The baby thing is in the air again

Looks like all the policies to encourage the reproduction of more workers did not work. Singapore will be ruined if it cannot find more workers to feed the system. And the people are increasingly getting angrier with the influx of foreigners into this piece of rock. What can the govt do to induce more babies from our women who don’t think it is their responsibility to produce more digits to please the statisticians and the govt?

The babies are not for sale. They are not another piece of machine to be bought for an inanimate purpose call the economy or growth. They are human lives, to be cared for, to be loved, to be given a good life, not to become slaves to an economic system.

What is happening today is that both parents are busy trying to feed the economy, to pay endless mortgages for homes and cars, to save to pay the hospitals when the time comes, to put aside money for the sovereign funds to invest, to keep paying and paying ahead for the time when they could not work anymore even when they are designed to work till they drop dead.

Many just do not have time for babies, to love and care for, and enjoy them. Babies will be farmed to the maids who would see them as another chore, another machine that generates jobs for them. What kind of babies will they be and how would they turn out when they become adults? And the maids are essential not only to the parents but also to the economic system as they generate a lot of revenue for the govt. Maybe that is the reason why the govt refuses to offer incentives to the grandparents to care for the babies, a much more healthy, safe and secure, and desirable for bringing up children when parents have to live an existence like worker bees. But incentivizing grandparents would undermine the needs for maids and remove a major source of income.

With the maids playing an important role in the lives of babies and their upbringing, it may be a good thing as they will imbibe the values, cultures and philosophies of life from these foreign talents. There will be more diversities and creativities among the future generations which will be good for the workforce and economy.

Who still wants to do national service and produce more babies to work the system, to feed the demand for goods and services, to pay for all the taxes, direct, indirect, disguised, so that the state can continue to exist as a glorious state? What is the baby for other than becoming another economic tool? NS men!

What about the monetary cost of bringing up a baby to adulthood? This is easily $1m till completion of tertiary education. Another million to buy a home, another million to buy a car during his useful life, another million to set aside for medical and hospitalization, another half a million for all kinds of minimum sums in savings. And these did not include his daily living expenses and things needed to amuse himself while being alive. Maybe another million for litigation.

A human life will easily feed at least $5m into the economic system. That is a lot of money counting another 5m or 10m people in ballpark figures. Now you see why a baby is so important for the survival of the state and the economy.


Anonymous said...

Feccundity = commodity

got trade ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Your spelling is getting bad.

The baby thing is being inhumanised, yes, into a commodity, with no sense of well being and humanity.

They don't care whether your baby is well or unwell, whether one can afford it or not, whether the parents are children loving and responsible and financially secured.

Just give me your babies.

James Lee said...

Congratulations redbean this is an outstanding post.

The elite are not interested in happiness of the family. They just want more drones to work the economy, more NS troops as fodder to defend their interests and consumers who will buy products which will in turn make them, the elite, super rich.

Veritas said...

Landlord-ism is one of the main causes low fertility. Every east Asia countries suffered from parasitic landlord. In east Asia, the landlords are elites and elites are landlords.

Take Japan, she is the 2nd most technological advance country in the world. In theory her citizen could be more prosperous and idle than Nordic countries or France.

It is due to parasitic landlord that they suffer. They still could have not come out from estate bubble, and government would not let banks collapse to protect land value.

Same same in China, Korea, SG and HK. Only Taiwan ruled by former communist Chiang Ching Kuo escape the predicament until very recently.

It is not true that as countries developed, fertility will never reach replacement, shown evidently by Nordic countries, France, Israel, US, Australia, Iceland...etc

All east asian countries has low fertility. If Singaporeans can break out of parasitic landlord culture, she will be a beacon for east asian civilization. Unfortunately, I do not see any chance, LKY would leaders of PAP have the vision and mindset to become a heroic asian figure that would be remembered.

agongkia said...

Uncle Bean
You forgotten last time our elders said See Kow See Thng,Boh Bee Chia Han Chze Thng.
Those who refuse to produce babies are looking for trouble.
You dun need Garmen to tell you to produce more and using incentives to encourage me to produce more babies is an insult to me.
Carry on producing babies,if my wife dun want to produce ,I will get foreign mistress to do it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks James. The baby thing is sound so cruel and heartless.

Veritas, you are damn right. The high cost of living is directly caused by the high property/land prices.

Poor hawkers have the conscience to sell 50c kopi and eggs breakfast for the oldies. Why aren't the landlords cutting down their exhorbitant rentals? The properties in most cases were bought many years back at very low price. And they demand to be paid higher and higher every year.

Anonymous said...

After 47 years of independence.
Pretend Action Party still unable to get it's population policies on the right footing.

What do you do with an employee that continues to fail his KPI for 47 years?

