India, where are you going?

India is the next emerging superpower, and deeply entrenched as the number one regional power in the Indian Ocean, unchallenged. It is so disheartening to hear the elation and rejoicing in New Delhi that India was the only country mentioned by the Empire as a crony in its return to the Asia Pacific region. India may now hope to be assigned a more important role by the Emperor.

In this celebration mood, India has even forgotten that the French is claiming to be a power in the Indian Ocean. India would now have to share the Indian Ocean with the French. The Brits would not be too far behind in the return to the East. Welcome Sahib, to the East India Company.

If India is aspiring to be a super power on its own steam, it should rightly stand as tall as the US and not acting as a side kick in the Empire’s scheme of things. And India must not forget that all the cronies of the Empire would have to bloody their hands if they want to remain as a faithful and loyalty poodle. And Afghanistan is waiting for grateful Indian troops to play its role as a willing partner to the killings of the Afghans, and who knows where else later.

Welcome to the dark side, the Emperor said. India should not regret the great opportunity offered. Be very grateful and honoured.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Without India, there probably won't be the software industry and service sectors like call centres, virtual assistants, accounting services etc. at a reasonable price.

They have their own regional shit to deal with, and there's always the idea of inter-religious hostility lurking beneath.

But its relationship with the west, is IMO, much more robust than China. And they are more "free market" and philosophically developed than China -- i.e. they have democracy, a better legal system etc.

Don't worry. Wherever they are going, they'll do fine.

Got masalah tea?

Veritas said...

India emergence is the worst disaster mankind can ever has. It would be 100x better to live under the worst sheikh of Islam than under the most benevolent Raja.

Hindic civilization is based on enslavement, gangsterism, parasiticsm, genocidism. The Hindic civilization got its early form when the worst Aryan gangster from Central Asia, descended on the Indus Ganges plain. These Aryan murderers subjugate the local Dravidians, who are the cleverest people at that time, into slaves.

Today, the descendents of Northern Dravidian are called Dalits work as shit collector, hereditary prostitute,(MY GOODNESS, working thousands of years as prostitute for the prostitute caste)...etc. They are the one of the most stupid people in the world due to systemic deprivation of access to education by Aryans.

The most original high caste Indians, living in Pakistani Punjab, the Hindus plains was awaken by Islamist. They know they are short-changed and today, these original Indian hated India Indian like mad.

Hindic civilization is also genocidal. The high caste Indian would want shit for everyone, to preserve their privilege to that extend people got killed institutionally. I once read an article which contains information of India demography in 1920-1939. Then the life expectancy of Indian is around 30 years old.

Not even Arabic state, Stalin Russia, Hitler Germany and Mao PRC can win those fucking high caste Indian in cruelty. Imagine to enable the high caste Indians to continue be boss, they implement so many policies that prevent social advancement, meritocracy, equality and other the other hand, implemented so many shit that causes wide spread diseases and malnutrition.

Even desert Arabic state then which grows nothing is better than fertile South Asia continent in life expectancy.

In India today, even you are good, so long you are Dalits you cannot get good job. Those most stupid Brahmins are able to cruise through their life. These racism are imported by PAP against Singaporeans as well. The Indian mafia in Citibank CBP campus of fucking 8 storeys exclude all other people, other than the most racist Indians.

In those Indian state get man got killed and woman got rape by Islam idiot such as Mamood Ghazni, Aurangzeb, are now the richest state in India. Because all the parasite high caste Hindus are being purge. Look like places like Punjab and Haryana, Islam sword really help to wake these idiots up. The state where Hindu mafia has their way such as Bihar, Bengal, Utar Pradesh, Maharesthra are today the most miserable, as they are relatively less molested by Islam.

The shameless high caste racist Indian run their country into shit bowl. Today, India is the only country in the world the still has Maoist Guerilla. WTF...21th century today there are still Communist insurgency. And their communist gueralla are getting stronger each day.

Each time I saw in TV the military victory of the Maoist, I clap and dance, justice being done. No one can imagine the injustice and social deprivation suffered by those low caste Indian under those high caste Indians.

Today there is a conspiracy of west tag team with Hindus against Islam with some justification. But if you watch Malaysia which has the worst official racist policies among Islamic state, and compare that with low caste Indian, the Malaysian non muslim are like living in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Since the dawn of history India has never been a unifying state. Instead it consisted of more than six hundred small states each of which has its own separate different language. It was not until the British imperialist prevailed over the French imperialist in their competing conquest of India in the 17th Century that Britain managed to subdue all the inconsequential small Indian states into one unitary British dominion under strong British rule which lasted for almost five hundred years until after the Second World in 1947 when Britain gave independence to its Indian dominion. The Indians are beholden to the British and western imperialists for unifying all the hundreds of separate Indian states into one country.

When imperial Britain was ruling India it took large chunks of Chinese land illegally and drew the Mcmahon Line to officially incorporate Chinese lands into British India. The Chinese has never recognised the Mcmahon line.
Now independent India wants to retain the stolen Chinese lands and refuse to negotiate for the return of these lands to China. Instead when China wants India to negotiate over the stolen Chinese lands it claims that China is assertive. India is stubborn because it has the support of the Western imperialists and the Evil Empire of USA.


denk said...

*relationship with the west, is IMO, much more robust than China. And they are more "free market" and philosophically developed than China -- i.e. they have democracy, a better legal system etc.*

they keep telling us india , amerika is a match made in heaven ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...


Well you can't please everyone. The world is imperfect and power exerts its leverage over the less powerful.

So what?

I'm fine with that ;-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Dark Side. India will fit the role of Darth Vader like a glove.