A decent lawyer, a decent plea….

And a decent man. Some may disagree but that is a matter of opinion.

Howard Shaw pleaded guilty for having sex with an underage prostitute. That’s it. And this is his lawyer’s statement to the court, “Mr. Shaw is not asking for any special treatment” given his family background, said his lawyer Harpreet Singh, who asked the judge to impose a fine instead of a prison term as he had made a “honest and reasonable mistake” in believing the girl was at least 18 at the time of the offence.

Howard knew that his indiscretion had infringed the law and would accept the punishment for it like a man.


Anonymous said...

Nice and simple.

I like it too.

However, dont know
how it will work on
the judgement.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what is the punishment meted out to the girl ?

Anonymous said...

Yes,he is a good man who is committed to earth enviroment.
Moment of lust due to temptation of lust.

Anonymous said...

if he can accept a punishment like a man, then he can accept a jail term. heck, even women go to jail. in the news for past few days quite a number of ah peks like red bean and blue collar workers kena jailed for underage sex (different girl) but nobody in the blogs defend them. one rich boy kena the same charge, everybody pity him and defend him, plead for him, praise him and give excuse. hypocrites like you all make the rich like woffles think they are entitled to a different law.

Anonymous said...

You loser, jealous?

Anonymous said...

agree with @anon 3.06pm, though i do not agree that you are a hypocrite. the person who to me has so far shown the most integrity in this case has been the school principal. he went in, 'fessed up, and took his punishment like a man

Anonymous said...

i also agree with anon 3.06. the shaw is rich. no need to work. after go to jail a few days come back again to rich lifestyle. but we get losers and people who work commentors 1,2,3,5 who want to defend a rich man and want him not to get easier punishment. so fast they forget woffles. sporeans so daft. watch too many mediacorp drama series.

Anonymous said...

Me Anon 1 is not sympathizing with the Accused.
To me, his lust is nature endowed and as for his service provider's age, doubt he has the right(authority) to check her IC for verification. So, I feel that he was ignorant of the fact.

Unfortunately, ignorance is not an excuse in law.

The said...

When he asked for some SYT who looks under-aged, he should have done a Run Run Shaw. Instead he did a Ruin Me (Runme) Shaw.

Anonymous said...

"The former principal of Pei Chun Public School, Lee Lip Hong, 39, was the first man to be convicted in this high-profile online vice-ring case. He was sentenced to nine weeks’ jail but released after six weeks for good behaviour."


The benchmark has been set.
Let's see if everybody is equal before the law.

Anonymous said...

well said anonymous 5.46. The u r a joker. i always thought d 2 brothers' names are curious.

Anonymous said...

Lately, I noticed that it never rains but pours.

So many prominent citizens and elites dragged over the coals over so many forms of wrongdoings.

GE 2011 has done a world of good, despite what many seems to think is an exercise in futility.

My advice to Singaporeans is: keep the momentum going come 2016.

Veritas said...

This is what I mean by "noblesse oblige". He has earn credibility for his class.

Lee Hsien Loong in comparison is a total shameless fucking asshole. He is never shown any honor. He is the epitome of lies, hypocracy, anti-social psycopath. I sometimes wonder if he is a re-incarnate of devil.

Veritas said...

Compare Shaw with joker like

1) Wolf
2) Dinesh Bhatia
3) Cleopatra Wong

Shaw certainly deserve our respect.

Anonymous said...

As long as justice is fairly meted out.
I have no problems voting for Mr Shaw if he chooses to participate in GE 2016.

I don't expect my leaders to be perfect.
But I do expect my leaders to be fair in the way they treat themselves. And the way they treat us lesser mortals.

Unlike our Millionaires-In-White.
I don't need to double-confirm good leaders by asking for a perfect academic and criminal record.

I'm interested in what a leader actually does when he is elected to parliament. His output.

I'm not interested in what a leader did, before he was elected into parliament. His input.

agongkia said...

Must think of a solution to save our decent man because little girls look more matured nowadays.

To be fair to customers or maybe,paiseh... me,one day,all sex service providers should be licensed and carry a valid licence.
The Licensing Authority shall give licensed to those above 18 who are interested in taking up this as a career.Can also make them go for STD test for license renewal.
With the license ,it can save many innocent men from trouble since decent men got no power to check on ID.
Garmen can also collected ten dollar per license.Can also reduce the number of prison cells required .