GE 2016
Time to sack another Millionaire in Parliament (MP)?

Anonymous said...

If you had not benefitted from 47 years of peace and prosperity than I say you are really a LOSER. Whether have a Millionaire in Parliament or a Pauper in Parliament will not make any difference to you.

Anonymous said...

Must agree that most have benefitted. Like City Harvest, some benefitted more like Kong Hee and his friends, some just keep paying, and some benefitted a bit less. Still win win.

patriot said...

Why are Singaporeans discussing national policies everyday?

Dont Singaporeans have minds of their own?

Why must Sinkies keep catering to their(Rulers) wishes and wants??

Got to first take care of oneself, follow by care for ones' family THEN oni can one have time for others including the society one lives in.

Charity begins at home or shall I put it charity begins with self? If every self is happy, naturally all will be happy.

Please do not drown oneself in sorrow just to please the higher ups.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

On this baby thing, I thought a more reasonable thing to do is to ask a few pertinent questions like

1. Do you like/love babies?
2. Do you want to have babies?
3. Do you want to provide and care for the babies?
4. Do you have the financial means to want to have babies?

If all yes, go forth and multiply.

If any answer is no, please don't have babies. If only 4, tell the people who want you to have babies what they can help to make it easier.

And don't let the people who want you to have babies dictate what and how they want to help you which may not be what you need.

It is utterly irresponsible to ask people to have babies if any of the answer is No.

patriot said...

"What about the monetary cost of bringing up a baby to adulthood? This is easily $1m till completion of tertiary education".

Me thinks it is MULTIPLE of SinDollars.

Concurs with Redbean, anyone not prepared to give the best to their
own child(ren) should not be parents.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh Agongkia, your wish may come true. The are going to review policies on marriage.

Anonymous said...

I understand that TCH is asking for feed back and more "What do you think" on these baby / family-related policies..

Giving feedback is good and all to TCH and PAP gov't...

Question here is when these policies are fine-tune or touch up...is it gonna be from "we the people" position or the same old same "me and the Party" position...

So to phara-phase TCH..."What do you think"...

Very leetard phrase but it sums it all when PAP minister and MPs like to throw these back at us the people of singapore...

You never see them putting common sense/logical ideas for us all to work it out together..it is always you FIRST...YOU STEP FORWARD FIRST...when the onus is on them 1st due to their position and overpaid at that positions...


Anonymous said...

babies are needed to replace old guys like us who are going to ROD from S'pore and planet earth soon.

Anonymous said...

I only bring babies into this world out of love, not for someone's pet peeved like economic growth.

Anonymous said...

Of course lah, who does that anyway ?

Anonymous said...

it is a SIN to bring babies into Singapore knowing that they will suffer under PAP. They will become zombies that cannot think independently. They will be insulted and humiliated by PAP.
We must not SIN anymore in SINCITY.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The government treats women's vaginas like factories.

The best part: not a peep from the so-called "successful women" in the government to demand an explanation and an apology for an insult.


Anonymous said...

Government owns estimated 90% of land in Singapore.
Controls our CPF money.
Our sovereign funds are among the richest in the world.
Super majority of seats in parliament.
Paid salaries running into millions to attract the best talent money can buy.

But after 47 years.
Still cannot achieve KPI for population policy.
Still have to ask Sinkies for free advice.

PAP government does not owe Sinkies a living?
Why must Sinkie owe PAP government a living by giving free advice on population policy,
free hawker food recipe secrets,
free two year national service in the army?

We tell you over last 47 years you got listen or not?

The babies will come from Reuben Wang's generation.
People will have babies when they feel happy and secure.
When you met up with Reuben Wang's generation, did you make them feel happy and secure in your leadership?

I pay you for solutions?
Or I pay you to ask questions and tell me what to do?

Anonymous said...

What are PAP Men and Women thinking about the many problems they had created in Sin??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wow Matilah, nice hit.

Anonymous said...

They consider themselves the solution (after asking us for our ideas)?
Sort of Man(Sinkies) proposes. God (PAP) disposes.

They see Singaporeans as the problem.
And the Aliens as the solution.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, This oe must get angry lah.

In 1970's government campaign "Stop at 2" essentially placing the (present day) ICA at the orifice of every woman's cheebye. 1 or 2 OK. More than 2 then no tax deduction. Historical note: the income tax deduction for dependent children decreased after 2 kids

Great now motherfuckers (aka husbands and fathers) had at least 2 government's agencies policing their wives cheebyes. WTF?!?

Everytime you fuck your wife (or someone else does) there is the government there, in the vagina, armed with official policy and law.

Decades later, the effects of this bad policy are revealed -- aging population.

Govt tries to blame it on "brain drain" and demonises "quitters" like myself, instead of admitting their own bad decision.

