The best man for the job, not about nationalities

‘Running a business means the best man for the Job

Japanese companies such as Sony and Nissan are taking the first steps to hire foreigners for top management positions.

In 2011, the firm with the largest number of foreign professionals in South Korea was Samsung, with 16 foreign executives, followed by LG Electronics, with nine.

These expatriates were recruited for their experience and innovative thinking, to help the companies develop their international presence….

In Singapore, our ageing population means that baby boomers in top positions are going to retire, causing companies to lose lots of experienced talent.

Unless our universities have better training schemes, our locals will not be able to compare with expats. Companies will find it hard to get replacements locally, and will have to import foreign talent.

It is time to address the mismatch between what schools are producing and what companies need.

Competition for talent will force companies to cast their nets wider. We must come to terms with this reality as this is what globalisation is all about.’

Francis Cheng


The above is part of an article by Francis Cheng posted in TRE. It does not take much effort to see the flaws in this simplistic view and trying to be clever by quoting empirical data with superficial understanding. Japan is starting to hire foreigners, and did the author know that this is the beginning of Japan’s trouble in the car and electronic industries? The number of faulty cars being recalled is staggering and costing the Japanese car companies hundreds of millions of dollars, and the reputation of Japanese Made cars. And did he know that Sony and a few Japanese consumer goods makers are going broke?

Then look at the figures of the Koreans, 16 foreign executives in Samsung and 9 in LG. What is the workforce of Samsung and LG? Samsung has a workforce of half a million. What is 16? Did the author know the percentages of foreigners in our GLC, especially in banking and ITs? Here the 16 and 9 are in terms of percentages. In fact, the percentage could be even higher in top and middle management, going to 70% or more. What do these figures mean?

In the Japanese case, they are bringing in the wrong talents that instead of helping are destroying their companies. In the case of the Koreans, they are very selective and going for the best or hiring foreign executives in very specialized jobs. That is why there are 16 and not 50% or 70% foreigners.

In Singapore, we are hiring all the shits, from the top to bottom and called them foreign talents. This also means that we are empty of talents from the top to the bottom. And what is the cause? Our ‘baby boomers in top positions are going to retire, causing companies to lose lots of experienced talent’. Is this a reasonable comment? Does it mean that our universities are capable of producing one generation of talents and subsequently went to sleep and not producing anything except shit?

The universities are educating and producing talents every year. What happens? Suddenly no more talents? So now the schools and universities must wake up and start to train the needed talents? What cock is that? Our best education system and universities did not know what they are doing, did not know what to produce and their products cannot match the daft and cheats of dysfunctional education systems and universities from the 3rd world?

So our universities must start to work? Heng Swee Kiat, what do you think? Your MOE is a dud for all these years, wasting precious dollars from the taxpayers, and allowing the schools and universities to produce duds and mismatch? Would you care to comment?

Globalisation is not so simple as the best replacing the not so good. Theoretically that can be the case. In our case, we are replacing our best with fakes and cheats and half bakes. And our daft Sinkies did not know, could not see the truth, and believe that our best cannot compete with shit, cheats and fakes.

My God, what is happening? Maybe it is true, our education system and universities are sick to the core, producing duds that cannot think, did not know what the hell is going on. Must hire the best man for the job and the best man must be a foreigner no matter how shitty or even cheats. This is the thinking of fuckheads who believe that they are thinking and very clever.

Tomorrow when another fuckhead were to tell them to cull their parents because they are no longer productive, they will do so as a matter of fact. No need to think.


Virgo49 said...

These so called talents bluffed their ways to the top jobs,

No more quality just quantities to sell and make the targets or quotas for the cars

All the malfunctions caused lives. Very most until things became really bad, had earned enough to pat their bscksides and said bye bye- you suckers who believe in us

Anonymous said...

It is very very simple!

The policy of the best man for the job is correct!


If not ready, train them!

Think Singaporeans! Think Singaporeans!

Only spare jobs for foreigners!


agongkia said...

