Xenophobic/sinophobic foreign talents

Why are people blaming Sinkies for being xenophobic? Sinkies are the most timid and useless bunch of people around. Small built, specky, inarticulate, dumb and always willing to oblige as foreigner’s punching bag. I just read a taxi driver being beaten unconscious by a Korean passenger he was picking up. What happened to all the macho taxi drivers that think they own the roads, their grandfathers’ roads? This taxi driver was punched unconscious without even knowing how to hit back.

Then those angmohs that attacked another taxi driver in Suntec, and another in Orchard Road. But the most infamous foreigner must be the one at Clementi coffeeshop that beat up a Singaporean couple, including their son, and chased them all the way to the car park for wanting a second helping of chilli sauce.

How many times did anyone hear of Sinkies beating up foreigners? And don’t forget the nepalise gurkhas beating up Sinkies after ogling at the Sinkie’s girlfriend. Then the angmoh cyclist who beat up a Sinkie motorist.

And the slashing of Sinkies in the Kallang area when a bright young student nearly got all his fingers chopped off.

Aren’t these foreigners xenophobic or a better word, sinophobic? The best joke I heard was this Sinkie man got scolded by two nubile PRC women in a train and went gaga. The women chided him as untalented as the reason why they were invited here by the govt to improve the Sinkie genes. And all the useless Sinkies in the train were equally useless as they stood by watching helplessly at the helpless and useless Sinkie man.

What on earth could Sinkies be xenophobic when foreigners feel so comfortable bashing them around and insulting them everywhere? This is the only country in the world that the citizens were proudly presented to foreigners as no talent, and that foreigners came here believing that they are here to help them. And the Sinkies better be grateful and be good or they will deserve a bashing. And of course the bokok Sinkie would be told to take legal action against the talented foreigner who would probably scoot before anything happens. And those who did not scoot, nothing much would happen to them unless the Sinkie got money to bring them to court. Civil matters lah.

Luckily they have scrapped the rugged society campaign. Too much computer games, fighting enemies with the fingers, by pressing buttons. There are many four eye warriors in the computer games arcade shops. Thank God that in modern warfare everything is just push button. If it is street fighting and close combat, our specky boys would kenna jialat jialat. Still garang, want to be xenophobic?


Anonymous said...

Well,no one can deny that many so-called foreign talents,some even without proper degrees from reputable universities,have the perception of:"We are here to help your country Singapore which urgently need our help,so we expect to be treated as such."So it is not really their faults,Singapore citizens should also understand their mentalities,it is wrong to be Xenophobic or Sinophobic really.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is the only country where foreigners think they can wallop the citizens as and when they like it. As for the women, piece of cake. They just help themselves to it.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a society thinks everything in terms of dollars and cents only. Every body is preoccupied with how to make money and has no time even to learn art of self-defence just in case some foreign scumbags start to get violent. Sinkies must learn to stand up to FT bullies. Otherwise, there is bound to be more and more cases of Sinkies being bullied and beaten on the slightest excuse.

Anonymous said...

Good observations.

That's why if there would be war breaking out tomorrow, sinkies will be the first to run, cry kpkb and go look for their nepalese and uncle sam.

All that oppression have oppressed their shrinking balls from developing.

Anonymous said...

If Sinkies would only listen and integrate more with the foreigners then the foreigners would be nicer to them.

Anonymous said...

If Singaporeans are wise there is no need to be xenophobic or sinophobic. Daft Singaporeans have elected a Pappie government which look askance at its own citizens and holds foreigners whether scum or doubtful talents in high endeavour. These foreign hoodlums especially the Ang Mohs are the precious pearl of the Pappie government. If these hoodlums do evil things to Singaporeans , our boys and girls are not suppose to retaliate because the heavy arms of the Pappie law will be upon them for assault whether physical or verbal. But foreign hoodlums a potential reserve for maintaining political power if granted citizenship will be beholden to the Pappie government and vote accordingly in future elections. Also the foreign hoodlums or scums will just scoot off after creating fracas. So the only solution is not to be xenophobic or sinophobic but strongly Pappiephobic and know when to vote out the Pappies in future elections. Only then can Singaporeans stand tall and be counted dignified and respectable.

Eagles Eye

Anonymous said...

