My Holy Order

This is my Church, this is my Holy Order. I run my Church the way I run my Church. I spend my Church’s money the way I spend my Church’s money. Who dares challenge or question what I do with my Holy Order?

Apparently this appears to be the way the Holy Order was run and who dares challenge will be sued and disgraced. One did, was sued and was disgraced.

But time vindicates the righteous. Or is it that there is a bigger God who will take his time to deal with the abusers of power? When time is ripe, Holy Order or whatever, time to go. Time waits for no man.

Which Holy Order will be next to face the maker, the final arbiter of righteousness? Only God knows.

My apologies for the sermon. I am not religious and do not subscribe to any Holy Order.


Anonymous said...

The Judge said to the Accused; "this is my Court".
The Accused asked the Judge; "That means You will charge me for trespassing even if I am not guilty of any other offence?"

Judge says; "You better know where You stand".

Gods are supposed to be better than judges, right? Better does not mean more wholesome or benevolent here.

Anonymous said...

I blame the followers for this outcome. It is because of their crave for power and fame that allow KH to attain this god-like status. I am not sure if they really follow the teaching of Christ but from what little I know, they are two kinds of people in there:

One is the opportunists who see great opportunity in advancing their career and businesses. With the group think, you could easily sell houses, insurance, cars, furnitures, contract work, movies etc. They are many brothers and sisters who will willingly believe what you said. Bow your head with them, mumble some verses and the deal is done.

The other group are the most pathetic. They need support in terms of number and strength. They need to be associated with success. Joing CHC become instant success since the church is big and has lots of money. One feel proud to tell other he/she is a member of CHC. These are people who will follow without questioning the leader.

At the end, Christians should remember Christ always tell people that the Lord will provide. There is no need to accumulate wealth on earth. But look at the reserves and money used for earthly pleasure! Do these followers actually read their Bible?

Achtung said...

Power and money corrupts.

Power over money corrupts absolutely.

You see this everywhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

"Do these followers actually read their Bible?"

Do this I add.
How many Singaporeans actually read Singapore's Constitution?
How many know whether Singapore's Constitution protects Singaporeans from discrimination?

Anonymous said...

Hope International Ministries' Regional Pastor Benjamin Lee also wrote to the paper, calling for Christians to 'watch out for negative and sinful dynamics in our own life' and to 'avoid a judgmental spirit and self-righteousness'.

Holy gag Order

Anonymous said...

Facebook user Gerald Tan, in a note on his page, wrote: 'Some have misconstrued the CAD investigations as an attack on Christianity or the work of Satan and the devil. Remember, the CAD is not investigating into God... It is not an attack against our faith as we are still free to practise our religion.'

You are free to Sin too

Anonymous said...

Holy confession below:

Responding to Mr Poon's allegations, the church challenged him to prove his case.

'They told him that they would sue him if he had no evidence of them mismanaging church funds,' said the family friend. 'He was very frightened by those threats and felt powerless.'

With no proof or support from fellow church members, she said Mr Poon felt hard-pressed and decided to retract all these statements.

He eventually issued apologies in five separate publications, some of which appeared on the same day that the church issued its own reply to the allegations.

The apologies cost more than $33,000. The family friend said on Wednesday that when Mr Poon said he could not pay for them, an anonymous donor footed the bill.

Mr Kong also asked the congregation to forgive Mr Poon.$$$$$$

Moral of th story? Small fry gets fried if you dare challenge the power.

Don't count on Sinkies to land you support because they are cowards too.

Anonymous said...

So magnanimous of the holy pastor to forgive mr poon like GOD would forgive sinners for blaspheming him

Anonymous said...

pappy robs CpeeF - sinkie keep quiet
pastor robs Church - Pappy buay song

Paradox , no ?

Anonymous said...

gov dun stop church...church takes over SIN...SIN really becomes SIN

Anonymous said...

上梁不正下梁歪 - Pappy oso lidaat

can spell CPF ?

Anonymous said...

CpeeF is your money to buy anything related to your health till its time to go. After that you can wish it to your children or donate it to the Citizens of Singapour if you like :)

Anonymous said...

Exactly , can See and pee (闻)but cannot touch. See pee F

Get it ?

Anonymous said...

If your pee something wrong one day, you can touch CpeeF to repair

Anonymous said...

wakaka ... you got a point there.

Very the 阿 Q lorrr

But , I take your point.

The said...

Matthew 21:13
And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Those who need gods to lead them are lost souls, let's be forgiving.

However, they should not go around preaching their superstition.

No one stops them from going to their heaven which everyone can see they are very very afraid of going.

Anonymous said...

'However, they should not go around preaching their superstition.' And want to show others the way or try to lead others.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm cheering the Christians on. Please be more garang, fearless and arrogant. And please, continue to assault reporters, and challenge the rule of the man-made laws of the land to the point you piss off the police and the courts, and public loses their patience with you.

The Jewish Zombie:
He died for your sins.
He came back for your brain.


Anonymous said...

'Or is it that there is a bigger God',
don't you live in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Whose God is bigger?

Anonymous said...

Many Christians believe they will go to heaven after death but strangely all are afraid to die. What irony!!

Anonymous said...

Should have been.....holy disorder.