Stop telling the people to integrate the foreigners

Enough is enough. This is our country. Foreigners coming here better respect and accept our way of life, and INTEGRATE into our system. What is this shit about Sinkies integrating with foreigners? Are Sinkies supposed to invite the foreigners to screw their arse?

The foreigners are here with our consent and there are conditions attached. They don’t come and give us a list of conditions to accept. They don’t come here to insist that the Sinkies respect their way of life. If they can’t accept or integrate into our system, good riddance. It is unbelieveable that we have developed a first world system to the envy of the world and we are inviting third world people to share this with us and we have to bend backward to stone age and accept their third world culture, uncouth behaviours and way of life. Do they come here to be first world or do they come here to bring us back to the third world?

Are we that daft? Are they here to help us go backwards as well, to accommodate their nonsense that we have given up long ago in the name of progress?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Integrating with the foreign imports does have many benefits.

Firstly, it'll get you out of your tired Singapore-thinking, you know, the shit in your head which is making you feel shitty.

No one is obliged to give you "respect". That you have to earn.

Foreigner come because they can, because they are free to do so. The ONLY obligation they have is to obey the law, and yes some will break the law and will be punished.

The local attitudes to foreigners is downright embarrassing, if not disgusting.

Anonymous said...

IF YOU as a citizen of your own country has to integrate the outside foreigners, instead of the other way round, you are far much better to be the one to migrate to another foreign country where you can do the integration instead. Win Win.

This stupid integration calls have been fueled by the foreigners themselves who keeps playing the victim cards with our government. Thats is why we are bending backwards for them to screw our a-holes. Only in Singapore. I might as well go back to colonial times when our ah gongs come here as coolies. They were all here into the trading hub for money only. No loyalty, no country, no defence, nada. No difference from today. We should all just let PAP run this place as the new colonial master of the 21st century. Give up your passport, your NS and the whole defense collapse. See how they run this place as trading hub world class city like Raffles Stamford era. Let them go buy their mercenaries.

patriot said...

Wow Redbean! You have a change of heart?
Foreigners to integrate with us?

Foreigners here to augment our workforce in area where our locals have BEEN TAUGHT TO AVOID, I say YES.

Foreigners to come and buy up our properties, essential goods and services, I say we SHOULD NOT WELCOME THEM at all.


Anonymous said...

Which fxxcking PAP MP tell us to integerate with foreigners?Singapore citizens had been paying you and you have the bloody cheek to say such craps.Integartion,if any,will be organic .You can suppress us to voice in the streets but you can forget about forcing us to integrate
Don't abuse your power and push the people to the corner
because the breaking point is far of.

Anonymous said...

In US and Europe, before you can be citizens, you need to pass the test to prove that you're truly integrated into US or Europe. You need to know who is the president, need to speak the local language, need to know things about the country. Over here, citizens are cheap as useless used toilet paper. That's why the foreigners don't need to integrate but you hear the MIWs asking the locals to allow the foreigners to go into your house to shit all over.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some are already given the pick ic. What to do. Just don't ask that their language be made one of our official language. Some already recommended Sinkies to learn Tagalog or they will feel out of place. And don't ask for another TV channel, or like some idiots, celebrating their national day and cultural holidays.

Maybe I am too narrow minded. Good for diversities and learn something new that maybe of no use, doesn't matter.

The public housing is the only thing left for the Sinkies and should remain exclusive to Sinkies. All Sinkies must be allowed to buy public flats, not only two times but more. Just build and don't let that idiot dictates what it should be.

Can't imagine that there are true blue Sinkies deprived of buying and owning a public flat! Unbelieveable, but when idiots dictate the rules, it happens. So what can you do about it?

The latest, 'What do you think?' Time for Sinkies to act. Enough of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Redbean. If they don't like or cannot accept our way of life, they can leave and go back to where they were from. Enough is enough, their presence, except so-called up the GDP which only benefit those you know who, have created so much problems for the ordinary Singaporeans, over-crowding, littering, jobs and school place competition, etc etc, not to mention about domestic problems,in my friend's family, there are just 2 males (the father and the son), both betrayed their spouses for PRC women.

FL said...

Wow, Redbean, you sound very angry, eh? Anyway, I do agree with u, not the other way. Thanks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not very angry lah. Just exasperated by the stupidity of it all.

Bertolt Blecch said...

