It saddens me

‘To New Citizen: You may be appreciated PAP for being offered as “New Citizen” but after 10-15 years, you too will be replaced if the PAP still there and will not change its pro-foreigner policy!’

Someone wrote this comment in an article warning that Sinkies would be replaced by foreigners and new citizens too will be replaced when they became Sinkies. He thought this would be a good way to warn foreigners not to become daft Sinkies and fall into the same trap. Now, shall I call this comment daft? No, no need. Sinkies are daft anyway.

The foreigners are not as daft as Sinkies for sure. Not even the masseurs and the hawkers or the foreign workers. They may not received the education we had, but that does not make them stupid. Stupidity is inborn or can be formed by the environment.

Foreigners have their sums all worked out. Take up citizenship, buy a subsidised HDB flat which will appreciate in 5 or 10 years to give a 50% or 100% return on investment. Get a good job and live decently. Enjoy all the benefits and subsidies of citizenship, good medical facilities, schools for children, learn everything they can, and when the price of the flat is good, sell and go home to be a rich man. This is a simple sure win formula. And some daft Sinkies who need a flat, because they have sold theirs, or for whatever stupid policies, not allowed to buy direct from HDB, must pay a ransom to him as profits. Sinkies have limited options. The new citizens have plenty of options to game the system and win/win and win in all counts.

There is no need to strike fear in them not to take up citizenship. The system is so good, so brilliant, designed so perfectly to encourage foreigners to sink root here. And die die they will want to come and become citizens. And when it is time to scoot, their sons too will leave with them and no need to serve NS.

Now who is daft? Sinkies too can scoot and benefit from the system. For the average Sinkies, this is the only way to game the system too. If they don’t, when the leases of their million dollar flats expire, it will be like waking up from a wet dream.

Actually I am very sad reading that advisory statement. It just goes to show that Sinkies are really daft, beyond redemption, and they did not know, thinking that foreigners are daft. The foreigners are laughing all the way to the banks at their expense and stupidity. The foreigners are smart enough to take full advantage of the system but the Sinkies don’t, or can’t.


Ex-Sg said...

Singaporeans can definitely play and beat the system like the FTs can. I am proof of it. The problem is most of them do not want it bad enough to actually do something about it. LKY's "the spurs are not stuck into the hide" comment has more than a ring of truth to it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ex-Sg, welcome to the blog.

Many Sinkies would want to scoot if they can. Many can't for one reason or another. So they have to face the hard truth. The question now is how are they going to deal with it.

You are lucky to make the move. The future of this island is going to be very tough for the next generations when buying a stupid flat is going to cost them a lifetime of income. With that kind of money they could live in a more spacious house elsewhere where a car cost $20k or $30k.

The island has lost it shine.

Anonymous said...

Aesops Fable : The Goatherd and the Wild Goats

A herd of wild goats, with a wise leader called Sherpa, are often hungry and cold. Sherpa observes a flock of tame goats being tended by a goatherd, and provided with food and a warm sleeping place.

Following Sherpa’s plan, the wild goats join the flock so that they too can have food and warmth.

The goatherd notices that the wild goats have joined the flock, but is pleased because he will have more milk and cheese to sell. He looks after the new goats to try and ensure that they stay with him, but in doing so neglects the goats he had already. Sherpa is concerned that he will neglect the wild goats similarly, should more new goats come along, so when spring arrives, the wild goats leave.

The goatherd is angry, but Sherpa points out that he should have treated all of his goats fairly.


Lee Jenny said...

Before then, we take our pledge

"regardless of race, languge and
religon" now we have to add in

"regardless of national" too!!

It's those who canno leave happier
and also accept those who arrive here even happier.

Call ourselves "daft" or whatever
definitely not for those who have no choice but to swallow the situation with bitterness.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Jenny, welcome to the blog.

Many Sinkies have no choice or limited choice or have choices shafted down their throats.

