CPF Investment Scheme – Another bird brain scheme to be shelved

Actually not nice to call this a bird brain scheme. Dunno whose stupid idea was it. Ok not nice to say stupid idea also. When it was started, remember, the media was flooded with glowing reports about how such investments in equities would grow in the long term, 20%, 30% etc etc. Definitely, guaranteed, better returns than putting the money in fixed deposits. Sure make big profit one. And every CPF member was encouraged to dump their lifelong savings into stocks. If I am not mistaken, it started with 90% of CPF savings allowed to invest in stocks.

Some 20 years down the road, many CPF members got their fingers burnt until ‘chow tar’. Dunno how many billions were lost in the stock market by CPF members. Anyone dares to print the real figures on losses? It is frightening if you know the real numbers.

The damage control came in and the sum allowed to gamble in stocks, oops, invested in stocks, was drastically reduced, frantically. But too late, billions were washed away in the stock exchange longkangs. Many CPF members are still licking their wounds quietly.

Today the figure quoted by Tharman, ‘The DPM said that 45% of investors made losses while 85% of investors earned less than 2.5% on their OA, thus calling the CPFIS "not fit for purpose". 85% made profits, from when to when? This is only the tip of the iceberg. But it is frightening enough for Tharman to call for a review of this bird brain scheme that resulted in many CPF members losing a big chunk of their life savings. And now the govt is complaining that CPF members did not have enough savings for retirement. And mind you, does anyone know how much is wiped out by the silly asset enhancement scheme when HDB prices were marked and priced to market? And also the billions wiped out by the MedishieldLife plans.

Too late, too late, too bloody late! All the money lost is like water under the bridge. No more, habis leow. Now where is the joker that came out with this bird brain scheme? Cry also no tears left. Who was the pipe piper?


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. This is like the Dutch boy who was trying to safe the dyke from crumbling by poking fingers into leaking holes. Every time someone realize a new hole, government will try to plug it by putting their fingers into the hole. They did not realize this is only delay time. Sooner or later another hole will appear and more fingers needed. With no real solutions, the dyke will fall one day. CPF will be gone along with the flood. Period!

Anonymous said...

living in this very crowded tiny city state is like lah.......

everywhere you go, money money money.......

everything you touch, money money money........

we are living in the you-die-your-business environment.......

to survive, simple living is the only sustainable way........

no debt, low debt, stayed employed........

简单才是福!...... 知足常乐!........


Anonymous said...

"Now where is the joker that came out with this bird brain scheme?"

I think it was Dr Lee Boon Yang, a vet (animal doctor) by training, who was then Minister for Manpower (MOM) when he came out the scheme. CPF is a stat board under MOM.

Now Dr Lee is the Chairman of SPH, which controls the mainstream media to say and publish the "right" things.

Anonymous said...

After the bird schemes failed,
they follow up with bird talks
to offer excuse and exonerate
As rightly pointed out by Rb,
damages are done and most are
beyond salvage and repair.
However, Sinkies are fine with
bird scheme and talk. At least
they prefer them over MSN.

Anonymous said...

Rb// ....... it is frightening ........ Tharman .......... this bird brain ................ resulted in many CPF members losing a big chunk of their life savings.//


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Diatribes, 吐沫,
What's Wrong
Check Ownselves,

Anonymous said...

Money played until zero cash balance. This is a typical gambler s remark playing in share market. The govt has 2 vehicles to play in share markets. The current president said he allowed govt 1 vehicle to invest in US banks shares, bought when the price was high, and price collapsed months later, the financial crisis in 2008 was because the shares were bought at "long term investment".

I dont know what current dpm complained about. Hey, your president taught the cpf members to invest : long term. So cpf members not die yet, the share are not long enough term. How can u say they are wrong?

I think RB s post did not speculate. The 2 govt vehicles should similarly stuck with shares of prices tumbled like USB, AoB, charcoal bank, etc. If they sell off, they vehicles will have no 4 wheels habis liao. See, u dont trust what i say.

