What is obsolete?

While everyone is caught in a hectic pace of trying to get rich and get ahead in this materialistic world, has anything really changed with the meaning of life, with the value of things? I quote this statement by a Dr Michael Sandel in an article in the Today paper written by Nicholas Kristof on ‘What money can’t buy.’

‘Do we want a society where everything is up for sale? Or are there certain moral and civic goods that markets do not honour and money cannot buy?’

By asking such a question, I know that this Dr is antique. He has been sleeping and outlived his usefulness. He does not know what this world has become and the modern values that are being cherished as the symbols of success. In short, everything is measured in money and money can buy anything. How successful is a person is measured in money. How much dignity is measured in money. Intelligence is also measured in money.

The goodness of a person is measured in money, if we can remember the dashing and talented and handsome young man who used his Ferrari to take away 3 innocent lives. The only thing people remembered or knew him was how much money he has. Who cares if he is a reckless drunken driver. Who cares about the people whom he killed? Does anyone remember who were killed in the process and their names?

Honour, integrity, loyalty can all be bought. With money, one can buy soldiers, party members, slaves to do silly things without questioning about right or wrong, without questioning about evil and wickedness, without shame and honesty. Just put some money in their mouths and you can move them around in a merry go round.

National pledge is only an aspiration. This is the latest highly regarded opinion to live by. In fact all the age old virtues are just aspirations for the losers to live by. Ask any successful Sinkie and he will tell you this.

Every profession and professional is driven by money. They will do anything for money. Only silly and lowly educated people, the daft ones, will believe in those fanciful old virtues.

The article ‘What money can’t buy’ is superfluous, obsolete, in modern living. It is good to talk about it in fairy tales. I think the schools may have left them out of the syllabus long ago. Only the backward thinking people, the Rip Van Winkles, will still romanticize about such values. I have forgotten about them ages ago. Left them behind too.

To be successful, to live a good life, it is the rule of the jungle, the animal wins. The more animal values one possesses, the more successful one becomes. But some will still hide behind the fa├žade of honesty, integrity, loyalty, goodness, compassion, generousity, graciousness, kindness, truthfulness, and so on, only to laugh themselves silly in good company, without the losers around.

Yes, the losers are all daft. We have sold practically everything that can be sold or in the process of selling them, including our souls, to get more money in return.


Matilah_Singapura said...

If people don't stand up for themselves, their family, their kids future...then the cuntry is doomed. You stand up for your values first...THAT makes a strong nation.. i.e. fro bottom up.

The "top down" social engineering of the PAP is a result of people not giving a fuck about themselves and their values and expecting the government to "help".

And then when the people don't like the nature of State "Help", they bitch and moan about it.

There is nothing wrong with losing. Just losing doesn't make you a loser. If you lose, get up, evaluate and try again or try something else and stay persistent.

A loser is one who has surrendered to victimhood and doesn't have the balls to take responsibility -- i.e. has to blame someone or something else.

Losers are also passive. They want to wait for 2016 to come so that they can (they think) "make a difference". In the meantime, for the next 4 years, it is moaning and groaning, and victimhood, and hopelessness, and learned helplessness....fucking losers, you deserve your shit ;-)

Got attitude?

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later,a new world order will emerge,the world cannot carry on its present course towards destruction.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB and Friends,

Sorry for posting this here RB, i hope you wont mind?? ... as i really want some advice from you learned guys

I hope you can offer some to this ignorant serf.

I m thinking real hard of cashing out my 3 room flat i brought as a single 5 years ago.

As i m working free lance now and my income is really shitty my cpf will also sustain me for another 3 years

If i cash out now i will make a tidy sum (about140k) and still have around 120K back into my CPF...

Even if i saved for 20 years with my current pay i wont be able to see this kind of money

i know its chum change to you guys but it will help a long ways for me in settling some debts and give my mom some money and take her on a holiday ...

Should i cash out and move back to my moms place?

i was also thinking of moving to Chiang Rai and there is a commune which i pay only 250 sing a month for food and lodging

I have been there and life is so much more relax and i m thinking of taking a 2 year break and back pack the region from Chaing Rai.

After 2 years of my wunderlust maybe come back and buy resale again?

Do you think the market will correct itself after 2 or 3 years or the resale will get higher?

