Dark clouds over Asia and Southeast Asia

Since the end of the Second World War, Asia and Southeast Asia enjoyed a period of relative peace excluding Vietnam and Korea. The two countries were engaged in wars against the Empire, mainly the US and its allies. After the fall of Vietnam and the departure of the Empire, peace finally returned to the region.

The US, after being driven out of Vietnam, concentrated its military interests in the Middle East, engaging in more wars in that region, fighting in Iraq, threatening Iran, fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan and lately Libya. Syria is on the verge on being attacked by the Empire.

After decades of fighting a no win war, the Americans are growing tired and disillusioned. They needed to have a convincing win for the home crowd to scream Victory and to celebrate more bravery and heroism over their poor helpless victims. Under pressure from the home crowd and failing to perform, they reluctantly forced a retreat like they did in Vietnam.

But the spare military forces and weapons need to be redeployed in another theatre. Asia and Southeast Asia presented that opportunity. The latter is so much more attractive with militarily weak regimes to rule over. And there were some with vested interests to want the Americans to back their wild claims and ambitions.

There were tensions in the region but very minor. When China was relatively weak militarily, even little country like the Philippines found it acceptable to arrest Chinese fishing boats in Chinese territories and dragged them to Manila as a show of force. With a China growing in military strength and able to stop such military adventurism, such acts became less frequent.

With the American’s declared intention of returning to the region and amassing their superior military presence, it emboldens countries like Vietnam and the Philippines to once again think that it is acceptable to intercept and arrest Chinese fishing boats. The new Chinese navy capability will not allow it to happen again and tension rose when the Chinese took a stand to protect its own fishing boats.

This was played up as an assertive and military strong China and a threat to Southeast Asian countries by the US, and with tacit support for the adventurers to create more skirmishes and tension. It then uses this rising tension to justify its presence in the region, to rule the littoral states, as the return of the Empire. Today, the targeted enemy or strawman is China. Tomorrow it could be India, and next it could be Indonesia. These fabricated threats of the Empire were used to frighten the Southeast Asian countries to seek its military support to rule the waves in the region.

Not all the Southeast Asian countries are daft to accept this fabricated truth and threats. They knew that the biggest threat to peace and stability in the region is actually the presence of the American military forces. There are concrete and historical evidence in the Middle East and Vietnam and Korea to reflect on. Who were the protagonists fighting wars everywhere? Who is the real trouble maker that insists on ruling over the little countries in the region? Who is the one that is against smaller countries to emerge as regional powers and threatened to attack and do regime change? Not China, but the Empire.

The recent Shangri La Dialogue has seen the regional powers stating their positions but was abruptly pushed aside by the Empire. The Empire does not listen to small regional powers or countries. The Empire simply ignored the concerns of the countries in the region and declared that it is here to stay, to be their protector, their ruler. And to hammer home the point, it simply needs to create fear, fear of an assertive China, creates more tension by encouraging more adventurism in the region, perhaps some conflicts. False flag incidents are going to happen next, in the South China Sea, like the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in the 1960s.

Trouble is brewing in an otherwise peaceful Southeast Asian region with the Empire back to cause mischief and mistrust among the regional countries. And France has also declared that it is also a power in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Following closely is Canada who also wants to set up a base in the region to support the American initiative. Is Southeast Asia ripe for a new phase of colonization when the western powers arrogantly invited themselves in as powers with strategic interests in the region. How are they going to carve up the region as their areas of influence? Is Southeast Asia for the taking?

What would be the position or place for India and Indonesia? And when has the US become an Asian power?


Veritas said...

I do not know the reasons fuckers in PAP wanted so desperately to host the US soldiers. Elsewhere in the whole world other than the most corrupt regime, everyone hope to kick out US bases. It is not that we are threaten by Malaysia or Indon, not in the near or middle terms.

PAP is corrupt beyond imagination. And I don see any benefits to ordinary Singaporeans hosting US bases, the ass peddlers, the pimp, the big businesses of course benefits.

