The Empire is back

In no uncertain terms, the Americans told the Asean and Asian leaders that they are here to stay. Though they are thousands of miles away across the Pacific Ocean, they are going to deploy the largest armada in the region, consisting of 6 aircraft carriers, destroyers, combat ships and submarines and the bases in Japan, South Korea and Australia, and facilities in some of their allied countries. Resistance is futile, the Empire is here to rule.

The military forces available to the Americans are more than enough to conduct a war against all the Asian and Southeast nations combined, including China and India. That is the kind of dominating force that the Americans are presenting to these nations. What can they do about it? Nothing. They will just have to accept the presence of the Empire, like it or not.

And they invited the Empire to their Summit as a friend, only to be told by this friend that he is the boss and he will dictate the rules of diplomacy and engagement. The Americans never left. Once they are in they will not go away, unless forced out by nationalistic forces as in Vietnam and the Philippines. But both are changing their minds and may invite the Empire to put troops in their countries once again, and become semi colonies.

The two semi colonies in the north, Japan and South Korea, have no choice. One was conquered and will remain a semi colony to host troops from the Empire. The other was caught in a losing civil war when the Empire was invited in. Now that the South Koreans are claiming to be a more superior force than the North and daily itching to attack the North, they are still in no position to ask the Empire to leave. The Empire will not leave once invited in.

How long would Asian and Asean countries be ruled by the Empire and accept its military presence in the region? Are they really so willing to have an overpowering presence of an Empire that will not take no for an answer and will want to have the biggest say in their domestic and regional affairs?

The Empire is back. Resistance is futile. Obey and there will be peace.


Anonymous said...

Where the devil goes, evil is not far away!

Anonymous said...

See, they are so good in formulating excuses to be here, when the real reason is China and perhaps, India.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't hate to say "I told you so".

In fact, I revel in it ;-)

This is the biggest government welfare program today. The US government is in the region to "help" Asian nations by providing a "safety net" for "social security".

By doing so, the US gets a leg-up for its huge transglobal corporations to conduct and expand their enterprises in Asia. Everyone in Wall Street is now sporting a huge erection, and their mouths must be salivating to much to a point beyond gross.

The big crony capitalists, along with their political buddies -- Asian and US -- must be popping the most expensive champagnes and toasting each other to the amount of money they'll make, and the level of power they'll have, PLUS (very important) the expanded influence over every government in the region.

Kiss what little democracy you have, a heartfelt "goodbye". You don't get to choose anymore. But you still get the governments you deserve because of your scared-pussy attitude all these years.

A handsome, smiling Obama will leverage his Indonesian childhood to win over even the corrupt fuckers (you can bet money will be involved) in Myanmar as more US companies move in to get a slice of action.

US government-military "welfare" for all. Fear not you gooks, you are safe. Uncle Sam, he look after you. You love him long time.

Follow the money.

To those complaining about the influx of foreigners, now you have an influx of foreigners armed to the teeth. How does that grab you?

And of course, let us not leave out our esteemed Asian government leaders -- mostly multiple-headed snakes -- a job prerequisite for any aspiring politician. On the one hand, they wayang with the people about US dominance, when the next item on their weekly agenda is welcoming US dignitaries with smiles, official dinners and "undertandings".

Where is Dr Mahathir when we need him to scold some sense into the current crop of Asian government assholes? I've always admired Dr M's "Fuck you mat saleh! Balek kampung and fix your own cuntry lah!" approach to global politics.

ASEAN is now a US government welfare queen. The bad thing about government welfare is that once the recipient gets a taste, like a drug, he is addicted. Because of the addiction, the junkie becomes easy to manipulate. Government "help" eventually costs the recipient more than he bargained for. Once in the clutches of the the welfare-drug, he is seriously trapped.

I think redbean is a bit unfair to lay a big portion of the blame on "evil" Uncle Sam. No enterprise can exist as a single "evil enterprise" alone for long. Maintaining dominance always requires the collusion (pakat) of local partners (kaki lang) for their "joint ventures" (rackets, scams and outright fraud).

