What kind of Singaporean core do you want?

Do you want a Singaporean core at the bottom worker’s level, a core in middle management, or a core at top management? Or do you just want a Singaporean core at the political leadership level?

There can be many permutations to this choice really. How about a Singaporean core at the political leadership level and a core at the worker’s level and the rest to be filled by any ‘chapalan’ foreigners? Or do you want a Singaporean core at the political leader’s level plus top management and the rest leave it to the foreigners? Just add to the variations and see which is best for the interests of the Singaporeans, or for the interests of the elite, or for the interests of the foreigners.

I hope Swee Say is not talking about a Singaporean core at the worker’s level plus a core at the political leadership and the middle and top management levels can be offered to the foreigners on a silver platter. Let’s wait to hear from him or any other minister or the PM himself on what should be the best combination for a Singaporean core.

And there could also be variation at different levels like at the worker’s level the Singaporean core should be the supervisory ranks while the worker bees and ants be left to the foreigners or is it the other way round.

What would be a bad combination against the interests of Singaporeans? It is easy to talk about core but it can be a rotten core or a smelly core that may not be good to Singaporeans. Don’t simply think talking about a core must be good to Singaporeans. Look at the real core in practice and see what it really meant.

I am not encouraged by a Singaporean core at the worker’s level. What do you think? I think if this materialized then it would be a sad day for Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...


Doesn't matter what other core, but I would think a Singaporean core that will vote PAP every election is the best core for PAP lah.

And this core can be supplemented every election with more instant Singaporeans minted by PAP lah, to reach 6.9 million target by when is it ah, forgot already?

So together this will be the 60% core at every election.

Oh, and not to forget also, an opposition core like the current one lah, always disunited and not ready to be govt.

So this type of core good or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

It is most important to have a Singaporean core of voters that will never vote opposition if the opposition is not ready to be govt.

And by not contesting 100% seats as one party like the PAP, the opposition has already 93% proven to these Singaporean core of voters that they are not ready to be govt.

And lagi more not ready if more new opposition parties are formed, eg the most recent one called PPP by Goh Meng Seng aka "Madcow" aka "grasshopper".

Anonymous said...

And lagi more not ready if more new opposition parties are formed, eg the most recent one called PPP by Goh Meng Seng aka "Madcow" aka "grasshopper".
Anon 9:07 a.m.

Sometimes I can't helped but got the feeling that there is more to it than meets the eye for Sinkies like "Madcow" and maybe also to some extent, "Hainan Ah Ko". Especially, much to the surprise of many, "Hainan Ah Ko" was even qualified as a Presidential candidate in PE 2011.

And not to forget even WP "star" MP Chen Show Mao too, for being so "quiet" in Parliament, to the disappointment of many. Might as well get another Ah Lian insurance trainer as MP.

Anonymous said...

The Sin Government has always a high proportion of Malaysia Born Chinese and Indian as its Core. Lim Swee Say himself is One.

Native Sinkies had happily sold themselves since independence. Now then they realize but regret is too late.

The Pioneer Generation had unwittingly betrayed their succeeding generations.

Anonymous said...

for pap to rely on votes from instant singaporeans is not sustainable......

the instant singaporeans may vote for pap for the first round but their votes can be very different from the second round onwards.........

the singapore core should be top down, filling up jobs right from the top downwards, leaving job opportunities at the lower levels to foreigners.......

only truly special special talents can directly join the top.......

not difficult to achieve this........

what is required is the political`will.......

do the right things, please.......

we can do it......

this is the best strategy for singapore.......

many good year......many good years......

Anonymous said...

As long as there is a PAP core in parliament;
The rest of Singapore and Singaporeans don't really matter lah!
Just "digits" only.
Foreign or local digits do not matter.
Digits are fully interchangeable and replaceable.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

RB poses the question:

>> "What kind of Singaporean core do you want?" <<

For me, a hotel resident, and the cuntry's WORST patriot, I don't really care. Anything also can lah. Let people be who they want to be. Or allow the govt to socially engineer people on how the govt wants them to be. I don't give a fuck how the chips fall.

The people will get the nation they deserve. If they keep voting in a govt. who OPENLY socially engineers the society, then what basis do Singaporeans have to complain?

You fuckers need to get yourselves another Benevolent Dictator---soon. And then you can go back to blissful ignorance and continue shopping and makaning, and comparing yourselves to other "lesser" cuntrees, whilst masturbating to the flag and singing majulah singapura! (both done at the same time).

As a cuntry, whatever you kena, you deserve lah. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lim Swee Sat should be complimented for being an excellent sailor. He is very good at sailing with the wind. Representing the workers (in NTUC) but advocating for the G (the wind), can do. Now representing the G and employers (as Manpower Minister) and advocating for them too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Matilah Singapura. I also a PR here and have no stake in this island. Stay as long as it benefits me. Top core or bottom core, who cares.

For you citizens, that is your problem. Have a good ride.

Anonymous said...

So, all that talk about building a core is all a load of shit. It is just the same old trick, repackaged under a new cover, and they are attempting to sell the idea to appease the masses. 40% of citizens do not buy it, but as usual 60% will lick it up. I mean the shit!

Anonymous said...

Plse la, 60% are like matilah n company.
Vote the right party to make plenty of money and be happy.
Why quarrel with money or opportunity to make money.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...
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ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Addressing some points:

@ an obvious fan of voting, 254:

>> Vote the right party to make plenty of money and be happy. <<

I stopped voting, and I encourage people NOT to vote. If you know how, you can make money REGARDLESS of who is running the cuntry. Electoral voting is an illusion, unless it is your club or residents committee. Voting is Singapore is a complete DElusion. Be honest with yourself, and ask yourself if your vote is going to make a difference? Be honest, don't cheat yourself out of "enlightenment". 😜

Making money is not a problem, in itself. But along the way you will encounter many "people problems" which if you leave yourself "unprotected", it will cost you in LOSSES---money, time, energy and for me...peace of mind. For we are mortal, and only here for a short time. I have seen people close to me linger for years, stuck in wheelchairs as incontinent spit-drooling imbeciles. It's fucking heartbreaking, but also bracing.

So the "short time" you think you have is actually even shorter, afterall it is the quality of life, not the duration which counts.

So the question is: why waste precious time on political stuff which you know deep down won't really make that much of a difference.

Ok, let's say you get "your CPF" --- all of it, every last penny. And the PMETs get a job which accords with their snobbery and inflated sense of worth. New HDB's are sold half price. Established HDB prices are capped at 2015 valuations, by an "Act" swiftly passed in parliament. Yes, I know: market sorcery. In Singapore, anything is possible. Just pass a law.😂

Everyone is happy-clappy like those fuckers in church. Everyone says "Wah, govt damnn good!" (whomever the govt might be at the time). The domestic consumer-driven economy is smokin'!

The COE has been bid up way past $100k, everyone is buying new cars. Uncles---abounding in CPF's largesse---now make the new class of "playboy"...and pharmacies have run out of Viagra®. Aunties, also "winners" in their own "CPF LOTTERY" can be found with Filipino and Thai toy-boys....plastic surgery business is booming, aunties looking damn lao chiao with their breast implants, face lifts and lipo...thank you CPF!

All WINNING, Charlie Sheen style. SO let's say by some fluke, all your political wet-dreams cum true, and the cuntry is PERFECT.

Then what? You mean to tell me that you fuckers will be happy? I have my doubts lah. I say NO, you'll still be the same bunch of whiney schoolgirls on their first period lah.

Nothing will change, until the culture changes.