And watch out, everywhere this GI Joe go, local woman get rape. US soldiers today are not what they used to be. Before, the rank and files has more middle class members. Now, it is teemed with ex-convicts, ex drug addicts, ex-neighbourhood gangsters, white trash, lowly educated negros and hispano.

PAP are courting trouble for Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Soon all the major western powers will be reclaiming the region except the countries in the region.

Asean is inviting the rogues to come in and screw every Asean country. They will be here for their strategic interests. Asean countries got no interests or inconsequential.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Guys, I keep telling you -- follow the money lah.

All the corrupt elites are smiling. Their kids now have "automatic entry" to Ivy League universities. Their local crony capitalists friends will be smiling. Local contractors and developers will have to start building infrastructure to accommodate the fine, horny fighting forces.

Your democracy mati orleidi lah! Still, every time there's a big move, opportunity for luscious, filthy, sexy profit abounds.

When the clouds are dark, sell umbrellas!

In previous times, many a local family fortune was made by servicing the British forces. Changi Village, Seletar, Nee Soon, Tanglin, Ulu Pandan, Dover Road...old cocks like redbean, patriot and me will remember.

Got government contract?

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. Do you have a jambu legal age daughter or sister?

As a public service Uncle Matilah is willing and more than able to bang them first so that their vaginas are stretched to the "correct size" to accommodate US Forces.

Consider it an act of charity, and public service :-))

patriot said...

As a senior citizen of Sin, me begs to have a different take which is empirical.

The taxi drivers will want to wait for the 'angmo chun'(ships that bring in the marines(US Soldiers) and sailors(Commercial liners), Those working at Boat Quay, Geylang, Joo Chiat, 'Kengjo kah'(Desker Rd) and probably all hawkers and retail businesses will be waiting with bated breath as Sinkies did in the 50s and 60s for the angmos to come.

Sin has no more competitiveness in any other industries with other countries. BUT, it can prosper with vices; gambling, prostitution, dark entertainments and illegal drug activities. It was one of the main income of the past and our woman folks were happy working as maids for the angmos.

In fact, those were the days when the angmos were the main benefactors of the locals. Ask anyone above 60 year old liked Redbean and me and they can attest to it. That was a success formula and it can be re-invented and greatly enlarge to cater to more in Sin.

As for sovereignty and nationhood, Sg without a doubt needs powerful backer(s). Without one, Sg will not last long, that is realistically speaking. Whether any other South East Asian or Asian countries have to prostitute themselves is debatable. However, for Sin, there is no other alternative.


Matilah_Singapura said...


Agree with most of your points except the last. Singapore service industries are reasonably good at making money.

However, I don't agree that "there is no alternative". There is always at least a range of alternatives.

If you say there is no alternatives, then that means people are not able to deal with and adapt to change. The empirical evidence would suggest that at least some people will not only adapt, but profit very nicely from change.

patriot said...


like You to know that in the good old days whence there was no 'Foreigner Workers' any Singaporean had alternatives and plenty of them.

Sori to say today the sea shore is out of bound for any self-employment, the lands are breeding mosquitoes, again no one allow to till it and no self-employment of any kind unless one is licensed to.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Those dirty old men will have no problem putting their dicks into your mouth.

Anonymous said...

US shift 'must be watched closely' |Asia-Pacific |chinadaily.com.cn
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Total 20 [ 1 2 ]
ASEAN RESIDENT 2012-06-04 15:49
China has been acting in the most RESTRAINT and RESPONSIBLE manner in the recent stand-off with the Philippines over the disputed islands in South China Sea. Despite the Chinese endless calls for the diplomatic dialogues and consultations with the Filipinos, they just 'brushed' them with ignorance and kept emphasising their military alliance with the AMERICANS! It will a GRAVE and GREAT mistake for the Philippines to hold China 'HOSTAGE' with the implications of the US. The world must take note that, until this very day, NO SINGLE NATION(even among the ASEAN members) in the world has taken a STAND(as requested by the Filipino foreign secretary) with the Filipinos!

