The open door immigration policy of UK under attack

Immigration in many countries used to be a natural thing when the number is small, manageable and at the comfort of the host country. The host country will determine who can come in, how many and from where. When immigration becomes a kind of economic pep pills to boost a country’s economy and the number allowed in has reached a level that is uncomfortable to the natives, immigration will gradually become a sore point. It affects the social and economic fabric of a country and its people. It will become a full blown political issue.

Britain, being an ex empire, has been quite liberal with its immigrant policy with respect to its ex colonies. Many have since made Britain their new found home with new found hope and a better life materially. But things are not looking good now and the Brits are starting to protest and demanding a slowing down in the import of foreign labour through immigration.

The Govt complied by making promises and announcing policy changes to tighten immigration. On the ground, the number of immigrants continues to swell and the Brits are not stupid not to notice the ever rising presence of more immigrants. Now they don’t even believe their govt and the statistics the govt puts up.

Let me quote Chris Bryant, an opposition Labour MP. ‘…the report showed the govt’s assertions on immigration could not be trusted. We should be able to count people in and out of this country…If the govt is going to boast about having cut net migration then you would think that the statistics would be reliable ones. The truth is, they’re not.’

How could govt statistics be not reliable, untruth? It cannot be, the govt are made up of righteous and honourable people with great dignity and trustworthiness. How can they not be trusted? The govt should be even more reliable than the main media as they are the govt, people of high morals and conscience. How can the people say the govt statistics cannot be trusted?

But that is Britain. Our govt statistics definitely can be trusted. Our main media too, producing news by professional journalists and reporters, men and women with great integrity, well trained and with reliable sources, and with facts and data vetted and double and triple check for accuracy. But we are Singapore and they are Britain. We can be trusted, they cannot.

How can they rank our media at 149th? They must be joking.


Anonymous said...

"It will become a full blown political issue."

In Sinkieland, it will only be a full blown political issue when WP or another party announce that they are ready to become govt.

I believe such an issue will be welcome by majority Sinkies. In other words, it is a happy issue.

Until this happens, nothing is a political issue, let alone a full blown issue.

Anonymous said...

Most Sinkies today are as cynical as Chris Bryant when it comes to Official Reports.
The trust is definitely missing as most do not find information reliable and those dishing them are found or suspected to lack integrity.
Just too bad that Sinkies are willing to compromise.

Anonymous said...

Too late too late too late......to do anything now...........

For countries with relax immigration policy, open yr eyes use yr head.

STOP IT while there is still time, before it becomes too late ..............cheers....

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah redbean please lah... go to any cuntree now and there'll be citizens railing against immigration. Aust, UK, USA, France, Holland, Scandanavia...even the Malaysians don't want too many Indonesians in their cuntree.

The point is business needs a large pool of labour otherwise the costs of doing business skyrocket and enterprises become uncompetitive.

The world is getting more crowded. That's a FACT. So you'll have to make room for the other humans or you are going to get pushed out of the way. even if you "resist", that won't change the fact that the human species is rapidly increasing in numbers.

The best idea any cuntree can have is to:
Keep those borders open!...and eventually get rid of borders altogether!!

Got globalisation?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, some countries are more productive and effective, that's why they prosper and get rich and have better quality of life. And they have smaller population and lower rate of birth.

The third world countries have a lot of population and lower economic growth and lower productivity. If the doors are wide open, it will be like water rushing to the lowest level. All the third world inhabitants will gravitate to the developed world and it is not going to be better off for everyone but worst off for everyone. All will get pull down.

Detroit is an empty ghost town.

Anonymous said...

UK is broke, they need someone to tax, but are ..

Matilah_Singapura said...


Cuntree's fortunes, like the fortunes of people, go up and down.

"Productivity" is correlated by the level of wealth the cuntree can accumulate and the degree of capitalism in that cuntree.

The African nations -- after independence from their colonial masters -- never managed to get off the ground...until recently.

Chinese culture is centered around financial security. The Chinese accumulate wealth and on every level, increase their degree of capitalism, which makes them more productive. Their productivity keeps INCREASING as they increase their levels of wealth accumulation and capitalism. Which is why they have so much money, and are getting richer. This has enabled them to "help" Africa by providing it with much needed CAPITAL.

Detroit is an empty ghost town due to the capital being driven out (i.e capital flight) by silly laws, greedy pension funds etc. Around the 1970's american automakers were facing increasing competition from Japan. When OPEC kicked everyone's balls with their oil embargo, the fuel-miser Jap cars like Honda out sold the gus guzzlers made in Detroit. How to compete? Cut costs. Relocate to get away from stifling, anti-business US regulations and taxes. Bye, bye Detroit. Hello Mexico.

However, not to be undaunted, the auto unions in Detroit (whatever's left of the once proud place) are still DEMANDING high wages and outrageous pensions.

Good luck to them. There's no capital, and no wealth accumulation. Maybe these dreamers should give the Chinese a call ;-)

Capital, information, goods, and now services -- thanks to high-bandswidth info networks -- all flow freely throughout the world. The last item is HUMAN CAPITAL -- i.e. physical humans themselves. A passport is required to cross any border. As short as only a hundred or so years ago, many cuntrees/ territories did not require passports. The flow of humans is still controlled today -- and the idea is RIDICULOUS.

Freeing up borders allows humans to be MORE FREE in choosing where to go, which allows them more possibilities in how to live out their lives.

Many who dare to travel afar come from Turd Whirled Cuntrees -- why wouldn't anyone living in the rich, developed world expect such people to want to better their shitty lives, and therefore "go for it" because they have little or nothing of note to lose? And so we, fucking cruel arseholes that we are as "developed" and so-called "enlightened" democracies put up barriers to prevent these folks (aka "fellow human beings") from wanting a slice of the action too.

This is why I am such a passionate advocate for OPEN BORDERS. Give those poor immigrants and refugees a shot, I say. Give them the opportunity to EARN the lives we enjoy and take for granted -- EARNED, not given thru birthright, but acquired through our own choices, actions and associations.

By the same token, allow those with the means to come -- freely. They have skills, they have capital.

Everyone comes with something to offer. They also come with an expectation to "get something". GREAT! Now we have a basis for trade.

If you have free bi-lateral trade in goods, services, capital and information...why not PEOPLE too?

Anonymous said...

After the 1987 Labour defeat by Margaret Thatcher, this was transpired in a Labour post election meeting.

'Mandelson, together with the ruthlessly ambitious young men and women who would subsequently form the nucleus of New Labour in the mid-Nineties, concluded that if they could no longer take the support of the white working class for granted, they would have to import a new working class from overseas.
Yet they have always denied that the mass immigration unleashed after Tony Blair’s 1997 landslide was a deliberate policy driven by naked political self-interest.
Until now, that is.
In an extraordinary and unexpected moment of candour, Peter Mandelson himself confessed this week that Labour 'sent out search parties' for immigrants....'