I tell you man, that Obama is one smooth, good looking dude, with a nice family and a warm smiling manner, full of good humour and respect for people of other cultures. In other words, he's a superb actor. Pulled off a Nobel Prize for Peace too. But so far his military activity has trounced Bush ver. 2.0. And people love him, unlike Bush 2. Awesome.

Anyway, whether you're in Djakarta, KL, Bangkok, Seoul, Saigon, Manila, Rangoon, Macau, Singapore etc etc you'd better bang as many Asian chicks as you can before the navy gets there :-) Apart form having their vaginas stretched out of shape, these cum-guzzling babes are likely to adopt an annoying American slang in their speech patterns.

Got emigration?

Anonymous said...

Home / World / Asia-Pacific
US to deploy LCS in Singapore in 2013
Updated: 2012-06-03 08:02
( Xinhua)
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SINGAPORE - The United States Navy will deploy its first littoral combat ship (LCS) in Singapore from the second quarter of 2013, Singapore's Ministry of Defense said on Saturday.

Singapore's Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen conveyed the country's in-principle approval for the US request to deploy up to four LCS in a meeting with his US counterpart Leon Panetta, a joint statement said.

The four ships will be deployed in the city state "on a rotational basis," which means there could be up to four LCS in Singapore at any point of time, the Ministry of Defense said

It said the navies of the two countries are still working on details and arrangements of the deployment.

The LCS is a type of relatively small surface vessel intended for operations in the littoral zone where it is less desirable to deploy larger warships. With a flight deck and a hangar, the LCS is envisioned to be a networked, agile, stealthy surface combatant.

Each of the LCS will have a core crew of 40, but can have up to 75 men on board.

The Defense Ministry of Singapore said the LCS "will not be based in Singapore," nor will Singapore be a home port. The crew members will live on board the LCS throughout their deployment in Singapore.

The deployment of the LCS is in line with the Singapore-US 1990 Memorandum of Understanding and the 2005 Singapore-US Strategic Framework Agreement, which underlining "both sides' long- standing belief that the US military presence in the Asia- Pacific is beneficial for regional peace and stability," the ministry said.

Panetta was in Singapore for the 11th Asia Security Summit, or the Shangri-La Dialogue. He is scheduled to continue with his Asia tour, including stops in Vietnam and India.
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Anonymous said...

US to deploy LCS in Singapore in 2013 |Asia-Pacific |chinadaily.com.cn
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polar 2012-06-03 21:40
I don't think so China will offer that??????? China only this neighbors (Vietnam and Philippine) and sooner other will follow???? That's what happening now... Claiming almost the entire SCC is greed....

it's d economy 2012-06-03 21:31

Hi little kid!

China offers friendship, respect, trade and investment to ASEAN countries.

fact not fiction 2012-06-03 21:27
@guest 2012-06-03 12:30

America's presence in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan had brought deaths and sufferings to millions of people.

@Hello 2012-06-03 15:28

Why are the Yankee bringing in their most advanced killing machines to face a "paper tiger"?

Are they going banana?

Reaction 2012-06-03 21:21
It is part and parcel of America's China containment policy.

swieyue 2012-06-03 18:08
What does China have offer to ASEAN? Peace, prosperity, and non-inteference. China abhors war, but is not afraid of war. It shows it is no paper tiger when dealing with aggressive stance over the South China Sea. And to deal with Orwellian newspeak from USA, it will listen to their words and watch their actions.

Hello 2012-06-03 17:25
Boxuan 2012-06-03 15:37

What does China have to offer ASEAN countries?

Snoipine 2012-06-03 16:02
The smoke of war is looming, the tension in the southeast asia is buildup by the war monger, all peace loving people must pay more attention to the situation.

Boxuan 2012-06-03 15:37
Many Singaporean ape fully Westerners. Sadly Singaporeans no truly Singaporean culture as Singapore very mixed nationality. Many dressed and speak Western aping mainly US slang. Many think Western culture and influence unique to Singapore. Fornately many Singaporean also very Asian and Chinese oriented. Possibly why many bi lingual.

