Spot the idiot

Two super talented housing ministers are saying and doing different things. One cried wolf, claiming that tens of thousands of unsold HDB flats were wasting assets in the billions and need to be got rid off fast, and never to be repeated again. The billions of unproductive dollars were they based on market price or building cost? Did any backbencher question the numbers? The two numbers were as far apart as heaven and hell. Wonder which idiot allowed the surplus to build up to such a huge number, probably sleeping on the job, and which idiot got rid of them only to find that the amount was not enough given the huge influx of immigrants in the pipeline. Did not know? And to compound the problem, the building programme was not only slowed down but no new flats would be built unless the number of confirmed applicants exceeded some numbers that they were happy with. The edict was final.

And of course public housing price was damned affordable and the DPM even quoted in Parliament that a $1000 pm income could buy a HDB flat. And there were more supporting arguments by other ministers and MPs to such a claim. And they claimed that they could be the opposing voice of the people, criticising flawed govt policies, but not a single one of them saw the flaw and the serious problems of housing. Did any of these so called backbencher MPs from the ruling party speak about the housing problems before they admitted that it was a serious problem after the last GE? Can they be trusted by the people to listen to their cries, to represent them and speak for them as individuals of independent mind, speak like opposition MPs?

Now the new housing ministers is trying desperately to ramp out building more public flats and 50,000 units were still not enough. And the prices continue to escalate with continuous demand for more. If the price is affordable, the minister would not need to talk about price easing as a major goal. And funny, the minister is also talking of a pool of over supply HDB flats as a cushion for good measures.

Now, has anyone spotted the idiot? The real idiots are really the voters who believed that ruling party backbencher MPs can really represent them and speak for them. The real idiots are those who believed that public housing was affordable and kept emptying their pockets to pay for a 99 year lease flat that would have no value when the lease expires.

The real idiots are the suckers who would not do anything to help themselves and blindly listen to half truths or fabricated truths. The real idiots are the daft Sinkies. They only have themselves to blame for the plight they are in, for being gullible sheeples. For believing that the housing policies were the best from the most talented, and meekly accepting them, queueing for them, being prevented from buying public housing as citizens while new citizens happily came in to buy and profited from them, and increasing the long queue, and buyers paying happily for public housing at very affordable price as officially pronounced, but the most expensive public housing in the world.

How long would the gullible Sinkies choose to remain as idiots?


Anonymous said...

When the government decided to aim for 6 million population,housing, transport,etc should automatically follow,so Minister should explain on that or admit it.That is the way to truth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Does anyone really know the population target that is being set? Is it a state secret, a number for planning purposes, an aspiration, or an insidious number that is to embarrassing to be known? Or is it a number only for the privileged few to know and for their vested interests?

Why is such a number so untransparent, so elusive?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I tell you the notoriety of the Singapore government is legion, They have set such a precedent for "new ideas" that idiots in the Australian governments (we have 3 levels of expensive, tax-funded government) are following the lead of Singapore's comfortably paid super-talented elites and encouraging massive immigration (10,000-20,000 per month into Western Australia) to fuel our booming economy. (no joke, it is awesome!)

Fortunately for me, I am on the right (long) side of the trade, and the rentals of my small-time units are healthy. I can only imagine the joy from those who are many times more "big time" than little ol' me. However those on marginal incomes are being thrown out onto the street. Life is, indeed hard. Perth rental bidding war.

I have consistently told readers here not to believe any of the political wayang from the forked tongues of the elites. And forget about any form of political "opposition party" -- they are bereft of ideas also.

Public housing in Singapore is part of a complex interwoven SCAM which is tied to peoples wages, CPF and voting preferences. Most of the population is ensnared in this well-engineered scheme of dependency. For the average person who cannot afford private housing, the only way out IMO is to relocate to Malaysia or emigrate elsewhere.

As long as the immigration numbers exceed the supply of public housing, and the geniuses at MAS keep printing money, and the banks keep their con-job of fractional reserve up (thereby increasing the velocity of money, leading to skyrocketing prices), housing prices in Singapore across the board will continue to stay firm and rise.

Sure, a crash is likely at sometime in the future, but right now in the present, the BIDDING WAR will continue. At the top end, the foreigners coming in have HARD CASH to buy their private homes. They can out-bid most of the cash-strapped locals anyday. Any new developments are quickly snapped up by Chinese, Indians, Indonesians and the very quiet but seriously rich RUSSIANS.

More economic stimulus is probably on the way. That is a nice way of saying "let's print more money" and drive the global currencies into banana-land. It also means your housing prices will shoot upward with more vigour, as the "new money" always goes to the "hottest action" in the market. Sometimes it is the stock market, sometimes it is in commodities like gold. In Singapore, land is the most scarce resource, and "new money", aided by the complicity of Fractional Reserve Banking, invariably ends up in REAL ESTATE -- public, and private.

I think all central banks should be closed down. Since we're not escaping from the Fiat Banana Currency System, every citizen in every cuntree should be allowed to print their own money from their own PCs and printers. This saves time and allows people to print as much as they require to go shopping, take vacations, speculate in every asset market, or get a massage with a "happy ending". The citizens can also use their smartphone app to "create money out of nothing" so that their smartphone becomes an inexhaustible electronic wallet

Got printer?