Proof, Yahoo on 7 Sep listed Singapore as world top in external debt side by side with spain. A citi owes USD1.76 billions external debts. U know right, if u are oil prince, u dont need to borrow so much, that why arab oil countries dont qualify for high external debts lah. Got cash, still want to borrow? That is like got white house dinner still want to eat at hawker stalls. See the difference? Bt no cash, and have to pay debts, must borrow money to hold the shares lah.

How much is USD1.76trillions?=1.76x 1000,000,000,000.USD
Small figure to Obama, as US has many cities bigger than Singapore. Alone as a citi can owe so much, can pay the interest when Yellen must push up the interest?

Let say current interest is 3.55%=0.06248x1000,000,000,000USD. Per year increase debt by" 624,800,000,000USD.

Boh bein liao. Can u see? The gdp is average Sgd 360,000,000,000. Just interest alone, it is 2 times the gdp. How do u manage a company if the company s revenue cannot pay for the interest of its external debts?

So i think the cpf has to help to pay as cash, and those stuck with shares might have to sell off at loss, cannot weit for market to go up. That opposition party forming new govt might be possible. Under the scholars and army generals, there are no way the market can turn around as these people do not go around inviting investors to start firms that create jobs for citizens here. Instead they offer jobs to indians to ask for cheaper salaries to do jobs that of sub quality. Mrt problems, IT problems even affect stock exchange, hospital lapses etc. They cannot turn around, and borrowing will get worst.

Have to wait for GE liao. Time is getting worst, similar to a shipping firm, we know.

Anonymous said...

Goal Posts一移

Anonymous said...

Win or lose CPF money
Never mind.
Win or lose TummySick money also never mind.
70% of Singaporeans say it is okay.

Psycho Action Party.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.07 is very very correct!

70% said OK!

So it must be OK!


virgo49 said...

Lau Goh gave Sinkies Sing & Tel shares.

Sinkies very happy all free shares plus make monies when debut on market

So old and young and not so young or old start opening account and play the markets.

Chow koo Pey until kena cooked alive.

Long term investments like my child hood friend said as long as I don't sell I no.loss.

Little does he know with his head In the sands that his CPF withdrawals of nearly 500 K now only 100.odd K.

Anonymous said...

Please continue to keep your head in the sand while I fuck your arse hole.

Anonymous said...

CPF kaput never mind drives taxi.
Taxi no need driver never mind work security.
Where got problem ?

Veritas said...

In this casino market, retail investor should be banned. But the drawback, is our CPF monies are going to be withered off in inflation due to PAP money printing.

Best way is to allow CPF to keep in physical gold. But USA will invade us for that.

Anonymous said...

They said CPF = PAP.

They oso said got PAP got CPF.

Wah! So how?

Anonymous said...

Many shares bought at several dollars now lucky left 1 or 2 cents. Unlucky, delisted, company run road.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this is what happens when a military based culture takes over a country and starts running major corporations?


Anonymous said...

@ September 16, 2016 11:22 am

Lee (Kuan Yew) based his entire economic development plan on a simple question: “does it work?” If something worked, it was continued or improved upon. If something failed, it was scrapped and a new idea was employed.


What about 70% of Singaporean voters?
Voting for PAP.
Does it work?

Anonymous said...

Vote PAP or other parties no different and no help.
Destiny is at the doorstep.
Singaporeans have given
their destiny to PAP. So
welcome your fate.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, despite the CPF investment scheme, the stock market is still in the dumps.

So, after years of negative returns for most investors, and tens or hundreds of millions of CPF money lost trying to prop up the stock market, the result is one big hole.

Just as they say, when the Government offers help to CPF members to invest their CPF money, members should have ran for cover. Instead, many just jump into the shit pool and got burnt badly, or should I say stink badly.

But, who to blame? The government did not put a gun to their heads to force them to invest. Greed is good, they used to say. Good lah!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if there were suicides due to
punting in stocks/shares?

Anonymous said...

"Instead, many just jump into the shit pool and got burnt badly, or should I say stink badly."
2:26 pm

It's OK lah, even if they didn't vote for PAP. Less than 30% of all voters only what, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if there were suicides due to
punting in stocks/shares?
2:31 pm

Maybe there is, but life goes on for the rest, and with enough of those still living voting for PAP to win. And which for PAP is what really matters.

Anonymous said...

