Tay Ping Hui: Notable quote

If you have no solutions, shut up.

“Was told if I was going to comment on something, I should provide solutions instead of just talking. My reply:” then what am I paying u 4?” Tay Ping Hui on DPM's comments to the Pre U Students Seminar

Another comment when asked for solutions by the DPM, a student replied. 'But I am on 17. What do you expect me to say?'


Anonymous said...

Please be gentle.
My brain is still a virgin.
Have not been used since I was invited to a tea party.
The grooming process does not require me to use my brains.

So please be constructive in your criticism.
My brain is still a virgin.
My brain cannot handle a big idea.
It will not fit into my tight intellectual ideology.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, our esteemed, learned, glass tower occupying DPM did not tell the student that if he wants to comment, he should join a political party!

What they really want is sheeple that hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing.

Gosh, what I am paying you for?

Anonymous said...

why does tay ping hui remain in the YP when he disagrees with his party on major directions and policies? it seems pointless.

will anything he says change anything? if not, he's wasting his time.

is he supposed to show that there is no group think in the PAP? if so, it's not working - at all.

or is he hitting out becos he was not chosen to stand in the last GE?
if he is, its just sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

There will be a big wayang.
PAP will pretend to split into two parties.

The Old Deaf Frogs
The New Pretend to Listen Frogs

This is to confuse Sinkies.

This is a common business marketing strategy.
The threatened market leader (leading brand) introduces another brand to confuse the consumer and to protect their leading brand.

Idea is to fight the competitor's solitary brand with two brands.

Anonymous said...

The students should ask the DPM back "would you pay my your million dollar salary? If yes, then I'll give you a solution. Otherwise, do your bloody job of thinking a solution since you're paid millions per year to do so!"

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story?

Not a good development when kids talk to a leader that way.

He could possibly be your next PM - a very pale comparison to the first. Or can you imagine LTK as PM?


Anonymous said...

LTK as PM for Singapore.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

You can't command the respect, the nation gets divided. Not a good model.

Anonymous said...

And what makes you think the deaf frogs can command any respect?

A limping terrorist showed how useless and overpaid you are.

Anonymous said...

I am referring to DPM. After LKY, who can?

Anonymous said...

And how has any DPM ever benefited any Singaporeans?

One is busy with IMF problems.
Telling us to wait 10 years for an inclusive society.
So what has PAP been doing since 1965?
Creating an elitist society?

Another can't even inspire teenagers.

Anonymous said...

After LKY, who can?

LTK and the Workers' Party can.
That's who.

Anonymous said...

60% will throw eggs at LTK. lol

Anonymous said...

After LKY, who can?

Good grief!
How many talents have you guys been mentoring and grooming since the position of Senior Millionaire and Mentor Millionaire was created?

You still cannot find any real talents to join you right??!!

So you admit that you have failed as a politician and leader right??

Anonymous said...

After LKY, who can?

So sad.
Just a bunch of overpaid political bankrupts.

Anonymous said...

DPM didn''t add value in the recent by election. Would LKY do better? In his prime probably.

Anonymous said...

Since 1965.
47 years.
Still cannot plan a proper handover.

And I'm supposed to trust you with my vote?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Next time this motherfucker goes for surgery, and complains to the doctor of the pain, I hope the doctor has a cheebye mouth and tells 'em:

"You should provide solutions instead of just talking!"

"But I'm a patient, and my MediSave (hur hur hur) is paying you!"

Doctor: "Sure, but you're supposed to be a leader. A leader provides solutions. That's what WE are paying YOU for!".

Payback's a bitch.

Got big salary?

patriot said...

For a person of his political appointment, it will do him good to retire from politic. Otherwise, he will make his kins and clans feel paiseh(inglorious) to face others.

Repent is also due.


Anonymous said...

LTK and the WP can ? My gosh ! LTK and his cronies can only attract people of his calibre and moral fibre.

I would rather have TJS or Nicole Seah anytime.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Every party or leader will have their own cronies. Cronies will stick to them for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

Anon June 04, 2012 3:36 PM may like to prove that he/she/it can be better than LTK or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

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