It is about time that Sinkies stand up and demand to have a say about their their future and the future of their chldren. They cannot remain silent and leave it to a few jokers to decide their lives.

Not every super talent is talented. Some have proven to be real assholes.

Anonymous said...


Powerful move against the capitalist.

Sure bring them down.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Re: Pledge -- A pledge is just a bunch of words. Things change when action is taken -- i.e. real physical action. Words can have meaning, but often they are just hollow, especially when there is some kind of "commitment" involved. People just say the words to "fit in" with the herd.

Re: Systems -- if you can exploit a system LEGALLY, you should do so to your maximum benefit.

Re: scooting -- a nice name for an airline ;-) ...seriously... you don't have to "scoot" to take advantage of being Singaporean (it has benefits -- low taxes, relatively unregulated business environment, good protection of contracts by the courts, easy banking, free labour market, no militant unions...), as well as having a more relaxed life elsewhere.

The way I did it was to change my "perception" and turn S'pore into a hotel, and myself as a hotel guest. I've never been happier :-)

Anonymous said...

We had citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents. But now we are beginning to have a new category of residents, that is, Temporary Citizens, the biggest beneficiaries of the system.hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Foreigners are expert in gaming the system. I know of one Hongkonger who came here at the age of 21. No need to serve NS. Converted to be a citizens and his three boys are all citizens. However the wife is just a PR and retain the critical Canadian citizenship. Extract all the benefits out of the system like baby bonus, top-up, education subsidy for citizens etc. When the timing is up when the kids reach the age for NS, the whole family renounced their citizenship and convert back to Canadian citizenships.Sold the condo that had appreciated substantially over the years and relocate back comfortably to Vancouver.

Ex-Sg said...

Redbean, everyone has a choice. Saying that you don't have a choice is simply put a cop out. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it. Singaporeans just don't have that drive in them to emigrate because they are just too comfortable in their little cocoons. I have seen this in so many of my friends and relatives who kao peh kao bu until they froth in their mouths. When I tell them to stop talking and start acting, they come up with the all too convenient excuses: Worried of racism, other countries not as safe as Singapore blah blah blah blah blah. The kao peh kao bu so much for what? If you refuse to take action to secure your own future, then really there is no one to blame but yoursef.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ex-Sg, Yes I have a choice and I can. It will take a lot for me to want to uproot from home. By the look of how things are changing, there is a possibility.

When I said some have the choice, some no, I am referring to Sinkies in general. Not all can.

Anonymous said...

The law in Sin is a sham. It has an appearance of right and wrong but if you scrutinize its workings, it suppresses human rights which keeps certain groups or classes of people in perpetual power.

No point arguing because you are systematically defeated.

The breed is a defeated breed from top down

Singaporeans are a bloody joke.

Anonymous said...

Most of you don't have a choice. Born here die here.

Anonymous said...

Do you know a lot of governing bodies in Sin are neutral if you suffer injustices?

Unless you have a lot of time and money and have the smarts or involve in some cases which are clear cut, you generally have to suffer in silence.

Nobody is going to take side, they are neutral or...NEUTRALIZED!

Fucking lukewarm in other words.....pui pui pui

Anonymous said...

They think that every 5 years, you get to change things. Please. Cosmetic changes at best. Only idiots look forward to elections.

Anonymous said...

When 300 people hijacked a country of 3.5m and called it their grandfather country with the 3.5m turning into virtual slaves to feed the 300 people, it is sad.

Anonymous said...

My ex-colleague, a Malaysian who is now a SPR, she works here as Accountant and earns good salary. I asked her why she is not taking up citizenship, she said Singapore is not a place for her to retire (too costly) and she plans to return to Malaysia after she has made enough. She already bought a landed property there and she has a car which is more than 10 years old and can still be driven on the road. She said give her another few years and she can comfortably retire there. Another ex-colleague of mine, a single Singaporean in early forties, is still trying hard to save enough to buy her resale flat. My SPR colleague seems to be better off than our Singaporean.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you want a snapshot of the embarrassing "collective consciousness" of Singapore, one only has to visit the TR Emeritus blog and in a short time be disgusted at your own cuntrymen.