Whether or not the Americans are going to get involved in this dispute, and, perhaps, make threats to HELP DEFEND the Philippines, will not IMPACT China's position and decision to DEFEND WHAT"S THEIRS!! Regardless of what happened or going to happen, I think, China's PLA are well-prepared for any consequences and eventualities! The Americans are trying to 'FISH' in the murky waters, but I can predict the Americans will not 'catch' any fish for their ill-intentioned motive!

The Americans' move will only make the Chinese PLA even more DETERMINED and COMMITTED to defend their interests. The Americans often complained about the free passage and freedom of navigation in South China Sea; but, this has never been a problem in the past and will never become a problem in the future! So, what the Americans are up to?? The world knows the answer and the ASEAN nations also know pretty well what the Americans' are up to!

It's only time will tell what happens in the future. RESTRAINT has a limit; TOLERANCE may run thin! CHINA WILL RESPOND APPROPRIATELY WHEN TIME COMES AS THE CRISIS W

Anonymous said...

US shift must be watched closely.
Netizens comments 2

Asian 2012-06-04 14:23
China has probably shown enough that its intentions are her complete reunification and territorial security. Enroute to this there will be disagreements will neighbours that are difficult but does this make a case to brand China as a RISING DEVIL? Even small countries fight amongst themselves like in Sudan and South Sudan's case. So why is it when it comes to China, through Western media China appears as the only Devil in this world? Or is in reality, this is a genuine US strategy by potraying herself positively so that she can exert control over Asia-Pacific rather than a meaningful participation as a common co-member. If it is insincerity on US' part then Asia-Pacific is in greater peril with greater US presence and participation. US' participation must be QUESTIONED as her actions lacks respect and sincerity such as her unilateral actions at the start of Afganistan and Iraq war. When Asia submits her intelligence to US, indirectly Asia submits to US authority. The camouflage of port calls by US cannot hide the intention of US to want absolute control only that this is done together with the management of public expectations. If US trusts any Asian at all, US ought to put her navy no further than Hawaii. All Asians treasure their freedom and should pursue their freedom in a unified way, more so for China. If there is a fight they must fight amongst themselves, then they have to fight that fight on their own MINUS the US in a way fair to themselves. No Asians should encourage the ganging up against a particular fellow Asian. The way of GANGSTERS is not the way of Asia. Only this way Asians will never ever be indebted to US. Besides Asia should remember the 1997 crisis whereby the tolerance and terms of rescues were much much harsher that those compared to the present 2008 until today. Given this discrimination, can Asians trust US? No. If Asians can secure their independence from their European colonial masters when they are much much weaker, now that they are better equipped, Asians must not only be artifically physically independent from US but totally psychologically independent from the US. Even if US ceases to exist, it is imperative that Asia go on themselves. US inteference is an unmistakeable evidence that US fears Asians finding their own ability to co-exists. When Asians trust their own ability in resolving their own problems, naturally US will have reduced roles, reduced roles means lesser importance. If peace prevails in Asia, US' military industrial complex's economy will dwindle. There is not a single thread of US sincerity when US steps into Asia. As for India, US had hailed her as a power. If India has to abide by the US, then how can India claim itself to be a power? India's power does not come from US rather it is her unilateral actions that will eventually set her path to real power. And India until she resolves her differences with China so that enduring peace can be secured will find it difficult to scale the heights of powerdom.

Matilah_Singapura said...

patriot, I do remember it well.

Then the society changed. Singaporeans became better educated, richer and more snobbish. They didn't want to do those "dirty, low-class" jobs. In the past the work ethic was work hard, and save. Look after the family. Now it is "hip" to go to Ion Orchard and max out the "interest free" credit card or line of credit.

I can tell you for a fact, that if not for NS none of our "precious sons" will ever pick up a broom or clean a toilet, or even bother to iron their shirt -- they'll get their maids to do it. We do live in a society now of young people who have never tasted the humiliation of poverty or its depressing effects.

For them "no budget" means not being able to buy the latest iPhone or X-box. They become "depressed" because they have to take public transport whilst their schoolmates zoom around in Mini Coopers or Volkswagen's. Give them Kia or Hyundai... don't want.