/// In the high profile corruption case of City Harvest Church, former fund manager Chew Eng Han said that he thought that the pastor’s 44-year-old wife Sun Ho is a “mega-star” and thought that she can evagelise non-Christians with her “songs”:

“The logic is Sun becomes a megastar, (holds more) concerts … then she can evangelise. I thought she was a megastar. In reality, the church had bought up unsold stock of Sun’s albums.”

Chew Eng Han said that he attended two of her concerts and even donated S$1 million to the church, and that he was “brainwashed” by Pastor Kong Hee into believing that his wife is a success. ///



Do you think this type of "brainwashing happens frequently in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Guy wished and wanted a sexy gal to brianwash others and ended up brainwashed and infected
by a slut-alike.
He deserves punishment, it's Karma.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this type of "brainwashing happens frequently in Singapore?
3:32 pm

Yes, maybe after so long under PAP rule, they got brain damage rather than brainwashing, and so are easily scared and conned by various scams, eg those through phone calls which threaten them to make payments.

And also scared to join opposition to make it strong and united to replace PAP. As a result PAP continue to win elections even when PAP is getting more and more screw up.

Very sad for Sinkies who have brain damage and suffering due to scams and money no enough.

Anonymous said...

If there is no brain washing, then I worry for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

During an ASEAN meeting, all leaders of the ASEAN countries were present, including Lee Kuan Yew.

During a conversation, Dr. Mahathir of Malaysia says, “I came up with a bright idea to produce Proton cars and with an initial investment of M$1 billion, we now make M$50 million a year. That is what I call Money Mind.”

Mr. Suharto of Indonesia says: “I am going to start a car manufacturing plant to produce our National car for only $500 million RP and it will generate $50 million RP a year. Isn’t that smarter?”

As usual, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore was not impressed and say, “I told my Minister of Transport to spend SGD$500 to buy an old printing machine and we also made SGD$50 Billion a year.”

Everybody was taken aback and asked “What the hell can you do with just SGD$500?”

Lee replied “I use the machine to print COE.”

Brainwashing - COE is to reduce traffic congestion.

b said...

Under Chinese rulers are like that. Cannot own house, cannot own cars and also retirement funds are subjected to their constant looting. Grandparents ran away from chinese rulers many years ago and now grandchildren also need to do the same. Angmo countries best. Easy to own house and cars so long as work hard and save some. Sg should stay being colonised by british. Long live the british empire.

Anonymous said...



Do you think a PAP Minister can be jailed for insulting the intelligence of Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Every Government, Chinese or Angmo, is the same. They are thieves. Why do I say that?

They steal citizens money by devious means from pension funds, retirement funds like CPF, through the devaluation of currencies when they needed to print more money to support their spending, which actually makes your savings in such funds smaller and smaller or lesser and lesser in terms of buying power as years go by. Then they continue to print more money, fiat money at that.

But citizens are none the wiser. They are brainwashed to believe that they are earning more, but in actual fact, it is the same or even worse in terms of buying power.

This has been bourned out by comparing the buying power of those pioneers who earn much less but are able to buy cheap HDB flats (which they can get without exhausting their CPF), cheap cars, cheaper food etc and they only have to work from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm to get by and generally debt free.

Now, with both partners in a family working, from 8.30 am till the late hours of the evening and they still find it hard to get by. They are in debt their whole life servicing their housing loans.

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Think about it!
September 16, 2016 5:44 pm

Answer #1:
Gahmen say can think meh?

Answer #2:
I can't think. I'm Singaporean

Anonymous said...

If you cannot think when the government tells you not to think, then congratulations to you. More good years for you and the PAP.

Anonymous said...

CITY HARVEST CHURCH CROSS-OVER PROJECT - Another bird brained scheme to be shelved ???

"I am unconvinced that they could have had a genuine belief in Sun Ho’s prospects of success for the US Crossover given their consciousness that much of her earlier success was contrived and contributed to by CHC itself."
- Judge See Kee Oon said in his oral judgment in court on Wednesday (Oct 21):


Anonymous said...

Sinkies brainwashed ?

They are brain dead.


Anonymous said...

