Nathan Tinkler, the foreign talent Singapore needs

At 36, he is the richest Australian below the age of 40. He is making Singapore his home, to be nearer to his customers. He is one of the few real high net worth people after Jim Roger and Eduardo Saverine to make this island home base.

Tinkler was quoted to have told a journalist who approached him for a story, “You’re a f**king deadbeat, people like me don’t bother with f**king you. You climb out of your bed every morning for your pathetic hundred grand a year, good luck.”

For sure the journalist did not get an apology from him. And Reuben Wang should not feel too bad in such company. As long as Tinkler did not shoot at our minister, I think he should be ok. He needs not adapt to anyone. Sinkies better adapt to him. Singapore loves this kind of foreign talent. Ministers, please stay clear of him. He was a coal miner and you should know what coalminers are.

Someone needs to give him a lesson on social etiquette and decorum in the company of our dear leaders. He will have plenty of opportunities to be in their good company, or even be invited to the Istana. Just hold your cool, mate.

One thing, this guy is real. He doesn’t hide his feelings. He is no hypocrite. Matilah will make a good companion for him, same lingo.


Anonymous said...

With complete and total control of the public mass media the bad and ugly Pappies and their cranky ministers are able to turn perspectives upside down by portraying their evil deeds as good and the good men they incarserate as bad, their bad policies and governance as good for the people though they are quite detrimental to the interest of the state but may be good for their own self interest and self aggrandizement and their contempt and arrogance towards the citizens as their signs of the standard banner of their profane dignity and self-respect. No, the Pappies will never change. That means the people have a duty to change them come 2016.

It's high time for Singaporeans especially the Pappies to learn some of the tenets of wisdom from Mr. Kuok Hock Nien . I quote some of the wisdoms that Mr Kuok Hock Nien mentioned in his Kuok's Group 60th Anniversary Speech. They are as follows.

7. When I hire staff I look for honest, hardworking, intelligent people. When I look candidates in the eye, they must appear very honest to me. I do not look for MBAs or exceptional students. You may hire a brilliant man, summa cum laude, first-class honours, but if his mind is not a fair one or if he has a warped attitude in life, does brilliance really matter?"

10. I have learnt that the success of a company must depend on the unity of all its employees. We are all in the same boat rowing against the current and tide and every able person must pull the oars to move the boat forward. Also, we must relentlessly endeavour to maintain and practise the values of integrity and honesty, and eschew and reject greed and arrogance."

11. " A few words of caution to all businessmen and women. I recall the Chinese saying: shibai nai chenggong zhi mu (failure is the mother of success). But in the last thirty years of my business life, I have come to the conclusion that the reverse phrase is even truer of today’s world: chenggong nai shibai zhi mu. Success often breeds failure, because it makes you arrogant, compl acent and, therefore, lower your guard."

12. " The way forward for this world is through capitalism. Even China has come to realise it. But it’s equally true that capitalism, if allowed to snowball along unchecked, can in many ways become destructive. Capitalism needs to be inspected under a magnifying glass once a day, a super-magnifying glass once a week, and put through the cleaning machine once a month. In capitalism, man needs elements of ambition and greed to drive him. But where does ambition end and greed take over? That’s why I say that capitalism, if left to its own devices, will snowball along, roll down the hill and cause a lot of damage. So, a sound capitalist system requires very strongly led, enlightened, wise governments. That means politician-statesmen willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their people. I don’t mean politicians who are there for fame, glory and to line their pockets."

The Pappies may claim to have all the first class graduate talents but in the perspectives of the above quoted wisdoms of Mr. Kuok Hock Nien , none of them would be qualified to be employed by all respectable private business concerns.

Eagles Eye.

Anonymous said...

You must have missed the article where it was reported that he is also a super-fast-car driver. His ferrari was in fact stolen from his garage..I am sure he will have no problem affording and pushing up the COE price, and get another one for his grandfather's road.

What I don't understand is this. He is a coal miner. Who exactly are this customers here, that he needs to be close to them?!! For fark sake, just say is for tax purposes lah!

Anonymous said...

He was. Now billionaire.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I have a lot of respect for Mr Tinkler. Self made man. Started as a humble sparky -- an often dangerous and dirty job -- in a cuntree where the social norm is to "accept" your station in life. The famous australian "tall poppy" syndrome. Google it. It is ugly. It is the cultural embarrassment of Australia.

The Australian media gets no defence from me. Most of them are assholes. They like to shit on peoples' financial success. They hate innovators and entrepreneurs.

In Singapore, the MS media being govt controlled are clipped at the wings so that they cannot harass law abiding citizens. That's another reason why rich folks like Singapore -- it is easy to stay under the radar.

Swearing as a result of expressing one's feelings is a sovereign right in Australia. Our right to tell people who bug us to "FUCK OFF" is a constitutionally protected right.

When the PM John Howard was getting to cosy with GW Bush, he was called an "arse-licker" by the leader of the opposition. Front page news. The people cheered. Why? Because it was true, and Howard deserved it.

To his credit, Howard was a staunch defender of freedom of speech and expression, and he didn't make a fuss. A lesson there for overly sensitive Singapore politicians -- especially the ones who take themselves far too seriously.

So Singapore, get the fuck over your over sensitive cunty selves. Words are all we have to express ourselves verbally -- get used to it. Normal human beings all over the world will use certain words when emotions run high. It is natural. It is human. It is warm and leaves no room for doubt as to what the "soul" of the message is.

Fuck you and have a great day, motherfucking cocksuckers, the lot of you.

Got vocab?

Bertolt Blecch said...

@Matilah_Singapura, so you may have assimilated the native upper class 'Strine vocabulary, but Sinkies still have one world class linguistic contribution far superior to that of Aussies.

Which is:

Sinkies can say "Tuck Yew" lah!

Now try to tucking beat that, mothertucking Aussie tucks! OiOiOi? Fourex? Not quite the tucking same, mate. Ah tuck it, time for a beer. It's been over seven tucking minutes since the last one.