Boon Wan thinking aloud about housing

In today’s paper, Boon Wan was quoted thinking aloud about housing policies that were changed and the possibility of more changes. Two key points were mentioned, to remove or not to remove the income ceiling and that HDB should be the trend setter of price and not market forces. He said HDB may not be able to influence fully the prices of private properties, but it could set the price of public housing. Finally someone from the Govt got the common sense to know this, that being the biggest developer of public housing, actually a monopoly, the Govt can determine the prices of public housing. Believe it or not, it is true. I am enlightened.

The issue of removing the income ceiling received the same stupid comments from daft Singaporeans, that by doing so, it would mean that there will be more competition for public housing from those earning more. Hey Minister of Education, the education system has failed miserably to make Singaporeans think independently. So far they can only think, now that is an over statement, they can only parrot the official view impregnated into their dull piece of grey matter in between their ears. Why should there be more competition, or what is the cause of more competition when the ceiling is removed? Supply, it is supply that is causing the problem, silly you. When the Govt builds enough, where is the fear of competition from the wage earners? Those who earn a few dollars more are still the average Singaporeans that need housing. And the fact that they need public housing speaks well of their finance. The rich are those that are selling their properties for $300m, $100m or $50m.

This seed of false envy planted in the minds of daft Singaporeans is very difficult to remove. We have average Singaporeans, all the employee type that draw a salary excluding ministers, top civil servants and top management, staring at each other with green eyes thinking that the other wage earners that earn a few dollars more must be deprived from public housing, must take up a million dollar mortgage to buy private. When would employee grade Singaporeans stop bickering and fighting among themselves for public housing when the fault is all because the Govt refuses to build enough, especially over the last decade?

Boon Wan has slowly started to come around to his senses that public housing is for all Singaporeans. No Singaporeans should be victimised, discriminated from buying public housing flats. All Singaporeans are equal under heaven at least in doing NS, in their rights to buy a roof over their heads. Why are those, who are neither rich nor poor, be deprived from buying public housing and made to defend this country in NS just the same? Can or should the Govt deprived Singaporeans who have served NS, who pledged to fight and defend this country, from buying HDB flats when new citizens who have not done NS be allowed to buy?

The foul up in public housing is smelling and nauseating. And Boon Wan is still defending his predecessor for a job well done. He refused to acknowledge that his predecessor fouled it all up by over building and then compounded the problem by not building. And the biggest or silliest mistake was that the little excess was not excess at all when the immigration door was swung wide open and horrors of all horrors, there were millions of foreigners coming in, and even with the excess it was not enough. And Boon Wan said, one must not be stubborn, when faced with the influx of foreigners buying up everything, his predecessors still refused to budge and continued with his BTO scheme and claiming all was well.

Was everything well, was public housing well? Don’t tell me.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Things are unlikely to change much. You can't "think away" or "legisate away" scarcity.

Eventually, monopoly or not, you still have scarcity, and ultimately the price mechanism will determine the outcome -- even though you try and suppress or control the price by legislation.

The best thing the balls-less govt can do is to come clean and tell everyone: a home is not an ENTITLEMENT, it is a PRIVILEGE...but that would take the wind out of the sails of their very powerful political tool: HDB and CPF.

If the continue to tell people that everyone is entitled to a home, then they can continue to control the stupid Sheeple, for they, the elites, political benefit.

As long as The Sheeple choose to be dumb loser motherfuckers, the government will still have power over them.

Anonymous said...

Magi lar, u are damn right about the silly sinkies like RB. Good post knn to u. Feel siok or not when I said knn to u?

Anonymous said...

All are not just daft, we are all stupid in enhancing the asset value and feel proud and happy about property that is valid for only a 99 year lease. No different from countries printing more currencies when their economic developments stalled.

There can never be shortage of housing when foreigners are barred from buying. And if property market is opened to foreign buyers, then Sg can be sold out within a year. It is almost sold out already and over half of the population will be non native born by now and if not, in anothet fews years.

To believe in Boon Wan and his colleagues in the Cabinet is like walking in to live with hyenas and dingoes. The consequence is dire.

Anonymous said...

'in anothet fews years' should be in another few years.


Anonymous said...

The daft sinkies will tell the govt, being elected to parliament is not an entitlement, it is not even a privilege. It is the from the blessing and consent of the people.

Anonymous said...

To believe Khaw Boon Wan & Company id to cari mati.
It is asking for trouble to put trust on a smiling tiger.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Leong's latest Qs

[HDB: $2b drop to $1b deficit?]

"I refer to the articles
'HDB will be the price-setter: Khaw' (Straits Times, Apr 13)."