Proof of brain deadness? Every Saturday evening they have this show called 'The Walking Dead' which is for the consumption of the brain dead beans.

Anonymous said...

If you cannot think when the government tells you not to think, then congratulations to you. More good years for you and the PAP.
September 16, 2016 6:40 pm

Do you think that is why PAP has so many Generals & Admirals?
Is it because military people are good at following orders?
And not so good at thinking about what is good for Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Walking Dead.
The show is into its 51st season in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Yes I lost my shirts also everything above the minimum sum was lost on China companies. Despite I read the brokerage research that recommended the stock. At the end stock valued at $1 only worth one cent. Should have spent the money in batam at least get to enjoy now all lose to the financial services industry's!

Anonymous said...

"Yes I lost my shirts also everything above the minimum sum was lost on China companies."
September 16, 2016 8:06 pm

Why would the Chinese entrepreneur of a publicly listed company work for peanuts for his Singaporean shareholders?

Do PAP Ministers work for peanuts for Singaporean citizens?

Anonymous said...

1. the losses are why the govt is reluctant to let sporeans
have their cpf money, except by doling it out.

2. using one's home as an "asset" is no help either.
where do you live after you've sold your place? if you
sell and move to somewhere cheaper and smaller, will
any profit be enough to see you thru to the end? after
that, sell again? just the kind of thing we want to do
as we get older and need familiar faces and places?

3. ok, so you rent. and put up with strangers in your
home? just the kind of thing you need as you get older?

4. so you go into selling back your lease. will what you
get be enough to see you to the end? if not, what then?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 16, 2016 2:26 pm
//Just as they say, when the Government offers help to CPF members to invest their CPF money, members should have ran for cover.//

How about now?

Anonymous said...

Kong cum is always kong cum?

Even after falling into the cesspool 98 times, will the 99th time be any different?

Based on many of the (daft) comments (above), do YEW think old man was right in his label of all these ....... (daft)?

Anonymous said...

Rb // CPF Investment Scheme – Another bird brain scheme to be shelved//

Is the scheme "bird brain" or those 70% or so who lost untold sum collectively are not only "bird brain" but need + "kong cum", "tong ting" (elder bro of ting tong), "cum kong", "daft", "tfad" ......?

Now who is "bird brain"?

Anyone? (Know?)

Pls kee chiu?

Anonymous said...

//AnonymousSeptember 16, 2016 11:22 am
Do you think this is what happens when a military based culture takes over a country and starts running major corporations?//

From LaoGoa-nomics to Botak-nomics and finally KongCum-nomics ....... oops ...... actually referring to wargame-nomics and finally perish-nomics?

Anonymous said...

Is a bird brain scheme better?

Or a jail bird scheme better?

From bird brain scheme, soon could be jail bird scheme?

Yew say the 70% sinkies jiat sai or not?

The brain not only jeep zui (enter water) but also enter sai liao?

Anonymous said...


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

✭✭CPF is the best scheme in the universe for causing stress and anxiety among The Sheeple✭✭ so that they cannot think straight (like as if they could before 😂) and thus make even more terrible decisions to fuck themselves up more, so they can surrender more of their lives, control and autonomy to the elites of the state and its corporate partners. (Man, you just gotta love causality)

Also realise that the unlucky fools who lose money gam-vesting in the markets means some other lucky fools make money, so that they can delude themselves---for awhile---into thinking how great they are, and go crazy with their false sense of "superiority". Extreme emotional states are simply the best states to be in when it comes to making crucial decisions.😂

Eugenics has long been discredited as "bogus" or "junk science". Eugenics is so flawed that it is NOT EVEN WRONG...but...that doesn't mean we can't still have FUN with it. Human disasters and extreme suffering results in a boost of dopamine (pleasure) for schadenfreude addicted junkies---those delightful folks who love to kick back with drinks and cigars to watch the 💀world burn💀 for the simple pleasure of entertainment.👍🏽👍🏽

In my many rants over CPF, poking it for its many faults and immorality, I missed the main benefit from an evolutionary point of view. CPF IS A WONDERFUL MECHANISM FOR SOCIAL ENGINEERING, DARWIN-STYLE.

