Singapore should be confident to hire the best in the world

The issue of Singapore for Singaporeans is raised again in the ST on 15 Jun. And as usual, Singaporeans were told to be brave to employ the best from the world and not by nationalities. This is the same message that a blogger in my blog who thinks damn highly of himself has been spreading. Just because he is lucky and got to a slightly better position he thinks this is the right thing to do, hire the best not based on nationalities. These smug asses would not even know if his father and mother were sold to the dogs. They think they would stand a chance against the best of the world!
The statistics say there are 3m Singaporeans against 6b people out there, if hiring is based on merit, the best Sinkies would be replaced by the foreign best with the wink of the eye. The best in the world are not only the best but too many to reckon with. Please, don’t talk like a fool and still thinking that you are smart. Singaporeans do not stand a chance to compete with the best in the world. Even the call for a level playing field shows how naïve daft Sinkies are. You don’t compete with the rest of the world on a level playing field in your own country. No country does that except silly countries and silly people waiting to be replaced by foreigners and chased out of their own country.

As it is, Singaporeans are already being made fools of, hassled and cheated by people from the 3rd world, by fakes and people with no university educations. How are they going to compete with the real talents when they could not even measure up to the fakes and cheats?

How many Singaporeans out there still think they will be holding on to their jobs or be sacked if the Govt really practices this policy of hiring the best from the world based on merit? How many in the political leadership would be there to enjoy talking nonsense if political leadership is open to the best in the world?

Are Sinkies that daft? You tell me. No they are not daft, especially the successful ones. They think and believe they are as good or betterer than the best in the world. This is the height of lunacy.

To say Singaporeans are stupid is to underestimate their stupidity.


agongkia said...

The best in the world can actually be found here easily without the need to go far.Yes.in Singapore. Do not underestimate yourself.

Simply just do away with that entitlement mentality, work harder and longer hour and stop being lazy , choosy or hang up to sell like the Hokkien saying.
Employers sure love you.My towkay keep boasting he got 100% Sinkies in his payroll.

Not so appropriate to call Sinkies dafts.I would prefer to call them a bit khongcum nia.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

There are many World Best Sinkies at My Singapore News,
but not in Singapore or
anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies should be brave and vote in the most pro Singaporean politicians we can find.
The world's best pro Alien policy government is failing.

Anonymous said...

It is really very very simple!

Offer jobs to your OWN people first, especially those top positions.

Any spare jobs left will then for foreigners.

The foreigners will take up ANY job being offered!`

Fear not. Even the so called "best" will come begging for jobs.

It is your political will!

You do it, the rest will follow!


Anonymous said...

"Simply just do away with that entitlement mentality, work harder and longer hour and stop being lazy , choosy or hang up to sell like the Hokkien saying.
Employers sure love you."
June 16, 2015 9:07 a.m.

agongkia. I think if the PAP Ministers follow your advice, they will surely win GE 2015.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

WOW! Who is this "mysterious" blogger who thinks so highly of himself?

Redbean makes a lot of noise and plenty of claims and assertions....but nary a piece of evidence or data to back up his biased, emotional ejaculations, and ex-spurt hallucinations.

Got critical thinking, today? Or any day?

I say uncle, how can you tell enterprise how and who to hire lah. Their business is not your business. If they are minding their own business, shouldn't you be minding yours? ;-)

Oso ah, where got such thing as: "my mother's cheebye shit me out in Singapore territory, therefore I'm entitled to A, B, C....ad infinitum", and...what for it...it is the GOVT'S JOB to ensure I get all my "rights". What kind of kepala butoh "logic" is this? This is "bhumiputra" UMNO-type "logic".

Tambi, you're drinking your toddy too fast dah. Slow down. Sekali mabuk, start fighting, people call police lah. Relac.

Competition is good lah. Toe to toe, no nonsense, "unfair advantage" ( is there any other kind) of competition. Oh, you don't like to "compete"? No problem. The COOPERATE lah. Join with your "adversary". Pool resources. Share skills and info. You can fight, you can work together...whatever suits you lah, depends how you want to "win".

"Creative destruction" is an important part of the natural process where the old and no-longer-relevant are replaced by new and better. Usually not in a "straight line" linear fashion, but with a lot of chaos and random events thrown in.

Yes, lives are going to be tossed about. Social structures and norms will be strained, some of them BROKEN forever. That is inevitable.

At the end of the day, THE CUNTRY is more important than any persons or groups which occupy it at any given time. People live and die, but the cuntry must live on!

Got wonderful vision for the future, or not?

Anonymous said...

