What the hell was Kishore saying?

Last Saturday, 13 Jun, Kishore was thinking aloud in an ST article titled, ‘Trust the people, share govt data’.  In the article he praised the highly educated population and our world best education system only to contradict himself by saying we have the most ill informed population. How so, highly educated but not well informed? Then he went on to put the blame on the civil servants for their reluctance to share information. And he went on and on to lambast them about lack of transparency and how good it would be if the people are well informed and can make wise decisions in difficult times.

Did you people find the above strange? What was Kishore saying, or who was he referring to? He praised Hsien Loong for his call for more transparency and for ‘the public sector to cooperate with the IPS (Institute of Policy Studies) and to be forthcoming with information and access’ to information.  Is an insider like Kishore that naïve? Actually no, he knew what he was saying and he knew who he was addressing, who was the culprit that was depriving the people of information and transparency, but he had to go round the mulberry bush to be politically correct.

You see, Kishore also said that he likes to analyse issues as honest as possible, without the bulls. And he quoted LKY, GKS and Raja as his mentors, the kind of men that would not tolerate bullshit like he did above.  The most important lesson he learnt from the holy trinity is ‘to be brutally honest in analyzing problems and situations. Both of them (LKY and GKS) would prefer to confront an uncomfortable truth rather than accept a comfortable lie.’

Who is the real culprit that was depriving the people from information and being not transparent? The civil service? Kishore must be joking or living with a comfortable lie.  He knew the problem but could not say it out aloud. So he conveniently quoted Ho Kwon Ping’s called for more transparency and sharing of information and his suggestion for a Code on Information Disclosure. Who should abide by this Code to disclose and share information to keep the people informed?

Then he let the cat out of be bag without naming the culprit that is behind the non disclosure of information and transparency issue. ‘The big question we have to ask is: Can we trust our own population to make wise judgments with the information given to them?’ Who is this ‘We’?

Kishore concluded by saying that there was a need to change this culture of not sharing information. And he said it was good that the Govt was forming a Strategic Policy Unit to identify national priorities and action plans. Here is Kishore’s beef. ‘Perhaps one additional task that could be assigned to the SPU would be to change the culture of sharing information. We can and should do so.’

Here he used the word ‘We’ again. Who is this mysterious ‘We’?  Who did not trust the people and did not want to share information?


Anonymous said...

Has a new scapegoat just been discovered or manufactured?
I thought it was always Singaporeans that is the scapegoat for all the problems in Singapore.

Lewd tiger roaring and romping home leh ....... said...

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ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

I dun trust this guy. He talks thru both sides of his mouth. Not a politician, but definitely some "agenda" there.

>> How so, highly educated but not well informed? <<

Being highly educated could mean having a high degree of skills and understanding. Being "informed" is having access to information---like DATA.

I've long been a supporter of all govts to release their data....RAW, if possible, along with their methods of data collection, sample sizes etc. Then gee-whiz students can use the stuff as real world data for their math classes. When you have 1000's of students dong this, plus no doubt many private citizens as well, all computer literate, many capable and adept in MatLab, Mathematica and other software packs...the govt will have to be telling the TRUTH because if they don't, they are going to be caught by data analysis.

Data sharing: good idea, but I had this idea too, long ago.

M Kishore himself: I'm not so sure

Anonymous said...

you so rude.

Anonymous said...

Highly educated but ill-informed happens to be what I always believe in. Of course, I am a lowly educated oldie and people will redicule me if I were to say what Kishore is saying. The Government will not admit it, because they want it that way. Wisdom may not be able to work with the comcept of GDP growth at all cost.

There is much difference between intelligence and wisdom. Singaporeans have the former but lack the latter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes, hire the best in the world based on meritocracy and not nationalities.

With such clowns around, they don't even know that they would be the first to be replaced by the best in the world.

patriot said...

The Bull shitted, then goes around saying other bulls are shitting


Greater than other bulls.