SG50 - Money, money, money everywhere

For the first time, the Govt seems to have so much money to throw to the people. And everyone is saying the GE is around the corner. That is a side issue, what matters is that the Govt is giving and giving and giving. Every citizen is getting something from the Govt directly or indirectly. And the Govt does not stop there. It is also throwing money to the PRs, the so called locals or residents but not citizens.

How can the people not be happy? How can the people not be having second thoughts not to vote for the ruling Govt? This is a Govt that is giving money to the people and no one knows how much more it is going to give to the people and when will it stop or will it ever stop.

It is SG50, a time for celebration and you cannot celebrate without money. So the Govt is going to stuff money in the pockets of the citizens. And everyone is happy that no one bothers to ask, where is the money coming from, whose money is it that the Govt is giving to the people? Would the giving be so excessive that it would kill the goose that is laying the golden egg.  Would the Govt get carried away with so much money to give as if there is unlimited money available?

The people’s money? Who says that? The money the Govt is giving the people is the people’s money and it is just returning some to the people to make them happy. It is one of those too good to be true story. And when something is too good to be true, should not the people be wary? What’s next? The budget must be balanced, what the Govt is giving out must be within the budget and if not enough or over spent, then the Govt would have to take it back somehow, from someone or from somewhere. The Govt cannot simply print money to give away without having to account for it.

Where is the money coming from? Whose money is it in the first place? When Lily Neo was asking for a few dollars for the needy, the govt or someone was unhappy. Now, the rich also got, the poor also got, the non citizens also got.

Like that also can. Why give money to the non citizens? You know how many of them will be getting something from this SG50 celebration? The Hokiens say, ‘Cheng hu chin tua kang’.

Lily Neo, this is the best time to ask for more help for those under public assistance scheme.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> The money the Govt is giving the people is the people’s money and it is just returning some to the people to make them happy. <<

And guess what? The sheeple will be happy. In that heightened state of euphoric "arousal" only a few "fun spoilers" will realise that the free money came from the sweat and toil of the sheeple.

The rest of the sheeple will then get mad and instead of calling the govt to account, will scold the "fun spoilers" for being cynical negative spirits, and bringing "bad news". The sheeple will then return to their states of drunken stupor and end up voting for the incumbent govt back into power, for the next 50 years. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

Anonymous said...

I don't want your lousy $50 handout.
Give me back ALL my CPF money.
NOT your money.

Anonymous said...

REALLY pissed me off for giving to PRs too

Anonymous said...

Why give money to the non citizens?

Why not? Because those non citizens also pay income tax and contribute to the GDP mah. And do you know a lot of Sinkies never even pay any income tax but yet also get something from the govt?

So RB, see the big picture like the 60% who voted PAP and don't be narrow minded like the 40% who did not vote PAP last GE. Put yourself in Hsien Loong's shoes, and I bet you will also do like what Hsien Loong did.

Anonymous said...

Why not give the country to PRs or tell the PRs this country belongs to them also?

Anonymous said...

Yes! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is everywhere!

Yes! Just look around you.

Yes! Everyone is smiling.

Yes! Everyone is saying GE is near.

Yes! How not to win BIG BIG BIG?

Yes! Likely result PAP 72% vs OPPs 28%.


Virgo 49 said...

All government servants means the foreign talents also in OGS.

Ah kong, ah ma just 30 ringgit per day collection plates and cleaning tables.

Why spent 245 millions on kampong games???

256 medals not even s bronze in Asian Games.

Still have not multipy 25k by 82 gold medals yet.

MOF, what is the figure???

Failed maths don't know how to count.

Anonymous said...

....or tell the PRs this country belongs to them also?
Anon 12:16 p.m.

Exactly. And in fact Hsien Loong did said that Singapore belongs to all, meaning citizens as well as non citizens.

And I bet Hsien Loong's party will still win big again coming GE. Just look at the opposition eg NSP which change leader like change underwear. And also those grasshoppers among them. Or can't even properly manage a Town Council, let alone a country. And forming one too many parties. Like that how to win, u tell me lah?

Virgo 49 said...

Hehe happened to pass mrt station just top up my 50 dollars transport voucher.

Take first, talk later.

See got some more or not.

Anonymous said...

Right hand give, left hand take back. Now, first the gain, before the election, as usual.

After election, then you feel the pain. It is always the same script. Old habits die hard.

Anonymous said...

Where does it say is giving to PRs too?

Anyways, are they also not topping up medisave/shield/life? Can't remember which/what/where now.

Take your money first, then later, they will have more annointed NMPs who will next ask the question - Is CPF really "our money"? Afterall, govt top up all these money...so give you $50 but later want to take $500,000 in your CPF...woah...huat ah!! Very ho-kang deal what...why not?!! Take lah.

