The successful conditioning of the daft Sinkie mind

Just put your ears to the ground and listen to the Sinkies talking and what they have come to accept as the truth, the realities that they have to live with, simply amazing. Aliens setting foot on this island would be so amused and aghast at the things that the Sinkies are made to believe and accept as part of their lives.

Let me just list a few of the Sinkie truths that will not be accepted in other developed countries with thinking citizens.

Sinkies are made to believe that they have the most talented Sinkies in politics and they deserved to be paid the millions or they would walk into another betterer paying job in the private sector.

Sinkies are made to believe that the only solution to corruption is to pay the public officers and appointees the millions and they will not be corrupt anymore.

Sinkies are made to believe that foreigners are more talented than Sinkies.

Sinkies are made to believe that they need foreigners to come here to create jobs for them. The truth is that we are creating all the jobs for the foreigners. Tio boh?And the best part is that the foreigners now believe that Sinkies are really daft and they are superior to Sinkies even if they come from third world countries that could not give them the jobs they have here nor pay them the salaries.

Sinkies are made to believe that their flats are affordable and worth the money they paid for. And that living in 900 sq ft flats is quality living.

Sinkies also believe that cars are unnecessary and they should not clamour for such luxuries. Taking public transport is good enough or even shiok. It is gracious living squeezing in the buses and trains packed with commuters.

Sinkies are made to believe that it is reasonable to pay $70k for a certificate to buy a car, on top of other taxes, and that it can be used only for 10 years.

Sinkies are made to believe that only the present political party can run this country and no other parties can do so. And they are so frighten of voting another party into power for fear that the country will go under.

Sinkies are made to believe that taxing the people through GST, especially the poorer ones, is to help the poorer Sinkies.

Sinkies are made to believe that the right to decide when and how much they can withdraw from their lifelong savings in the CPF is the right of the Govt. My God, the Sinkies accept this obediently.

Sinkies also believe that it is okay to increase the population to 6.9m and maybe after this number is reached, everything will be frozen and the population will remain at 6.9m.

Sinkies also believe that they have unlimited resources and land to keep growing the population.
And this one is classic. Sinkies are made to believe that the core of Sinkie population is strengthen when their number is reduced vis a vis non citizens and new citizens.

What else can one tell the Sinkies to believe? Sinkies are the chosen children of God and will be blessed forever. They are so rich that they cannot afford to retire and many are working as cleaners in their 70s and many will be bankrupt when they are admitted to a hospital.

There are many other beliefs, but just one last belief. Sinkies are made to believe that their 99 year leasehold properties will appreciate in price forever and ever.


Anonymous said...

RB, I think you got it all wrong lah.

It is not that Sinkies are made to believe. It is that they are FORCED TO ACCEPT THESE REALITIES.

And the mother of all forced acceptance is because the strongest opposition party is not ready to be govt. And this is a reality which Sinkies have to accept.

Sinkies don't need to be forced to believe a reality which they are unable to change, do they? They are forced to accept.

Anonymous said...

That the strongest opposition party is not ready to be govt already speaks volumes about how daft Sinkies are.

This is the root issue of daft Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, if instead of PAP, the opposition parties combined had won 93% of the seats in GE 2011, you think it is better for Sinkieland?

If not, then we should thank the 60% in GE 2011 for being not daft lah.

Anonymous said...

Even in a by election, PAP can still get 43% votes, despite all the bad things RB and other netizens said.

This speaks volume about how strong PAP is and how happy and satisfied 43% of voters are with PAP.

PAP just need to convince only another 17% more in a GE that Sinkieland will be worse off under opposition rule to win 60% votes and 93% seats.

jjj2usg said...

It's ironic that most Singaporeans
are 'comfortable' with their lives and do not feel the prick on their butt to have any change. Worst of all what they are good in is to just complain and then accept what is shoved into their throat.


Anonymous said...

If our screw-up prone PAPig Millionaire Ministers can "manage" Singapore.
Then any ordinary Sinkie can do an even better job.
But some old fart and his propaganda will have to die a natural death first.
Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long.

Anonymous said...

This is the real situation. Most of the foreigner's mentality is just to grap our jobs irrespective of very low pay package and employment condition. As long as it is better than they stay back in their own country. Once they are at the job, cover up strategy starts, they "act" loyal to the company. When they are unable to deliver the result per their expected employment and or make mistake on the work, they will past the bug to next party, this is how foreigners creat jobs for us citizen. This is very common for company hv alot of out sourcing works, the bug of its FT can be easily past to the next party unknowingly. They are good at this cover up and they steal skills and knowledges from next party. They remain at thier job, but awaiting for the next opportunity - can be very humful to us citizen, losting of even more jobs and the chain effects of not having a job.
This is painful.

Anonymous said...

RB! Ya at one stage we also believed that instead of competing with FT outside, we might as well as to compete with them inside and improve our competitiveness

Many PMET thought that was a good idea till they got replaced and woke up but it's too late for them. Those still holding the jobs still subscribed to this belief that is why the 43 and 60% still vote that way

Matilah_Singapura said...

As I've reminded readers, time and time again:

"The Sheeple Get The Cuntry and The Government They Deserve."

The Sheeple who are quick to accept "goodies" from the govt, are just as quick to complain about the government. However when foreigners and their media "attack" the Singapore government, the Singaporean Sheeple (who complain about their government) get their backs up and DEFEND their govt and its dumb policies.


b said...

Its a mind game between the elite rulers and the subjects. The winners are cleared right from the start because the subjects are so lazy to use their brains and over time, they will end up daft, used, discarded.

Anonymous said...

The Pope selects the cardinals who appoints the Pope.

/// The Straits Times to-day (July 27) reported that in an interview with PSC Chairman, Eddie Teo, he revealed that “just 60 percent of this year’s scholars hails from Raffles and Hwa Chong Institutions DOWN FROM 82 PERCENT IN 2007″! ///