The white mice syndrome

The famous white mice lab experiment is turning into reality in jam packed Sinkie land. This was an experiment on communal living and how a crammed environment could lead to the inevitable violence and mice eating mice.

A number of mice were introduced into a caged environment. They got along well when there were lesser mice and more space to move around, and more food available. As the population of mice increases, personal space for each mouse gets smaller, and food gets scarcer. At a point when living together becomes a competition for food and space, the mice became violent and even started to eat one another.

The increasing violence in the trains and buses is testimony to the findings of this experiment. The Sinkies are getting more irritated and agitated in the crammed environment and would grow increasingly intolerant and violent. Fighting for seats and space in buses and trains will become a more common daily encounter. Thanks but not thanks to this unthinking drive for growth through the addition of more people into this piece of rock.

Is there no other better solution than this ‘one and only’ solution of increasing population for growth? Is this why the people pay out of this world salary for this out of this world solution? Is this the solution that the people want or reject? Should it be time to find better talented people to run the country with alternative solutions? If there are no better people to lead, and no better solutions other than this ONE solution to solve all problems, this is the beginning of a downward spiral into the abyss.

There are definitely many more talented Sinkies available in this island.


Anonymous said...

RB , there is a bridge or two built as escape valve for old and aged sinkies.

Got Ringgit ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just make sure the bridges are not leading into mouse traps and holes in the ground: )

Anonymous said...

Talented sinkies don't come cheap lei uncle. Talented sinkie working in MNCs or doctor or lawyer have a few apartemnts here and there, want to come out become your servant meh and let you scold ? Hougang got one Teochew lah not bad, I know you like that one lah.

Anonymous said...

The mice have started to fight for primary school space. This fight is going to be ugly.

Anonymous said...

No need to fight for primary school pace leowze cos birth rate dropping like a stone , unless you are one of the daft sinkies who are still fecund and producing offsprings/future slaves as per ah gong's sinister plans.

Anonymous said...

white mice getting more sterile , can't produce. Need to import rats. old white mice go underground or swimm across causeway ... only the king rat lives to rule...tail of two cities.

Anonymous said...


D Day coming,

so prepare to

scoot lo. Why

tan si?

Anonymous said...

No need to fight lah.
Use your brain and vote Opposition once every 5 years.
Free porridge almost guaranteed.

In between general elections,
use the time to convert your friends & relatives who voted PAP.
As we all know, 60% of our close friends and relatives voted PAP.

No need to convert all.
Just convert one.
If all of us do this.
40% becomes 80%.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Relac lah.

There is bound to be incidences of aggro. You just nee to be patient and allow individuals time to adjust themselves.

It'll be ok, even more awesome than it is now.

I find it amusing that you've denigrated the status of humans to lab mice.

...in fact I find the whole darn social engineering experiment fucking hilarious. :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think it is more like economic engineering, more people to feed the economic matrix.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is also to your self interest, if there are more people to feed the economic matrix. Imagine if the dependenccy ratio goes to something like 5:1, 5 old man to one working adult, where the money gonna come from?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How about 10m or 20 m people on this island? And please don't insult old men. There are many very old men in the island that could feed a few families for several generations with their wealth.

Those old men/women that needed feeding can go to JB, Batam and Bintang.

Anonymous said...

Old men who can feed a few families for a few generations are not the ones the govt worry about.

And precisely those old men/women who needed feeding should stay here instead going Batam, that our population should be topped up and CPF restrained.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Many of those old men you so loath are feeding families in Batam, Hatyai et al.

They are humanitarians. ;-)

Anonymous said...

These old men are free to do anything they want, I don't loathe them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm very soon going to be one of them.

I plan to die fucking. With or without viagra...

When the ambulance comes to cart my lifeless naked corpse away, they will see a big smile on my face, and semen shot all over the place. I hope the Straight Times is there to take pitures.

Anonymous said...

A very honest bastard. I like.