"Simply just do away with that entitlement mentality, work harder and longer hour and stop being lazy , choosy or hang up to sell like the Hokkien saying.
Employers sure love you."

This is a kongcome statement by a kongcome Sinkie. Why do you think 12 year olds climbed mountain and died if they are living with an entitlement mentality and not working harder and longer and lazy? If they are lazy and not working harder they need not die climbing mountain.

How kongcome can you be spouting silly things like this without thinking?

Anonymous said...

It is really very very simple again.

Make your own people happy.

Do not need to worry about losing more GRCs and SMCs.

Sure over 75% votes for you.

You can do it!


Anonymous said...

Empire fell, countries conquered by foreigners, often because of traitors that sold out the country and people for self interests.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

P.S. You don't have to be "the best in the world" to "win".

All you have to do is be (perceived as) "better" than the people you're competing with at any given time. In almost all cases, they are similarly skilled and just as fucked-up in the head as you are. Maybe they are willing to work longer and harder for less...but when it comes to "ability" most of us are "average" lah in our field.

The "tops" in any field; the "outliers" can come from anywhere. They can come from a bungalow nestled in the verdant glades of Bukit Timah, or a slum in Nairobi...it isn't where you start which counts, it is on how and where you FINISH.

Anonymous said...

Kong kum kias have warped logics, but logics nonetheless to them.





Anonymous said...

True or false?
Are Singaporean children the "digits" that Lee Kuan Yew was referring to?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1141:

You are comparing durians to lychees lah...


Sure. But hiring people to work in your business so you can make lots of filthy money to enjoy a decadent life, is most certainly not "charity". It is pure self interest.

If you don't make money, then you won't have any to give to "charity".

@ 1207:

>> Are Singaporean children the "digits" that Lee Kuan Yew was referring to? <<

Before you can expect "trust", you have to be "trustworthy". LKY never trusted Singaporeans. Which led him to take charge and get all Singaporeans to trust him to "control" them, and socially engineer a society.

Guess what? It works!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

LKY understood Singaporeans. Remember, this is a cuntry where people don't care how the piss or shit, throw killer-litter from their high rise, used to spit everywhere and generally never gave a fuck about anyone else except themselves.

And so they need "knuckle-dusters" to hatam them into some form of "civilised society".

Now, it seems "the world owes me a living" entitlement mentality is on the rise again. So the govt. must "hantam" the Sheeple back into line.

Unfortunately for them, in comes a 16 yr old kid to spoil their show! They can wallop CSJ and JBJ until bankrupt and make them politically persona non grata. But there are LIMITS to what they can do to a MINOR. Already they charged him as an adult---which, IMO, is ILLEGAL. They can't sue him, and he's not in the political arena. Alamak. Potong steam!

Anonymous said...

The best thing is to use meritocracy to measure people. No good, not up to spec, get lost. Bring in the best from the world. Fake also can, if they can fake it and people believe they are the best.

Anonymous said...


So Singapore should also hire the best from the world to be their soldiers.
I think many local NS boys will be very happy to be the most "unfittest" and let the foreigners have this sense of entitlement anytime. Guarantee a 90% success rate. We should also propose to the govt the highest 'perceived fittest" soldiers must win this privilege too. There is no national security issues if everyone who applied are automatically offered citizenships, along with their family. Sure very high take up rates from the true sons out there. Take a cue from USA. They could even persuade Hitler's nephew/cousin to fight the war on the US/Allied side. Why wait? There's nothing more important and urgent than to convert these thousands of foreign sons whose parents are here on long term PRs but undecisive to commit. All they need is a little nudge, and the digits will look even better. Win-Win lah.

patriot said...

Do we also need fittest, healthy and most competent Prime Minister, President and Cabinet Members too?


Anonymous said...

Singapore should hire the best to be President, PM, ministers, MPs,all the top civil servants, soldiers, police, we can even hire the best prostitutes. We can hire everyone to take over everything in Singapore. Would that be nice?

The best are not daft and will not come here. Fakes can eziLEE CON YOU they are the best especially when they have world's daftest daft at the helm. Who is more daft? Are you oso confused now? said...

The talk about hiring the best is pure fallacy when some garbagement departments cannot even verify whether the piece of toilet paper submitted by the applicant is genuine in the first place. Even it being genuine, was it bought or somebody else sat for the applicant? How reliable is their exam regime without parents and outsiders partaking the entire exam process one way or another?

If we need to hold such assumptions about the piece of toilet paper submitted that it is good as gold, then it is as good as talking on paper just like so many theories based on many assumptions.

Assumptions do not hold in real world.

They are just good for theoretical analysis.