Swee Say – No U turn on foreign worker policy

Swee Say is really on the ball. One month in the job he is already like a fish in the water. He held a press conference and used charts to brief the media in details on the policies of MOM. And he stressed that there will be no U turn on the curb on foreign workers. The cap would still be on to ensure that there will be a Singaporean core in the workforce. Building a Singaporean core of workers is important or we would end up with more foreign workers than Singaporean workers. That is bad.

See any change? Under Chuan Jin, the focus was on building up a Singaporean core of PMETs if I am not mistaken. Or at least Tharman was talking about building a Singaporean core of finance talents for top management. Even if the plan is for Singaporeans to be top management material in 30 years time, it is still a plan, better than nothing.

What is this Singaporean core of workers so that more Singaporeans can become workers? Would Swee Say be interested in a Singaporean core of PMETs? Is there a change in policy focus that we want to have more Singaporeans as workers? Is this a good thing? Are we telling Singaporeans to aspire to be workers because the govt wants to have more Singaporeans as workers?

Is this part of the plan to tell Singaporeans university education is not necessary as there will now be more worker’s jobs for them? Maybe we need to wait a bit longer for him to tweak the Fair Compensation Framework to favour our PMETs.


Anonymous said...

Never expected Redbean to fall head over heel to Swee Say, oops! It was sweet talk by one Swee Say.

Have they ever delivered?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe we need to wait a bit longer for him to tweak the Fair Compensation Framework to favour our PMETs."

Aiyah. Let's all help our Limpeh Say Swee Swee.
Let's vote Opposition to help our PMETs.
That's the best way to help our PMETs and our Singaporean children find good jobs.
It's the best way to develop a Singaporean core.

Anonymous said...

in hokkien we say "mouth talk balls shiok" lah................


Anonymous said...

So under swee say, building a singapore core workers mean

1) they need to convert more prs to Singaporeans citizenships.
2) the core Singaporean workers will and may still need to work for foreign bosses lah

That's the swee say message to the everyone lah.

Song bo...from better, cheaper and faster workers like every 3rd world labor to one that is now the improved version :-
Better, cheaper and faster for bosses from around the world. Aisayman, we are still the bettered price takers now. Forever working under the thumb nose of bosses .

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Swee Say is trying to be "all things to all people".

WTF? man u and grow a pair lah. Singapore rocks because private enterprises are (relatively) "free" to do whatever the fuck they want---especially to hire and fire people according to the requirements of the enterprise.

No one owes anyone a damn thing. Especially a living. By trying to molly-coddle locals in some form of twisted "protection", which will probably end up "vote for us, and we will protect you!" kind of sick, perverted deal which will enslave locals, not "save" them.

If you can bring "value" to the table, greedy privateer profit-seeking capitalists will seek you out and try to "buy" the value you create by offering you loads of MONEY and assorted "goodies". i.e. you'll be IN DEMAND. This is how TRUE MERITOCRACY works---if you are a top producer, it really doesn't matter WHERE you come from.

Swee Say is diluting meritocracy. Shame on him. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

From Forbes blogger Muhammad Cohen:

Lee Kuan Yew 'Doesn't Trust' The Nation He Built

...hence a top down, occasionally micro managed, "govt controls everything" approach, Benign Dictator-style.

Why you complain? It works wat?!?

Anonymous said...

Why you complain? It works wat?!?
June 03, 2015 1:35 p.m.

And how will we know when it stops working?
Who will tell us?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ can't do anything myself, I'm useless 214:

>> And how will we know when it stops working? <<

When there's blood in the streets and all roads to the airport are jammed and manned with soldiers in full battle gear.

>> Who will tell us? <<

Download the app----it's called "you die, your business" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Once a Liar Always a Liar said...

Uncle Red Bean,

By now, after more than 50 years of
cunning, deceptive, sneaky, slippery,
half-truths, etc kind of words, sentences,
utterances, talks and speeches
from those irresponsible yet look seemingly responsible,
great liars yet look great sincere honest full of integrity,
wearing white yet black in the heart,
projecting whiter than white yet blacker than black,
telling you one thing yet doing exactly the opposite ....

I am definitely not impressed nor inclined to believe in any
of those who pay themselves at taxpayers' expense to enrich
their back accounts and feeling rich when looking at their CPF Statements,
and become instant multi-millionaires in the very first year of office
as a MINI-GOD to LORD OVER US yet pretentiously vomiting words such as
WE ARE YOUR SERVENTS during election times.



Virgo 49 said...

Bravo, well said!!

Hope your young generation of yours shared the same sentiment.

patriot said...

Sweet Say is just entertaining Sinkies with patronizing talk.

Believe in him to con yourself.

When You wake up, You will find
that You are sold.


Anonymous said...

Now, don't think what I say below is directed to Swee Say, it is not.

In general, when politicians say one thing, you can expect him to do the opposite, often in secret. So I will watch very, very carefully what they do after saying something.

Anonymous said...

Matilah, u are too naive. Foreigners are hired because someone doing the hiring benefited immediately while the company has to wait to see whether any benefits later. It's called Time Span of Discretion!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Matilah, u are too naive. <<

No, actually I'm very naive---I don't know anything. In that way I cannot be accountable for any "mistakes" because I just make "guesses".

>> It's called Time Span of Discretion <<

Yes, you can explain it that way, and no doubt it does come into play. However in this "game" there are more players than the firms supplying the "talent" or labour and the companies which hire them. You forget to take into account the TIME FRAME of the workers themselves, or the TIME FRAME of the govt policy makers---or the best part---if they are even AWARE that they have an internalized time frame, and MoE. As t the latter 2, can you be certain they are monitoring properly? How do they gather their data? What characteristics do the record, if they do record? Who is doing the recording and reporting...etc.

Time Span of Discretion is an interesting human mental trait---we all have it, but very few are aware of it at any one time. Time, to the human mind is an ILLUSION, which varies with what we focus our attention on, toward a perceived "payoff". All human action is directed to receiving some perceived payoff/ benefit/ reduction of risk or discomfort.

However in non-linear, chaotic system of human interaction and behaviour, there are other random factors which come into play. If you limit your explanation to just Time Span Discretion, you are DELETING a large part of the system and its parts.

Don't be so naive ;-)