USA Lies And Hubris At APEC Dialogue At Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea PART ONE.

    As usual US VP Pence like all American politicians speaking at international forums tried to sell snake oil to the leaders of other countries present. He is paddling cheap lies and laughable propaganda.

He claimed that USA can provide better development financing  than China's undertaking in the Belt And Road Infrastructure . After exploiting and taking freely all the rich resources from Africa, South America and the Pacific Islanders for hundreds of years US and its European imperialist allies ignored these territories totally after they gained independence post Second World War. Only when they see the fruit of China's sincere help in developing and building the economy of these third world countries both technically and financially they look at the whole Chinese help with jaundiced eyes. Is their pledge now to help sincere or is it just  to thwart China's noteworthy economic and financial help so as to cause it to fail and thus to discredit China's effort.

In reality all previous American help to third world countries was nothing but building a sea of debt or a debt trap in which they can never end paying to the US. Just read John Pilger's book "The Economic Hitman" to get the full picture of how America mercilessly exploited third world countries to only benefit and enrich America but completely impoverished the victimised third world countries.

Pence said,  "We don't coerce or compromise your independence". Like all American statesmen he is consciously and playfully suffering from slanted political dementia that suits USA agenda. He might forget how Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, some Pacific Ocean island kingdoms and Diego Garcia lost their independence to US but definitely the victimised countries will never forget.  Hundreds of thousands of brave Hawaiians were killed in their resistance to US armed agggression , 1895-1905. Now Hawaii is flooded with white Americans. The Americans may have annexed Hawaii but the proud Hawaiians will never stop fighting for their independence. The same goes for Guam and Diego Garcia in which the previous island owners were illegally and forcefully evicted from their countries to make way for American military bases. The Philippines was formerly invaded by US in 1898 under the pretext of helping the Filippinos to drive out the Spanish imperialist . But after defeating the Spaniards the Americans refused to leave the Philippines . The Philippines would not accept changing from a white Spanish overlord to a white American overlord. They resisted and fought off the Americans. Hundreds of thousands of Filippinos were killed and mercilessly slaughtered. They succumed to superior armed Americans. The Filippinos only gained their independence after the Second World War when the Americans unwillingly granted it out of desperation and fear of defeat from a determined and proud Filippino people who could expect help from Russia and other freedom loving countries. The native Americans warn us that "White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted " is true.

In sniping at China's Belt and Road Infrastruture development Pence said, "We do not offer a constricting belt or a one way road." He ignores the many constricting rings of over a thousand US military bases around the world threatening countries big or small and coercing others to toe US dictatorship rules and malevolence governance.

B&R Infrastruture projects were signed by parties as equal partners through talks, discussions and negotiations unlike US and its western allies in using force and arm twisting to take over other weaker countries and do what they want in exploiting and taking all the wealth and resources for free at gun point. US is now terrorising the Middle East to get its oil, gas and other minemeral resources. The same is happening in South America and Central America. But when countries involved in the B&R projects misused funds for the project for other unknown purposes it is not the fault of China because China unlike the US and the West does not interfere in their internal affairs.

Pence claimed "USA has principled approach to finance infrastructure projects in the region."  This is yet another open and shameless lie. US bankrupted many Third World countries, eg Argentina, Venezuella, Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines to just mention a few, forcing them to compromise their sovereignty by ceding ports for their military bases, Those who refuse to toe the US line will always be sanctioned and bullied.

US weaponised the US controlled Petrodollar and subject others to US economic colonialism to rob and exploit thrhough illegal and illicit sanctions. Using the Petrodollar as a weapon is criminal in nature. The petrodollar must be brought down and eventually demolished.

NB: To be continued in the next article.


Monday, 19th November,2018

Asean Meeting is about angkat Mahathir

The recent Asean Meeting with the big powers is about praising Mahathir and carrying his balls. The rest are just side shows, irrelevant.
Read this as posted in theindependent website and it tells succinctly what the whole meeting was all about.

'This past Monday, Dr Mahathir and his wife Dr Siti Hasmah arrived in Singapore for a 2-day official visit, at the invitation of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Besides meeting PM Lee and his wife Ho Ching, President Halimah Yaacob and Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Dr Mahathir and his wife also had an orchid named after them.

One of the highlights of the official visit was NUS’ conferral of honorary doctorates to Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah. Dr Mahathir studied medicine at NUS in Singapore for about six years in his younger days. NUS is his wife’s alma mater, as well.'

I dunno who is the silly bugger that formulated this angkat Mahathir exercise and dunno what they want to achieve. And they think Mahathir is so easy to angkat, to flatter and taken in and to appreciate and reciprocate kindness with kindness? This shows how shallow and lack of understanding of who Mahathir is. Mahathir is a willy old fox with very set mindset on what he wants to do and nothing is going to change him once he decided.  He will demand his price for his water, build his third national car and to build his crooked bridge come what may.

To me, the easiest way to deal with Mahathir is time, playing with time. Time is something that is against Mahathir. The max he has is less than 2 years before passing the premiership to Anwar. And in all likelihood he may be called to his maker anytime, today or tomorrow or the day after. Just play with him, negotiate with him, talk to him until the cow comes home, but not agreeing politely, postpone, delay, will check with the boss, will call back. Set the next meeting as long as one possibly can, needs time to study the details, to check the legal and political implications etc etc. Just wait for him to go.

The angkat Mahathir exercise is so amateurish and Mahathir must be laughing himself insane. How these boys are trying to please him, to make him happy, make him feel big and important is incredible.

This is so unbelieveable, so childish in diplomacy. A little flattery may be tolerable and amusing, but over doing it is something else.

What do you think Mahathir would be thinking? What do you think the Malaysians would be thinking? What do you think Singaporeans would be thinking?

Punch above our weight or go down on bended knees?


Wildlife in Sin City

Singapore is such a safe and peaceful city to the point of being boring. The wildlife here were those behind bars, to be kept at a safe distance. They are wildlife after all. But the bored citizens would amuse themselves with some pet dogs, pet birds and pet fishes, like the thousand dollar carps in district 9, 10 and 11. The owners feel very safe, the pets are also safe.

Then things happened. A crocodile was spotted in Sungei Buloh and it caused a stir, so much attention. Then a family of otters was also found there, a few hornbills, and wild boars around the reservoirs. The people got so excited with the wild life. They have not seen them in their entire life and found them so novel and charming in their own ways. They are so nice, cannot possibly cause any harm here. Everyone was endeared to them. I took many photos of the croc, the hornbills and the otters in Sungei Buloh.  They even commissioned David Attenborough to do a special series on the wildlife in Sin City.

And because life is good in Singapore, the new migrants started to multiply. Otters were everywhere, even in the city and canals. Hornbills became accustomed to HDB flats. Have yet to see the crocodiles outside Sungei Buloh. Oh, I forgot, the monkies are still in Bukit Timah and MacRitchie Reservoir area. The only nuisance was the crows. With their increasing numbers some even attacked people. Fortunately their wild behavior led to their termination and not many were found in the city anymore. Some have become PRs in Sungei Buloh and attacking the smaller birds, the local residents.

The latest, hornbills attacked pet birds hanging outside HDB flats and devoured the pet birds, and eating fruits planted on the corridors. Otters sneaked into private ponds to eat the thousand dollar pet carps. Wild boars digging into gardens and destroying the manicured parks and paths. Some even attacked people in their path.

This is only natural. When they grow in numbers, not only that they have to compete for food, they grow in confidence, and knowing that the citizens are harmless and hapless, they would attack, applying the law of the jungle, the fittest shall survive. The locals had no chance against the wildlife that had made this city their permanent residence. They are bigger, fiercer, hungrier and still have the wild instinct of survival.

How long would it last before the locals got terminated and replaced by the foreign wildlife? I mean how long would the local wildlife be made extinct or forced to migrate elsewhere and their habitat, their homes, be taken away from them when the foreign wildlife make this their new home, when their number grows and become a majority here?

The pet birds in HDB flats are fearing for their life. How about the rich carps in district 9, 10 and 11? Do they feel safe within the confines of their walls and fence, that the wildlife would leave them alone?


No place for empire and aggression – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest of them all?

At the recent Asean Meeting with the big powers, this is what Mike Pence said, there is no place for ‘empire and aggression’ in the Indo Pacific region. And as usual the western media Reuters interpreted this as a message pointing a finger at China. To the Evil Empire, they are not an Empire, or only they can be the Empire. No one else can be an empire and anyone who has the capability but with no intention would be demonized as one trying to build an empire. This is like the proverbial phrase, a thief calling others as thiefs.

What is an empire? Since the end ofWW2, the Americans have been building and establishing itself as the Empire of the world, ruling and dictating to every country to do their bidding. They have more than 1,000 military bases all over the world with offensive weapons, including nuclear, in Asia, Europe, in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. They have colonies and semi colonies and little USAs to do their bidding at their becks and calls. Compare to these military bases and American vassal states, what did China have? Nothing worth mentioning.