Anonymous said...

The sdp methodology of treating the hdb unit either as investment or housing is the best. Let the individual choose and don't reduce the size or lease period

Anonymous said...

Problem is since it has been suggested by sdp, die die they will not adopt the idea for political reason

Veritas said...

Hi RB,

Just came back from Biz trip in China Shanghai. From my observation, PRC is trying very hard to improve the housing of its people. The living space per capita is now 35 sqm compared to us @ 25sqm.

While PRC leaders are doing good jobs in improving her citizen's live, joker Chee Hean open his Chee Bye mouth and tell us to live in ever smaller HDB cage.

12 years ago when I was working with a bunch of PRC in Israel, many already dispise our HDB estates, calling them slums.

Today, you go Shanghai and even 4th tier city like Quanzhou. PRC PMET are staying in posh condos.

My ancesters escape from Quanzhou due to poverty and war. Today Quanzhou is more shinning than our HDB slums.

All my PRC colleagues own a car.

And my PRC colleagues are having a better lifestyle than SG. Their salary is about 40% of mine and everything are cheaper.

Many started to despise SG.

Today, I am more and more convince that kuan yew's vision is modeled after India -- that is to turn Singapore into the biggest slum in universe.

No matter how good we do our jobs, kuan yew is going to make HDB price @ infinity, mean while packing ever more FT here. Kuan yew is going to import more and more slum dog, making us sleeping side by side with them.

Kuan yew is going to import racist and ask us to suck their cock. The FT indians racist is so fuck up that I see none of them employed in any vocations in my Shanghai trip.

And 10 years down the road, we are going to be the biggest Dalit land in the whole universe.

Veritas said...

One thing I found good about PRC is, I am see Ang Moh being employed as waiter and Janitor in my hotel.

This is one of the most patriotic act of PRC management class. Ang Moh now wipe my table and open my door.

This basically remove all our inferiority about Ang Moh. PRC are now walking proud and towering. I did not see any FT Indians working there.

FT Indians is so fuck up that no one even want them for janitor job. Only LKY likes them. If they are good, they should take over shanghai just like they took over shenton way.

LKY did the opposite. No matter how high our IQ are, LKY force us to suck Indians' cock.

LKY is a fucking traitor. We must remove him.

Anonymous said...

Remove Lee Kuan Yew for what?

Please keep him healthy and lucid, let the Indian Fts serve him, wipe his arse, clean his balls and have him updated about the dvelopments in Sin.

Lee Kuan Yew must be watching how his good friend Margaret Thatcher is being celebrated for her deeds. And about the only one that can beat her will be none other than himself.

May Lee Kuan Yew live long and strong.

Anonymous said...

Boon Wan is talking a lot but actually meaning nothing.

What do we make out about his admitting that there is a property bubble and that no effort will be spared to tackle the issue. But then he is saying that the authorities will not let the bubble burst. I can only assume that the Government will continue to allow the bubble to grow bigger, an assurance to those speculators that they can continue to blow it up without fear of collapsing.

This man is as sly as his predecessor and equally untrustworthy with his words.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Anon 4.13 wants the ogre to live longer than predicted.

But, I am waiting to see whether someone will organise a similar celebration when the ogre kicks the bucket. Maybe a party at Hong Lim Park?

Anonymous said...

No need to do it at HLP, just go to the coffeeshops and hawker centres. There will be joy at every nook and corner of Sg, Johore, Kuala Lumpur, Batam and Bintan.

Anonymous said...

Conyou must die soon soon so there can be a reelection and opposition sure win.

No one wanna come here to become citizens besides the ahneh cos all other countries are doing better than here except the ahneh country. papayas need those new citizens votes.

hdb should lift all kinds of restriction for singaporeans to apply hdb cos there is only one provider and no job are forever secure. thus income ceiling does not make any sense at all.

we were told by G that we do not have enough space but the G imported not thousands but millions of foreigners.

we were told by G that we do not have enough land but building a 30floor flats or 10floor flats need the same amount of land so flats should become cheaper or stay at same price.

we were told lots of rubbish by G and the only way is to stop voting for them.

Anonymous said...

No champayne, plain water will do to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Spore is like Greece 5 years ago before the crash.

bond said...

Most likely he will lift certain restrictions so the new immigrants can buy the flats easily. We have to stop voting for conyou people.

Anonymous said...

Dear rb
Please lah.

The real purpose of HDB is to maintain high property prices.
Because 90% of land in Singapore is owned by Singapore gahmen.

Historically, when did land price in Singapore start to escalate quickly?
After HDB flats started selling like hot cakes in the 1970s.