Are we putting our soldiers at risk

Our soldiers and NSmen are there to defend this country against external threats. What are these external threats? They are threats from another country and will come in the form of foreign soldiers. They can be any foreigners.

We are importing millions of foreigners and issuing them with pink ICs to call them Singaporeans. How reliable are these new citizens? Would they be one of us, to defend our country, to fight with our children as comrades in arms, or would they do the unthinkable?

We have lost two of our fine young men in Sydney to a foreigner turned new citizens. The foreigner is still alive in Australian jail while our children dead. The foreigner could be paroled and live as another free man and will likely return to his original country.

The question is, how wise is the decision to make so many foreigners citizens and to serve as our soldiers to defend our country and our people? One potential terrorist is one too many. One potential soldier that could harm our sons is one too many. Are we too trusting or too idiotic? As it is, many would not even want to serve. Can they be forced to defend our country like our children? What have to fight and die for? They have nothing, no emotional attachment for this island. And there will be those who serve reluctantly or with different agenda or reasons. Soldiering is already a dangerous occupation. We have to guard our secrets, guard against external enemies, real or potential. You mean we don’t have to guard against these new citizens?

How much added reservations and precautions are needed to guard against new citizens turned NSmen? What is the margin of error? A little percentage that could do mischief can be a serious threat to our defence capability, and the lives of our soldiers.

Throwing citizenship crazily at anyone is already bad enough. Embracing total strangers, train them and arm them and expect them to defend our country will incur additional risk that is unnecessary.

‘What money can’t buy’ is a very appropriate question here.


The said...

The real danger is having a permanent "fifth column" among our citizens, and worse - in our armed forces.

Matilah_Singapura said...

5th columns are rarely "permanent". They come and go and are cloaked in decency and uprightness -- i.e. very hard to detect.

What's the bet that the govt will once again use the ISA law to silence dissent. To them, if you speak out against the govt, you are automatically "fifth column".

Anyway, arguing about NS -- who should serve and why is a fool's game. The bottom line is that any form of conscription is an act by the state to enslave young men.

All military should be professional and voluntary -- then you can monitor, and raise the standards.

I used to believe that there was little reason to have a standing military. However, the world has changed and is getting more fractured and dangerous. A small cuntree like Singapore needs a well armed and well trained military not only to defend the nation, but to act as a (albeit small) deterrent to wannabe interlopers.

To me the greatest danger is the degree of civil liberties in Singapore. You cannot keep tekaning the people and forbid them from expressing their soulful outrage. One day, like a fizz bottle you shake, the top will explode and all the shit will burst out.

Human beings are emotional. And everyone has a limit to how much shit they will take, and for how long.

Got revolution?

Anonymous said...

Our leaders must think more clearly and openly in this crucial issue of National Defence, NS.

"A house falls from within."

With a S$12.5bln annual defence budget we must quickly move and re-organize into a strong professional Army for the following reasons:
1. Modern warfare has changed with times and technology, not needing too many soldiers.
2. Infantry soldiers deploy in war/combat situations need to be at least Commandos and Guards standards, not our "office reservists" type.
3. Must not erode away our Singaporean sons economic competitiveness through NS and ICT against workers in the globe, due to harsh realities of globalization. Our boys are our economic competitive assets.
4. It is right to expect committed, tough standards from professional soldiers, as they are well trained and paid professionally for war. (not in our current case of half-baked scholar generals on top and at bottom fresh from school "air-con" boys.)
5. Minimise or eliminate the huge inflitration of questionable PRs & new citizens into Army whose loyalty cannot be established. Do not under-estimate the critical effects in times of security threat when it is a factor.

A 100,000 regular, very well trained, fighting fit professional Army can be a very potent one with strong Air power and decent Naval fleet.

High time our talented Men think a bit more and stretch their brain and don't always wait for OLD MAN...to initiate something new.

Anonymous said...

