No place for Sinkies

We have enough land and properties to accommodate 1.5m foreigners. And we are encouraging more to come, with open arms and red carpets. But sadly, we don’t have enough land to build a few nursing homes for the aged and the handicapped.

The reality of having nursing homes for Sinkies in JB is now a reality. Is this something to be proud of? Is economic cost, pragmatism good enough reasons to justify sending our useless and hopeless aged to some foreign land to die? What kind of values are we imparting to the young, from the govt? And we bragged about the billions and maybe trillions in our reserves. For who’s benefits? Whose money is in the reserves?

If there is any prioritizing, the first group to go should be the dead. The half dead, undead and waiting to be dead, are still alive. We treasure the dead more than the living with spacious land allocated to them when what is needed are a few blocks of HDB flats.

And everyone spoke as a matter of fact, without emotions, as if there are no better solutions. Bring in another 100,000 foreigners, we have all the land and housing for them. Now you know why the poor grandmas and grandpas would have to be abandoned to JB?


Anonymous said...

Diplacement to JB is a fact , not only for the old and aged. Guess how the JB locals feel now ?? Yes , they benefit from the economic flourish but rising costs oso seeps into their daily living too thereby driving up inflation. So , be proud that pappy is able to export this to our neighbours albeit to the benefit of sinkies.

got land ??

JeffGoh said...

History being written - The decline of the PAP. Tyranny never last forever

Anonymous said...

We see only money sign and ignore the most basic value that we learned from schools. Taking care of old and sick should be part and parcel of the society. Without that riches mean nothing. We are no more better than a corporation.

newhik said...

Its quite sad that the Gahment is encouraging such facilities to be built across the Causeway.
Already we've heard of people abandoning their elderly at such homes in Singapore, without payment or visits. Now that these homes are on the opposite sides of the shores, I bet that these such heatless cases will sure to go up.
What would happened to those abandoned elderly when no one is willing to pay for their overseas accomodation.
Will they be kicked out into the streets of a foreign land where they have no rights?
Can the overseas retirement homes have the rights to force the errant children to pay out?
How effective will the enforcement be being straddled across the two nations?
Well done PAP, well done.....

Veritas said...

PAP is digging the remains of our ancestors in Bukit Brown to make way for foreign talent. WTF. The confucius school put Filial piety above anything else.

PAP is not Confucius. There is any "Chinese-ness" in them in contrary to what they claim. They are worshipper of usury, of devil.

agongkia said...

Fortune teller says that there is a possibility that I may end up sleeping on the streets.I must do something if I dun want to.
What must I do so as not to end up sleeping in JB five footways.

Looks like its getting true.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, put a road sign in your bedroom or living room. Then you can sleep in them like sleeping on five foot ways. Brilliant idea right: )

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Now you know why the poor grandmas and grandpas would have to be abandoned to JB? <

Yes. Because their dead-shit cruel and ungrateful children won't look after their own mums and dads.


Anonymous said...

Imparting values to children starts from the home. If parents behave in a ungrateful manner, whining and complaining as if the society owes them a "comfortable" living, and a "entitlement" mentality, then more likely the children will grow up to be ungrateful.

patriot said...

Sin is peacefully invaded and occupied by aliens as they are invited. It is because we have no resource and have to depend on consumption to grow the economy.
Also, it does not matter who own this
tiny dot.

Why does Malaysia allows foreigners to flock there? Ex Prime Minister Mahathir Mohd even told Malaysian Farmers to do large scale farming in other countries. Now Malaysia allow the old and sickly from other countries, kind of funny to me.

Personally, me thinks that allowing their people to plant soursop in their vast land make more money.


agongkia said...

I dun doubt their intelligence.One day our neighbour can change and implement immigration rules to restrict entry for elderly and sick foreigners should there be a need to cater more for its own citizen.On welfare,Malaysia has it.
Need not worry.Not many SINgaporean can afford to dump their elderly there.Only the rich can afford.

Anonymous said...

If and when children can abandoned their parents; see no wrong in government exiling the unproductive, old and sickly. At least our Rulers do learn from their citizens.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I know some of the Singapore docs who are building and financing the "retirement homes" in JB.

Dudes, where there's a need, there's money to be made. At least these good doctors are providing a market-based solution to the needs of the elderly.

Anonymous said...

Ya, everything is economics.