And what about aggression? China started the Korean War, China invaded Vietnam in the Vietnam War, China invaded Afghanistan, invaded Iraq, invaded Libya and Syria? China mounting hundreds of thousands of troops and tanks and nuclear bombs in Eastern Europe to threaten Russia? China threatening Iran, threatening to invade Iran, threatening to invade North Korea? China imposing sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea and warned every country of consequences if they trade with these countries?

What about China sending provocative warships to Guam and Hawaii in the name of freedom of navigation?

Mike Pence spoke about empire and aggression to Asean leaders and thinking that they are fools, that they did not know that the Americans are the Evil empire and conducting aggression against many countries all over the world. This is the arrogance of the Empire. And he told his white lies in a straight face, apparently targeting China in his speech as Reuters would happily agree. And the hawkish spokesman of the Empire John Bolton said, the Empire will build up more forces and increase patrols in the South China Sea.

America is NOT an empire and America is a peace loving country, never conduct aggression. It is China, it is China. Of course the unthinking Asians, especially the bananas, would love to believe in this lie. They live their whole life with this lie that they would not want to know the truth.

The Evil Empire is everywhere, conducting aggression everywhere, with 1,000 military bases everywhere. The Asean leaders are no fools even if the Americans think they are fools. Duterte has pointedly told the Americans to stop provoking China into a war in the region as the people that would suffer would be the people of Asean with the Pinoys becoming the first victims.

The white lies would always be white lies. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest of them all? Who is the Empire, who is the aggressor? Who is starting wars and fighting wars everywhere?

PS. Pass that white man a mirror.


Ong Ye Kung out of the PM race

‘Ong Ye Kung out of PM race, say PAP cadres

While Education Minister Ong Ye Kung was elected to the People's Action Party's new Central Executive Committee (CEC), he was not among those nominated by the outgoing CEC. Traditionally, the CEC’s nominations are seen as a reflection of the individuals’ standing within the PAP. Those who are in the list are seen as core party leaders. A cadre from East Coast GRC said: “The list of seven didn’t include Mr Ong, and that means he is out (of the succession race).” ‘

The above was reported in Todayonline. It must be deliberately let out. No one is allowed to say this to the media unless blessing is given. Ong Ye Kung is out, Tan Chuan Jin out, Heng Swee Kiat a doubtful starter, Ng Chee Meng also out, only Chan Chun Sing is left as the only contender for the next PM post. His assumption to be the next PM is as sure as the sun will rise. With Hsien Loong still holding on to the post of Sec Gen, it is likely that Chan Chun Sing would be elected as the Asst Sec Gen by popular votes of the cadres. The PAP has more or less elected the next PM for Singapore. They are presenting him to the people as their undisputed elect Dear Leader.

Everyone is anticipating that the PAP would call for a snap election next year with the WP still entangled in the lawsuit and the Singapore Harapan still waiting to come to life. There is no time to waste and 2019 looks like a good year for the PAP.

While many anti PAP camp commentators and the social media did not have much good things to say about Chan Chun Sing, this unassuming ex general appears to have something that the uninitiated are unaware of. For sure, the PAP and the inner circle of the PAP think very highly of him. All challengers to his rise to Premiership have been brushed aside and the path is clear of all obstacles for him to be the next PM.

The PAP is expecting Chan Chun Sing to lead the Party to another big victory and more good years for the PAP. Chan Chun Sing is now the undisputed 4G leader of the PAP and of Singapore, like it or not, agree or not, the people of Singapore will vote him to become the PM in the next GE. Oops, factually the people of Singapore vote the PAP to power and PAP makes Chan Chun Sing the PM, chosen by the PAP inner circle, not elected by the people directly. The people have no say on this.

Singapore should prepare to welcome their new Dear Leader.


Till death do us part
The headline in yesterday’s Straits Times (14 Nov 2018) that leapt out at the eye was not “Till death do us part” but “Malaysia Cabinet agrees to scrap death penalty”.  That is indeed eye-popping stuff because it shows how close the enemy is at the gates. The enemy is of course what the Government sees as bleeding-heart liberals who have campaigned long and hard for the abolition of the death penalty - and against which the government has fought equally long and hard to turn away. For years, the Singapore Cabinet has defended capital punishment as a necessary evil, something they found no joy in doing but had to for the greater good. And they had a staunch ally in the Malaysian Cabinet who had no qualms - until now - about hanging people for apparently the same reason.
But amid the growing pressure to do away with capital punishment worldwide (only 52 countries enforce it now), our soulmates look all ready to cave in.  If the Cabinet decision is approved by the Malaysian Parliament, capital punishment will be replaced with a minimum of 30 years in jail.  Even so, the planned move may not be as straightforward as it seems. For starters, there is the question of whether the abolition will cover every crime in the book.  While de facto Law Minister Liew Vui Keong insisted that it would, Deputy PM Wan Azizah was less sure, saying that the government would review abolishing it for murder. Muddying the waters further was an online poll that showed 82% of 22,000 Malaysian netizens opposing it – upset by the death of a baby who was physically and sexually abused while in the care of a babysitter. DAP MP Ramkarpal Singh insisted that the death penalty should be allowed in murder cases involving child victims – and he is an advocate of abolition!
Their sentiments also mirror the conundrum facing the government and abolitionists this side of the Causeway. Abolitionists’ main arguments for abolition range from the inhumanity of taking a life to the irreversibility of the death penalty in the event of a wrong verdict, but not all of them are sure about  the wisdom of a blanket repeal. Take the case of Annie Ee, the intellectually disabled girl who was “tortured” to death by a husband and wife who were supposed to be her minders. Many netters were outraged that they got away with custodial sentences instead of being charged with murder which carries the death penalty. And what of more heinous crimes like mass murder? Should the murderer be shielded from death even though he had done the same to scores of innocent people in the most horrific way? We could go on that even if the murderer were put to death, one life for so many is scant justice to the victims and their families.
Indeed what lies at the heart of the conundrum is the sense of justice. At the end of the day, people must feel that justice has been served. If they feel that the law protects the perpetrator rather than the victim, then it is a failed law however one may argue from the humanitarian point of view. The sense of injustice coming from the knowledge that no matter how heinous the perpetrator’s crime, he will not have to suffer death, is a powerful one. This - plus the fact that he has a choice whether to do it while his victim doesn’t - is the reason behind the government bucking the global trend against the death penalty. And long may it continue.    

Who invaded, colonised and plundered Asian countries?

Many are still blinded by western media and propaganda and forgotten or are ignorant of the historical facts of western imperialists and colonialists crimes against Asia and its people. They are still speaking dearly of western morality and completely blank about the cruelties and savagery of the Europeans, including half white Japanese, in this part of the world. I find it important to refresh the memories of the Asians and those who have not read history of this part of the world and how the wealth of the region was transferred to build a prosperous Europe and contributing to the European Renaissance and prosperity.

I will make it very simple by asking a very simple question. Who invaded, colonised and plundered Asia?

1. China - invaded, semi colonised by practically every European power and Japan
2. Korea - invaded, colonised and plundered by Japan
3. Taiwan, China - invaded, colonised and ruled by Japan
4. The Philippines - invaded, colonised and plundered first by the Spaniards and then the Americans.
5. India - invaded, colonised and plundered by the Portugese and then the British.
6. Pakistan/Bangladesh - invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
7. Ceylon - invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
8. Burma/Myanmar - invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
9. Malaya -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
10. North Borneo, Sarawak, Brunei -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
11. Indonesia -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the Dutch.
12. Vietnam -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the French and then the Americans.
13. Laos -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the French.
14. Cambodia - invaded, colonised and plundered by the French.
15. Australia - invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.
16. New Zealand -  invaded, colonised and plundered by the British.

I would not touch on Africa and the Middle East but their stories are the same and the colonialists and imperialists that invaded their countries, colonised them and plundered their wealth are the same.

On glaring fact in the above is that NOT a single country was invaded and colonised by China. The history of Vietnam was slightly different as before the invasion of the Europeans, Vietnam was a fringe state of China until they fought and broke away to become a separate state in the 12th Century, if my memory is correct. Before that they were part of China, cultural, linguistically and ethnically not much different from China.

The big question, why are these countries everyday screaming fear that China is going to invade and colonise them? China at its peak in military power was in the Ming Dynasty when it sent several huge naval expeditions under Admiral Cheng Ho and sailing all the way to Africa. None of the Asian states was invaded or colonised. China did not have such a history and ambition to conquer and rule over other Asian countries, unlike Japan that wanted to rule the world or the European concepts of Doctrine of Christian Discovery and robbing the rest of the world.