Locals cannot be trusted to guard our so called dignitaries, so the state needs Gurkhas. Now I suppose our own darling boys too cannot be so sure to serve the country well, so new citizens are needed may be to mix with our local boys and keep an eye on them. This is after all nothing special. Look at how even the strategic financial sectors are entrusted to foreigners, as for example Singapore Stock Exchange ( SGX ) and Development Bank of Singapore ( DBS ). Similarly every government department has lots of foreigners entrusted with jobs at the expanse of locals. You can find them as for examples in customs, education service ( teaching ), health services ( hospitals ),security services and many others. All this will have a cumulative detrimental effect on the future security of Singapore. Worst still what will eventually turn out as a time bomb for our self destruction is to allow the Evil Empire of USA to make use of Singapore as a military base. USA is well known for its traditional and historical barbarity in wars of aggression and has no qualms in mass killings or genocide against the people of the countries it invaded. Just find out how USA by wanton wars of aggression took 1.6 million square miles of Mexican lands between 1840s and 1890s. Then USA subsequently in similar aggression deposed the local rulers of the Pacific island kingdoms of Hawaii and Guam and annexed them to US. The white Americans of USA had earlier from the first days of its independence from its warlike imperial forbears England , carried out brutal wars of aggression against the many self governing native Indian states and acquired all the natives lands right up to the Pacific coast after genocided almost ninety-eight per cent or Eighty-million North American Indians.

US is still on its warpath and is deceiving many other silly Asian countries to join its so called allies in its grand scheme of world domination encompassing both political, territorial, economic and financial imports.US has no qualms in stirring troubles all over the world and making others to fight on its behalf as proxies so long as it is able to prevent trouble and wars from coming to US shores. If Singapore government is blind and indifferent to the evil scheme of things conducted by US worldwide, it will expose Singapore as a target if US starts a war of aggression against another country which may find it necessary to take out all US military outposts in Asia and that includes Singapore.


Veritas said...

Few people knows that even Israel has a de jure universal conscription and de facto volunteery military service. Shame on PAP. In Israel, more than 30% dodge draft. The government has actually give cue to citizen they can be exempted by going into religios school, going oversea, medical reasons....etc. Only fucking PAP darfted 99.9% of Singaporeans.

The differences between Israel and SG are, many of their princelings shown examples by volunteering in the most dangerous and toughest military branch. That in turns motivated much of the citizen to do the same.

Yonatan Netanyahu, the brother of Israel current PM Binyamin Netanyahu was from an illustrious and well connected family. He was dean list in Havard. Instead of enjoying in USA and make $$$, he volunteered to fight for Israel. He was boss of Israel special forces Sayeret Matkal, and sacrifice in 1976 for his country.

And there are too much of such cases worth enumerating. In Israel the most dangerous and toughest unit are often over subscribe, not short of volunteer. This include Golani Brigade, paratrooper, and especially Sayeret Matkal.

In SG, we have sickening asshole like LHL and Patrict Tan. LHL serve a total of of around 13 years in SAF. Within the 14 years, he spent 6-7 years in UK and US universities.

Then we have famous draft dodger like Patrict Tan son of president Tony Tan, who serve in NS in DMERI. We have another clown pianist, AWOL for years and welcome back to perform on red carpet.

We have white horse platoon, whereby all the rich get together and enjoy life, while the poor conscript are abuse.

In short, we have the most rotten army.

Anonymous said...

In Hawaii, before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, all the information about the American base and strategic locations came from the Japanese Nationals living on the island.

How do foreigners regard this rock? Obviously they are here to make their pile and go, so what allegiance do they owe us if they want to do another 'Japanese in Hawaii' stunt.

Anonymous said...

How to protect and defend an invaded territory?

Anonymous said...

And what is there to defend and protect?

Anonymous said...

You defend and protect your CPF and HDB flat for the benefit of the King of Lanfang and those who share his meritocratic genes.

The said...

Well, the fifth column is as permanent as citizenship - they can renounce their citizen in before PBH. And sleepers can sleep for a long time time before being activated.

The said...

"citizen in" should read "citizenship".