Volunteer soldiers in SAF

A lot of fanfare and publicity have been given to this new animal called SAF Volunteer Corp. Someone must be congratulating himself or themselves that they are able to think out new ideas in the vein of innovative and creative solutions to a non existing problem.  And they must be saying how clever to get non citizens to the defence of the country.  Really, so good ah? The Alternative View, a blog site has an article on the foolishness of this scheme in the TRE and I quote a paragraph from the article here.

‘However, the fate of Singaporeans now lies in the hand of these newbies and volunteers because they are assigned “to one of 17 vocations …. to pick up rifles and patrol KEY installations like Changi Airport’.

Need we say more? With the spate of fake degree foreign talents slipping through, the security breaches at our entry points, the threats of terrorism, the pillar of our security system is already in tatters. (We are like walking naked with MERS in the island).  Yet, we are placing our lives in the hands of people who are trying to integrate – foreigners who step forward to volunteer to help protect our land.’

There are many valid points of concern raised in the article about security of our country. Presumably all the concerns must have been thought through and nothing to be alarmed, a kind of unnecessary fear mongering. Everything is well and fine. The volunteers will be a good thing for nation building and integration of foreigners.

Have we learnt anything yet? Many of the new citizens or PRs are unknown unknowns. Can anyone remember the new citizen who was given a SAF scholarship to study in Australia and ended up being charged for clobbering two SAF scholars to death? He was acquitted after an appeal, after serving several years in prison, for insufficient evidence.

Are we so naïve to trust foreigners in the defence of our nation? There is a saying, 来者不善,善者不来。The volunteers all look so nice, so innocent, so enthusiastic and so good. We are inviting them into our security organizations, train them to fight!

Not to worry, we have many good experience in the industries that foreigners are trustworthy and would not do harm to our people and country. We even have so many foreigners running out IT systems, exposed to all the confidential data and information especially in the finance and banking industries. If they wanted to, they will have all the information on the wealth of every citizen here.  But see, after so many years, no problem. Nothing bad happens. Trust the policy, trust the foreigners, they are very nice people. Everything has been thought out.

The Japanese also thought out everything about nuclear safety before they built all their nuclear power stations. Think Fukushima. Think Murphy!

Do not wait until some ugly incident happens to regret and call for a review, call for a BOI. We can’t allow our national security to go blowing in the wind. Anyone in the security business interested in such matters? Anyone think this is not suicidal, not idiocy? Maybe our super talents know better, like the millions of fakes and cheats that they think are genuine here. What security do you need for a hotel? A hotel is for hotel guests from all over the world. We need to treat hotel guests well or they would not come.

Open the legs. Oops, I mean open the immigration doors. Open up the SAF for more volunteers and new citizens and PRs. They are assets to our national defence.

Dum da da dum dum, dum dum.


Anonymous said...

When jokers are in charge, they cannot see anything wrong anymore. While they are fixing the opposition, they cannot see the country is being fixed by foreigners and waiting to be taken over by foreigners.

agongkia said...

I am one who had proposed in blog for this so call Volunteer Army sometimes ago.
Strong reason to believe those scholar talents kapo my suggestion and started it but anyway my intention was good.

I suggested to have a volunteer military force so that those local seow peng citizen like me can continue to serve my National Service as a Volunteer Soldier but unfortunately, this volunteer recruitment is said to be open only to new citizen instead.
I am not qualify to be a volunteer soldier.
Its a great disappointment to me.

I miss the opportunity to contribute n integrate with those new citizen volunteers which I believe has many lonely sweet mei meis around which can motivate me .
I still can do 40 push ups.Guard n patrol installation esp airport arrival hall for free.
Pls consider to accept local like me n I can be a SIB detecting n report those suspicious volunteers so Sinkies like RB will feel more secured.

Anonymous said...

It is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

Living in this very crowded cosmopolitan
global tiny city state is like that lah.

Life is very very exciting and interesting!


Anonymous said...

Do we have enough officers to vet and screen all the volunteers? Chiat pah asking for more work to do.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Eh, redbean wtf lah...

These foreigners are alreay resident and working in Singapore. They have a stake; a stake of VALUE, in Singapore lah.

Motherfucker, you view every foreigner as a potential threat. You nuts ah? That's just racial stereotyping lah, you know... "Applied Racism 101".

Eh, sooner or later you have to TRUST these folks. A volunteer citizen's militia is what a cuntree's defense forces should be ANYWAY.

This govt scheme, I give 9.999 out of 10.

Anonymous said...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, don't speak like an idiot. Security of a country is no masak masak. Wait till you know how serious is this threat then come and talk to me, you ignoramus.

Go and ask your ISD friends how tough it is to vet these fuckers. Even vetting Singaporeans is a big headache.

This is racial stereotyping, racism? Fuck you.

patriot said...