All my freinds ask me not to sell and rent it out instead..

i m in 2 minds right now .. i really want to sell and forget about maintaining the mortgage for 2 years if i m to go back packing ....

its something i have always dream about doing

All advices are welcome ...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Bengster,

This is a tough question when an action is waiting to be made. It is easy to list down the pros and cons but no one can be sure.

The major crisis awaiting is the collapse of Europe and the western financial system. This will turn the world upside down. Will it happen or when will it happen.

If this did not come true, property prices are unlikely to fall much as the banana currency is being printed more and more daily.

A $140k will disappear in no time. But living it in Chiang Rai could last a while.

Think living on the rental is a safer bet. But you will have problem paying the mortgage from income in Chiang Rai, which means you need to start working here again to service the loan.

Basically you will still have to get an income to survive. Unless you be a quitter, sell, get your CPF as well, and have a new start in Chiang Rai with a decent saving to start with.

jjgg said...

Hi Bengster...heard that some ppl are renting out their hdb apartments and this sustains their ongoing lifestyle in Chengmai...still got leftover to look after parents some more.....

Matilah_Singapura said...


If I was in your shoes, I would hang on. I would be battling with myself -- the emotionally greedy part -- to think of all the great times can have at Soi Cowboy with the not-chump-change $140k. I would also be battling with myself to pay off the mortgage ASAP, which means no more togoling at Holland V, and no more Vietnamese chicks at Joo Chiat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks RB and jjgg ...

Chiang Mai is too EX now ... Chiang Rai is way cheaper ....

I think i will take the risk as its the only way to game the system ....

I wont quit ... just want to do my backpacking and see this part of the world while i m single and BIG"O" Before i get old :)

I wont spend it on whores and drugs so 140K should last me a bit.. will put aside 40 K and if after 2 years then come back get a job and buy resell again... who knows i might just come back with a wife in tow :)

Thanks Guys

Anonymous said...

We are turning into "hotel incorp". Good and bad depending on one's financial situation. But in the long run, this place will be completely void of soul. I don't think that's where they want to go.

Expect more changes to housing policies. If they get the numbers right, you will kick your ass for selling away your home.

Anonymous said...


I wont spend it all on whores and drugs!

well maybe just a whore and some weed :)


Hi Guys

i want to travel with ease and paying for the mortgage with my rental wont be enough to do what i want ...

so thanks guys ... i will be selling ....

and will be prudent with my win fall!

Thanks again ...

Anonymous said...

HDB prices is at its historical highs, personally it makes logical sense to cash out. Property is cyclical, what goes up will come down. Another factor, you also have to consider the political side. The govt is presurred to bring down FTs and PRs and already the cogwheels are turned. Current sentiment is xenophobic and will stay for some time. WIth lesser demand and increased supply, which direction will you think property will go ? Since ur mum has a house which u can stay, it makes sense to cash out ur own one to solve ur cashflow.

After 2 years, you can come back and rent from HDB or from market, and of course if market has dropped, you can buy back.

Anonymous said...

Those who sold will have a hard time buying back in again

If they seriously want to discourage speculation and turning our homes into a market place, they have no choice but to keep prices at optimum level at all times.

Don't hope to sell high, come back in and buy at a low and repeat the cycles laughing to the bank.

If you want back in again, you better worth your price.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Bengster,

Find a good young lass and get married. The girls there are more wifely and motherly.

Anonymous said...

Unlike most other first world nations, we are tiny. It is easy to control the inflows and outflows of resources.

Hence, this place is an investors' haven.

Good luck if you want to come back in again

Anonymous said...

make sure you get a shaved whore....your pubic hair will look more aggressive when you slam her

Anonymous said...

Hi RB n Guys,

Thanks for taking time out to advice me ...

Very much appreciated ... i guess i m cashing out and off to Chiang Rai

Maybe come back with a wife and game the system again by buying direct from HDB!

N There is always the choice to live with my mom :)


Anonymous said...

The Republic of Singapore was obsolete the moment the Singapore Pledge was transformed into Kingdom of Lanfang's aspiration.

Anonymous said...

Dr Sandel writes: "The marketisation of everything means that people of affluence and people of modest means lead increasingly separate lives. We live and work and shop and play in different places. Our children go to different schools. You might call it the 'skyboxification' of American life. It's not good for democracy, nor is it a satisfying way to live.

"Do we want a society where everything is up for sale? Or are there certain moral and civic goods that markets do not honour and money cannot buy?"

Everything is for sale..eventually.. You don't sell it, someone else will sell it for you.