Redbean, the ones who have it most ass backwards on foreigners are those whose material well-being is linked to "growing the economy" by importing hordes of them. Recruiters, real estate sellers, and at the top of the heap, our beloved politicians.

Growth that does not benefit citizens is just like force-feeding everyone a diet of nothing but packets of sugar: no nutritional benefit, and it'll cost you dearly in the long run.

If we want to change the way that foreigners are dealt with, we must force real changes in the way these highly-bonused people think by changing the way they are, well, bonused. The job of those servants is to serve us taxpayers, not their direct manager LHL (oh and he serves us too, last I checked). And if they can't change their thinking, dissolve them and elect another.

As Upton Sinclair wrote more than 70 years ago, "It is hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him NOT understanding it". Never more true than today.

Anonymous said...

whenever i hear or read about the complaints against the foreign talents in s'pore, i laugh quietly inside.
i'm a 42 yr old s'porean malay, ex-non-graduate teacher.
in 1996, my father and i sold our 5-room hdb flat for $450k to a hongkee foreign talent. after that, property prices plunged.
we used all the money and some savings to buy a brand new RM370k 7000 sq foot double-storey bungalow in a pleasant & safe neighbourhood in jb just 5km from the causeway (in cash, no mortgage) and the rest as the down payment for a small shophouse in serangoon road. my father had retired by then, so i serviced the mortgage with my salary (and tuition) & from the rental yield. we lived on a tight budget till the shophouse was fully paid for in 2008.
in 2008, i wiped out my cpf ordinary account to fully pay for a $148k 4-room flat from hdb. again no mortgage.
a few years ago, my dear father died. and i resigned from my job and have been living the life of a retiree.
now my income comes from the rental yield of the shophouse and the hdb flat and from dividends of shares i've been buying for the past 4 years. i live way way below my means and always re-invest most of my rental income.
i spend my time exercising, reading, writing, watching soccer, tending my garden of 20 fruit trees and a veg & herb patch and driving my m'sian car all over m'sia with my sweet & docile kampung girl wife. lately, i've been going all over m'sia & s'pore to run in long-distance races, but i take my time - no pressure, nothing to proof.
3 pinoy couples rent my hdb flat, 2 myanmar brothers rent the ground floor level of my shophouse (grocery), 17 indian FTs rent the second floor and 6 china FTs rent the roof level (living quarters).
i'm not trying to be smug or to gloat. i lead a no pressure life now not because i was smart but due to luck, market forces and my father's vision (i disagreed with all his decisions but i listened to him and obeyed). i figure if your own govt don't care about you, you might as well become an FT yourself and enjoy the benefits of your host country and make money from the FT's in your own country.
my father was a 7th generation s'porean - a bugis & my mum's family has been in s'pore since time immemorial.

Bertolt Blecch said...

Congratulations to @anonymous on a hand well played!

The thing is, his experience reinforces the point that Singaporeans are being squeezed out of their own land... :

- he lives in JB
- none of his renters are citizens
- each of the renters displaces a job that a citizen could do if they could cut costs by sharing a home with 16 other citizens (don't imagine that the published "unemployment" figures are any more true and independent than the electoral boundary committee's work).

On a personal level, huge and escalating property prices work really well for the small class of landlords, of which @anonymous reports being one (again, more power to him for arranging things at just the right time and place, but not everyone can be so fortunate). Huge property prices are real bad, however, for the majority of people who work their nuts off to pay for just one overpriced shoebox in the sky. At the expense of personal time, children, and retirement planning.

The system is broken and must be destroyed to be re-constituted or a fair and sustainable basis. Just like the EU, or Wall Street, or indeed the FAP.

80-20 rule said...

It's still not too late to buy Johor properties. Get a G&G property for own stay. Or better still, buy 2 and rent out 1 and stay in the other. Don't listen to the MSM, they will tell you Johor is unsafe, but there is a large group of S'poreans already in Johor.

Search for Horizon Hills, Leisure Farm, Setia Tropika, Setia Eco Cascadia, East Ledang, Puteri Harbour...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Bertolt Blecch and our Singaporean turned Malaysian PR, welcome to the blog. Bertolt is spot on as far as the cause and source of this foreign talent problem is concerned. We all know the whys, the whats and the who's. All the reasons about economic growth are distractions.

Sinkies are not that daft but the time is not ripe for them to do much. The moment is coming.

I have been pondering over the Malaysian option many years back. Unfortunately it is not easy for Chinese Sinkies as they will stand up like a sore thumb and the desperadoes will be queuing up at their doorsteps to give them hell. Otherwise Malaysia is the most natural and convenient option for Sinkies.