The fear of China is actually a western propaganda, a western mischievous lie to frighten the Asian countries of a China threat and to divert their attention from the real western threat, of western colonialism and imperialism. The western Imperialism today is in the form of American Imperialism. It is still fighting wars everywhere and starting wars to impoverish and dominate over other countries, particularly in the Middle East and Africa. They wanted the Middle East to be in perpetual war and to be under their control. They tried in Korea and Vietnam and Afghanistan but lost.

The Americans are still trying and not giving up. South Korea and Japan are still semi colonies of the American Empire and the Americans would not go away without a fight. In the meantime the Americans and the West are spreading the lie that China is the next colonial power. If so, the small neighbouring states of China lie Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos etc would have been colonised. But no, Nepal and Bhutan are semi colonies of India. Myanmar, Laos and the rest of China's neighbours are independent countries.

Asian countries must know the history of western colonialism and imperialism and the invaders that had invaded and colonised them. China is only being made a scapegoat by the West to strike fear in the Asian countries of a non existence demon. Everything China does, like investing in Africa, building high speed railroads to facilitate trade and exchanges among countries would be demonised by the West as acts of colonialism. China came to offer to build roads, high speed trains, infrastructure, ports etc etc, but at a price no western country would offer, and a price that the countries negotiated and are comfortable with to sign the deal. Is this colonialism? When these countries failed to pay back, is it China's fault?

This western mischievous lie must be debunked and put to rest. The real invaders, colonialists and imperialists were and are the European countries, the USA and Japan. Period. Look at historical facts and the truth. The truth shall set you free.

The West did not stop at just smearing and demonising China. They engaged in a continuous campaign to suppress and oppress the Chinese Civilisation from becoming as good as them in all fields of endeavour, to make the Chinese Civilisation appearing like unthinking and untalented human beans. My article, Oppression of the Chinese Civilisation, posted here several years back, is still being circulated in emails among those who want to know the truth as to why the Chinese Civilisation was seen and treated as a pariah Civilisation by the West for the last 150 years.

China suffered 100 years of humiliation by the West after the Opium War ending in 1949 when Mao Zedong reunited a broken and bankrupt China. The 150 years of Oppression continues till today but ended when China risen as the new superpower in the 21st Century.  This does not mean that the West would end their oppression and suppression of the Chinese Civilisation.

The American Trade War is a continuation of this campaign. Why the Trade War when China's lofty ambition is Made in China 2025? In 2025, China wants to be number One in AI, robotics, space technology and all fields of endeavour. Is this a crime that justifies a Trade War? If it does, then anyone aspiring to be rich, to be a top scientist or engineer is committing a crime and needs to be put down.

This is how wicked and evil the American/western thinking is. No one can be better than them or surpass them. It is not that China is going to invade or attack America. China and the Chinese Civilisation just want to be better and live better, and this is not acceptable to the Americans. Some evil Americans even said that the Chinese people have lived a good life for too long, 30 years is too long, and they want to put an end to it by conducting a war with China.

The world must free themselves from the curse of the West and the Americans in particular. The American and western narrative of what is good and bad must be stopped. Because it is good and bad according to their definition and interest, not yours.


The Jewish Problem And Its Ominous Impact on This World. PART Two

    After the founding of the Jewish Israel State in 1948, the Jews went on a warpath of aggression and expansion against Egypt, Jordan and Syria. It seized Sinai from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria and the West Bank of the Jordan River from Jordan. The Jews main supporter and master is America which has made Israel its watch dog or sheriff to look after American interest in the Middle East.

The Jews in Israel have very strong and close connections with the Jews in America and Europe and also in Canada and Australia. In America and Europe the elite Jews always somehow manage to get themselves into positions of power in both the private and public sectors. That explains how the Jews are able to exert such great power and influence incommensurate with their small numbers in population. However the problem is that the elites Jewish influence has always been malevolent and this post an ominous outrageous impact on the rest of the world.

The Jewish insidious impacts touch on almost every aspect of human society in the sphere of politics, war and military, finance, business, stock markets, banking and insurance, transport and industries, social and culture, the mass media viz TV and newsprint that they are able to exert so much power and influence.

The troubles cause by the elite Jews are outrageously humongous. The Jewish propensity to create all the ills and evils, the choas and instabilities, insurrections , upheavals and wars and destruction is really incredible. This could be due to the Jewish elites historical and herectical tendency of misanthropic behaviour. They constantly fabricate lies and fake news to instigate choas, instabilities and wars. This is reflected in their conspired wars with the Americans and the Europeans in Middle East wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon and Iran and in Ukraine.

The influence of Jewish elites is largely malevolent and unless this malevolent Jewish influence is dissolved the world will face a human catastrophy unfolding in geopolitics. The world had saved the Jews from extermination in Hitler's Germany concentration camps in World War II. Incidentally World War II was claimed to be instigated and fomented by the Jewish aristocrats of the Rothschild family and institutions. Why do the Jews return the human kindness and saving grace of the world with ill will and deep evil intent of fomenting wars and instabilities and financial debacle for others.

Millions have died from Jewish evil influence on world affairs. "This must be stopped to avoid a cataclysm of great dimensions. That of the guilt for this comes from Jewish pressure groups in the mass media world wide in Washington Post, New York Times, Wall street Journal, The Economist, Times, Newsweek, CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg, BBC and other Jewish control newsprint, magazines, periodicals and books."

The Jewish American politicians exert a great influence in the public agenda by addressing or ignoring certain topics . Yet it is befuddling that in the West especially in America "It is really quite extraordinary that one cannot be allowed to talk or discuss the bad influence that the Jewish elites have a hold on the world." However, many open and broadminded enlightened journalists have begun to ignore this taboo, hoping the world can avoid a major catastrophy by disclosing the the evil fatalistic influence of the Jewish elites.

The evil Jewish elites wear several different labels to cover their satanic identity. At any time they can be referred to as Zionists, global elites, globalists, neo-cons, liberal interventionists, the War Party, the Israel Lobby, the Deep State, the Shadow Government, the bankers, the New World Order, the bilderbergs, the anglo-zionists, The Rothschilds, the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

The Jewish elites bear a very strong hatred for Russia and China. "The extreme Jewish hostility to Russia and China is historical especially those from UK and US. The most vitriolic and obsessive Russia and China bashing journalists in the media are mostly Jews. The publications and TV media that push these writers most enertically are all Jewish owned."

The Jewish neo-conservative movement have hijacked US Foreign Policy and are harshest foe of Russia and China. "Their trouble making extends beyond Russia and China and are responsible for America's disastrous debacle in the Middle-East. The psychotically anti-Russian and anti-Chinese UN ambassadors of US are put there by the Israel Lobby and they answer not to their presidents but to their Jewish sponsors."

The biggest anti-Russian and anti-Chinese clique in US congress and the White House administration as well as in CIA and the Pentagon are mainly Jewish both in the past and present. Some of the notorious names are Schiff, Schumer, Cardin, Blumenthal, John Bolton, Peter Narvarro, Lighthiger,Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, Irving Kristol and Donald Rumsfeld just to name a few. But these numbers pale in significance compare to the huge hordes found in the mass media.

These psychopathic Jewish elites have a tendency to see the world only in binary good-evil terms and a low tolerance for diplomacy but a readiness to use military force and an emphasis on US unilateral action.

CNN a deeply Jewish company has been pushing anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda fiercely. Some of America's most influential liberal political shows are Jewish and they portray all the fake negative aspects of Russia and China. The Jewish owned magazines Newsweek, The New Republic, The Atlantic, and the Rothschild owned the Economist all pumped out stories full of lies to demonize Russia and China. They all adopt a very extreme journalistic hostility towards Russia and China which carries a very dangerous geo-political instigation for war and hostilities that may result in a nuclear holocaust for humanity.

There are definitely pernicious effects of the influence of the Jewish elites on many aspects of American and European society and politics as well as on world security. It is imperative to flush out the evil influence of the Jewish elites otherwise they will have a competitive advantage in portraying and advertising their subtle message of  aggression, war and hostilities against Russia and China. In other words they will then be given a free hand to drive the world to nuclear war and eternal end of mankind.

The question of the Jewish elites malevolence influence must be brought into the open and resolved. The Jews who are causing choas and trouble are the ones at the pinnacle of political and media power. We need to find out why this pattern of Jewish elites malevolence and evil influence keep on repeating itself throughout history.

The problem of Jewish elites evil influence extends to all areas of public life . They are famous in the phenomenon of social sex scandals across the board from Hollywood to entertainment. to media, to high places of power, and to Washington. Could this be due to powerful Jewish institutions, the media, the banks, the stock market, the movie studios, the music industry and other big business being in the hands of degenerates. "Evidence suggest that mush of human enterprise dominated and shaped by Jews is a bottomless pit of trouble with a particular penchant for mendacity and cyncism, hostility to non-Jewish values and in geo-politics a clear bloodlust."