Salah meh.
Business make money employees will benefit.
Business close shop employees chiakakee.
Not everyone are born with business acumen
so the best man for the job must be able to think well.
Writer Francis may be geh angmo or angmo blood but he never say must get foreigner to run the show.He is not wrong to say that.Maybe he worship angmo but he does not mean angmo is the best.
Only thing I dun agree is that many think university can teach one on how to run a business.We shd leave business alone on how they run their business instead of teaching them how to.
But Sinkies love to allege or cry that they are exploited by their local employers .
One day they may end up being boss ard by foreign towkays.
University shd Instead teach student to work harder n longer hour n support local towkays N not crying babies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Any Sinkie who says recruit the best based on meritocracy and not nationalities is also saying he is the best and would not be replaced by the foreigners.

Wait till he is replaced and we clap and buy him a mirror to look at his pathetic self.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB

I agree with agongkia. Let's those fucker run their business according to their choices. Fuck them lah, some of them will fail.

The world has changed so much now, that not even the best-run govt on the planet can "guarantee" every citizen a job. Production processes all over are changing, and so are the systems which propel them.

Within 10-20 years---aka "a short time"---there could be an estimated 75% unemployment due to robotic technologies and smart systems replacing the less efficient, quirky and expensive humans.

Fuck the CEO appliCunts lah. Let them fight it out. Let the best person win, whatever the reason.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has near full employment. Singapore employed 2 million foreigners.
Singapore cannot take care of a few Singaporeans to give them decent jobs.
What is happening?

If there is unemployment problem, then it is ok for some Singaporeans to be unemployed.

But we can employed to many foreigners and our own people unemployed.

Siao garment. VTO.

patriot said...


Many workers, both local and foreign are likely further exploited by their hirers. These by come in the Forms of excessive over time work, inadequate safety and protective measures and equipments for hazardous work etc. Poor living and sanitary conditions are common.
However, whatever they are, the manpower suppliers and employers will exploit as much as they can

With foreigners allow to work , the Locals eithet get replaced or no job for them. This is extremely vicious for Sinkies as we are living in a most expensive city.

Luckily, we have Sinkies with brains that take advantages of the System and live comfortably and even hedonistically. There also those who work very hard and long hours and still have time for meimeis and aunties.

Btw, I appreciate and acknowledge Agongkia's thanks. Your Ah Gong brought You up well, You got good manners. Me will always wish You the Best in everything.

Anyway, Agongkia surely knows the Chinese Saying 死在石榴裙下,作鬼也风流, meaning it is worth to expire in the Embrace of a sweetie. It must be a very satifying end.
Ah Gong will be very proud of You for your industrious nature and cleverness.



Anonymous said...

The best man for the job is not about nationalities or whether you come from the "correct" political party with the "correct" surname.
I agree. Very true.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are replaced coz CEO wants to take care of his whole village and clans men.

agongkia said...

Your Chinese idiom applicable to your idol Matilah n he will be most happy if you use that to describe him.
Sinkies are spoilt for choices n majority are now towkays of their towkays.They suka suka awol n even abandon without bothering to give proper notices.
Days of exploitation are over and only those lazy, choosy n entitlement mentality will use that as an excuse to stay idle.
Countless of exploitation cases by employees on their bosses are not reported becos we are lucky that most bosses are forgiving.
As for hugging mei meis, its the best way to reward N pamper myself for working hard.
Dun idle.Sinkies in their 60s are the most welcome by employers.Work 4 days can go batam hug 2 nights.Life is not only about money.
What u waiting for:-)

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ agongkia | patriot:

>> Chinese idiom applicable to your idol Matilah n he will be most happy if you use that to describe him. <<

Eh, uncles...firstly can we please stop all this "idol" shit...we are grown men lah, no need to behave like ditzy teenagers.

As to patriot's idiom: I've already donate my corpse to science, so really have no preferred way of going out. Actually, I want it to be a "surprise", which no doubt it will ;-)

>> They suka suka awol n even abandon without bothering to give proper notices. <<

I've indicated before: Singaporeans don't really RESPECT each other. They will arse-lick some Mat Saleh, but toward their own "kin"---there's always some kind of "one-upsmanship competition"; they each think they are better than everyone, that they should win....you, on the other hand, DON'T deserve to win.

But one must be careful with generalisations. Because there are exceptions.

>> As for hugging mei meis, its the best way to reward N pamper myself for working hard. <<

For me, I don't have such "deep" moral concepts: like being "rewarded" for hard work.

For me, I bang chicks because I'm horny. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Employees suka suka awol is akin to employers suka suka exploit workers in Singapore. They can also suka suka hold back employee's pay and sack them.

Anonymous said...

Sg has gone to the dogs.