Biden calls for lowering of tension

The American VP visited several Asian and South East Asian countries and make an appeal for all to lessen the heightening tension in East and South China Seas. How much to believe him when everyone knows that he was on a mission to sign military alliances to contain China and to counter China’s claims to the disputed islands in the two seas?

There was no tension, or at least the tension in the two seas were minimal with all sides not trying to provoke each other or trying to out shout the other and brandishing their guns. East Asia and South East Asia have a span of 35 years of peace after the Americans evacuated from the war in Indochina. The Americans have been fighting one war after another from the Korean War, Vietnam War, wars in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, in Bosnia and in Latin America since the end of World War Two. Wherever there is war, you can find the Americans as the main combatants or supporting and financing the war. The track records of the USA is about wars, making wars, provoking and inciting wars.

Now the Americans are coming back to Asia and moving ahead of their arrival is heightened tension and increasing prospect for wars. Are these just mere coincidences or an indication that the Americans are behind all the tension? And they are calling the Asian countries to lower tension!? What hypocrits!

Every country in Asia knows that the Americans are the main cause of increasing tension and behind all the provocative acts of otherwise docile little countries. Today they are all talking like they are America, the number One superpower and happily challenging a bigger country like China to war. Without the Americans instigating behind the scene, would these pesky little countries dare to act in such ways? With American backing they are going to challenge China in all kinds of claims as they have nothing to lose. But I am not too sure about this nothing to lose mentality.

Who is raising tension to incite wars? One thing for sure, when there is war, the Americans will be around and will be a major player. And the USA is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean but is deploying its armed forces in many bases on the western Pacific, for peace so it claims.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Biden had consulted the Talents in Sin before making his call. He could be taught the art of double speak.
Say all the good and positive, as for deed, let the action speak for itself. And the action must be to ones' own.

Anonymous said...

Last Para toread as 'And the action must be to ones' own advantage.'
Apology fr:
Anon 9:15 am

Anonymous said...

Fight proxy wars. Meaning ask another to fight the war for you.

In Syria, the tragic bloodshed is partly due to proxy wars.

So don't be the one doing the fighting. And Sinkies for sure will not, or rather cannot be the one. Can Sinkies fight, you say lah?

Anonymous said...

Can Sinkies fight, you say lah?
Anon July 30, 2013 10:19 am

I don't think the Americans will trust Sinkies to fight lah. Maybe just do backroom support lah, not the frontline, like in Afganistan.

If Sinkies can really fight, then how can the strongest Sinkie opposition party is not even ready to be govt, you say lah?

Anonymous said...

Why fight?
It is silly to fight, make love.
Live in peace with everyone

Only fools and hooligans fight.
Stupid people.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wayang only lah.

Biden: "Asian, please wake up your rice-brains, open your slanty-eyes and resolve your differences!"

CIA : "Let's create tension in Asia"

Obama: "Mr Biden warned you to behave yourselves. You disobeyed. Now I'm going to invade you! I am police!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't ever be the pawns of the Americans to fight their wars. I feel so sorry for the Arabs and the Middle Eastern people, being made to fight and fight, losing lives and their resources, while the provocateurs benefiting by selling them arms in exchange for their resources and also controlling their country and economy.

Why are they so foolish? Would Asean people also be victims soon?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Well, too late for Singapore. Got US military bases? Officially no, in reality, most definitely.

Like I said, I'll bet there are also CIA and SEAL Team safe houses in Singapore.

Actually, it is not just US arms sales or plundering of resources which galvanises American Imperialism -- which distinguishes itself from European Imperialism.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is, to me the premier history podcast for hardcore history buffs like myself. His latest show "The American Peril" is a detailed and engaging account of the growth of American Imperialism focusing on the American-Spanish war and the subsequent conquest of the Philippines . It's long -- over 2 hrs, but time well spent. Check it out