The Jews have also hijacked American Foreign Policy resulting in endless wars and violence causing an unmitigated disaster killing millions and squandering trillions of dollars of tax payers funds over the last few decades.

The Jewish state of Israel brutal treatment of Palestinians is horribly inhuman and need to be stopped. The Palestinians rightfully need the solid support of all freedom loving and righteous people in the world.

The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Serbia, and Ukraine were all instigated by the largely Jewish dictated US Foreign Policy over the last couple of decades. In each of these cases one can see a tendency towards dishonesty.

The whole fake news phenomenon is fundamentally Jewish. It is the Jewish owned
American and European media which churned out an astonishing quantity of what can only be called lies. The Jewish dictated western foreign policy towards Russia, China, Iran Iraq, Syria, DPRK and Afghanistan will lead to nuclear warfare and the extinction of life on earth.

Sanity must prevail in order for the world to stay secure and survive. To achieve that the insanity of the evil Jewish elites malevolence influence must necessarily be demolished forever.


Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

Tan Bah Bah – talking sense and nonsense

Desinicise Singapore, speak Bahasa and be more Asean, this is the heading of a ‘sense and nonsense’ post by Tan Bah Bah in theindependent. I am not sure whether he is saying he is talking sense or nonsense. The gist of his article is that Singapore must speak more Bahasa and be more like Asean. I am not sure if Asean means more Bahasa from Singapore’s frog in the well perspective or a baba’s perspective. Out of the 10 countries in Asean, only 3 countries speak Bahasa, ie Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. There are Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines that have their own national languages and are proud of their own languages and cultures. Would they want to speak more Bahasa to be more Asean, presuming that Bahasa is Asean?

Historically, the development of civilization is about survival of the fittest. When the Mongols and Manchus conquered and ruled over China, they tried to impose their culture and language on the Chinese. They failed and eventually embraced the Chinese culture and language. What is the moral of these two stories?
When the Europeans invaded and conquered North America, they did not try to be more Red Indians and to speak more Red Indian language. They made their languages, especially English the lingua franca of the USA. OK, this story is quite different as they terminated and ‘genocided’ the Red Indians to near extinction and became irrelevant as a civilization.

The rest of the world, especially the third world less developed countries, embraced English with gusto. Singapore is an exception as the migrants have very shallow roots and are very willing to discard their own culture and language, especially the babas, to take on a different personality and identity. The fact that China and the Chinese Civilisation were in eclipse, conquered and devastated by the West, with China becoming a bankrupt and pariah country, helped these babas to want to dissociate themselves from being Chinese more willingly, just like duckweeds. Duckweeds have short roots and would change their roots quite easily.

The English language triumphed and became the major commercial and national language in Singapore and also in India and many other countries. There is no denying that the Europeans, represented by the English Empire and the English language, were superior, modern and advanced in areas of science and technology, the arts, medicine, in govt etc etc. A useful and progressive language would always be attractive to the progressive who want to learn a foreign language. But many newly independent countries proud of their own nationalities and cultures, chose to abandon the English language to promote the use of their own languages. That is why within Asean, every state has its own national language while English is still promoted in some way as an international language of commerce.

Would the rest of the Asean countries be willing to want to learn a third language like the Bahasa for greater Asean identity? Would they be willing to put in the effort and would they be able to cope with this additional task of learning another language that is less functional and not really a commercial regional language, definitely not an international language? Singaporeans, the Chinese and especially the babas, could not even cope with learning the Chinese language that is culturally and intrinsically Chinese, but they could cope with Bahasa just to be more Asean from the perspective of a frog in a well?

By the way, Singapore has been trying to be more Asean at least in the choice of a national dress. Ong Teng Chuan tried to introduce the orchid shirt but it faded away. Singapore’s national dress is the national dress of Asean. Wherever our leaders go, they will wear the national dress of that particular Asean country. When they visit Malaysia and Indonesia, they will wear batik. When they visit the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand etc, they would choose their respective national dress. This is Singapore’s first step to desinicise and become more Asean.

Is Tan Bah Bah’s proposal making sense or is he talking nonsense?


The Jews: The Jewish Problem And Its Ominous Impact On The World

The Jewish problem and its ominous impact on every country in this world.   PART     ONE

The Jews by and large are the main cause of all troubles, choas, instabilities and wars in this world. They have always worked in cahoot with European and American white supremacists to undermine non-western and third world countries interests and persist to engineer the eventual One New World Order under American and Zionist domination, control and total hegemony.

The Jewish problem has its roots more than two thousand years ago since the time of Abraham, the ancestor of both the Arabs and the Jews. In fact the Arabs and the Jews can be said to be half-brothers or cousins.

The modern Jewish problem started with the foundation of the Jewish state of Israel by UK and US in Palestine at the tremendous outrageous expense of the Palestinians in 1948.

A hundred years ago England was in a massive struggle against the Ottoman Empire ( present Turkey) and its allies Germany and the Austria-Hungary Empire for supremacy and control of  Europe and the Middle East which was then under the rule of the Turks, the Ottomans. England like present day US spent massively on military build up during World War I. It had to enlist the financial support of  wealthy Zionists - the Jews for its war effort. The then British Foreign Secretary , Arthur James Balfour and many of his peers were very anti-semitic for obvious reasons of Jewish financial power.

However, to get Jewish financial support for the war Balfour and his government committed to establish a Jewish state in Palestine at the expense of the already historically rooted nation. The motive of setting up the Jewish state was not just to fulfill the agreement for Jewish financial support but the long underlying ulterior desire to get rid of all Jews from Europe and America similar to President Abraham Lincoln establishment of an American Negro state of Liberia in 1860s in the North West of Africa just to get rid of the African Americans who were the backbone in the rise and construction of America for hundreds of years since the 1600s.

Much of the facts and information in this article are sourced from the website "Russia Insider", especially from the article "The Balfour Declaration Destroyed Palestine" written by Ramzy Baroud.

Withe the defeat of the Turks and Germany in the First World War 1914-1918, England proceeded to dismember the Ottoman Empire ( also known as Turkoman Empire ) of Turkey in the Middle East. England, US and the West proceeded to set up various Arab states, little Arab Sheikdoms or principalities arbitrarily in the whole of Middle East to suit their political agenda of divide and rule.

Balfour's promise to the Jewish leader, Walter Rothschild "would entail uprooting a whole nation of Palestinians from their ancestral homes. Decades later UK, US and all western countries continue to support Israel's devastation of the Palestinians. oblivious to their tragic fate."

Balfour and the West couldn't care for the fate of the Palestinian Arabs who suffer the cruelty of  war, ethnic cleansing, racism and humiliation over the course of a century. It was tantamount to a decree calling for the total annihilation of the Palestinian people, just as what the white American invaders did to the native Americans.

Since 1948 Palestinians were evicted from their homes and forced to live a precarious life in refugee camps in the Gaza strip. Thus by the decree of Balfour and with the connivance of US and the West the fate of generations of millions of Palestinians had been sealed to a life of perpetual desolation.

Initially when the British came with tanks and firearms to forcefully and illegally evict the Palestinians from their villagers the pathetic naive and innocent Palestinians did not realize that the tanks were the harbinger of the destruction of the Palestinian state and people and thus they came out to welcome the British thinking that they had liberated them from the Turks. Soon they realized the evil intention of the British and so they resisted and fought bravely against the British but to no avail.

With the defeat of the Palestinian state England proceeded inimpeded to expedite the formation of the Jewish state in 1948. The new Jewish state of Israel had powerful armies well trained and armed and funded by UK and US . The Israel army proved to be more brutal than the British in dealing with the Palestinian Arabs whose civil and religious rights were completely trampled and ignored. It does show that UK, US, the West and Israel have no respect for international law, nd Palestinian human, civil and religious rights.

The atrocious attitude of the British, American, the Jews and the West towards the Palestinians is criminal and inhuman. They learnt nothing of their evil deeds since Balfour's ominous promise to establish a Jewish state in the midst of the Arab world at the expense of the Palestinians.

There is a lesson to be learnt for Third World countries. Never cosy up to the deceptive  embrace of the western imperialist powers especially the Americans and the British or you will end up like the disastrous fatal fate of the native Americans, the palestinians, the Hawaiians of Hawaii and Guam whose countries had been invaded  and annexed by the United States of America.


Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

NB :  The ominous impact of the Jewish problem consists of two parts. In Part Two it tells how the Jewish evil influence impacts on world geopolitics risking the threat of a nuclear war between US and Russia as well as China.