Then they set up stupid govt bodies like the Social Development Unit again to match the "right cheebyes with the right lan chiaus" so that the cuntree gets "the right new citizens".

When the govt tells you to FUCK, you better fuck and produce babies. Over the years we have seen embarrassing comments from the government about dealing with baby issues. It's all about being The Policeman in every woman's vagina.

Singapore women are the ONLY GROUP who have a special law written just for them, thanks to David Marchall. The Women's Charter. They are the most empowered group in Singapore, and in Singapore women have seized opportunities and prevailed better than many in the so-called "liberated" west.

...but they still have the government policeman in their pukis.

Come on Singapore woman, wake the fuck up and do something. Get the government OUT of your vaginas and instead let a nice guy like me in :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, I know that you are trying to put it in a language that even the men and women in the street can understand. In a way it is quite cute. It is like saying the govt is encouraging every man and woman to go fucking till kingdom comes.

Say make babies is only a more polite way but still the same. But maybe you are right. The dull govt could not get the message across in such terms. The people just don't get it. Telling the men and women to copulate profusely may be more effective, without mentioning the word babies. The latter may be a put off.

I think you know how to say it in simple and effective words. Say it as it is. Go tell these unimaginative and dull minds.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, as a perpetual fellow student of the arts of communication you will understand that you need to "kick" to get a dull mind to sit up and take notice.

What is more offensive? Having the government legislate women's vaginas or someone like me using potty-mouth language to describe it? I only use words to express. The govt uses words as LAW which is then ENFORCED upon members of a group who cannot help what they are because they were born that way. i.e. you have NO CHOICE on what sex you are, so fancy having a government legislating control over your sexual freedom and organs.

Plain enough language? I hope so.

Another bug bear is how quiet Singapore women are, as compared to say, American women who respond IMMEDIATELY when the government tries to legislate their bodies.

Consider recently in Michigan, when women representatives were censure for using the word "vagina" in heated debates over abortion. Can't use "vagina" in open discussion?

The shit hit the fan. Women took to the streets to protest their government's stuidity. Google the story.

Singapore women need to be more outpoken and proactive, and hold the male-chauvanist government's feet to the fire. I know some local chicks who are feisty, like the many "fierce" Cantonese women I've dated :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

My Angry Vagina

You go girl!!

Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matilah_Singapura said...

Men telling women what words can be used during discussion.


Women fighting back? Fucking awesome!

Fix it now said...

In America, they had (and STILL have) a tax deduction for house mortgage interest. Coupled with fraudulent loans to feed the subprime securitisation scheme, this got the whole of America into a giant housing bubble which then exploded, taking the American economy down with it.

What we need is a mortgage TAX. If the interest rate is less than say 6%, the annual tax is 6% of the loan less the interest rate paid. Then we tax the banks for the interest rate charged to the borrower minus the fixed deposit rate they offer minus 0.25%. Proceeds of both taxes to transparently go to subsidising flat costs for low income citizens.

Also, the maximum mortgage term must not exceed 25 years, just as Canada has recently decreed to pop its own housing bubble.

That stops people from overbidding for private property with money they don't have. Oh, and of course foreigners can be allowed to buy too... but they can only sell to people who have been citizens for at least 21 years (i.e. those born here).

Lastly, fix HDB flat prices at 3 times the median annual CITIZEN household income for that flat type. If the median income for 4 room flat households is $5000 per month, then the flat price must not exceed 5000 x 12 x 3 = $180,000.

Then see if people can use some of their newly-liberated income to pay for raising kids.

marlin212 said...

There is no doubt that the ruling goverment have done
a great deal to improve the life of sinkies in these past forty years. It is only lately that the sinkies begin to question their policies, whether each and everyone agree with it is open to debate. It is not easy to please the whole population and still be able to manage the country where so many outsiders can
only envy. Life must be too good for you guys to
grumble on such small matters.

Matilah_Singapura said...


If you are not complaining, you can't be a true Singaporean.

Singaporeans are never satisfied. If like this, why not like that? If like that, government cheat my money because last time like this!

You take the initiative to do something and get:

Wah, how come you suka suka do lidat?

You don't take the initiative and do nothing for fear of making a mistake. The response:

KNN! Why so gong? Use common sense lah! Hai yah!! So stoopid wan!

Cannot win lah. These motherfuckers are mental cases.

...and so they complain. The chicken-bacside mouth controlled by a monkey mind never stops. KPKB,KPKB,KPKB,KPKB,KPKB,KPKB,KPKB,KPKB,....ad nauseum.

No wonder the government stopped listening. Can you blame them?

marlin212 said...

Let me put it in one sentence
" The sinkies are a pamper lot"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Fix it now, welcome to the blog.

Joseph said...

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