Otherwise Singapore quite successful. Only serious negative it dances to USA tunes. Its military train in USA and adopt US strategies. Being small and open to greater risk, Singapore plays a safe game. Me think it do better if it friendly to China and not accept US base any more. Throughout history, China no coloniser but USA is both coloniser and abuser of might. One sees death in its palms.It is indeed Satanic.

Hello 2012-06-03 15:28
Why is China called the "paper tiger"?

Travelling man 2012-06-03 15:17
History shows that whenever America shifts it’s military emphasis to a particular region there is inevitably intervention followed by an increase in tension causing instability leading to conflict. I have no doubts that we will soon see history repeat itself.


Anonymous said...

US to deploy LCS in Singapore in 2013 |Asia-Pacific |chinadaily.com.cn
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garbageman 2012-06-03 14:34
What a load of nonsense from Clinton et al. USA has started wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that they have lost but don't admit that they are beat. They have likewise lost in Vietnamn and have lost another big one in Pakistan. Fact is ---the USA should build up forces in Indian Ocean and take on Iran, Iraq, all East Africa, India, Malaysia and then Indonesia. Ooops forgot- Thailand. This should keep the war monger busy.

picture book edu 2012-06-03 13:46
guest 2012-06-03 12:30 wrote:
" America's naval presence brought stability to the Asia Pacific for 60 years"

Is that what they teach you in skool? Americans kill millions of people around the world in their quest for world dominance. Then they convince themselves it was for good. Manifest Destiny all over again. The world must wake up to the fact that America joined the right side once during World War 2 and from then on it has always been on its own side. The American propaganda is half a century past its expiry date.

guest 2012-06-03 12:30
America's naval presence brought stability to the Asia Pacific for 60 years,

Local Singaporean 2012-06-03 12:12
US military forces have NEVER been for peace with no strings attached. Their plans always end with violence, bloodshed and deaths.

They dropped atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and killed millions of Japanese. Then.. Vietnam, North and South Korea, Middle East countries. They staged 911 terror attacks with CIA and Mossad. They killed millions of Iraqis fleeing on the "highway of death".

They thought the people can't see the truth. Maybe China and Russia can do something about it please.

jeffgoh 2012-06-03 11:52

chinese 2012-06-03 11:35
american has done much troble in middle east, now he announced that he will be back to the asia-pacific region, there will be a drastic conflict in this region and this will make much bigger trouble here than that in the middle east. in a word, usa is a trouble-maker.

Chinese 2012-06-03 11:29
american has done much trouble in middle east,now he will make much more trouble in south china sea. in a word, china and usa will go into conflict, even a war is on its way in future.

Anonymous 2012-06-03 10:36
Stirring up troubles and displaying usual aggression again, the US has obviously not learned from the tragic Vietnam War. History repeats itself is so true.

Flipper 2012-06-03 08:55
USA lost in Iraq and Afghantistan so now are going to return to South China Sea and claim it all for themselves?

chen 2012-06-03 08:55
No alarm. China have more than 100 military ship in the region.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

@ southernglory

One of the related reasons the US military is having a massive presence in the SE Asian region is because China is advancing militarily very quickly.

The no-balls ASEAN leaders dare not stand up to China, and they consider a militarily strong China as a threat so back-door deals are done to get "gangster protection" from Uncle Sam.

Another factor is the doctrine/ political culture of American Exceptionalism -- that the US is so "special" that it needs to take the lead in protecting its own interests -- especially global interests -- and therefore needs a dominant military to actively assert its power and influence to deter "evil".

And all this regional military wayang is only part of the "big picture".

Remember, that as we talk cock here, the US is also planning to obliterate Iran off the Google Map.

Iran has the highest percentage of Shi'ite Muslims in its population. Suffice it to say the US will be "brokering deals" with majority Sunni Muslim cuntrees in the region to works as "partners" to crush Iran. The so-called "religious" sheiks are corrupt as the day is long. Both the sheiks and the US, throughout history, have engaged in "deals".

Follow the money

Got gun?