Anonymous said...

shaw has sex with under-age prostitute,
people call him a decent man
shaw has sex with under-age prostitute,
i vote for him in parliament
shaw has sex with under-age prostitute,
has noblesse oblige
shaw has sex with under-age prostitute,
has earn credibility for his class
shaw has sex with under-age prostitute,
certainly deserve our respect

what about the 60 yr old taxi driver who was convicted of same crime a few days ago with a different girl?
nobody support him.
shaw rich man you all support
this is sentimentalism not unlike displayed by middle-aged housewife fans of korean dramas.
u all r like the stupid people who cried like crazy when princess diana died
s'poreans are daft and have short term memory
know wonder lky can steal your money, your land and insult u after that. u deserve it.
so fast forget about woffles wu.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 7:11, everyone has his take on every situation, and you have stated your position loud and clear. Many will agree with you. I don't think anyone will disagree with what you said.

As for celebrities like Howard or the School Principal, they have erred and they are willing to accept their punishment like a man.

To err is human, and to admit the mistake, take the punishment, can I say, divine? The immortals are also smiling quietly, knowingly.

It is gracious to forgive those who have erred.

Yes they are rich and powerful, and they are willing to eat humble pie. This is the reverse of a poor man offering his last dollar to help someone in need. It is a great sacrifice compares to a billionaire giving his millions to charity when he is so rich.

Anonymous said...

Most netizens are focused on the Law rather than offenders. Specifically on the penalties dished out lately.

It was precisely the varied penalties that the sentencing had meted out on different people of various status that roused the netizens. Another area that caused tongues wagging is why are culprits given protection in that their identities are kept undisclosed.

The Law is fair and must be seen and heard if I may add, to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Everyday one name , everyday this same old same old news occupies the headlines ?

so simple , how many more days of this shitty news we have to read ........ yah yah yah teenage pro and punters ... a big fat so what ??

sinkies are truely deprived and enjoy such voyeuristic news...

Anymore new news besides that Sham Paastoor KH and this ??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Heard of diversionary tactics? Get the daft citizens engrossed in some trivails and forgot about the more serious problems.

The Malaysian govt is doing the same with the diplomat at Bersih Rally issue. Unless the Sin diplomats were chanting and shouting or wearing their T shirts and slogans, if they were there as observers, what's the big deal?

The govt is setting the agenda and diverting the people's attention from matters that the govt did not want them to pay attention to. So quarrelling with Sin will transfer attention and anger away from the govt.

The whole diplomatic corps will be there including all the operators of foreign intelligent agencies.

Anonymous said...

ok lorr .. there were 50 over or so punters caught with their pants down , and we oredi seen a few names and mug shots on the papers . So after a month or so ...till new koyoke is used to hypnotise daft sinkies.

Anonymous said...

this kind of reporting should be reserved for 晚报 .. SPH scraping the barrel here. Or is Journalism dead or deadier than dead like our world class stock market ??

Anonymous said...

Professional high class newspapers don't sensationalise or sell tabloid news lah. They have quality news like North Korean bashing or what to wear for the parties, or what to eat or cook like the famous cook books.

Anonymous said...

i'm s'porean ft in m'sia. don't worry about the s'pore bashing by m'sian politicians over the bersih rally. people here are used to it already. their attitude to this latest bashing is, "here we go again" & "what a joke". so s'poreans don't get your knickers all a-twisted. ignore it. indonesia knows how to teach m'sia a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Diplomats became political observers?

What the shit! They were just spectators enjoying the show la.

Anonymous said...

to make the daft public forget:

in malaysia, have s'pore bashing
in indonesia, have dangdut mass concerts
in singapore, lhl says, 'hmm... let's give them scandals'.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This is a messy sordid affair. I actually sympathize with all the guys, especially after seeing what the young fox looked like.

There is no doubt, she looks hot, and is not shy about presenting herself provocatively. Slim, tight body, well-endowed chest. Pretty face, with just the right amount "dirty" in her eyes.

She doesn't look 17. It's easy to make an error of judgement, especially when you are thinking through your dick.

But the law is the law, and they got caught, and the media decided to play judge and run the court of public opinion.

People forget: this was consensual, commercial sex -- which used to be LEGAL only a few years ago. And most of the guys didn't know she was under the legal age for prostitution.

Anonymous said...

Wish the Judge had read Matilah here
and he or she would be much able to give a fair sentencing.

Matilah_Singapura said...


It's not the fault of the judge. It is the law -- the Penal Code. The judge has little choice but to pass sentence...or face the anger from The Boss: Chief Justice, and probably some back stabbing from the AG

Age of consent: 16

Age of legal vagina rental: 18

17? If no vagina is hired, you are ok. If money changes hands -- off to jail with you!(WTF?)

Plus add to the mix the kay-poh chi attitude of Singaporeans, and the fact that the majority of them go gaga everytime "sex" comes out in the newspapers.

I don't know if that's a result of shallow lives, or just plain jealousy, or both. ;-)