The unpredictable weather in Singapore Malaysia relations

The two states enjoyed about the finest relations since 1965 when Singapore went on an independent path as a new nation. Relations under Mahathir was hot and cold but never reach the climax like the last couple of years when Hsien Loong and Najib were like abang adek as they waltzed under the spot light beaming happily like a marriage made in heaven.

Everyone was hoping that this marriage would last a bit longer or as long as possible and more deals could be signed in a win win arrangement. The thorny and near impossible agreement on the Malayan Railway land and line came to an amicable solution that surprised everyone but to the annoyance of Mahathir. Maybe this is unforgiveable in a way.

The 1MDB is everything that was needed to launch a coup against Najib and everything appears on tender hook. Najib is fighting for his life to stay on as the PM with open revolt among the top UMNO leadership. And this has forced Najib to call an ultimatum, to be with him or against him, the latter to resign from his cabinet immediate.

The wily Malaysian politicians did not disappoint and back off from the affront by Najib. No one throw in his letter. The most vocal of his critics must have been taken aback. Show hand time, but no one dares to. Hishammuddin, his cousin, was quoted to demand three conditions to support him. He has since came out to deny the statement and said there was no rift in the UMNO leadership. His strongest critics kept quiet. The consequence of such an act could mean a political eclipse as to be outside of the ruling party would not guarantee a return to the govt. It could mean time in the wilderness, and sleeping with Mahathir in his dying days. They are too clever and too crafty to sign their death warrants when things are still so uncertain.

Najib has won be calling the bluff for the moment. Crossing the line means no return. It is better to be safe than to be sorry. But this is not the end and Najib’s victory may be shortlived. A lot of under table dealings are going on and the schemers are working doubly hard to convince the challengers to Najib’s leadership to take a stand, to force an issue, to win more converts to the side of the coup leaders.

There is danger and Najib could wake up tomorrow with the whole cabinet turning against him and that would put an end to the warm relationship with Singapore. And many mega projects would be at stake. Some would be shelved or renegotiated with the new power brokers. Some of the dead projects in the junk yard would be revived. The crooked bridge would be top on the list if Mahathir’s camp won. And cold wind will start to blow from the North.

How much time is left before things take a turn for the worse? My recent trip across the Causeway saw a huge reclamation project on the eastern side of the connect right next to the Causeway. The Malaysians have filled it up practically up to the middle of the Causeway and it would only need the Singapore side to do likewise to bring the two land mass together as one. And if this is extended to both sides of the Causeway, both states would be joined together like inseparable twins and there will be no longer any need for the crooked bridge to come alive again.

Would there be enough time to strengthen the relations between the two sides with a joint land mass through reclamation before the weather turns foul and having to say good bye to Najib and to face the bitter cold North wind again?


Anonymous said...

That is a good observation. Najib is indeed fighting for his life. Even though he may have "won" this round, there is no telling that the people who claimed to be with him would not turn their back. Politics in Malaysia is about power place and money. The moment they sense Najib is a goner, there is no sympathy left. They will drop him like a hot potato and kowtow to a new king. Singapore better sign whatever it needs to conclude before another king takes over. Nothing lasts forever!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I don't think there is need for concern. UMNO have always been a (twisted) certain way, in a sense that they're predictable.

Najib has just collected too much dirt---everything from being associated with murder to corruption, to financial malfeasance.

IMO, it is now down to how much face can Najib save as he falls on his sword. Dr M has been consistent in walloping Najib and the 1 Malaysia Development Berhad debacle , no holds barred.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, Najib just like our PM Lee, is the PM of the incumbent govt, and not the opposition lah.

And do u not realise that there are huge advantages by being incumbent? And terrible, even fatal, disadvantages by being the opposition?

Don't believe, just look at Anwar, who is in opposition in Matland, and also even our own strongest opposition leader Teochew Ah Hia and party with his Town Council accounts now in deep shit, which I think is mainly because his party is not the incumbent ruling party.

So short of a bigger revolution on the streets than the one in 1998 led by Anwar against then PM Mahathir, there is nothing that could overthrow Najib as PM and head of govt. Not even when less than 50% voted for his party and coalition in 2013, because due to gerrymandering, his party and coalition even won 60% seats!

As for PM Lee and PAP, no need to say more, sure win next GE again with more than 90% seats, and maybe a even a clean sweep by making Hougang and Punggol East disappear coming GE and winning back Aljunied GRC.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1028:

You don't understand lah. In Malaysia, it's a "Malay" thing. The politics of Singapore and Malaysia are different. Malaysia's politics is heavily based on RACE, and depending on how the wind blows, to varying degrees: religion.

Anonymous said...

...maybe a even a clean sweep by making Hougang and Punggol East disappear coming GE..."
Anon 10:28 a.m

And I think that's the greatest advantage by being the incumbent govt!!! To be able to redraw electoral boundaries for their best advantages, based on precinct voting trends in last GE and minting new citizens from lots of available foreign talents.

Anonymous said...

In hokkien we say...............

"Three Days Wind, Four Days Rain"!


patriot said...

Seems like Lee Kuan Yew's vision of a remerger is looking good to be fulfilled.
Will the Johor Strait be filled up and the Causeway and planned Crooked Bridge be done away with? This will cater for many more new settlers on both sides.

No matter who rules Malaysia, a merger will benefit Sinkies and Malaysia for sure. There will be combined talents and hence more of them in better running the Country. As it is, there are too many MALAYSIAN BORN RUNNING SIN, A MERGER WILL SEE WHETHER THESE MALAYSIA BORN RULERS ARE QUALIFIED OR GOOD ENOUGH TO RUN A BIGGER NATION.
Personally, I do not think any of the MALAYSIAN BORN SIN RULERS will stand a chance to even be an MP IF THEY HAD REMAIN IN THE PLACE WHERE THEY ARE BORN. However, in Sin, they have became YAYA PAPAYAs lording over Native Born Sinkies like we are beholden to them.

To be honest and frank, they are damn sickening to look at and whence they speak, even worse.
Dont just take my words; look at Khaw Boon Wan, Lee Bee Wah, Lim Swee Say and You will understand.

Btw, it is not only Najib that maybe ousted, the Prine Minister of Sin is NOT guaranteed to stay ob the Throne too.
Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Who dares to overthrow the PM here?

Anonymous said...

"Who dares to overthrow the PM here?"
Anon 11:15 a.m.

It is not dare not, but rather not able to.

U may dare to overthrow the PM, but then if u are not able to lead a party which can contest 100% seats just like PAP, the 60% will not vote for u or your party. So like that how to overthrow the incumbent PM here?

Anonymous said...

Some things just never change. Why sign this and that agreement when you know the next Malaysian PM may be another Mahathir, who will quarrel with his own shadow.

b said...

so far is there any deals made with matland that made economic sense?

Anonymous said...

We quarre;ed on merger, during merger and after merger.
We quarrelled on water.
We quarelled on the crooked bridge.
We quarrelled on the railway land.
We quarrelled with them on malay rights.
We pick an issue to quarrel upon before election on either side of the causeway.

We will quarrel on ............endless deals.

I think we need to quarrel on issues for the sake of quarelling in order to show the people how loving we are with each other after each quarrelling session.