Bloggers and netizens unite

All of us should now be familiar with the case of Leslie Chew, the cartoonist of Demoncratic, being sued for contempt of the judiciary. TRE has posted a couple of articles on this and a call for donation to Leslie Chew to pay for his legal fees. There are many reasons offered on why everyone should support Leslie Chew and also why is this very necessary. Some even suggested turning this into a fund for future use exactly for such cases when bloggers are sued for engaging in such ‘nefarious’ activities like blogging on social and political issues that are important to every citizen of this City.

It is only prudent to expect seeing more of Sue and more bloggers needing funds to defend themselves when Sue is now the number one darling of people who are unhappy with what appears in the social media.

Bloggers and netizens must close rank, be united as a people. Only then will they remain strong and can withstand the strongest typhoons coming their way. For those who can, contribute whatever you can to the Leslie Chew’s fund. His POSB Savings Account is 121-32104-1 as posted in TRE. A few dollars from everyone can come to a significant sum to help this unfortunate cartoonist who is also a blogger and a netizen. This is not an issue of legally right or legally wrong. It is just to help another citizen in distress.

Stay united as a people, a country, a nation, only then can the people be strong to face whatever storm and adversities thrown at them. Stay divided, one by one will be taken down in due course. This is a test of the unity of the people, a test whether they share the same values, beliefs and principles, and a test if they are one people, one nation, the people of a nation coming together, standing united to help and support one another in good and bad times.


Anonymous said...

This cartoonist who gives away his cartoons for free poses a serious security threat to Singapore?
So serious that our multi-billion dollar defence budget and millionaire Generals cannot overcome?

Anonymous said...

Stay united as a people, a country, a nation, only then can the people be strong to face whatever storm and adversities thrown at them.

Hahahaha, RB you should also direct this advice to our opposition to be strong enough and ready to be govt.

But then, got use or not? As if they don't know?

Anonymous said...

But Sinkies are not united and strong where it really matters.

Therein lies the root cause of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie core growing stronger with declining numbers!

Anonymous said...

Until the old man dies.
PAPigs will never be able to think outside the box.
They will just be cheap clones of the old man's ideology.

When HE finally dies.
A mental fog will be lifted from all Singaporeans.
And Sinkies/Opposition and PAPigs will finally be able to join hands as Singaporeans.
And take Singapore to greater heights.

FL said...

There's an old song by Gerry and the Pacemakers called "You Never Walk Alone". The Liverpool football fans and supporters used to sing this song during their matches, esp during 1980s when Liverpool were the EPL team.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Seriously folks, defending this charge is a complete waste of money. The only beneficiary will be the defence lawyer and their law firm. If it is so important, then I would expect the defence lawyer(s) to represent Leslie pro bono. Ah, but we haven't seen that yet -- the lawyer is going to earn money from "defending" his client against charges that he, the client, "insulted" the system the defence lawyer is an integral part of.

This is sheer lunacy. Freedom of speech is not a concept awarded on a "case by case" basis. Freedom of speech has never, and probably will never be accepted by the general population of Singapore. Practically no one wants it because they are AFRAID of being of their race, gender, sexual orientation, character, ideology, religion...etc, etc., being "insulted".

Many of the same people who laugh at Demoncratic comics will take offense if someone "insulted" their religion or race or organisation and run screaming to the government for "justice".

>> Stay united as a people, a country, a nation, only then can the people be strong to face whatever storm and adversities thrown at them.

"Staying united" is not limited to forking out money to defend a nonsense charge in an already rigged system. If you really want to be effective as a UNITED unit, then you need to come up with better ideas -- not all will be successful, but that's ok -- rather than just going into "automatic mode" on a path destined for failure.

I really do feel for this guy -- a fellow "creative" - who is just doing his thing, entertaining his audience and harming NO ONE.

We're talking about the realm of political satire here. Political satire has to "bite" at the establishment, that is its role. It doesn't have to be "true". It is ENTERTAINMENT -- and the ONLY JUDGE is The Audience who will give instant feedback by applauding or booing.

It's your money, so do as you will. For me, I'd rather get with a group and "brainstorm" other ways of dealing with this.

Social change comes from the boiling chaos of "bottom up" -- where it is loud and messy and democratic -- that whirlpool free market of IDEAS.

The idea that comes immediately to my mind is to EMBARRASS the Singapore government and spoil its "brand", essentially shaming it on the world stage. How this is to be done...I don't have a answer yet.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

If only he had just apologised and move on, he would have avoided all these. Instead he chose to langgar all the way. It's really not worth the trouble at all. Many bloggers have done that ie apology. There's nothing malu about. Nothing to be ashamed of. Remember this is Singapore not USA! When will they ever learn? Sigh.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

huh apologize? If it was Darkness, he will just show them his dick. And that will be end of it. As that is what these insecure and thin skinned people deserve. A big slong.

patriot said...

This call for unity or more precise concerted effort by the Citizenry, will fall on deaf ears.
Not a shadow was at the Occupy Raffles Place Call, not even the Mystery Caller(s) was/were there.
Two Anti 6.9 Population by Year 2030 Protests at HLP had lesser participants at the Second Round and since then; the People are preparing themselves for the expected and increasing population. Bopian(no mean to do anything about it), so squeeze the balls and let it happens.
How many bloggers and netizens are active compare to the peak in the Past? It is dwindling by the days. And the regular ones, except for a handful are sparse in their writings. Some hibernating and made comments sporadically.
What about Alternative Political Parties? Anyone see or hear them? Yes, a few replies when queried at Parliament Debate, what else?
Like to salute Redbean of My Singapore News, Cynical Investor, Bear Roams Free and the Late Feedmetothefish for their perseverences and most galant efforts at nation building and seeking social justice.
Like to make a special mention of Gilbert Goh and his very hard working Team for walking the talks most. It is both very dissappointing and sad that the People does not give supports to fellow citizens sacrificing their personnal wellbeings and risking personal safeties for the sakes of the Citizenry and the Land.


Matilah_Singapura said...


Leslie did nothing wrong. No one was harmed..

If however he was given an "either or chice" - - I.e. "If you apologise, we'll drop the whole thing" then I for one won't hold it against him.

It's like the robber who says "money or you life". If you value your life more than your money - - which seems the RATIONAL choice, then give up the cash. This in no way conflates to you condoning the robber's actions. He simply is the more violent force in the situation and leaves you with no choice but to choose self preservation over the alternative.

No one is obliged to be a sacrificial lamb. To do so is a personal choice.

Anonymous said...

Matilah gave this Thread the

Best Conclusion possible.

Salute to Matilah Singapura!


Anonymous said...

Smart fuckers always
atas(above) silly suckers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I love this era of constant connectivity and cheap mobile computers -- one would be mad not to take a device to the toilet. During my shit this morning, I was happy to read that the AG has dropped all the nonsense charges of sedition against Leslie.

We should be gallant about it, and acknowledge the correct decision and interpretation of the law by the AGC; perhaps going even further to applaud them for their professionalism. In no way should anyone mock the AGC. Don't worry, there'll be plenty of opportunity for that in future cases -- unless of course, the AGC has changed.

Anyone and any organisation can change for the better. Let's encourage the AGC to uphold the spirit of the law, not only the letter.

Well done, AGC!

Anonymous said...

You missed the whole elephant with your spray gun lah.
Leslie is only set free from a previous charge.
The Latest Charge against him remains.