are dicey and precarious. Singapore cannot afford to madly increase its population without solving the water supply problem. Period.

Thank you Mahathir, for waking the daft from their stupor and building castles in the air, that everything is fine, there will always be enough water coming from Malaysia.

Maybe Singapore can think of building a reservoir in the sky, like cloud computing.  That would be an innovative way of solving all our water supply problems.

What do you think?


Invasion Day

"Even Australia Day, the national day of the country, is set to commemorate the arrival of the first fleet of British ships at a Sydney port on January 26, 1788, which marks the beginning of Europe's immigration to Australia.

But the white Australians seemed to have overlooked one thing - for indigenous Australians, the day also marks the beginning of an 'invasion'."

Anonymous posted this comment. The British and the other European colonial empires called the day they invaded a country as the Founding Day or National Day or Thanks Giving Day.  Christopher Columbus landed in America and called himself the founder of North America and that day is now celebrated unashamingly as Thanks Giving Day by the white European Americans. The native Americans called it a day of invasion and condemned that day. For on that day the Europeans invaded their land, killed them and took away their land. This is the same as in Australia and other European occupied countries like Canada and New Zealand and many others.

Singapore also has such a day that the stupid happily celebrated as the founding of Singapore by Stanford Raffles. In truth it was the day that the British colonialist invaded the island and claimed it as their own.

Would Singapore and all the countries that were invaded by the colonialists marked that day as the Day of Invasion by the colonialists? 200 years ago on that day Stanford Raffles came. This year Singapore govt is going to celebrate that day in a big way, as the day Singapore was founded by the British pirates or invaders.

What do you think? Should that day be celebrated like a National Day, Independence Day or Invasion Day? Malaysia, India and so many Asian and African countries, would they think about the real significance and meaning of their respective 'founding day' and called it as it really was, Invasion Day?


Trump: Immigrants are ‘invaders’

Can you believe it? Trump, a descendant of white Europeans that illegally entered North America, robbed the land from the natives, invaded their land, killed most of them, and he said with a blank face that immigrants are ‘invaders’! Is he suffering from dementia, or is he pretending to be an idiot? Did he know how the illegal European immigrants invaded the Americas and usurped the rights of the American natives? He is a descendant of illegal immigrants that invaded America. All the white men were descendants of invaders, except the new migrants.

Trump said, and the western media eg Reuters, proudly quoted him, “We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came.” Trump should reactivate the Ku Klux Klan to do the necessary. Does anyone know how foolish Trump and his gang of invaders were to point the finger at the immigrants and calling them illegal immigrants, invaders? Several of the southern USA states were seized from the Mexicans and annexed into the USA.

Singapore has a different story to tell about immigrants. In Singapore, immigrants are not invaders. They are invited in as talents and quickly given citizenship, to take over the country legally. The original Singaporeans are now a minority and soon would end up like the Red Indians, exiled into the reservations while the legal immigrants would take over and reside in the choice part of the country. And if this process goes on, many of the original Singaporeans would end up in other countries if they able to while the not so able would end up in Batam and Bintang and Johore.

Immigrants are invaders! Not in Singapore. In Singapore, immigrants are taking over the island legally, not invaders, without any protest from the sheep, the daft that did not know what is happening to their country and their rights to their country, and still blindly doing NS to defend a country being given away to the immigrants.

Thank you Trump, for saying this, “Immigrants are ‘invaders’” Hopefully the daft and the sheeple understand what Trump is saying and wake up before it is too late.


A short impromptu discourse about Capitalism and Communism

Communism as we know is the struggle of the proletariats or working class against the exploitative nature of the elitist Capitalists. Communism is an economic cum political philosophy about the class struggles to put an end to class society and capitalism and the triumph of the proletariats over the bourgeoisie capitalists.

The ugly head of western capitalism has been so widespread and destructive that it caused countless wars and revolutions against capitalism and  result in the creation of the economic and political philosophy of communism of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Capitalism is the unconscionable exploitation of the large majority of the working class population by the small elitist minority of the rich bourgeoisie capitalists. This is what happened in Europe and America in the industrial revolution of the 19th Century when workers were extremely exploited by the industrial capitalists and made to work long hours like slaves and animals with very meager salary and low income. The working class were made to suffer terribly hard with no recourse to justice.

That sort of selfish and immoral toxic extreme capitalism has now resurfaced in America and Europe and in many non-white capitalist countries which were once former white governed colonial territories.

Capitalists who are fair and have conscience and who  treat their workers and society well with respect and justice should not fear communism. Communism is just an economic and political philosophy born out of the inhuman exploitation of the proletariats or working class people by the heartless capitalists, the bourgeoisies.