They cannot see past their own noses and have collectively decided that "political solutions" are the only way to "solve" (non-existent) problems.

If you were a boss, who would your hire...seriously:

1. A highly motivated person who happens to be in in Singapore by choice for his own betterment, and ready to take on any opportunity presented


2. A whining complaining entitlement, and victim-minded fool who expects the state to provide everything including a "level playing field", who, to make matters even worse, OVERVALUES his own self-worth?

As the owner of an enterprise, you are in a meritocracy whether you like it or not. You'll need highly motivated, competitive people or your enterprise will become a your nightmare. Now consider the fact that there are THOUSANDS like you who are also running their enterprises and also need THE RIGHT PEOPLE to be profitable.

If the local pool of "talent" is lacklustre or there is a culture of "very bad attitudes", then you have little choice but to hire "foreigners".

The best lesson the bitching locals can learn is that competition is seldom "fair", and that the world ain't gonna change anytime soon so that "you can be happy".

If you are going to strive to "get ahead", there is no such thing as a "level playing field". A competitive job market brings creates the best outcomes. Those who deserve "success", usually get it. Those who don't, learn important life-lessons (if they want to). If you are not striving to get ahead, then good luck to you -- I hope you have a large supply of cash.

"Loyalty to cuntry" is a fake lame excuse. It is UNREASONABLE to expect economic immigrants to become "nationalistic" all of a sudden. Some will, some won't -- but it is nothing which has ANYTHING to do with you. It is not, your business to police or even monitor what goes on in the minds of others, and they can choose what to think and how and do not have to change so that "you can be happy".

Got attitude?

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura understands Sin nobody else do. Me salutes him.

Indeed, whence Sin become autonomous, the local Rulers HAVE MADE US Singaporeans swearing and cursing away TODAY. NOW, some of us LOCAL BORN OLDER Singaporeans, prefer SIN to have remained a colony. YOUNGER Singaporeans are hoping to get away from SIN for good.

Matilah Singapura is right in calling Singaporeans SHIT!


Anonymous said...

Sinkies shld behave in a pragmatic way our female executives are doing nowadays. Make love with men more powerful and influential than their own spouses and reap all the benefits of income, ecstasy, fun and fame/infamy. Enjoy living in Sg, France and anywhere.
Nomads do not stay put but, they cannot travel anywhere they like. The USA is made up of immigrants and it has a patriotic act. Obama is having much ado for nothing calling his countrymen and allies to defend the interest of the US. He is a fool compare to our ladies in Sin.

Anonymous said...

In short, anyone is for sale in the market place. And hence sexually desirable women have an advantage.

What integrity, honesty, ethics and rule of law are you taking about? Rubbish!

There is only economic rationality, the root of all evil.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Obama is going to be screwed if they found out that he was born in Indonesia or Africa or anywhere except where he claimed. He has screwed the Americans big time for this piece of shit.

Matilah is right. Yes, absolutely. Every employer would want to employ a foreigner that a Sinkie when the system is so loaded against the Sinkies is so many ways.

Whose fault is it? Daft Sinkies of course. They don't even know what is their rights and what belongs to them and what not. The Sinkies deserve to be in this shit, definitely.

80-20 rule said...
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80-20 rule said...

I tend to agree with Ex-SG, everyone has a choice, it's only a matter of how hungry they are.

Not enough money and you are young and energetic? Take 2 jobs.

Worried about the cost of living in SG in 20-30yrs time? Consider buying a G&G landed property in Malaysia soon, you won't regret it.

I don't have the solutions to this country, I only know what to do with my vote when elections are here, and I can only do my best to provide for my family and to invest in the way I think is best.