What the IBs and his party stand for

Spewing your rubbish again Redbean. The old folks having to work as cleaners and dish collectors at the foodcourts are just making a living. If you think that is harsh then change the system by standing for election and have a voice in the parliament. There are oppositions in the current parliament and why are they not doing something for these unfortunate folks? You have written about this issue before and we are all tired of reading this topic over and over. Do something about it. Do not just spew this issue over and over. Singapore will always be this way, a system with the haves and the have nots. It is the way Singaporeans are. As long as I and my family are OK, it is none of my business if others around me die. Nothing will change. So, stop writing about this inequality issue. You are just wasting our time and your time. STOP IT.
June 21, 2015 6:36 p.m.

The above is written by an IB posting as anonymous in my blog. And he more or less threatened me to ‘STOP IT’, ie that I must stop writing articles or else. See the gangster like behaviour of this IB. He mentioned ‘we are all tired of reading…and, You are just wasting our time’ meaning he is a member of an organisation or party. I am not sure which organisation or which party he belongs.

What is important is what he said, ‘Singapore will always be this way, a system with the haves and the have nots. It is the way Singaporeans are. As long as I and my family are OK, it is none of my business if others around me die. Nothing will change.’ This is what is important to him, he and his family while others can die never mind. Is this just his view or also the view of his organisation or party?

Whichever organisation or party he is representing, we can figure out what kind of organisation or party that is and whether they care about the people or only for themselves.  To them, the big divide in the haves and have nots is natural and they would not do anything about it and this is the kind of Singapore they believe in.

Try to find out or extrapolate who he is representing and if it is a political party, you should know whether you should or should not vote for this party with this kind of values, a party that cares for themselves while ‘others around me can die’ is not their interest. They don’t care. And they behave like gangsters, threatening people as if they own this country.

Can anyone track down this IB and expose the party behind him? It is frightening to vote for a party with members behaving like gangsters and with this kind of thinking.

Agree or not?


Anonymous said...

It is good to have these gangsters standing up to bully the people then we know what kind of party or secret society they are.

Vote against a party of gangsters!

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean, I've said it before - if the IB tells you to stop, you can conclude that your writing about it is causing alarming damage to the masters paying that Brigade. It is a sure sign that you should be even more relentless in exposing that issue. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans beware of the gangsters. Do not vote for gangsters to control and bully you.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather flock rogether and so can you blame the IB? Vindictivenesss and threatening gestures are the hallmark of their family trait, from the very top to the very bottom. They do not have my respect.

In any case, there is this perception that the ruling party, after all these years, still does not know the real reason why the majority of people in opposition held wards vote for the opposition parties.

It is not about upgrading for sure. It is not about running the town councils and being able to accumulate more and more funds for some people to play around with among the big investors. It is not about being able to form an alternative government to run the country, which has long been a mistaken believe among detractors. And it is certainly not about scrambling for the candies and lollipops thrown by the rulers to buy their votes. It is also not about having phoney non-elected voices put into Parliament to fool the 60%.

It is for one thing, and one thing only - an alternative voice in Parliament that can slap the driver from sleeping and drive everyone over the cliff and to see that they do not drive us around as they like. That is their reason for voting the opposition.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Aiyah uncle...relac lah. Just because some "anonymouse" asks you to stop writing (or do anything involving physical action in the physical world), you know darn well you needn't listen to them. i.e. they have no "power" to compel you to do anything.

As for "IB's" --- what I understand as some loosely organized internet SLACKTIVISTS, who are officially or unofficially linked to the ruling party or to their JOKE of a "social outlet"---The People's Association. (sounds COMMUNIST to me, do you agree. If you quick, call up ISD and report them, so that the ISA can be applied to lock them up us "insurgents").

Also, anyone can have many confabulated identities lah. How do you know some "garang" gangster is not, in fact, a spolit, socially awkward 14 yr old kid, who is pissed off because he can't get a girlfriend---but because he enjoys sexual arousal, compulsively jacks off to the dirtiest Emma Watson hentai, whilst licking his pet dog's balls.

In other words, a sociopath loser.

