Woff woff….Woffles Wu or Who?

Wah lau eh. Even Hri Kumar, an eminent lawyer and part of the establishment, cannot tahan oredy. Woff, woff, woof, wolf.

Woffles Wu is a nice guy, very talented and doing a good business in making many people look good and happy. The biggest wrong done to him, I think, and many would agree, was to fine him $1000 for what he had done. I am sure Woffles would gladly pay $100k fine and say a big thank you to close the case and everyone say, yes, it is fair, he did wrong and paid for his wrongdoing.

Now the kiss on the wrist is going to cause Woffles more embarrassment as well as the establishment. Everyone is crying foul. It is a big shame indeed. Nothing to do with Woffles. Now he is being dragged deeper into the shit hole.

The precedence set cannot be wished away and were in the papers. Everyone knows what the minimum penalty should be. Luckily no one claimed in mitigation that he is a super talent and should be treated differently or else he will migrate and Singapore will lose him.


Anonymous said...

Ya, he must be cursing for the light sentence and may appeal for a heavier sentence to see that justice is done.

Anonymous said...

re he may appeal for a heavier sentence to see that justice is done: AHAHAHAHAHAHA

sounds like a good prescription. nothing like a little "fat" to fill n smoothen out the wrinkles that have cropped up in this case.

who says one needs LSD to come up with good solutions! a second's thought, a sense of fair play, a pinch of integrity can be all that's needed.

Anonymous said...

If Woffles Wu is a gentleman,which I think he is,he would definitely appeal against the too light sentence which makes a mockery of the fair justice system,we have to wait for Dr Wu's further action.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that whoever is part of the Inner Circle will get off with just a slap to the wrist for everything including murder.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I have played with several pairs of breasts re-sculptured by the good doctor. Cosmetically augmented lips have given me several rounds of oral pleasure. And his craftsmanship at liposuction has turned many a frump into a rump you'd like to pump.

The good Dr is indeed great at fixing god's mistakes, and I am proud to have sampled his work first hand.

...BUT...lying to the cops is a damn stupid thing to do.

How's that going to look at St Andrew's School?

Bad choice Woffles. You better fess up, pay up and apologise!

Anonymous said...

Should skin the judge or judges. Seems to me they are also above the laws

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Shamugam said all within the limits of the law. No issue.

Anonymous said...

Yes! The Law Minister said so.

So, what more to argue?