When I was a young lad, I used to buy satay from this Malay chap who used to come around every other day. Very delicious satay. No license, no bullshit, just tasty food at 10¢ a stick. He stayed in business because he took care of his business and quality of product. The free market "looked after" him because he took responsibility. No government required.

Now I go to food court and I want to throw the food back at the vendor. Never mind "license" -- they are paying sky-high rent they have to skimp on food quality. Their foreign workers are idiots -- no training. With the exception of the cher cha in my lovely Holland V, (owned by a blond haired Chinese towkay who drives a Porsche -- power to him!) I've stopped eating hawker food because it it SHIT. And it is also very unhealthy shit. Full of rubbish.

To the anon hecklers: Don't worry lah. If you are lucky, you too will become old one day. To be a well-appointed dirty old man takes years of practice. I don't use drugs or medication, but I am glad they are there in case the need arises, which it probably will in the future.

If you are not 40 years old yet, then you better go and fuck a spider, because I've been banging chicks (I speak for myself only, not the rest of the old cocks) for more than 40 years, and unless I have a heart attack or stroke, I ain't stopping anytime soon.

Got long-life?

Anonymous said...

US shift must be watched closely.
Netizens comments 4

MatthewTan 2012-06-04 10:48
China has capability to 'strike back '

China must develop the capability to STRIKE BACK at Washington and New York, if US hits Beijing and Shanghai.

Tooth for tooth, eye for eye. Nuclear for nuclear, water bomb for water bomb, saliva bomb for saliva bomb.

Think tank 2012-06-04 09:51

The Americans are obsessive and bent onperpetuating its super power status,to have an unrivaled destructive military power against any nation.As long as they have the financial qresource to support its military adventure they will keep on interfereing and threatening other nations.

The American aim toward China is crystal clear that is to contain China using the same strategy as they did to the Soviet Union,subverting China every way imaginable.there is really no alternative left fo China but to recognize this fact and fight back.Uniting the 1.3 billions Chinese,focus and prepare them to fight the American threat like the North Koreans are doing now.

The American threat to Chinese existence is real and serious comparable to the former British colonial in the 19th century,never let the sweeten deceitful words of the american like Leon Panetta lull the Chinese people into compacency.The Chinese need to prove to the Americans now more than ever that they are capable of destroying and inflicting casualty to any ill will enemies,the American included.

Kennewicky 2012-06-04 09:35
Do not become angry- get even. USA owes China big debt and best way is to set up new markets and only trade with RMB and foreign country currency ---this will completely weaken USA control over World cash balances. Counter with Russia and have offshore exercises with Cuba and watch Wall Street react---they need a constant war to be happy.


Anonymous said...

US shift needs to be watched closely.
Netizens comments 5

lu 2012-06-04 09:07
That's why the US is financially strapped. To get more money they must find wars and heat up trouble areas to sell weapons. Most of their bases are in hot water now and the newer generations don't like foreign troops on their soil - the noise, pollution, filth, immorality, etc. are intolerable to locals. The Philippines has kicked them out, Vietnam a long time ago; that's why the US is considering \"rotational\" bases, disallowing their personnel to create a \"permanent\" headache for the Pentagon as well as the locals. Mr. (or Ms. - sorry if I'm mistaken) C. Watanabe, you must be Japanese and I can sense your frustration. Your people at the Okinawa base has been doing the right thing and now the US is about to change and relocate - but they're still a threat nonetheless and maybe will take a few generations (hopefully not wars) before all US forces and their bases disappear from Asia.

China is an emerging power and is very capable of fully winning any kind of war and battle. The US is selling the idea that China, not the US, will be the one who bullies small neighbors and therefore they must join up with the US military. But Asian countries will not fall for it because all of their economies are interdependent of each other, and even if a few are swallowed up by the US, the sheer magnitude of the entire Asian economy will ultimately force the US puppets to rethink their strategy and work for the good of the entire region. Because selling out to their neighbors will only deepen their loss of independence and identity, to be unredeemable at the whims of any foreign power.