There are those who've said pithily: "A man's greatness can be measured by his enemies", and, "The man who ain't got an enemy is really poor"...i.e., having enemies requires you to do meaningful and measurable WORK. Obviously, what you are working on, or the results thereof, are PISSING SOME PEOPLE OFF.

Thus, having enemies could be "good" or "bad"---depending on your intentions. ;-)

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


I forgot to add: as far as the idea of "IBs" go, I am skeptical about an existence of such a "group". I think they are IMAGINARY.

Internet activism is not called SLACKTIVISM for nothing. Slackivists are idiots who write on the net, and are DELUDED into thinking that whacking a few anti-something posts will actually change the motherfucking REAL world...without actually taking any ACTION in the real world.

Please lah, redbean, how can you even take these "imaginary" wankers seriously?

Anonymous said...

MS, you pretending to be so naïve ya?
No IBs.
OK, knowing you are not stupid, we know you are just acting dumb.

Anonymous said...

Whose values does PAP represent anyway?
The values of Lee Kuan Yew or the values of Singaporeans?
What do you think?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ paranoid knee jerk-off, 1028:

>> MS, you pretending to be so naïve ya?
No IBs. <<

Hey cheebye mouth, dripping with AIDS-cum, where have you ever known me to "pretend" and not shoot straight?

My belief is that there are no IBs---i.e. a >> SPECIFIC <<, >> ORGANISED << group of people pursuing COMMON OBJECTIVES on the internet. Sure there are folks like me who just like writing (mostly rubbish) online...but we are not "organised" nor do we have common objectives, except the self-shiokness of non-masturbatory self-indulgence.

So you believe what you want lah, go fuck yourself.

I still say: No SUCH "THING" as IBs.

Anonymous said...

Just because you say got no such things as IB does not prove that there is no such thing tio bo? You got chee bye brain is it? No wonder your brain is so fucked up.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ cannot think straight or what?, 253

>> Just because you say got no such things as IB does not prove that there is no such thing <<

Hey, you fuck faced licker of your mother's unwashed asshole...

Did I claim to PROVE anything? Anyhow suka suka try to twist my words to suit your meaning. GO FUCK YOURSELF lah!

I said I "believe" that there are no IBs. If you paid attention in school, you would know that beliefs can be WRONG.

Now go the fuck away, and pick the maggots out of your mother's rotting dirty cum-longkang lah!

Anonymous said...

MS, you fuck head. I am surprised you have become a silly believer and refused to accept facts and realities. A minister had openly talked about the existence of IBs. But you can again claimed to believe or not to believe. That's what a believer does.

Tell you, I know ok. Not believe or not to believe.

Now go and fuck off, you stupid believer.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ Gullible fool, 135:

>> A minister had openly talked about the existence of IBs. <<

Hey, you prolapsed anus, cum-gargling cunt mouth, you are indeed a motherfucking GULLIBLE IDIOT to cite what a minister said as FACT. Dumb, dumb, dumb man.

The IBs, if they do exist (like that fictional Jesus the Jew character...), will TRAMPLE all over you with reason, logic and facts....and you're such a dumb motherfucker you can't even formulate a decent argument.

Epic fail lah. Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Where Angkongkia?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

He's probably busy having fun.

agongkia said...

Anon 6.35pm
//Where Angkongkia?//
Its agongkia.Angkongkia is a doll lah.Thks for missing me.

Uncles and Ah ko ah...tolong la.
Please do not be offended if I will to say that I do not find it offensive by the remark posted by the so call IB here.
At one time....i use to visit another site , wrote and enjoy those thumb down.The more thumb down i receive, the more happy I am as it is an achievement to me.Its another way to get fun going against those khongcum who see things differently from me.
RB did mentioned that sometimes he wrote intentionally to provoke thoughts n illicit response.
At times we need to be more open minded, let others say what they feel and we must have some sense of humour and not necessary to take things seriously.
人家气我我不气,我若生气中他计。。。。my ah Kong taught me nong nong time ago.

agongkia said...

how you manage to find such interesting link.Need teach me. Waiting to be your deputy.

Anonymous said...

PAP is on the path of self destruction when it is filled with self serving leeches.
Sure die one when people keep being harassed by these gangsters.