After Hougang

With Png Eng Huat secured as the newly elected MP, the WP has started to do what they need to do to serve the Hougang residents and win more hearts for the next GE in 2016. Desmond Choo too would be busy mapping out his strategies to win the Hougang residents to his side, which, given the current development and sentiment, is likely to be a daunting task.

Winning back Hougang is a much smaller issue to the ruling party than the bigger picture of winning the rest of the Sinkies and to remain relevant in 2016. What is the party’s position in the aftermath of the Hougang? What would it be thinking and doing to win back the support it has lost, not only in Hougang but across the island? I think they must know that the ground has shifted. What would the master strategists be plotting after the Hougang fiasco?

The easiest task of all would be to relook at the policies and how they can be tweaked or fine tuned to benefit the original citizens more than new citizens or PRs. The people’s aspirations and expectations are not difficult to match. The people are not asking for the sky. They do not expect money to be thrown at them for their votes. The Hougangkia have made sure that this point was not missed during the by election. The electorate is sensible and is just looking for more favourable and people centric policies. Any attempt to sugar coat or to smooth talk unfavourable policies as favourable policies, like affordability when it is not, would be taking the electorate for granted and would only backfire as in the by election.

Positive actions for concrete positive results would easily win back the fence sitters or those that have switched camps. Many still would not want too big a change. What could be unfortunate would be negative thoughts and negative actions that would only generate more anger and distaste. It is very easy for some to think of how to deal with those that were opposing the party or spoke ills of the party. It is very easy to bring out the hatchet and go hacking away. An ‘inquisition’ will go down very badly and will not work in an increasingly transparent environment.

Like they say, winning a battle only to lose a war, any mis-steps and miscalculations along such line will only lead to more desertion from the ranks and an abandonment of the party. The party cannot afford to create more distrust and bad publicity. The brash tactics of the past belonged to the past and a new strategy of winning the electorate would have to be formulated on the basis of mutual trust, respect and fair play. Are there still elements that think it is still acceptable and doable to return to the old ways?

There are many critical voices in the social media that meant well. Would they be embraced and won over by genuine and good policies with good intentions, or would there be a witch hunt? Witch hunting is as easy as doing the right thing with right policies to better the lives of the people. It is just the other extremity and will have extreme results.

Ironically, the party should thank the critical voices that want the party to do well, to look after the people well. Ironically too, the enemies of the party are the hatchet men that could only think of wielding the choppers to go around slashing indiscriminately. Such negativity will never go unnoticed and will only bring more adverse reactions to the party. The internet can be very unforgiving and transparent, and go viral.

Win the critics and the sceptics by genuine good works and policies, and everything will fall back in place. Dismissing the critics/sceptics and not doing the rightful, and to take on a combative style to deal with everyone as enemies will lead to a sure gone conclusion. The people are not your enemies.

Could we see a renewed party with a conviction and on a constructive path to redeem itself, or a vindictive party on a rampage? Would the party embrace the change, the new normal and take on the new challenge in its stride? The third path is to do nothing and continue with business as usual, as if everything is ok.


Anonymous said...

Giving in with regard to the COE quota is nothing ; Start with CPF issue ... then sinkies might consider.

Anonymous said...

Can see that You have plenty of hope and wish that the wolves can suddenly change to loving grannies.
Sitting on the fence and hoping for the evils to be benevolent?

High time to clean the house or at least buy some pesticides to use.

By the way, the RAR Picture on display now seems to show a very frightened kid(on the left) staring desperately helpless. Even your work of nature is divinely showing ominous sign.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, you are right. I never notice that till you mentioned it. The kid looks like kenna bokko all over the face.

As for the CPF, the next govt in power may have a very bad piece of news to tell.

Anonymous said...

Quite amazing to note that when one is with the same camp, he is deemed to be the best person to fill in the post. Unfortunately, when one is not, the opponent will probably say he is not qualified, and not the best candidate to hold any office.

Uniquely Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Why so long winded?

Just say "Can the leopard change its spots?"

Anonymous said...

Cannot. Sure cannot.

Anonymous said...

So, the easiest thing to do is change the leopard!

Anonymous said...

'As for the CPF, the next govt in power may have a very bad piece of news to tall' unquote

If by then the Central Ponzi Fund is kaput, it is not just bad news. The whole house of cards will collapse. By then, some of the perpetrators will already be RIP or enjoying their Swiss standard of living elsewhere. There is nothing they can do.

Anonymous said...

If by then the Central Ponzi Fund is kaput, there is always ISD for Operation Coldstore2. Then there will be no opposition to highlight the bankrupt Central Ponzi Fund. Christopher Balding is saying $1.4 trillion is unaccounted for! - "Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse".

The MIWs have the ISA to maintain their hold on POWER. Sinkies are keeping quiet even when their own money is concerned and will be stuck with the PAP for all eternity, like the North Koreans are stuck with their Kims.


Anonymous said...

Yup the 60% are dafts, the 40% are smarts..when will the dafts wake up ?

The said...

/// Could we see a renewed party with a conviction... ///

Sure you want conviction? You may just get it - with or without trial...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, conviction is a sensitive word now huh.