Kaffein said...

To be blunt - it's using the people's money to give back to them. Seems like GE is really coming...

Of course much will be taken back when PAP wins majority.

Anonymous said...

since money money money everywhere......

how about goodies for motorists.....

a lucky draw.......

winners need to pay $50 only for their COE (open)........

50 COEs can be up for grab.......

hope this dream comes true.......


b said...

Gov give money to people is always a good thing. Much better than they using the money for their overseas trips.

Anonymous said...

Cheng Hu has a lot of money. When gasoline was $50 per barrel
they quietly increase petrol by 10cents per litre. Anybody
knows how many cars are there in Sin city. Imagine the amount
of money they collected. NO effort and Capital. Just Announced
and everyone LL has to pay.
Businessmen passed the increase to the public and now they
return a fraction back to you. Government Clever Sinkie not so.

Anonymous said...

Redbean why are you creating uncertainties again. here the Singaporean government is rewarding the citizen with money and you are discrediting their good deeds. Do you ever get off that high horse of yours and say something good? Please give credit where credit is due. I cannot understand why you are so bitter. Have you been born with this mentality or have you just acquired it? Or maybe you have a bone to pick with this government owing to some past grudges? We all know that there are no other opposition parties in Singapore that will run the country better than this current group, so why go on you anti-government mission on every thing this government does. Is there anything that will make you happy and write something positive or are you by nature a very negative person?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Q: What do you do when the govt offers you money?

A: You take it, and spend it on whatever the fuck you want, without the slightest remorse.

Just face the irrefutable fact that $ingapore is a materialistic, money-centered culture, wich is why he cuntry is so rich and bloody awesome. The materialism is EMBEDDED in the language, which means it is "sticky" in the brains of $ingaporeans. For e.g. "No money, no honey" or "no money no talk", "you die, your business" , "chiak buay liao" (so much money, cannot run out)...and so on

The Singapore Govt is made up of the same people as The Singapore Sheeple. The "We The Sheeple" made up of various "sub-groups" of sheeple---all who'm have sworn a pledge to "pledge themselves as one united sheeple".

United by MATERIALISM lah, what else? Money first.

And the world's SMARTEST govt understands this, because they are the same "types" as the sheeple they RULE over....c'mon, face it $ingapore, we all like money lah...and the materialistic pleasures that follow.

So the govt. "gives" the sheeple money. The sheeple feel good. Very good.

$ingapore, just embrace your nature, and enjoy it. Never apologize for it. Never dream of changing it. Be proud of your materialism. Dun worry about the rest of Asia---Turd Whirled cuntry bumkins---thinking you're assholes, fuck them, they're just jealous lah!

If you're going to be an asshole, at least be a happy and wealthy asshole.

"Living well, is the best revenge"

Anonymous said...

China - where the motorways collapse just TEN MONTHS after being built

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Fears raised over safety standards on country's road and rail network

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2192940/Made-China-Motorway-collapses-10-months-built--manage-build-worlds-largest-armchair.html#ixzz3dVJ7p4gD
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Do you know who has been building our roads, supplying us with MRT trains and building our apartment and HDB buildings??

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:01, I support your positive attitude. I like people to fuck you 10 times and let you fuck back one time and you are so grateful.

I also think 60% of daft sinkies have the same positive attitude like you.

RB will be very disappointed when you and the positive attitude sinkies vote PAP to power with a clean sweep.

Then you be ready to be fucked again. I like you.

Anonymous said...

I pay you $500 once every 5yrs so you vote to pay me $2mm+ every year. Plus free limosine and bodyguard service. I will say, this mee siam is very hoh jiak, sorry I mean this country is very hoh jiak. With the $500 my people to pay rent for 1 week?

Besides, money is fungible, so who can tell if the $ comes from your CPF deposits or tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

Wah! We get paid $500 after they lose only one GRC.
So in GE 2015, if they lose two GRCs, then next time I get $1,000 tio bo?
Real monetary incentive to vote Opposition.
The more GRCs they lose, the more money we get in GE 2020.
Let's all vote Opposition for more money.

Anonymous said...

Political Joke

PAPig's - Opposition Exorcism Prayer for Wise Singaporeans
The greed for $50 compels you.
The greed for $50 compels you.
The greed for $50 compels you to vote "correctly".

The above exorcism prayer has to be chanted 1000 times while waving a $1000 Singapore dollar note in front of the face of an Opposition voter.

Anonymous said...

Have to ask officially how much money already spent.
And finally how much will be spent.
Any budget at all?
Or SG50 spending (events) up to the very last day of GE?

Anonymous said...

So in GE 2015, if they lose two GRCs, then next time I get $1,000 tio bo?

500 to the Power of 2 = 250000
not 500 times 2 = 1000
The effect is not double, more than that.