Char Kway Teow with egg or eggs

Not a very good choice for breakfast for many. Too much oil and lard and very greasy too. Char kway teow normally comes with one egg. Some customers would ask for two and pay for it. Eggs and sausages are about the most expensive items in a plate of char kway teow. I always have mine with one egg.

The two eggs char kway teow are not normally done. In very rare and unusual cases, char kway teow may come with two eggs without the customer asking for it. This is nothing unusual to the recipient or the char kway teow man. It all depends on who is the customer. And he does not need to ask for it. It is given, freely and happily by the char kway teow man as respect and recognition of the customer.

Some still feel irked by such little favours. What is an egg? How much would it cost? To the favoured customer, he may not even blink an eye if someone were to offer him a million bucks under the table. What is a few million dollars to the rich today? Many are giving millions away for good a cause, like charity or helping a good friend.

An extra egg for a plate of char kway teow still would be seen as not right. It is not the amount that matters. It is the act, the thought of inappropriateness, impropriety. It is like some used to say, a crime is a crime, no matter big or small.

The media is filled with many minor indiscretions which can be easily pooh poohed away. Why make a big issue out of a mole hill? That is not the point. That is exactly the point. In a society that is run by the rule of law, when corruption is unacceptable or thought non existence, minor acts of indiscretion can become a big thing. How can? Why, he very important ah? Who is he or who is he related? Can like that ah? Why poor people cannot leh?

An egg is an egg. Nothing more nothing less. But given in an improper manner it may crack a wall. To say one more egg is okay, within the limits, only makes it more not okay. It makes it look really bad. Amen.


Anonymous said...

The char kway teow man may, depend on who you are, give an extra egg but you got to be even more special to get cockles with your mee siam.

Anonymous said...


Cockles in mee siam also depends on who you are hor! Last I heard, it is only available to some very special MIW hor!

Gintai_昇泰 said...

What if that guy gave you Char Kway Teow with rotten egg? Will you call the police? Complt to CASE? For the poor we just blame our luck and move off. For the rich, he will get the best lawyer to sue until u go bankrupt! Langgar!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We must view things with the right perspective. If you give an ordinary worker an extra egg, it meant a lot to him. So it is corruption as he will be affected by it.

If someone is so rich, you give him a golden peanut, it does not mean anything to him. You will not be able to make him do your bidding. Maybe a bungalow of two, something that is worth his while.

So, depending on who, multi millionaires cannot be corrupted even if they are given a few hundred thousands. It is small change to them.

You can only corrupt a person when the amount makes him do your bidding.

My reasoning sounds good right?

patriot said...

I do not think that having hum(cockle) in mee siam is as perverted as it is made out to be.

It can very well be the best new recipe.