Anonymous said...

140k can't even buy a decent car here. Consolation is can buy thousands of pussies.

At least, you won't be alone.

Anonymous said...

If you have $140k, why spend 140k buying a car?

Isn't it better to invest 140k and get 5-6% return giving you $700 every month ? With a car, you need spend on petrol, car park, repairs etc. The costs will be more than 140k.

With the $700, use half for transport, use the other half to buy medical insurance with rider, and you can have heart op for $8.
Plan ahead guys.

Anonymous said...

140k is relative. To a beggar, it is a lot. To a rich man, that's just a bottle of expensive alcohol.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

@ Bengster:

Please don't treat my post as "advice". I'm only telling you what I would do if I was in your situation :-)

Needless to say, I'm a person who has to constantly battle my passions -- or I will end up broke and a total fuck-up. Many friends laud me for my "discipline". I tell them: "Don't judge so quickly". My so-called 'discipline' is actually the consequence of very bad, painful, self-inflicted experiences...aka Too Much Party. I like getting high. I like banging girls. I like driving fast when I'm high and getting a blow job, then going out to the range near my place and blasting away with large calibre handguns -- still high of course, and ready for another blowjob after the shoot. I love to live for the day and care less about the future. I like doing stupid, dangerous things "just for fun".

...but I don't. And it's not 'discipline'. Bad choices have bad consequences. Suffice it to say I've had too many of those.

Anyway, I like "capital". Which is why I tend to hold onto property (and other tangible assets) for long, long time. Capital working for you means cash-flow -- even in bad times. Which is why I'll never sell my HDB which I bought for fuck-all long time ago, when CPF regulation was way different.

The rental income (as small as it was back in the day) from that "little box", located in one of the "mature" estates helped save my ass during economic downturns in Australia. !992 was a particularly bad one. In 1995-6, the real estate market in Singapore BOOMED (due to Asian money printing competing with Alan Greenspan's US Federal Reserve money printing -- which led to a real estate bubble and a tech boom in the US. The party in Asia ended during the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis). I didn't sell. Even though the price dropped like granny's tits.

I look at the price today, and the "greed" part of me says "SELL! SELL!". Sell it ALL…to some rich Chinese, Indonesian or Russian people. Pocket the HUGE profit and do...whatever. But if I succumb to my greed and cash the whole lot in, I lose ALL rental income, and I will have to give up my beach-bum lifestyle. But I will have cash…liquid cash…but eventually that stock will decrease, and I will have to work like a cunt again. No thanks.

NOTE: Liquidating assets is NOT cash flow.

Like it or not, Singapore's population is going to increase. And all these fuckers are going to need places to stay. The government can sing you lullabies of how it is going to "solve" the "shortages". Dream on. I'll take the LONG SIDE of this trade and hold like a scrooge motherfucker. :-). Let the foreigners drive the rents higher and higher. I like that :-)

I'm waiting for a spectacular crash to pick up more stuff CHEAP, and I will be very aggressive . Greed is good, but only in specific context -- i.e. when you have "leverage".

Anyway, enjoy your backpacking. And don't smoke any weed for at least 4 weeks before returning to weed-unfriendly Singapore. I know the local agent-supplier of the drug-screening kits they use to "identify" people who have gone on extended trips. Be especially careful if your passport shows "Kathmandu - 6 months" or "Amsterdam -- 4 months" ;-)

Got the munchies yet?

Anonymous said...

Matilah, you are a saint. You bang chow cheebyes and like your little dick to be sucked. Nothing. When you cook your genital and serve family members, especially on mother's day, than come and brag ok

Matilah_Singapura said...

What? You jealous ah?

Got game?

Anonymous said...

Live dangerously. Open the mouths of lioness and stick your head into it.

Don't pull out until the lionese releases her last quiver.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Thanks for all the AD Vices! you guys are the best ....

Will still be around till end of the year and have just submitted a Valuation Request for my HDB....

I want to thank you guys ... its has been an good education and an eye opener

All of Your words will hold me in good stead in my next journey i m embarking ....

This Blog Rocks! May censorship be outlawed !


(I hope so too!)
I'm waiting for a spectacular crash to pick up more stuff CHEAP

Matilah_Singapura said...


Glad to see that you are a profit-seeking opportunistic capitalist after my own heart.

May the crash, and the cash be with you ;-)

Anonymous said...

You mean may the crash and the ash be with you? LoL