Elected MP versus rejected MP

Elected MP of Hougang, Png Eng Huat, will have to seek the support and approval from rejected MP, Desmond Choo, for the housing or upgrading programmes for Hougang residents. The former is elected by the ultimate authority of the country, the people, the real owner of the land. The latter is appointed by a political party that happens to be the Govt of the day.

The title of Desmond Choo is grassroot adviser. Is it a part of the govt? Is Desmond Choo an employee of the govt, earning a salary? Why is a grassroot adviser vested with so much authority over a people’s elected representative? Is this the right or correct way of how democracy should be practised?

In a democracy, it is always of the people, by the people and for the people. The Elected MP is of the people, by the people and working for the people. The rejected MP cannot be of the people and by the people. He is an appointee of the govt in a capacity that is neither an employee nor the govt. I am not very familiar with this thing called grassroot adviser. Why must an elected MP, the people’s representative who earns a right to sit in Parliament, have to seek the approval of a grassroot adviser whose authority lies in where?

What is a grassroot leader? An official or unofficial community leader of the people, by the people or appointed by the govt?

This I really cannot understand.


Anonymous said...

With complete and total control of the public mass media the bad and ugly Pappies and their cranky ministers are able to turn perspectives upside down by portraying their evil deeds as good and the good men they incarserate as bad, their bad policies and governance as good for the people though they are quite detrimental to the interest of the state but may be good for their own self interest and self aggrandizement and their contempt and arrogance towards the citizens as their signs of the standard banner of their profane dignity and self-respect. No, the Pappies will never change. That means the people have a duty to change them come 2016.

It's high time for Singaporeans especially the Pappies to learn some of the tenets of wisdom from Mr. Kuok Hock Nien . I quote some of the wisdoms that Mr Kuok Hock Nien mentioned in his Kuok's Group 60th Anniversary Speech. They are as follows.

7. When I hire staff I look for honest, hardworking, intelligent people. When I look candidates in the eye, they must appear very honest to me. I do not look for MBAs or exceptional students. You may hire a brilliant man, summa cum laude, first-class honours, but if his mind is not a fair one or if he has a warped attitude in life, does brilliance really matter?"

10. I have learnt that the success of a company must depend on the unity of all its employees. We are all in the same boat rowing against the current and tide and every able person must pull the oars to move the boat forward. Also, we must relentlessly endeavour to maintain and practise the values of integrity and honesty, and eschew and reject greed and arrogance."

11. " A few words of caution to all businessmen and women. I recall the Chinese saying: shibai nai chenggong zhi mu (failure is the mother of success). But in the last thirty years of my business life, I have come to the conclusion that the reverse phrase is even truer of today’s world: chenggong nai shibai zhi mu. Success often breeds failure, because it makes you arrogant, compl acent and, therefore, lower your guard."

12. " The way forward for this world is through capitalism. Even China has come to realise it. But it’s equally true that capitalism, if allowed to snowball along unchecked, can in many ways become destructive. Capitalism needs to be inspected under a magnifying glass once a day, a super-magnifying glass once a week, and put through the cleaning machine once a month. In capitalism, man needs elements of ambition and greed to drive him. But where does ambition end and greed take over? That’s why I say that capitalism, if left to its own devices, will snowball along, roll down the hill and cause a lot of damage. So, a sound capitalist system requires very strongly led, enlightened, wise governments. That means politician-statesmen willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their people. I don’t mean politicians who are there for fame, glory and to line their pockets."

The Pappies may claim to have all the first class graduate talents but in the perspectives of the above quoted wisdoms of Mr. Kuok Hock Nien , none of them would be qualified to be employed by all respectable private business concerns.

Eagles Eye.

Anonymous said...

Desmond Choo is the Deputy Director with the Youth. Development Unit, NTUC,part of PAP government,secretary-general of NTUC,is a government minister.

PA(People’s Association) is also part of PAP government,Chairman of the Association is the Prime Minister,Deputy Chairman is a PAP minister,current Chief Executive Director of the PA is Yam Ah Mee,is a government scholar.

Anonymous said...

