Singapore’s superb education system firing blanks

The revelation that 12 year olds are being sent for leadership training like Tanjong Katong Primary offers a glimpse of how intensive, comprehesive and extensive our children are being educated and trained to be useful adults and leaders of tomorrow. And Tanjong Katong is not even a top elite school. You can imagine what those children would be put through in the top schools? Our education system is about producing the best students not only academically but also holistically, wholesome, all rounded in the arts and humanities, sports and yes leadership, and everything you want in a person that is as close to a superman or superwoman. They are going to the champions in life. This is how thorough and impressive our education system is designed and programmed to be.

No one can doubt the quality and how expensive our nurseries and kindergartens are, with the best teachers and facilities. Our primary and secondary schools are the best there is, and our world best universities. The products from such an expensive education system have to be the best or the bestest.

Compare to what our students are exposed to and those from the 3rd world education system, it is like comparing heaven and hell. Could any of the 3rd world education system offer what we are offering to our students? Not by your wildest imagination. We are the best, no such thing as second best. Look at the risk the primary schools are putting the children through, climbing mountains, travelling round the world, to learn and be educated. Some even lost their lives in the process of pursuing the best education money can buy. The students of 3rd world countries don’t even have the chance to leave their little villages, no mobile phones, computer systems and all the modern day gadgetry.

What happens when come to adulthood and employment? The 3rd world creeps are here dismissing our graduates as dull, daft, not creative, lazy and no skills set. On the contrary the 3rd world village graduates are the best, talented, clever, innovative and creative and have all the skills sets needed to be top management material.

Is this not puzzling?  Would I be wrong to assume that the products of our superb education system must be the most sought after by the employers? They are all trained to be the best, some even perished at 12 in the pursuit of excellence. Isn’t that so? We can’t be spending so much money and indulging in adventurism to produce useless duds can we?

Let me give you a dose of reality. Our world class education system graduates should count themselves lucky if they are even hired and to work under these 3rd world creeps. The more unlucky ones could even be working under 3rd world fakes and cheats that may not even qualify for their 3rd world average universities or have no degrees at all.

And what do you know? Our world class graduates would not know the difference and would accept when told that they are daft and useless by the fakes and cheats and the 3rd world average university graduates. Despite all the great training and education, they could not think or question why they were no good or no better than 3rd world fakes and cheats. Many even think the fakes are really better than them. They would not dare challenge the creeps telling them that they are NG, have no doubts that the creep could be a fake or a substandard product from substandard universities. How could first world metropolitan city folks be conned and cheated by 3rd world fakes is simply mystifying. And till today, no one bothers to do a stock check to rid the country of all the fakes and cheats and choose to pretend there is no such problem.

Why do we put our students through such a complex and mind sapping education system to be the best only to become unthinking duds, knows nothing and don’t even have any common sense or survival skills? They don’t even believe in themselves and in the fact that they have gone through the best and most expensive education system in the world.

Actually cannot blame them. The most sickening thing is that even our so called worldly wise adults do not have faith in our local talents from our world best system. Everyday, every moment they will cry for more foreign talents. This is now second nature to them. If you don’t believe, just wait for any top management position to fall vacant and see what they would do? They would not bother to look for another Singaporean and would not hesitate to get a foreign search agency to look for a foreigner that they presumed must be a talent, better than a Singaporean. They would go for the unknown foreigners and would not question their certifications, degrees and diplomas and testimonials. They believe the foreigners are all honest and talented people that would not lie or cheat.

And we are ploughing so much money and so much hope in our world best education system to produce supermen and superwomen only to turn out misfits, no skills set graduates, or at best unthinking robots fit only to be taxi drivers.

At 12 years old they are already selected and trained to be leaders. At 18 they are no longer good enough for anything. By the time they get into the job market, they are unemployable, worst than 3rd world fakes and cheats.

There is hope but also a confirmation that our education system has failed. They have realized that the products of our superb education system are not good enough and are looking forward to train them to be top management material in 30 years time.  How are they going to train and educate them I dunno?  The 12 year old climbing mountain programme is part of the superb system that churned out duds. If they don’t change the system that produced duds and washouts, in 30 years time would the products still be the same as today?



Virgo 49 said...

Those children at the elite schools are been sent to nearby third world countries under the auspicious sponsorship by the equally elite clubs to build mud, brick and attap zinc houses for the poor. Their parents are mostly the members.

Came back with pictures and videos in their club news and school magazines. Whoa prestigious.

The irony is that most of these kids do not even know how to wash a plate or cup at home.

what comprehensive foundation for leadership training.

Anonymous said...

The children in those countries live their lives in those conditions, climbing mountains, walking kilometres to schools, washing, cooking, earning a living all at one go.

Our children spent a few hours or a few days going through the chores of these 3rd world countries. And we believe a few hours or a few days they will be better men and women later in life, and better leaders.

The funny thing is that our garment only believe in those children from the 3rd world as better talents.

See the irony or the foolishness and futility of these silly games?

Anonymous said...

"The funny thing is that our garment only believe in those children from the 3rd world as better talents."
June 12, 2015 9:18 a.m.

What part of Pro Alien Policies don't you understand?
What part of Pro Alien Party don't you understand?
If 'they" are Pro Alien, then they must be anti-Singaporean tio bo?
You are either pro Singaporean or you are pro Alien tio bo?
Can you be pro Alien and not be a Singaporean Traitor?

I really don't know what to think.
Can anybody tell me please?

b said...

""The most sickening thing is that even our so called worldly wise adults do not have faith in our local talents from our world best system"- The most sickening are the elites (irregardless of nationalities, race or religion) - they enjoyed making the lives of mass population (irregardless of nationalities, race or religion) miserable. The greatest divide is between the elites and the mass population. TO ensure continue ruling, they must make the mass population fight among themselves.

Anonymous said...

The authorities are now spinning a story that the children are using an easier route.

I challenge the Minister and the school Principal to go on a climb taking that route, whatever route they can cook up. I will pay for their journey. For both of them.

Anonymous said...

If the Singapore Education System is so good,
then why are employers not hiring Singaporeans?
Why is NTUC Research Unit saying that Singaporeans lack the skill sets
required by the industries?
Why our graduates are not equipped with the necessary skill sets for
the industries in Singapore?
Why has the Ministry of Education been doing over the past 50 years?