Good move and it is certainly a better moce to free our young men from conscription.
There are Sinkies who love to live in barrack and like army food on top of drinking duty free beer. Even if they are not fighting fit, they can do store duty, cook or drive. These are some of the Most Loyal Folks who would forgo remuneration and perks. Their loyalties cannot be suspected and some are truly good to detect espionage and ulterior motives of foreign agents.

One of my greatest wish is for our youngs to live as free as possible and not be obligated under compulsion.
May our youngs live freely and happily.


The said...

Two weeks? What have they learnt? How to strip the rifle?
Can I take back all my years of serving NS and reservist? I want to volunteer.
So now the FT doctor MP who did NS looking after babies have picked up a rifle. Wow - we should start a war now and send all these volunteers to the front line.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ in denial, RB:

Don't be so uptight lah. Whilst I don't condone racism, I will defend people's right to be such, as long as they don't get physical. Jokes, OK. Even "hate speech" (got such thing ah?), OK.

The old axiom "Trust, But VERIFY" applies. I agree, security very important. So check lah, lazy bums. Do the work, lah you slack govt fuckers, work like those underpaid sods in the PRIVATE sector---can you or not?

Embrace your xenophobic and racist Inner Child lah redbean. Come to terms with the fact that your fundamental Buddha nature is a Bigot. C'mon now, dun shy shy ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You can't even differentiate what are racism, xenophobia and what are patriotism and nationalism. My God, I did know you are so daft? Or you just want to put a label on me, a round peg to fit a square hole?

Fuck you lah, you are just another traitor that would want Singapore to fall into the hands of foreigners as long as you got some holes to smell. Got Singapore or no Singapore is not your concern. You just want Singapore to be a hotel for people to come and screw daft Sinkies.

Virgo49 said...

Residents with dual nationalities like matilah

Have a stake in Singapore???

This is just one ploy to con the Singaporeans who served two to three years full time and twenty years reservists when these residents want to take up citizenship as last resort.

The millionaire whites will said they have also served what???

You did not see them in uniform meh ??? Hey photo shown one Greek white you know

Anonymous said...

This matilah is lucky that the garment allowed him to come here to smell holes. If there is no Singapore he will be rotting in his country trying to make ends meet.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

WOW! Perhaps I'm mistaken, but do I sense jealousy and resentment from the readers?

Haha...please lah. Make the best of your situation. And apologise to no one for doing so.

IMO, I still consider redbean a xenophobe. But he calls it "nationalism". Just like the Nazis did. Whatever makes him happy lah...

Way to go redbean. Embrace your inner demons, man!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This country belongs to Singaporeans. This country does not belong to anyone else, not to foreigners. Singaporeans must reclaim this country for themselves and their children. They have to act fast before it is gone.

Anonymous said...

I m no fortune teller.

But the way we are being shaped, it is indeed towards
a truly global cosmopolitan city of the EAST.

This island is just a piece of rock. People free to come,
people free to go! There is no such thing as citizenship.

We will have 10M people.

SG100 will be a very very different place from now!


What say U?


patriot said...

Sin belongs to the People who rule it and call the Shots.

Lesser Sinkies are paying to stay, including paying tge Rulers to lord over them(the People) at the Price they(Rulers) they want and many want millions Sin Dollars.

All same same Sinkies, BUT different fates.

Few are lucky to be in Sin while most have to live a punishing life. Like it or not, most are fine with their situations.


Anonymous said...

The fall of Roman empire is due to barbarians..so we are in the "right" path for new world order soon.
So, does everybody know what new world order really mean to them and their families?
If not, please kee chiu and ask this question to your PM next time.
Better late than never.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ can't prove anything, RB:

>> This country belongs to Singaporeans. <<

Utter Nonsense. This is political rhetoric which has no meaning in reality.

Anyone can own physical property in Singapore, as long as they have money to buy the piece of surface dirt, and as long as there is another party to SELL them a piece of dirt.

@ "barbaric", 629:

>> The fall of Roman empire is due to barbarians..so we are in the "right" path for new world order soon. <<

You could be right. Except consider that Singaporeans are the ones who are The Barbarians, and they're about to be replaced by more "suitable" citizens.

Anything is possible ;-)

@ perfect eyesight, 304:

>> But the way we are being shaped, it is indeed towards
a truly global cosmopolitan city of the EAST.

This island is just a piece of rock. People free to come,
people free to go! There is no such thing as citizenship <<

I've said this time and again. FREEDOM reigns supreme. You are an individual, you get to choose the best possible situation for your life.

Singapore is an awesome rocking global city. It's not perfect, but if you weigh the pros and cons as PROPERLY as you OBJECTIVELY can, it stacks up pretty well against the "alternatives".

If you can't be happy in Singapore, where the fuck do you think you have to go to be happy?

And yes, "citizenship" is a fast fading concept. We are a NOMADIC species. And now we have the means to be anywhere we choose.

Anonymous said...

Why bother to talk to this silly ass?