Fcuk them doggone it, i also don't understand. but i know when election comes i know who to vote for @#$%^&*

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Desmond is a dep director of NTUC. Should be an employee of NTUC, paid by NTUC. Is NTUC a stats board or is it independent of the govt, and pays its employees using its own income? If it does, it has nothing to do with Hougang's devt or upgrading projects.

Is a grassroot adviser a paid employee of PA? If not, it is thus a community leader and should not be responsible for upgrading projects paid by the govt. If he is paid by the PA, then what are the terms of reference of his appointment, PA community related activities or govt upgrading activities?

If his appt is strictly a party appointment, there must be a line drawn between party activities and funds and govt activities/funding. The party may be the govt but party activities or appointees must be paid by party fund.

How does all these relate to his apparent authority over upgrading projects in the constituency and how is he supposed to relate to an elected MP?

Anonymous said...

The PAP government have grown into a gigantic octupus controlling every sphere of singaporean life.

Anonymous said...

Asked the WP's MP to table a motion in Parliament.

Why are they so afraid of after being an MP.

sgcynic said...

The (PAP) appointed "grassroots adviser" is the "local" equivalent of the elected presidency. It is functioning "correctly" according to design, to obstruct and check the opposition when the latter is voted in. Uniquely Singapore, a grassroots appointment which takes on financial powers not commiserate with its grassroots focus.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is adopting China system; namely Governor is reporting to the Party Secretary.

One not in common in that Singapore has more than 80+ Provinces represented by MPs vs. less than 40 Provinces in China.

Uniquely Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Now it is PA having say in a constituency.
There could be a day when the Army will be in control of the State.

Anonymous said...

The Army already in many Cabinet posts. No need to mobilise the tanks lah.

Anonymous said...

I like this.

A "grassroots leader" that is appointed by the government.
And not by the people, the grassroots.

Another good reason to keep voting Opposition to unravel the mess.

Anonymous said...

Can this not be challenged?

Is the Constitution silent on this?

It is about time before the next GE for citizens to 'spring' into action?

Anonymous said...

Desmond Choo is a deputy director of NTUC.

When I read the news that 7 out of 10 enmployers in Singapore promote their staff without increasing their pay, I almost fell off my chair.

Now, wtf was the NTUC doing, allowing such malpractices to ferment. The NTUC is supposed to protect and look after worker's interest.

In the early sixties, I could still remember that junior staff are forbidden by their Unions to undertake the duties of senior staff on leave, unless they are given an allowance that is commensurate with the more senior duties.

What a good for nothing, fucked up, useless bunch of Union leaders we have today.

Anonymous said...

Why are we paying a salary to Desmond Choo as a loser for grassroot adviser ? PAP must be laughing thinking that Desmond Choo did not lose after all because Png still need to report to Choo !

Redbean, please don't tell me this is not corruption of the highest order, the PAP order.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, well said...

I am as confused as you but when come to voting, I certainly know who to vote, definitely not any useless union fellow or PA's grasshopper or big bully in white.

FL said...

This issue has been raised a number of times, but still unresolved, man.

Anonymous said...

PA is funded by taxpayers to help PAP win votes.
60% of the people voted for PAP which select the PM who then appoints grassroot advisers. 62% of Hougang voters is only 14000 which can be ignored when compared with 60% of Singapore voters. Even if 100% Hougang is behind Huat Ah, Desmond is still the PM's rep. So, we need more than 50% to vote against PAP if the grassroot advisers are not to be PAP ball suckers.

Anonymous said...

It is harder and harder for PAP to keep it together.

Question is, what's next? And how would it impact us if we pull the plug?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

FL, it cannot be resolved until there is a regime change.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is the white elephant in the room: the People's Association. The PAP government is abusing its power to use the PA to retain control and influence in constituencies who have already voted out and rejected PAP. Look at how PAP and the government ministers and PAP MPs just keep quiet about this issue when people raise it up again and again. Is this integrity and transparency? I don't think so. Conduct and behaviour like this are causing more and more Singaporeans to be disillusioned with the PAP.It is an issue even their trolls hardly say anything about. The silence is defeaning.