It can be argued that if Singapore strives to be the shining light of achievement to the world, and a shining example of humanity's success—raising the bar to a higher standard of what a 1st world cuntry should be—then it is necessary to trim as much detritus and useless fat from the society and culture.

Think about it this way. If you want clever and responsible adult citizens, what you might consider doing is giving free booze access high powered vehicles to all the 18-21 year olds. In a very short time you would have ridden society of the SHITBAGS 💀💀💀 and are left with the 100% upright youngsters who will grow up, be obedient as stupid sheep voting PAP for the rest of their days. Because as we know, PAP knows best for you. You don't know SHIT.

Well, the CPF scam...I mean scheme is something like that---a Darwinian tool---a sharp eugenic scalpel which effectively resections the societal and cultural "tumours" from the mother-cuntry. (Hormat senja….TAH! Cue: National Anthem. Cry tears of patriotic joy)

Methinks the Sheeple are not trying hard enough to self-sabotage themselves. Being a cuntry steeped in meritocracy, Singaporeans must lift their game. Might I offer a wonderful resource to those who are striving for self-hell and self-disimprovement.
It's a short book with clear instructions on how to make things WORSE for you than they are. Do the cuntry a favour andread it. Then take action!😂😂

HOW TO BE MISERABLE by Dr Randy Paterson

Anonymous said...

@ September 17, 2016 9:29 am
"Might I offer a wonderful resource to those who are striving for self-hell and self-disimprovement.
It's a short book with clear instructions on how to make things WORSE for you than they are. Do the cuntry a favour andread it. Then take action!"
HOW TO BE MISERABLE by Dr Randy Paterson

I already read the author's earlier book called "Hard Truths".
Sounds like his new book will complete the picture.

Anonymous said...

From start to end, self created story (dreamland fantasies)?

Worst (much more fake) than martial art movie choreography .....

(Ownselves created ownselves) "heroes", "villains", "losers", "winners"?

But could be delightful (& worth "idolising") for some (paid) fans?

A good insight to "brain" of pple in mental hospital or somr schizophrenic or multi polar beans "thinking" processes?

Red dot may have more problems on hands than just paper generals commanding "(losing) battles" (and ultimately "the war)?

Anonymous said...

How abt other bks?

"One mare's (lousy) view of the Whore"?

Anonymous said...

"One mare's (lousy) view of the Whore"?
September 17, 2016 10:32 am

Have you read the book?
"I need glasses" by Gen. Ima Blind
Ivory Tower Publications

Anonymous said...

//AnonymousSeptember 17, 2016 11:13am
Have you read the book?//

Some chapters, ......

In 2013 ..... (when it was PAPlished) ..... but decided to resell this year ......

Tot can make some $$$ after altar go heaven .......

Alas ......

Paid like $50?

Somebolee only offered 50 cents in cannotsell?

In the end, managed get another 5 cents.

So net price -$1.80


The buyer paid $0.55 was so Pappy (aka happy) until ......

Realised later incurred $2.35 on mrt & buses to meet the buyer ......

Aiyo .....

Yew see

Become more stupid .....

Brain damage ......

But really Pappy lah ..... even at a (financial) loss ...... sign of relief?

The (emotional) gain was priceless .....?

Anonymous said...

>>>>/// "I need glasses" by Gen. Ima Blind///<<<<

Yea ...... need read with " (filtering) lenses" on ..... especially when ..... lots of "ghost writings" .......

Interestingly, the part on Mao Show Tong "quite intriguing" .......

Like "reading" John le Carre's top notch (spy) bestsellers?

Yew have to read on top of the lines as well as below, in front and behind, besides the usual between the lines .......?

The "plot" was quite thick?

The "goalkeepers" were 3-pronged?

(1) To rid .....;?

(2) To plant .....;?

(3) To stir ........?

Think SoonKid Chapter (13) "Fan Jian Ji" also lose to it?

Anonymous said...

>>>>> /// Ivory Tower Publications///<<<<<

Think mb different press lah .....

That one was by (HoLee) Shxt Xs ...... Pimps And Pros Press Geyland Inc., (specialised in YEW noe what areas ....... xxxxxxx ....... shhhhhhhhhh ...... (no tell others, ok?))?