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Excellent comments. Thks.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

But if the daft Sinkies don't buy flats from from them then where else to buy? Buy from who? They really got no choice but to submit to this scheme. Any other suggestion besides buying a flat from them?

Anonymous said...

I am only 17. What do you want me to say?

Matilah_Singapura said...


You can only buy what is offered for sale. If there is no offer to sell, you cannot buy. You can offer "incentive" to the potential seller by offering a high price, but at the end of the day for the exchange to take place, the SELLER must agree to sell.

The ORIGINAL OWNERS of older (and up to the recent past) HDB flats were ALL SINGAPOREANS, like you, me, many of the readers here and our friends and families.

At some point, some of us sold up and when the regulations changed it was the LOCALS who sold to foreigners.

However, you can count on one thing: the government will change the laws to suit their policies.

Got certainty?

Sgcynic said...

Feast and famine - the story of Singapore HDB in the past twenty years. Overbuild (feast) and then under built (famine, actually deliberate starvation) and then ramp up building.

Feast for the "servant leaders", famine for the peasants. We can't afford to raid our reserves for peasants, can we?

Far sighted helicopter vision - cannot see what is directly below them. Blows up a cloud of dust as It hovers and moves slowly while the world jets by. Cheaper, better, faster! Regress to a better age. Towards 1980s in the new millennium, with more "world class" (international) workers - China, India, Blangladesh, the Phillippines, Indonesia, Myanmmar, Thailand, etc etc etc etc

Anonymous said...


I, a retired senior citizen agrees with you totally. Singapore
voters are not so smart.

I voted against the PAP ever since they changed the GRC system from 3 to 5-6 candidates. I accepted the idea of 3 GRC system as it was meant to protect our minority candidates but when you add more chinese candidates into the 5-6 GRC who are they really protecting? Why should my vote be restricted by the Govt. What I am mad about was no PAP backbenchers spoke up against it and you would probably no the reason why. The rest is history.

Until Singaporean wake up and realize that you need some Opp to check on the Govt, they will be forever screwed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 1:10,
Everything started fine until people get too smart and think of self than the bigger good. This is a natural phase of life and a new regime will take over, imbued with all the good people and right thinking. Then corruption of the mind will start all over again.

We are seeing the end of a dying phase and the beginning of a new phase.

Matilah_Singapura said...


In order to manipulate large groups of people, "formlessness" is very effective.

Vary your form -- in this case oversupply/ under supply to suit the locus of control over the serf population. This is excellent strategy.

This kind of formlessness also places a high level of psychological stress on the serfs, so that their decision-making processes are nicely sabotaged, and they remain DEPENDENT on their political masters, although at the same time they carry a high degree of self-loathing and outward hatred for their "captors".

As a non-engaged observer, I find this dynamic both entertaining and fascinating :-)

Got independence?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ anon 110

You must be indeed deluded if you are still thinking an opposition will "check" the government.

Got nightmare?

Matilah_Singapura said...


Your "new phase" is likely to make matters even WORSE than it is now.

Got bet?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Every change will lead to initial chaos. Things will settle down and a new tomorrow will be borned.

The more deluded will be those who think the ruling party's backbenchers can check the govt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is hope when the young are thinking and not taken in by fallacies and make beliefs.

If one cannot convince the 17 year olds, that's it. Gone case liao.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, you are right. It should be a never a question of whether it is possible but "why should we". If the mini-clown thinks that it is possible, why should they paid themselves millions instead ? The answer is "Why should we" the mini-clown not worth millions ? So it should be the same "why should we" under $1000 salary struggle to live in hdb ?

patriot said...

There is no salvation for the majority in Sin whereas some in Sin are enjoying living comparable to some of the richest in the World.

Sin is unique.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@redbean: Anyone who believes that "the govt can fix this" and that "no worries, we have watchmen watching the watchmen" is not only deluded but deserves the consequences of their fucked thinking. A "new tomorrow" could most likely be a scorched earth and failed state. Just a reminder ;-)

Govt is the necessary evil -- no matter how good they turn out to be, they will do massive fuckups, get corrupted and kill people. That you can make a sure bet. Even if they are watched like hawks -- like the US govt (which has BILLIONS OF EYES on it) -- they will still do massive bad stuff, and get away with it.

Most 17 yr olds don't give a fuck about politics. They are still living at home, no need to worry except how to pass exams and bang that cute schoolmate without anyone finding out. Bad example.

@anon 144:
Never let the silly words of a politician get to you and make you mad. The purpose of political rhetoric is to cover their arse or get you into an emotional state...or both.

At < $1000 per month, you won't just be struggling with HDB, you be counting 5-sen 10-sen when you travel by bus or train.

Anonymous said...

The Top contains the idiots


worse, the Bottom is filled with

more and greater idiots.

Anonymous said...

now...for the solution.....

Anonymous said...

Citizens of Germany were deceived by Hitler and his Nazi party from 1933-1945.
A total of 12 years.

Germans are smart people.
Still got deceived.

Sinkies not as clever as Germans.
So will need more than 12 years to wake up.

sgcynic said...

Good news. It's been more than 12 years.

Anonymous said...

Add another 12 years and it will 24years before anything, if, will change.