PAP changing of the guards and implications

Hsien Loong announced the stepping down of 5 senior party leaders to clear the swamp for the young turks to take over. Chee Hian, Tharman, Boon Wan, Yaacob and Swee Say all stepped down from the CEC. The only CEC member left that is above 60 is Hsien Loong, now 66.

The first thought that came to my mind is that Chee Hian and Tharman are unlikely to be the next PM. Their fate is as good as sealed. Would they still hang on to their appointments as DPMs, or would they also step aside and maybe given the great titles of senior ministers or ESM? But this is just irrelevant if one is to see what role Chok Tong is playing, creating jobs himself to keep himself busy but out of the party agenda.

Traditionally, anyone that is going to be the PM must remain in the CEC as the Secretary General or maybe the assistant Sec Gen. There has been no precedence that someone that is not a CEC member could become the PM. But then again exceptional situation may result in exceptional development. If Chee Hian and Tharman remain as Dep PMs after stepping down from the CEC, in a crisis situation, or an abnormal situation, it would be normal and natural for a Dep PM to step in as the PM when the need arises. In the current context, this is very likely and very possible. The fate of Chee Hian and Tharman becoming the next PM is still not completely sealed as long as they remain as the Dep PMs. Should they be asked to step down as DPM, then the gate is closed, more or less.

Let’s watch the next move that will determine their fate. It would be completely sealed if a 4G PM designate is appointed as the DPM. By then Tharman should apply for a permanent job in the IMF instead and make himself more useful and meaningful.


MRT - Another stupidity has no cure thing

'Like travelers at airports, MRT commuters will be required to walk through a metal detector and put their belongings through X-ray scanners. Security officers at MRT stations will soon also be equipped with handheld metal detectors to scan commuters.
Such security equipment was first deployed at emergency exercises in Feb this year. According to a senior LTA official who spoke to TODAY, it took an estimated eight to ten minutes to organise and clear each commuter, before they were allowed to go through the fare gates.'

The above quote is from theindependent on the 6 month security check trial by the MRT. I am not going to discuss the rationale and goodness of this exercise. I am just amazed by the decision based on the numbers to contend with. Imagine that commuters take more than 2m trips daily. If each commuter were to take 10 minutes before going through the gates,  this would mean 20m minutes of time needed to clear each commuter. Let's convert this to hours, ie 20,000,000/60 or more than 3 million hours would be needed or wasted.

Ok, MRT is not going to put the trial on every station, just 6 stations at a time. How many passengers would be affected? How much time would be needed for each commuter to add to their travelling time? Assuming this is conducted in off peak hours, with this kind of delay, every commuter is likely to be in a queue of at least 20 people. This would mean having to wait for 200 minutes before clearing. Does t make sense?

Then look at the problem during peak hours. The queue could easily be a 100 people at least and building up very quickly. If one is in a 100 man queue and each one takes 10 minutes to clear the gate, that would mean a 1,000 minute wait. This is more than 16 hours of waiting time to get through the gate.

I think if this is going to be the case, MRT should make an announcement to warn commuters that travelling time will be longer, and they need to start their journey one day ahead to be sure of getting to their destination on time.

Perhaps MRT could foresee this problem and cut the clearing time by half, ie 5 minutes. It would still take 8 hours at least, during peak hours, to clear through a gate. Of course I am calculating this only on paper and it may not be accurate plus and minus a few hours.

What do you think?

Some nitwits may say it can be done at the airports, why not the trains? Go figure. If you can add 1+1=2, you will not be too far off.

PS. If 10 gates are reduced to one gate, even without the screening, the stations would not be able to cope. With this screening process added on, how long would be the queue?


Better for senior citizens to have 2 flu jabs a year

A study by the National Centre for Infectious Diseases and Tan Tock Seng Hospital has recommended that the elderly should go for 2 vaccinations annually against flu and respiratory illnesses. This is a good advice as flu attack seems so common especially for the elderly and for me. This is one of the irritating things that happens to me regularly and I have tried many methods to prevent this from happening. With so many foreigners from little corners of the world, Singaporeans are now exposed to many funny and strange viruses that were not here before the open leg policy.
I dunno how much it would cost for the two jabs and for the pain that is part of poking a needle into the skin and flesh. Two instead of one jab would definitely be better as a protection. It was reported in thenewpaper that the second jab would provide better protection against 3 influenza strains.

I think protecting against 3 strains may not be enough given the number of foreigners from all corners of the world in our midst. Instead of going for the 2 jabs to be protected against the 3 strains, I have chosen to be exposed to more strains and getting free vaccinations without the pain and the cost, by taking public transport, especially the crowded trains. I am daily being vaccinated and should be protected by the numerous strains in the air in the confined space of trains when one has to share the air with everyone in the train. And if one is lucky to stand or sit beside someone with a running nose, the impact and exposure would be several hundred times more.

I know as it would hit me almost immediately. My experiment with these unwelcome attacks in the train is to pop a couple of paraceptamol the moment I reached the office. Sometimes I may need another two or four tablets to make sure the free vaccinations did not turn into a full blown flu attack. So far it has worked. Instead of having to suffer two weeks of flu, headache, slight fever and general discomfort and a couple of dozens of paraceptamol, so far I could make do with 2 to 8 tablets to keep the flu from becoming full blown.

What I know from my personal experience and experiment is that there must be many more strains in the train/air. This is confirmed by the discomfort and earlier signs of a flu attack everytime I sit/stand beside someone with flu/running nose, in the train.

Hopefully after a year or two of daily vaccination in the train, my antibody level will be high to protect me from all strains of flu. Unfortunately, after so many years being vaccinated in the train, the attack keeps coming on. I can only conclude that there must be many strains of flu due to the constant changing of foreigners from our open leg policy and the constant mutation of the flu viruses.

The only comfort from my experiment is that I did not have to keep going for jabs and to pay for them. I have them free, in the train, daily, being exposed to the latest strains when they arrived, in the train. And these are live viruses, not the dead viruses used in vaccination. Think my resistance system should be stronger, with stronger antibodies. But I am still being hit very often.

If being exposed to these deadly viruses daily, twice a day, and I am still getting the flu, would exposing to 3 strains of dead viruses help? Or would the daily exposure would be more than is needed than being exposed twice a year with vaccination jabs?


When speaking the truth is spreading fake news

When Najib was in power, no one dare to question the truth about 1MDB and Altantuya's murder. Anyone saying otherwise would be charged, prosecuted or threatened by the law and likely to end up behind bars. Najib had his courts and judges and prosecutors lined up to take on anyone who dare to challenge his truth. With his power gone, every Najib truth is now being overturned by the new power in Mahathir. Mahathir is going to dig to the bottom of all the cases that were unquestionable truths.

Muhammed Ibrahim, the ex Bank Negara governor is being questioned by anti graft agency probing the 1MDB case. They are trying to follow the money trail of RM2 billion from land sales that were transferred to the Finance Ministry to service IMDB’s debt obligations. It looks like the ex governor knows a lot of things that the graft agency or Mahathir wants to know.
The big question is how involved was the ex governor in the money trail and his roles, if there is any, that are connected with the on goings of 1MDB. As the money involved in the 1MDB case is big, only very senior people would be entrusted to handle such money, to transfer them or to place them with interested parties.

Assuming that the ex governor had a hand in the case, just assuming, and if Mahathir makes an offer to remove him from the hook, would he then squeal and let everything out, like who he met, spoke to and the transactions involved? Someone in this web that is central to processes like Jho Low or the Goldman Sach officers that are players in the case may be offered amnesty or pardon to tell the truth. If none is prepared to talk, it would be a tough case to crack.

Once someone decides to save his skin, many names would be thrown up and many people could be embarrassed or even charged as part of the conspiracy. Those people involved better pray hard that none of the senior people involved is willing to take the pardon offer. Given so many people involved, the truth is just a matter of days away.

Hope no name from this side of the Causeway is mentioned. Knowing Mahathir, he is going to make sure that no stone is left unturned.

More worms would start crawling when Mahathir is done with this ex governor and other top govt officials or even within the top UMNO echelon of gangsters.


China and US must stop this trade war

What kind of statement is this? Who is responsible for this trade war? Who started this trade war and keep escalating? Casual readers reading this statement without understanding how the trade war started would give the impression that China is as guilty as a party to the trade war launched by the American Trump.
It is important to get the facts right and say things that are factually correct. China cannot be blamed for this trade war. The European countries and those countries under attacked by the Americans cannot be blamed for this trade war. This is a unilateral declaration of war by the Americans against the rest of the world for trading under the American designed world order and trading system.

The whole trading system is designed by the Americans under WTO and other American controlled agencies and was working well, at least in the interest of the Americans since its beginning. The Americans were the main beneficiary of the international trading system as they are the one that designed and fixed it to their advantage. It was Pax Americana, with the Americans as the undeclared but de facto Empire feeding on the rest of the world.

