More migrants – The Sinkies are not convinced

With the barrage of ministerial speeches, reports, surveys and what have you, the people are obviously not convinced that the influx of population should continue unabated. There are just too many people on this piece of rock and enough is enough. As the voices of protest gets louder and angrier, what were the response from the govt?

A govt that pledged to listen to the people is expected to really listen, take stock of the people’s unhappiness and do the rightful or needful. The govt also can take the deaf frog attitude and do what it wants according to what it thinks is right, the ‘I know best and no need to talk more’ approach.

What we are seeing is a govt that is growing impatient when persuasion does not work. From trying to coax the Sinkies that more migrants are necessary for the growth of the country and good for the people, it has changed tack. It is now resorting to chastising the people, branding the people as xenophobic, unleashing unjustifiable and unfriendly tirades at the foreigners.

Really? The Sinkies are angry with the foreigners? Nay. They are not angry with the foreigners. That is rubbish. The Sinkies are tolerating the foreigners and knowing that it is not their fault for being here in such big numbers. They are angry with the govt and its policies for allowing so many foreigners here. It is the Sinkies against the govt, not against the foreigners. The foreigners only came under attacked when they misbehaved or broke the law of the country as individuals. There is no xenophobia here.

No one should try to pitch the fight as Sinkies against foreigners. This is just a diversionary tactics. The Sinkies are angry with the policy makers. They are not that daft to pick on the innocent foreigners.


Anonymous said...

There is no other option to make the PAP listen to us but through our votes and give damage to the PAP through the electoral process. If Singapore is truly xenophobic, I think things would have turned ugly but so far, it has not. Just take a look at some other countries and how foreigners are treated and then compare to mild Singapore
I agree.. Enough is Enough. Time to make PAP listen to its citizens.

newhik said...

I cannot agree with you more. No matter how "xenophobic" that our gahment brands us, do you see Singaporeans forming lynching parties or stalk the streets for foreign blood?
Do the gahment actually realises that what the people are dissatisfied with is being treated as 3rd class citizens at their own country?
How many times have you read on the news ( well not MSM anyway) on how foreigners are given preferential treatment over Singaporeans. Remember although they contribute to Singapore's growth, no doubt they will leave Singapore when they have made it rich or during any crisis in Singapore.
Its homegrown Singaporeans who are have sacrificed their 2-2.5 years of life( not including Reservist) defending the country at the PAPigs' imaginary enemies.
It is through the siphoning of our citizens' money that the GIC and Temasick can grow so big. Foreigners can always opt for co plete withdrawal of their CPF when they leave Singapore but Singaporeans cannot

jeffgoh said...

I share your views. If Sinkies fight with foreigners, who is the biggest beneficiary. - Divide N Rule

Anonymous said...

The solution is transparency which
disallow human
manuipulation,yes,Singapore needs bona-fide FTs,so make it clear to all citizens where do we stand,and set up proper rules and regulations to govern the inflow of FTs into Singapore,including the low level labours which we also need.
Once the citizens all know how the system works,there will be lesser complaints and the Generals can then get on with their proper jobs.
The government knows very well that our citizens are not "xenophobic".

DG said...
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Anonymous said...

The PAP knows that Sinkies are not at all convinced on the issue of immigrants. But, in order to prop up housing prices, they have no other solution except to carry on arguing, but obviously to no avail.

Now, this reminds me of the minister's salary issue that we dragged up again and again before every election, even though they tried all ways and means to justify their astronomical rewards.

It was only when Hougang and Aljunied GRC went the other way that they start to listen.

So, do not believe the PAP and their stooges that one more seat falling to the opposition will not make any difference in Parliament. It does!

So, if we want the immigration policy to be changed, do something in 2016! Talking is useless. Deaf frogs do not listen!

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think skepticism about what the policy wonks at the government tell you is a good thing.

I would also say that it is obvious that there are Singaporeans who don't like the influx of foreigners. However, there are many silent ones -- SME owners for e.g. who welcome the influx.

Sure, there'll be pressures on the locals to adapt and change, and of course clashes of culture are to be expected, as human nature is resistant to change, while at the same time having the potential to change, and "synergise" into something bigger and better.

The Sinagpore gov of course want to preserve the image of a "welcoming" city and so it is not surprising to see The Minister of Holland V come out and state that Singaporeans should defend against xenophobic outbursts. And quite so -- after all he is the "go-to guy" for Holland V where many hip foreigners frolic and revel.

But convinced or not, the population will get larger. You can cite "2016" all you want -- in 4 years it is possible to increase the population by another 10-20%.

IMO, hard as it may be, it might be wiser to adapt to the rapid change.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The old school still thinks so, that the people have no choice but to elect the incumbent to office election after election.

Did you notice that the incumbents, not even one of them, can carry the ground anymore? The people no longer believe in them and every word is received with much aversion.

Can anyone of them carry the ground? Can anyone of them speak and the people will listen and follow? This is the game changer.

Matilah_Singapura said...

A lot can happen in 4 years.

My money is still on the PAP. Of course the most noise is coming from the rowdy rabble. But the PAP -- like it or not -- has many "silent" supporters. It also has many who used to support them but now feel "let down".

Anyway, by 2014-2015, the world should be in deep financial and economic shit. So the PAP government will hand out "goodies" to "help" the people, and in the words of that foul-mouthed Rahm Emanuel "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste".

The PAP are experts at using fear to manipulate voters. The opposition parties are "too honest" and "too nice" to be effective Machiavellian politicians.

Got reality?