Singapore is a welfare state. Period.

I totally disagree with Tan Jee Say and his Lord Butler for thinking that Singapore is not a welfare state. And many people will believe in them. The official position of the govt is that it is against welfare state and adamantly said that Singapore will not become a welfare state. Really?

In reality, Singapore is a welfare state of the extreme kind. It benefits the elite with state welfare that puts many welfare states to shame. Think about it. Who is getting the most from state welfare by the millions?

Our welfare is not meant for the low down jobless, cleaners or poor retirees. Agree or still puzzling? Just look at who are the recipients of our state welfare and how these are being disguised to look like something else.

Funny isn't it? You need to be somebody to qualify for such expensive welfare payout.


Anonymous said...

We build and live for the pyramid. Why? Because you don't know the way out.

Anonymous said...

Well the Pappies intend to preserve the extreme welfare status of their elite group by imposing extreme conditions for any one who wants to enter the political arena. To be elected president a candidate must have been a CEO or chairman of a listed company capitalise at a few billion dollars or a minister or highly paid head of government departments or what other hubris they can think off so that they can cut off almost every other citizen except their own kind to stand as a candidate. Never mind if you have been a CEO or Chairman of a GLC and had the dishonour of losing the company tens of billions of dollars you still are eligible to stand for election for the presidency so long as the loses belong to other people meaning the taxpayers and citizens of Singapore. The elected president will be paid tens of millions just to walk around with cynical glee to shake hands with the daft citizens and to babble nonsense. Fishmongers, market stall holders, hawkers and road sweepers have better not shake his hand because he will quickly clean his hands with anti-bacteria paper tissues.

The Pappies also raise the financial hurdle very high with very high deposits to be paid for anyone who intends to stand for parliamentary electoral election so as to keep away many from contesting and thus preserve the elite rich political turf for its own cliques.

So it is very clear Singapore is a welfare state for the highly paid ministers and their elite clique because with more than two thirds of their kind in parliament they can enact all kinds of laws or governance for their own benefits
only. Do the people and the country matter to them?


Anonymous said...

Singapore is a welfare state.
But only for the rich.

The poor subsidizes the rich in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

North Korea is also a welfare state in the world,it looks after 2.6 million people in Pyongyang who are extremly happy and proud but neglect to bother about the remaining of its 26.3 million population.
Singapore's PAP performs better in this respect.

Anonymous said...

You been to North Korea?

Anonymous said...

I kee chiew too

Anonymous said...

Scholarship for minister's children - got high salary yet state pay for scholarship? True or not?

Anonymous said...

What nonsense are you buggers saying here.Ultimately, it was Sinkies that decided the pappies are the preferred one, so they voted for them.
How dare you buggers have the audacity to blame the pappies.
Shame on you people screwing yourselves.

Anonymous said...

as far as i know. lky is still taking his daily swim at the istana pool. that is the grandest welfare old folks home on this island.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'SEOUL: North Korea has denounced the use of its national flag as a target during US-South Korean war games as a "grave provocative act" and vowed to strengthen its nuclear deterrent.

South Korea said the flag was used for the first time in such an exercise to demonstrate determination to hit back at any cross-border aggression.'

With this kind of provocation, I hope the North Koreans will lop a few bombs over Seoul.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's a good one.

Matilah_Singapura said...

HDB = welfare

CPF = welfare

Public health = welfare

Public schools = welfare

Conscript national defence = welfare.

Yes of course its a welfare state. Every cuntree in the world runs some sort of welfare state. The beauty of Singapore welfare state is that it is kept in the black, because the people are plundered in such "creative" ways.

Well done. More welfare!

Anonymous said...

This is a well balance blog with pro and anti govt views.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you, and thank you Matilah for playing the role of the govt. There are critics, and there are defenders of which Matilah is the best.