"Sinkies must learn to stand up to FT bullies."

Fat hopes.
Secret ballot once every 5 years.
Still dare not vote against the Millionaires-In-White.

And you think the Sinkies dare to fight the running dogs of the Bullies-In-White?

Matilah_Singapura said...


Singaporeans can fight. So many fit young guys doing their NS.

What's the problem?

agongkia said...

Not all but many local service providers ,treated their countrymen and women differently and prefer foreigners .You can sense some taxi uncles of their disappointment when you take a cab at the airport.They are good in dealing with those weaker and poorer local uncle and auntie.Many treated the geylang mei meis better than their local wife.
Even Aliwal street hotel dun let you have a room if you are booking it to stay alone without a sex partner but rules dun apply to foreigner.
Sometimes a bit of special treatment from foreigners can wake up our local to let them know who is good for them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

So true agongkia.

But, don't worry agongkia. I am doing my part to hold up the local cause. I consider myself a fairly generous tipper to cab drivers. :-)

People constantly criticise how foreigners treat the locals, but no one really asks: how do the locals treat each other?

I notice this bad "one way thinking" all the time. Everytime your average kiasu Singaporean goes to a shop, he'll want a "special price". He expects his money to be VERY BIG so the business owner has to take a hit. How to form a good relationship with that kind of mindset?

Can you blame the local business providers to prefer foreigners over locals when the locals think their patronage is so "big time"?

Everyone is trying to make a living lah. What is so hard to be nice to the people who serve you?

Got gracious society?

Anonymous said...

Where got gracious society?

The Government sets the perfect example of ungracious behaviour after every election, in the last three decades, suing and hounding those able to take them on.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Graciousness and kindness have a price. Just bid for it. You pay for graciousness and for people to be nice to you.

Just tell the service provide that you are a big tipper, and he will be very nice to you, even letting you beat him up without resistance.

There is a price for everything. The true kindness and graciousness that come from the heart are fake. Buy the real stuff: )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah redeban, you so negative lah. And too much of this "spiritual" mumbo jumbo, which people often mention but almost no one really believes in.

When in Singapore, you have to speak "materialism-ese". Got money, get honey..

In Singapore that's the culture lah. Everyone is working for the dollar. So it pays to be gracious. Money is the standard of reward in a meritocracy. The more you are deserving, the more you are likely to get.

What is so hard to understand?

Don't like? Go and sit on top of a mountain in Tibet and navel gaze lah.

patriot said...

Whether Xenophobic/sinophonic or not, what is the diff?

Chinese Saying 'Fortune last no more than 3 Generations'. The Cycle repeated itself so many times that the Chinese had observed it to be empirical recurrences.

Just personal observation; maybe others may have better luck of not seeing and witnessing them. Look at the youngsters in the house, in your neighbours, relatives and frens. Many leave the utensils anywhere they had their meals. Hardly any clean the house, wash and iron their own clothings or tidy even their own rooms.

They change their handphones each time a new model appears. Not oni that, they update computers, footwears, fashions, audio equipments, hairstyles and even their nails. They indulge and engross themselves so much in all the fanciful merchandises and are always in a rush for time. If the doting parents own car and are ever ready to send them, all the more they are spoil further. Others just flag down cabs though they are not working. This is for material indulgence.

Now, let us talk about power(authority). Most parents today have lost their role model position. They work too hard and have mostly left their kids to infant/childcare and maids. The kids grow up with little time spent with parents. And when the parents become old, they are left to old folk homes and hospices. End of parenthood.

The Rulers are no different to the parents. They too, are oni concern with money, it is You die your bizness as far as the people is concern. So, the people are no different from the kids in Sin, neglected, love with piecemeal handouts liked the kids given toys.

With the culture described above for more than 3 decades, even without any Xeno/Sinophobia, the End is near.


Matilah_Singapura said...


We all need money to live -- it is means to an end. But in Singapore it has become an almost pathological obsession. An obsession with the means itself, to spend on useless trinkets -- go into debt, nevermind.

I know kids who get $600-$1000+ pm "pocket money". That's just for being kids, no work required.

Richest cuntree in the world?

Yah lor!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a saying, do not invite the wolf into the house unless you are able to restrain the animal. If not, be prepared to become its dinner.