Singapore encourages more babies

Singapore wants its citizens to produce more babies. The govt will help definitely, in many ways. It discourages sex other than with the spouses. It discourages sex in the outdoors. The children may grow up a bit wild. It discourages sex overseas, especially in Paris, in case the child grows up with expensive taste or wants to be quitters. It definitely frowns on oral sex and makes it a crime. Hopefully this will promote productive sex with babies.

And public flats are very affordable, really. The minister spoke and swore about it many times, and reported in the main media. A Sinkie only needs to earn $1000 pm to buy a 2 rm public housing flat. Where to find such good deals?

And the govt is concerned about the flats becoming too small. One spokesperson even called it inhuman to have flats smaller than 350 sq ft. So 350 sq ft would be it, just about right for raising children. To make this more convincing, there was a documentary on how ingenious a Hongkonger fitted up his 350 sq ft flat for 7 with the most modern gadgetry. Quality living at its best. You must believe!

Many of the spokepersons have already started a talk to the Sinkies campaign on how liveable is a 350 sq ft flat for a small family of 4. And many Sinkies are out defending the merits of such big and comfortable flats. Some spokespersons also went on record that the quality of life would not be affected.

With such authoritative people championing the cause of smaller flats, the Sinkies must be really convinced. They should be, as they are known to be easily convinced. They drink shit water too, when told to. No sweat. Sinkies can go home to multiply happily and help to grow the economy and themselves as well. More head counts mean economically richer, more contributions to the economy.

Don’t worry, 350 sq ft is great living for a small family. Other countries were worst off with smaller space.


Matilah_Singapura said...

No one should start a family if they can't afford to.

and just because people start families doesn't make them so "special" that they can claim some sort of "right" of "public support". The "support" being a claim to the taxes paid from the productivity of others'.

In other words, if you want to make babies and have them shoot out of your cunts, make sure you have the psychological and material means, instead of mooching off the rest of us.

patriot said...

Yepp! More babies more urine and shit, so more NEWATER.


Anonymous said...

"No one should start a family if they can't afford to."

And no government should encourage more babies unless they have the intention and the "material means" to support a larger population.

Governments should stop mooching off the rest of us by asking us to perform "national service".

Anonymous said...

It's settled then, we don't want more babies, only the government does. Let the government fuck itself!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good plan anon@2.40am

agongkia said...

Tolong lah.
Come to the subject of producing babies,I will jump up from my grave to support.Who says you must be loaded in order to start a family?I mentioned many times its difficult for the Garmen to admit that they made the mistake of not allowing polygamy.
I am a pokkai.I can marry one each from Korea,Taiwan,Indonesia and Malaysia.They take turn to help me to produce babies.They can take turn to look after them and take turn to work and give me a monthly allowance.Why cannot?
How many babies you want?Just tell me.I am not asking for any Garmen support and no one need to pay extra taxes because of me.All those so claim benefits to encourage babies to me are useless.Use your brain if you want to see result.But dun wait too long before I become unproductive.Why jealous of me if I want more wives and more babies?That is the only thing I ask for.Is it so difficult?
Also,our poor principal and Tua Kow dun have to be in this shit if they can have more wives.
More wives more babies.10 year old oso know.You all dun know?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:40, they are already doing it. But the silly buggers forgot that fellatio could not produce babies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now you people are very difficult. You are putting the govt in a fix. They want to create growth to make your lives better. And to do that they need babies. And you refused to give the govt babies. So the govt import foreigners, and you complain congested.

Very difficult to be your govt leh. Do this also wrong, do that also wrong. What do you think? Can come up with solutions or not? No solutions, keep quiet huh.

Anonymous said...

We had more babies before the stop at two. We had more babies before the graduate mothers fiasco. We had more babies before the mass influx of aliens to grow GDP.

See, the government fellatioed itself. Now they bring in more aliens to fix their fuck-ups.

Even a 17 year old pre-U kid will know the solution in 2016.

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Anonymous said...

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