The Americans claiming the whole of South China Sea

Everyone is flabbergasted that China is claiming a large part of the South China Sea. The other littoral states are also in the rush to claim as much as they could. The South China Sea islands were uninhabited and for a long time, virgin land, terra nullius. Under historical precedence, such islands are finder’s keepers. What is so wrong about that? Whoever found it first earns the right to ownership.

Compare this to the European way of gunboat diplomacy, ‘I came, I saw and I conquered’ or I planted my flag and the land belonged to my king or queen. Who cares whether the land was already occupied by the natives. What natives, no natives. Natives did not count. And today, these natives are asking the Europeans to take sides with them to claim no man’s land, the very intruders that colonized them against their will, with the barrel of the gun.

Again, what is so great about China claiming the whole of South China Sea when the Americans are claiming all the oceans, including the South China Sea? No, the daft did not see that. The daft did not know the Americans are claiming the whole of South China Sea and the whole world. The Americans are here with all their warship and telling everyone to stop reclamation or else.

Who the Americans think they are? They own the South China Sea and everyone must obey their dictates? When the Americans told the countries making claims to the islands to stop reclamation and other activities, it is as good as saying, ‘Look, you silly asses, these islands and the whole South China Sea belong to the USA, the Empire. And the Empire is saying, stop your activities, we are taking charge of these islands and the South China Sea. They belong to US.’

Can the daft see this? The Americans are claiming everything, more than what China has claimed, and what the other states are claiming. They are the de facto owner. And on what basis are the Americans claiming the South China Sea? The big gun of course! Might is right, and with might, the Americans can claim everything and threaten anyone disobeying or going against them.

Step aside, all you daft, the South China Sea belongs to the Americans. They are taking over. They are sending in their ships and aircraft to patrol the Sea, Get it? Let me put it in simple English. While the owner of the house is shouting at the neighbor next door, a big bully has moved in and is taking over the whole neighbourhood without them knowing. And they are so happy believing the big bully is there to help them. The Americans agitated the silly countries to quarrel with China, to claim China’s islands. And when they started to quarrel among themselves, the Americans walked in as the policeman to tell everyone to get lost.

The daft countries would always be ruled if they did not know what is happening, what is the big picture. For playing the silly games of claiming other people’s land, they are going to lose everything, including what they have. The Empire is here to take over and to rule. And they are here on the invitation of Asean states.


Anonymous said...

The Asean countries did not know they have invited the gangsters to take over the region. Would they think they should tell the gangsters to get out of South East Asia and fark off to the Americas?

Virgo49 said...

Most of them got NO BALLs to tell the Americunts off

They knew only how to bully their own kind

Anonymous said...


Only talks and talks and more talks.

Actions, please!

After so many moons, still only talks!

Waste time no more!



Anonymous said...

The farking Americunts are going to start a war here and blame the Chinese for it. Fark off Americunts. Go back to kill the ISIS if you think you are able to. Hope ISIS will burn America.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> And they are here on the invitation of Asean states. <<

Yup. So that then makes it "ok". ASEAN is very sneaky, doesn't want dirt on their hands.

Hermit said...

America telling China off in this South China Sea dispute is like Devil Number One ticking off Devil Number Two. Both act in a hostile manner in their expansionist p[ans.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Americunts.

Just conquer Asean, make them like the Red Indians and China will not dare claim ownership of any islands.
It may even give up Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and even Hainan.

US Allies within Asean will definitely help the Americunts to achieve hegemony in the Region.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are so peace loving. That's what all the silly Asian and African people believed. If they start a war in South China Sea, it must be the fault of China. They are blameless. And all the Asians and South East Asians involved in this war will be war collaterals and got themselves to blame.

b said...

China has allies like NK and USSR and what does usa have? Only enemies from their greed.

Anonymous said...

aquino is entertaining his master in japan

by referring china as new nazi germany

without mentioning that japan is the sole aggressor in asian during ww2.

Anonymous said...

This Pinoy clown goes everywhere and turns it into a circus.