For those who can, this is the most viable option with very little disruption and no need to uproot. Enjoy the alternatives Anon 2:31. You get the best of both worlds.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

And welcome 80-20 rule. Yes it is not too late. If the thugs and robbery problems can be contained, it is the best option.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm back. i'm anon 2.31. if any of you want to live in jb, do not uproot yourself totally. don't sell your property in s'pore and don't buy jb property yet. rent first and try living in jb for 6-12months first. jb property is not for speculating. buy only if u want to live there for the rest of your life. re-sale price no good. people here prefer to buy new properties (new developments like mushrooms) and not re-sale homes. rental is very cheap. a bungalow can get for RM800 a month. n m'sian landlords love s'poreans as we pay on time and do not run away with the furniture. LKY already said don't sell your hdb flat, it is a good investment. he hinted i think more than once. so keep your s'pore property and rent it out to the ft's and live off the rental proceeds while you live in jb. then u can do some part time work in s'pore: 2-3 times a week u travel across the border won't be so tiring. better to stay in a condo in jb. safer too. if u crave for land, you can rent a bungalow or you can rent kampong land by the acres for crazy prices at 10,20,30 year lease. i've got a cousin leasing land at 50 ringgit per year per acre but these r in the interior n only for those tempted to play robinson crusoe. but there's no need for that. opt for variety: just stay at the hundreds of homestays in kampungs, hilly orchards, durian plantations, fishing village, etc, when you feel the need to get away from your jb home. and once you live in jb, you'll know where the cheap groceries, services, food, mechanics, etc are. also once u live here, the desire to spend will disappear. there's nothing to buy and there is no need to keep up with the jones's. s'pore, my late father always jokingly said, is a pulau puaka, a cursed island - under the spell of witches. every time you go there, (toyol) little goblins will dig holes in your pocket. it's true, once a month i'll go to s'pore and i spend and spend because there are so many nice things to buy, esp at mustafa centre. u can really save & invest your money when u live in jb. also when you are living in jb, you must act like a humble fool. even when there is a quarrel, be humble and be the first to apologize even when u r in the right. they will appreciate it and they will like you and make you your friend for life and do you a lot of favours. and wear old clothes. i even wear slightly torn clothes. people here don't care how you look and what you wear. and people here are really very friendly. johor people are nice and courteous. they all have the time to spare to have a chat. the man who sends the cooking gas tank to my house will chat with me for 15 minutes over kopi-o after installing the tank. locals might stare rudely at you at first but once u open your mouth and start a conversation and pretend to need their help, u will get along like a house on fire. (they stare because when u enter their kampung, it is like you trespass into their house, so u must greet first n show that u r friendly.) the crimes are committed by the ft's: indonesians and m'sians from the states up north and sabah, sarawak, not the johoreans. chinese housing estates have more crime bcoz the ft's stay there. if you have the money, live in a gated community. if you are old, don't spend RM500k (minimum sum now for s'poreans) for a property. just rent. RM500k will last u 50 years in rent.

Anonymous said...

Great advice from Anon 2:31 and 5:31. Glad you listened to your dad and can now live a life that most ordinary S'poreans can only dream of.

Am slowly working towards financial freedom, it's a tough journey.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 2:31's formula is workable. Sinkies who can take advantage of it should do it.

Anonymous said...

They already outnumber us. So we should compromise and integrate with them instead?

Here take my country, my culture, my job, my house, my education.
Take it for free!

Anonymous said...

anon 2.31, should write a book!

Annoyedsingkie said...

To be honest I don't know what being a Singaporean is any more. I served my country ...pay taxes .....endured our so called "world class" education system yet I feel like a second class citizen when compared to these FTs.... So after many years of contemplating...I have made the plunge... Bought a Malaysian property...going to stay there while I live off the rental from my Singapore home.....
From what I can see many Singaporeans are doing the same....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Annoyedsinkie, welcome to the blog.

What you are doing is right.

Sinkieland is just a gambling chip to make more money. But one can only benefit from it by selling it or renting it out. If one stays in it, unless one is filthy rich, the superficial richness will be eaten by inflation in no time and every Sinkie in it will just keep chasing in tail.

Anonymous said...

Nice mentality.singapore would be better off without ppl like you.no guts to fight for what you think is right and choose the easy way out.bet when war comes ur the first to pack bags too lol.