The situation started to go against the American interest when they over indulged in their consumption and expenditure in conducting wars and more wars, in building a huge military complex around the world that they could not longer afford except to print more fiat paper money. The Americans would not whisper a word of dissatisfaction if they have not incurred trillions of debt that they know they could not repay and continuing with the printing of paper money would eventually turn the US dollar into a worthless banana currency.

Now they want the rest of the world to pay them to remain as the Empire to rule the world under their new terms. Why would the rest of the world continue to pay to support an Empire to rule over them? Why would the world allow the Americans to continue to print money to support their extravagant lifestyle, military adventurism, building a huge military arsenal to threaten and bully every country at their whims and fancy?

The Americans are desperate to clear their debt before the USA becomes officially bankrupt and the US dollar becomes junk paper. They want the rest of the world to continue to feed them and pay for all their expenses as the dominant power and in conducting wars. Can you believe that, the rest of the world must pay the Americans for building military bases everywhere, for maintaining all the naval fleets with aircraft carriers to attack any country at will, for keeping the biggest nuclear arsenal to use against them if they did not listen to and obey the Empire?

China did not start this war and is only reacting and responding to the attacks by the Americans. Or should China just do nothing and allow the Americans to slam them at will, cannot retaliate? It is the Americans that must stop this war. Once the Americans did that, there will be no wars, just like if they stop all their military wars all over the world, there will be no wars.

The Americans are the warmongers! The Americans are to be blamed for this trade war and all the wars all over the world. Why afraid to tell the Americans to stop their wars, trade wars and wars of invasion?


PAP knows or dunno?

Below are some comments taken from Roy Ngerng's post in the TRE blaming the PAP for Singaporeans unable to retire because not enough money in the CPF.

Thus when Singaporeans cannot retire today, the fault lies squarely on the PAP.
(A) The PAP knew that flats prices will become zero, but still made Singaporeans use their CPF to inflate resale flat prices.
(B) The PAP knew that flat prices will become zero, but still made Singaporeans pay market prices for the land that the flats sit on.
(C) The PAP knows that flat prices will become zero, and decline in value, but still tell Singaporeans they will introduce a VERS which will not help much.
(D) The PAP knows that flat prices will become zero, and decline in value after 20 years, so they say they will introduce VERS after 20 years, because by then, VERS will not cost them much to them anyway – the PAP is kicking the problem down the road.

Finally, CPF changes, the Medisave, Medishield and increases to university fees were all started in the 1980s when PAP changed course. All these happened 30 years ago but it took about 30 years for the effects to finally unravel and be felt by Singaporeans today.
So, what will you do?

Roy Ngerng

I think Roy Ngerng got it all wrong, giving them too much credit or thinking that they are really smart and know everything. I think they really dunno what they were saying, like  HDB flat value will always go up. That's why they came up with asset enhancement scheme to continue to improve and raise the value of the HDB flats. And the latest, VERS, is supposed to do the same, to protect the value of the HDB flat even if the lease is left with 20 years. VERs could keep the value from falling. Just believe. If only they know that whatever they do, when the lease expires, the value must be zero, they would not want to waste so much money on a depreciating asset. But it is good if the govt is going to pay for the upgrading at least to keep the flats looking good and not turning into a rundown estate.

If one is still convinced that they know, then one may be accused of saying that they must be lying right? How can they know and still say different things and do different things against the hard truth.  This is why I confidently conclude that they are not that smart after all. They dunno!

Another way of looking at this is that they think the people are really daft.

What do you think?


Mahathir waves his magic wan and saves RM3 billion

This is a feat no economists or finance ministers can do, not even the US Treasury. What did Mahathir do to save so much money for Malaysia in so short a time? He cancelled 3 mega projects, building high speed trains and ports that he deemed are useless projects that would not benefit Malaysia. Now with such a great achievement, the Malaysian govt would have more money to proceed on his pet projects and the hot favourite is the very important and beneficial crooked bridge. This bridge is going to be his star and his legacy that was struck down by the two previous PMs as nonsensical, building a very expensive bridge to replace the efficient and low maintenance causeway.

His next big project is his Proton Saga, a moribund car that was going no where after several decades of production. Nothing in the car was made in Malaysia except maybe the rubber mat and the tyres. Now that the company has been literally sold and put an end to his legacy, he needs another car to keep his legacy alive. His dream of a Malaysian car is still alive. But how much of this car is going to be made in Malaysia? How about starting to build a car engine or buy one from another car manufacturer? A good suggestion would be to buy over the engine that Habibie built for his defunct locally built aircraft. I am presuming that the Indonesians built that engine and not bought from somewhere and only designed the body of the aircraft.
How much of a national car if the main engine of the car is not made in Malaysia? What is the point of building a national car that is anything but national or domestically produced and built? Did they build anything in the first Proton Saga that Malaysia can claim as made in Malaysia?

I remember there is another pet project mooted by Mahathir, the bridge to Sumatra, Indonesia. This may cost less than the 3 mega projects he cancelled and probably would have better economic value. And now that he has the money, this bridge idea could be revived.

Malaysia needs some big infrastructure projects to keep the economy going. Maybe Mahathir could buy over the factory building trains in KL. With the high speed train projects cancelled, there is now no reason for China to keep this factory operating in Malaysia. There is no demand for its trains. When the Japanese take over the high speed train projects, they would be using Japanese trains. Mahathir may be able to buy the Chinese train plant on the cheap, at a steep discount, fire sale. The price could be very attractive, and it can become a national project, Made in Malaysia trains, just the rolling stocks, without the rest of the rails and rail system. This is a factory ready for a takeover as the owners would be planning to close down its operation in Malaysia.

There are many possibilities for Mahathir given the money he created from his great savings by cancelling the mega projects.

Singapore ministers can learn a lot from Mahathir in how to save public fund and not thinking of wasting on mega projects.


Singapore Harapan - A new chapter in the making

Lee and Lee or Lee versus Lee

Singaporeans have grown up with the familiar Lee and Lee combination. Other sub sets are Lee and Kua or Lee and Ho. Today a new combination is in the making, Lee versus Lee. Even with the family dispute coming into the open, no Singaporean could envisage the possibility of a Lee versus Lee in the political arena.

Over the weekend this Lee versus Lee combination is looking like a possibility. It was all over the social media that Cheng Bok had a breakfast meeting, or having breakfast with Hsien Yang in West Coast hawker centre. Wasn’t Hsien Yang in self exiled in HongKong? Not really. I have seen him the MBFC area a couple of times. Hsien Yang is free to move in and out of Singapore though his residence could be in HongKong for the time being.

The breakfast with Cheng Bock is stirring a lot of speculation that Hsien Yang, the reluctant political candidate, may be having second thought, that he has to enter the ring for many reasons, personal or otherwise. It is no sheer coincidence or unplanned for Cheng Bock to be seen together with Hsien Yang. And this meeting was meant to be made public, to give notice that things are happening, maybe to gauge the response from the public of such a possibility.

Yes, it is like sending out a test balloon, no offence right? So far the reaction from the social media has been quite encouraging. A Singapore Harapan needs strong personalities to carry it. Cheng Bock alone may not be enough. Hsien Yang could lend some weight though he has not been a political entity before. If he does get into the ring, at least it would cause a mini tsunami. People would definitely feel uneasy. For one thing, it is tough to sue such a Lee in court or calling him liar or demeaning terms freely like attacking other opposition candidates. He is no push over and has the finances to take on what comes may. He is a political pedigree. Hitting him is like taking a punch at Lee Kuan Yew.

Would the people welcome a Lee versus Lee in the next GE? Would the people be comfortable with another Lee potential PM in the making albeit coming from another corner, to challenge the sitting Lee in another corner, maybe to be the disruptive force of change that is sorely needed in a moribund and out of touch political machinery that has taken the people for granted and doing what it chose to do, ignoring the concerns and plight of the people. This is a Lee that is also a chip off the old block but with a totally different perspective of what is good for the people and country. This is a Lee that is not PAP, never a PAP (I think) and now may be taking on the PAP. OK, OK, there is PAP blood running through his veins.

When the time comes for change, the change agents would appear on the scene in the most awkward and unthinkable form, from unexpected quarters. GE 2019/20 is looking quite interesting from this development. The reluctant candidate has appeared. Think more unforeseen events can be expected before the GE. Would more able and brave men and women stand up and cross over to the Singapore Harapan? When this happens, Singaporeans would see a formidable and credible opposition front to take over the govt.

Today is Deepavali, festival of light. Singapore needs more light to lit up the darkness. Happy Deepavali to everyone and a brighter Singapore.