In fact the Christians should be proud that Jesus was the first communist in this world . Jesus economic philosophy and that of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels communism subscribe to to the same belief that to have a fair and equitable society , "Everyone must contribute to the common pool according to their abilities and receive according to their needs." Of course due to the weakness and the selfishness of human nature communism philosophy must be tweaked to find the mid-way practice for the good of mankind. And this mean or middle path comes in the form of socialism.

All socialist governments must ensure that capitalists will no more have the liberty to exercise mass cruel exploitation of the working class people , the proletariats and that the proletariats must also discharge their duties and obligations responsibly for the common good of society..

Of course the society at large must be alert and prevent the governing authority from sliding into assuming the mantle of the cruel capitalists. We are already seeing this happening in America , Europe and some ASEAN countries where the elected governing officials are avariciously paying themselves out of the ordinary with sinful astronomical salaries while the people at large are made to suffer with low income and further burdened with all kinds of illogical direct and indirect high taxes and various ponzi schemes to hijack their savings. In fact these new class of governing officials are worst than the old capitalists for they just grab whatever money they want without any of their own economic output and contribution and justified it with enactment of laws favourable to their illicit behaviour. If that goes on persistently society will flounder and turmoil and instability will definitely arise. It seems a new kind of capitalism has sprouted. It is the group or herd instinct capitalist dictatorship in which many faceless pseudo capitalists join forces under the banner of a party to fool society under the guise that they are part of the democracy system.

The citizens of the world must be awakened and rise up again to take down all kinds of evil dictatorship that are against the interest and welfare of the proletariats or working class .


Tuesday,26th June, 2018

The indignity of being overpaid in million dollar salaries

There was a time when earning a million dollar salary was something to be proud of. Oops, actually it is still something to be proud of anytime and anywhere if one can earn such money as salary. And it is also right to say that dignity comes with such a salary.  But a high salary is not necessarily equated with dignity. Donald Trump, the President of USA gets a US$1 salary a year as a token. Is his dignity diminished or lesser than those who earned more then him? Nay. Xi Jinping, the President of PRC earns less than $30,000 a year. Anyone earning more than him would dare to claim that he has bigger dignity than Xi or Trump? Nay.

Dignity is not the money you are earning, but the value or worth of the person, what is he contributing, able to contribute to country, organisation or society. The indignity part comes when one is earning ridiculous salary and contributing nothing.  

The million dollar, oops, multi million dollar salaries of Singapore's politicians is becoming a joke and the talk in town. No one has anything good to say about this indiscretionary abuse of public money to pay such humongous salary that it is becoming so glaringly clear that it is not right. People who are being paid in the millions but are seen to be contributing nothing or contributing foolishly with silly ideas would never have the dignity associated with the million dollar salary. What they have is indignity and disdain. Instead of the awe and respect they should be receiving, people would be shaking their heads in disbelief when they appeared. And many smug and unceremoniously remarks would be uttered at the indignity of such million dollar salary recipients. They have become walking exhibits of ridiculous and pompous duds. There is no dignity.

Below are a few of the remarks copied from comments in the TRE in an article posted by Phillip Ang on ministerial salary. This is what some people are saying and ridiculing the ministers for the million dollar salary that no longer makes sense and deemed inappropriate and senseless. What dignity can one talk about when the reverse is the reality? I could have copied more of the unsavoury and spicy comments about the indignity of being paid multi million dollar salary when one is undeserving.


FOR A LONG LONG TIME IMMEMORIAL, Ministerial pay was a SCAM – benchmarked to top private sector earners. The top private sector earners are a ROTATING POOL including businessmen or CEO’s of privately-owned business who have built their family business for decades.
IT IS A SURE-WIN BET of no risks and WORST STILL NO PERFORMANCE relevance. In private sector, if no performance, your family business KAPUT.
So how can ministerial pay be benchmarked to private sector earnings of any descript? It is RIDICULOUS TO ABSURDITY.

John Richards:

And I don’t understand why our multi-millionaire Ministers need to be paid hefty and ridiculous bonuses. Bonuses should be scrapped for Ministers. It’s merely a way to enrich themselves while leaving us clueless as to how much they are actually paid per year.


If we count the total package as is always done in hr, it will not be just $1.1m. It’s not just the ministers but also board chairmen and perm secs. What exactly are their contributions or failed performances for the amounts they make ? Being a leader in the team that cannot solve transport woes ? Being the chairman of a losing sovereign fund ? Or being a board director who failed in oversight of corruption ?


even in PRIVATE SECTOR, a guy running a big bank such as JP MORGAN would logically be paid much more than a bloke running a smallish outfit by and large.
are the PAP folks telling us and the whole world that RUNNING SG is manifolds harder than for the POTUS to run THE MIGHTY USA or that IT IS EASIER for xi jin ping to govern CHINA?
perhaps the PM should compare his pay to that of the PM of PAPUA NEW GUINEA???