To answer your question - \"Do we really need the US opportunists in the Pacific?\" why not ask: \"Does the US really need a repeat of what happened in Vietnam, or Korea, during the last century?\"

stanleychen 2012-06-04 09:04
It's the high time for Communist part to reconsider the policy and stratedy. They told the national people to tolerate everything of the government's incapacity. For the foreign intruder's, what can we expect from the party? Look at the Russia!That's the super stronge!

jayasirid8 2012-06-04 07:17
You don't need to be an economist to understand why the U.S. want to dominate and show its muscle in the Asia region. It's physicological value of paper money, and to slow down the Chinese growth as a desperate step to uplift its failing economy by creating unrest between nations of asia. This is more dangerous than Iran's attempt to enrich uranium for a possible nuclear capability.

C. Watanabe 2012-06-04 06:48
Do we really need the U.S. opportunists in the Pacific! Once the U.S. sets foot somewhere you cannot get rid of them. Look at Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many others. Once they are there - they stay!


patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...

Even in communist China and Vietnam, the people have much FREEDOM to carve out a living out of the land, sea and their skills just liked we did in the past.

Whether, we peddled our trades oh shoulders, bicycle, tricycle or push cart, we did it. Handling changkul under the sun, walked miles and miles to the sea to catch fish, prawn, pick shells with cold wind blowing, we did it just to survive, no complaint.

It took years for one to be apprentice before one qualified to be artisan, food vendor and tradesmen. Skill and competency were recognized by client and customer. Not based on a piece of paper.

The sin of modernization is that the evolution of governance has resulted in many abusive regimes.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now that the Asean Security Summit is over, how would the leaders of Asean feel about the security or insecurity of the region? They invited the big powers here to discuss peace and security in the region, hoping that the region will be free of big power domination and rivalry.

Instead, the Empire came in and stake its claim by announcing that it is taking over and it will bring all its aircraft carriers and fighting ships to shore up its position as the Emperor of the region?

Didn't anyone see it coming?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The problem/ fault is mainly in Asia. Asian governments don't implicitly trust each other. The only "glue" which binds them together is not only the multi-lateral trade we can see, but the collusion and back-door financial deals we can't see -- for e.g. Thaksin's mega sale of his telecoms to Temasek.

Again, follow the money.

Throughout history, Asians have been fighting each other. There's an uneasy peace between the North and South Koreas, and Japan. And India and Pakistan. Japan has attacked/ occupied every Asian cuntree except India and Thailand. Taiwan and China is up and down. Then there are also the maritime territorial disputes. And now China, Japan, India are increasing military spending.

Still, that is no reason for the US to "interfere" -- like I said: Asia's leaders need Tan Sri Datok Dr Mahathir to scold, embarras and shame them into politely telling Obama to "go away and mind his own business -- we'll deal with it ourselves".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Throughout history, Asians have been fighting each other. There's an uneasy peace between the North and South Koreas, and Japan. And India and Pakistan. Japan has attacked/ occupied every Asian cuntree except India and Thailand. Taiwan and China is up and down. Then there are also the maritime territorial disputes. And now China, Japan, India are increasing military spending.'

Please lah Matilah. You are not angmoh and don't think angmoh or using angmoh interpretation of
Asian history lah. The problem with Asians is that they were programmed to think like angmoh who told them not to trust each other and to trust the angmoh.

North Korea vs South Korea, China vs Taiwan, are internal civil rivalry. It was Japan that attacked everyone and the silly Asians leaders simply forgot about this because the Americans told them Japan is a good sleeping partner and China is the threat. And they believed, lock, stock and barrel.

Historically the Europeans were fighting each other from Alexandra the Great to King George of England. But they were smarter, they decided to band together to attack the rest of the world to make them colonies. And the daft Asians and Africans believe that they were peaceful and loving, after robbing their countries resources and dignities.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah! "Cultural" / "Racial" thinking!

Ad hominem attacks further weaken your already tenuous arguments.

Why am I not surprised?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not really, those who were sold to western arguments will never agree with me. Those who agree with me will agree with me: )