Go Jek going to operate in Singapore’s tiny market

The Singapore market, be it taxi driving or mobile phone, is really a very small market. Once you have two or 3 players, it would be saturated with the market share split by the few players. Why would Go Jek be so keen to enter the market after Uber and Grab, that have already been acquired? The answer is in the mobile phone business model. There was once only one operator with 100 percent market share. Then they opened up the market under the so called open leg policy, liberalization, to allow Uber and Grab to come in, in the mobile phone market they allowed M1 and Starhub to come in. And as expected, the market share was split.

The once only one operator then strangely realized that its market share was diluted by the new operators. This was bad and it needed to regain its market share, the whole market share. So what should it do? Buy up the new operators offering them a Singapore Premium to divest their investment in Singapore. And lo behold, the only one operator now had regained all its market share again, albeit after coughing out hundreds of millions of OPM. And the new operators took their prize money, pat their backsides, and laughed all the way to the bank.

Go Jek is jumping in, likely to follow this same successful formula. All it needs is to gain market share, even if at a loss. It would only need to hold on for a few years for the one and only operator to wake up to realize that its market share has been diluted again. And in panic mode it would decide to buy up Go Jek at a premium. And Go Jek would happily give up everything to exit the market, with a huge Singapore Premium. The only and only operator would again have the whole market share.

Why is this possible? Very simple. When one is holding a lot of OPM and needs to invest to be seen to do something, and if one has no idea on how to start a business, the easiest and most convenient way to show some results is to buy up another apparently successful company with a tested business model. The Singapore entrepreneurial story is about buying businesses without having to start one. It is not easy to start a new business and to be profitable when one has no idea how to start a business, without any business experience except some text book knowledge or knowledge from irrelevant industries or occupation.

After Uber and Grab, here comes Go Jek. And soon Go Jek will come to pass. And Go Jek will not be the last corporate raider in this sense. Many will come, to set up companies waiting to be bought over. Any company will do, no need high tech or high thinking. Kopitiam also can. The next target will be the share bike business. Some clever business entrepreneurs without entrepreneurial experience are eagerly waiting on the sideline, waiting for the right moment to buy up the bike sharing business, and pay the standard Singapore Premium to go with it. And the bike sharing companies could happily exit the market and laugh all the way to the bank, pocketing the OPM that has no owners.

This is Singapore’s entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial business model to buy and run a business.

Why invite outsiders to come in to steal a market share and then to buy it back?


North Korean officials preyed on women with impunity

This is headline news reported by AFP quoting a righteous Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth. Is this guy an American? Did he read the news about American officials, including the President and a Supreme Court judge and several top officials in the White House groping and attacking women, raping, and getting away with impunity? Compare their acts with the North Koreans, what is the difference and which is more newsworthy or disgusting?

Kenneth Roth also accused the North Koreans of treating their women like ‘sex toys’. Mmmm, is this Roth a descendant of slave American slave owners? Did he know that treating women like sex toys in the good old days of black African slavery was par on course? Did he know that a white guest to a white slave owner’s home would be invited to have his pick of the slave girls in the chicken farm in the backyard?

He added with details, ‘Every night, a prison guard would open the cell. I stood still quietly, acting like I didn’t notice, hoping it wouldn’t be me.’ Wow, so dramatic. What would he think a slave girl would say in the dark days of American slavery? Let me try to remember, how about, ‘Every night, the master would open the cell. I stood still quietly, acting like I didn’t notice, hoping it wouldn’t be me.’ Is this familiar, or he has conveniently forgotten? These are words that this Kenneth Roth have quoted from the movie 'Roots'.

The evilest creatures on earth, capturing Afrikaans as slaves, treated them like animals country wide, continent wide, massacring millions of native Americans to near extinction, today walking around in white robes to condemn others as the evil ones, and they are the angels of Gods. Everyone is evil and bad, the Americans are the good guys.

Kenneth Roth also quoted this with glee. ‘North Korean women would probably say “Me Too” if they thought there was any way to obtain justice, but their voices are silenced in Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship.’ How many American women that stood up to expose the sexual attacks by American top officials would also say “Me too”?

How many black women, many long dead and gone, would also say “Me Too” if they thought there was any way to obtain justice, but their voices were silenced in the American white conspiracy or dictatorship, the land of the free only for the whites?

It is a lie, it never happen in America, the land of the free, liberty and the land of human rights abuses. Oops, no human rights abuses, definitely no abuses of the white Americans. What about black Americans? Latinos, Spaniards and Asians?

This is the kind of smear campaign the West has been indulging for centuries against Asians and the rest of the world, attacking them, badmouthing them, to divert attention from their evilness and wicked deeds. The millions of people they have killed in the Middle East and other parts of the world would not be spoken. No crimes against humanity, but any small things happening in other countries, they would accuse them of crimes against humanity.


National Games 2018 - Masters 4x100m 65-74

A friend forwarded this video to me. He also did not know who shot it and I could not give credit to the videographer.  RB is the last runner in the inner lane. The first runner in my team was Tan Nam Chong, second runner Jeffrey Boh and third runner was Cheong Seng Quee, my primary school classmate.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel – World’s tallest statue

India has outdone everyone in building the world’s largest statue of its leaders, twice the height of the Statue of Liberty in the US. And it costs only $560m. This is small change for the next super power in the making. This Sardar was also known as the Iron Man for united a feuding India of many states, something akin to what Mao Zedong had done for China. For such a great feat he rightly deserved to be so highly honoured, a very tall order.

Asians have traditionally been associated with glorifying their dead leaders and for building huge monuments to show their love and affection for their leaders. India is no exception and little Singapore is also following this trend. Though Singapore is more seen as a western country with western thinking, this Asian trait is still deeply rooted in the psychic of its western educated natural Aristocrats.

Singapore is going to build a monument for its founding leaders. 560 hectares of prime land, the most expensive land in the island, has been carved out for this purpose. How much would this land cost, plus the buildings it could build on it? Priceless!

Before this Sardar statue, Singapore has no good western role models to fall back on to build gigantic monuments. To imitate what the North Koreans did would definitely attract criticism that Singapore is becoming a small replica of North Korea. This $560m statue in India is a welcome news. India is Singapore’s role model,Indian fever, the biggest democracy. Singapore aspires to be like India and is importing millions of Indians here to transform the culture and DNA to be more Indian like and to benefit future generations of Indian’s super talent gene pool. An ideal Singapore family is an Indian husband and a Chinese wife as in many advertisement. Use to be an European man and a local girl.

Now Singapore can say India is doing it, and spent $560m on it. Singapore can definitely do better if not at least equal what India spent for its monument to honour its dear leader. Just wondering if Singapore would put up a statue as big and tall as India to be the tallest in the world, all for a good cause of course. It would be money well spent, every cent of it.

What do you think?


Para athletes – Against all odds. What about masters athletes?

Our team of para athletes returned from the Asian Para Games in Indonesia with 3 golds, 2 silvers and 5 bronzes. This is a much improved performance over their last outing. Understanding their disabilities and limitations and how hard they have to work to overcome their physical handicaps, their efforts and results are very admirable.

Yip Pin Xiu had two golds in swimming and a special award for the ‘World Para Series’ Best Female Athlete for high support needs athletes. The other two gold medal winner was swimmer Toh Wei Soong.

The govt has been very positive in supporting and encouraging the para athletes to engage in sports, which is a good thing. Every sport needs encouragement. The normal athletes too were given support by the govt.
Masters athletes – Nobody’s child

The only group that is receiving only lip service support is the masters athletes. This group may not be as normal as the young athletes as many of the masters athletes are ageing. Their physical parts are ‘rusting’ and getting brittle and stiff. They need many kinds of supplements and exercises to keep their muscles ‘supple’ and their joints less ‘rough’ to be able to perform the same feat as the younger and normal athletes. They are handicapped in their own ways, and some of their physical conditions are not too far from the para athletes.

Imagine uncles and aunties in their 60s, 70s, 80s and more running the sprint, doing high jump, long jump, hurdling etc etc. These activities at these golden ages demand a lot of training, endurance and pains that needed all kinds of pain killers to keep them going. Would the govt seriously consider giving them at least the same support as the para athletes to encourage them to keep on running, jumping and throwing? It needs a lot of drive, determination and training for a 60-90 year old to be running the 100m dash, something the younger athletes took for granted.

Some of the masters athletes have spoken to Grace Fu but so far nothing has happened. The masters athletic associations too had made their cases for some support, but it seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. Why is the govt/SportsSG not showing much concern or interest in supporting the masters athletes other than lip service?

For so long, the masters athletes are like nobody’s child. They are left to fend for themselves and to amuse themselves at their own time and cost, living in the fringes of the athletic community. The darlings of the govt/SportsSG are the para athletes. For the record, a total of $250,000 cash rewards were given up in the recent Asian Para Games.

Next year there will be an equivalent Asian Masters Athletic Meet in Sarawak, Malaysia. Would the govt think of including this masters athletic competition in the same category as the Asian Para Games and reward the senior athletics with some cash awards for the honours and glory they bring to the country? Or masters athletics can do what they want, nothing to do with the govt or SportsSg, non of their business?

This time there will be qualifying time trials for the Asian Masters Meet. Does this mean that SportsSG is changing its mind and taking the masters athletes more seriously? Would the masters athletes be recognized finally? Many have been running for years without any recognition from the state while carrying the nation’s flag.

What say you Grace Fu?


Singapore #7 most giving country?

According to British Charities Aid Foundation, Singapore is the 7th most generous countries in the world. What utter rubbish. This is the most biased and unfair poll, from a bunch of ignoramus. They really did not know what they were talking about. The top 3 generous countries were Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Can you believe this nonsense? Singapore is definitely #1, many many times more generous than any country in the world. #7???? Nonsense.

The criteria used, giving of time, money and helping a stranger. So simplistic terms. This kind of criteria is best to use on individuals, not on a country. But never mind, let’s use these to see how generous Singapore is compares to the other countries.

Helping strangers, do they know that Singapore has been offering thousands of scholarships annually, for at least the last 20 years, to complete strangers, children of other countries, to study in Singapore schools and universities, up to doctoral level? You know how much this costs and how many strangers benefitted from this generous policy? Several billions of dollars and several thousands of students that otherwise would not have world class education. Not generous enough? And this was done at the expense of many Singapore children that have to give up their school and university places for these foreigners and their parents have to cough up their savings, some selling their homes, to pay for their education fees overseas.

And if you think this is not enough, not significant, think of the more than 2 million strangers allowed into Singapore, to take over the jobs of Singaporeans, to steal the lunch of Singaporeans. The 2m may not look big, but it is more than 50% of the Singapore population and to date they are a majority in Singapore. And over the years, several times this number have benefitted and got richer when they come and go, all at the expense of Singaporeans.

And what did the daft but generous Singaporeans do after losing their jobs? They either retired, and got themselves out of the unemployment statistics, or become taxi drivers or security guards, and kidding themselves that these are jobs of choice, freedom, independent, being your own bosses. Ah Q mentality or self delusion or being generous? The latter is not recognized or Singapore would be listed as the most generous country. They probably think Singaporeans are all daft, anything but generous.

The generosity of Singaporeans is at the nationals level, not just a few individuals that happened to be counted. And the policies of being generous are ongoing. It is even institutionalized in free trade agreements like CECA to benefit foreigners most and Singaporeans last and least.

How’s that? Still deserve to be ranked only #7 and not #1? Singaporeans are so generous until they are being regarded as stupid, daft, giving away so much but not recognized. Singapore and Singaporeans deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for their generosity in helping others, strangers and suffering in silence, becoming jobless and becoming taxi drivers and security guards while foreigners are allowed to come in and take on top jobs paying hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars. And the official excuse, these are jobs that Singaporeans did not want to do or have no experience of skill sets to do. Only third world people have the required qualifications, experience and skills sets to do these high paying jobs, with dubious and even degree mills degrees.

Daft Singaporeans must protest to this unfair ranking of Singaporeans. The ministers must also object to this ranking. Singaporeans must be number One, no less.

PS. On record Singapore must have provided scholarship and educated a few thousand students all over Asia and given jobs to several millions of the jobless from Asia. If this is not generous, what is? Which country could do better to look after foreigners at the expense of its own citizens?


Saudi Arabia squeezing Trump’s balls

Trump has been flip flopping over the savage killing of Khashoggi. What is the relationship of Khashoggi with the USA? Never mind, this is not that important anymore. What is important is that the Americans cannot do anything about it and Saudi Arabia and MBS would move on as if nothing has happened.

Why, why are the Americans and even Trump, could not do anything against the Saudis?

Listen to these threats coming from the Saudis.

1. Saudi Arabia will switch from petrodollar to petroyuan. Americans mati. The end of the American Empire.
2. Oil price will shoot to US$400.
3. Saudis will invite the Russians to set up military base in Saudi Arabia.
4. Saudi Arabia will ally with Iran and join the Russia/China camp. When this happened, Israel will no longer be able to control and mess around with the Arabs applying their divide and rule policy.
5. Saudi Arabia will dump US Treasury Bills.

What would the above mean to the Americans and Israelis? The Middle East would all be part of a new alliance with Russia and China leaving the USA and Israel as the two lone wolves facing the might of the Arab world, and losing control of oil as a weapon of war.

So, what can Trump and the Americans do? Sanctions? Remove the Saudi royalties? No, they would turn their heads, start to whistle and pretend that nothing has happened. Let’s move on, human rights, abominable crimes, what’s that?

The Americans are increasingly facing such Hobbesian’s Choice and becoming hapless while their allies defied the Empire and do as they please. The Americans are losing control of their allies. All the chips they held over their allies are becoming meaningless. The end of the Evil Empire is near. In this Khashoggi’s case the Americans would look so ridiculous over their claims of moral superiority, or righteousness, of anything by hypocrisy. This will be like the Americans unmasked, the Devil will be exposed.

Trump thought he could have his ways by pushing everyone around. This time he is completely at the mercy of the Saudis. He could do nothing to bring justice for the savage dismemberment of Khashoggi, very highly and likely a CIA operative.


F35s - Influencing policy makers and the masses

F-35: How the fifth-generation fighter jet might take RSAF to the next level

Channel News Asia ran a 3 part series article on how good the F35 is and how relevant it is to the air defence of Singapore or should it be the air offensive capability of Singapore with these aircraft. Lockheed Martin, the aircraft manufacturer must have paid quite a bit for this propaganda, oops advertisement to influence not only the decision makers into paying for this ultra expensive toy, but also trying to change the perception of the man in the street that they should not grumble should the govt plough a few billions into this wonderful war machine. I read the piece and am convinced that this is a really good piece of war machine, maciam a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Actually it is more, like a F1 formual racing car. 

Imagine the people driving their Ferraris and Lamborghinis on our roads and how stylo milo they looked, just crusing along at 110 kph without breaking the road speed limit. That is about what these super cars could do on our roads. And the competitors for attention or to out race them were practically zero.

The big question is who are we going to use these machine against? China, completely useless. They have radars that could render the stealth feature ineffective. And it would be silly for any Singaporeans to think of fighting China with these aircraft, totally out of line, out of the leaque, no contest. Perhaps the closest to fighting China would be to be dragged in by the Americans as their point man, as part of the American war plan for world supremacy. This is definitely not something we want to be in, not something we want to pay for.

These war machine would be too good for our immediate neighbours. They too would not be our competitors even if they acquired them with American consent or acquiring the best Russian war machine. Buying these war machine is only the first step. You would also need clever pilots to fly them, not like the Ab Bengs in their soup up machine tearing down the road. These are highly sophisticated war machine to be used for war, not just swooping around in the sky. Not many would be able to use them as what they were made to do. Definitely not the pilots of our neighbouring countries. This is no bragging. 

Then there is the bigger headache of maintaining them in flying and fighting condition. Our neighbours track record of their Russian and American possession has proven that afterF15s and F16s would be more than adequate to do the job needed, at a fraction of the cost.

Talking about cost, many would be better informed of the complexity of these machine, the use of satellite technology and GPS system to support them, ground control computer and radar system. It is not so simp0le as just buying the aircraft. Then there is also the weapons and avionics cost etc etc. The total cost would be enormous and something we could not afford and do not need to pay for. 

Very likely these aircraft would not have to fight an air war and lost in battle. Many of them would be lost why flying in peace time due to engine or pilot errors. At the tune of $200m each, this is no small sum to fall out of the sky. 

They are good to have, nice to have, like the Lamborghinis and Ferraris. But for practical reasons, the F15s and F16s would be able to perform just as well given the theatre and competitors. Can we afford to pay for such beautiful state of the art war machine or toys with public money?

Below are some extracts of the Lockheed Martin sales pitch in Channel News Asia. Very attractive and mesmerising. Spending OPM is so easy, for such machine, called game changer. Sure, why not. Who would end up paying for the super expensive toys? The enemies would not be able to take them down. But normal wear and tear, poor maintenance and mistakes would.

FORT WORTH, Texas: At the end of a highly sensitive assembly line, in the nave of an enormous aviation paint shop, lay a hulking lump of metal grey aluminium and titanium.
It was a war machine that showed some qualities of an expensive sports car, with sleek lines, perfect symmetry and a matte finish. But looks didn't mask the fact that this fighter jet is designed to be ultra deadly.
The F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter is so advanced, it can “talk” to other aircraft, see the enemy earlier and avoid being seen better than ever before. It can hunt discreetly in packs or be the all-seeing eye in the sky.
This fifth-generation fighter, according to defence experts, is also one of Singapore’s top choices to replace its ageing F-16s.